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Sprung in den Frühling

After the turbulent autumn and worrisome winter came joyful spring. Everyone seemed to forget any troubles and just looked at the beauty of the world. Blooming flowers, lush green leaves of grass and a lot of sun shine. Well, to be honest the weather was the same as always but the atmosphere was much more relaxed than on the other days. Why? Because this wasn't an ordinary school or work day, it was the day of the Spring Fairest, the most popular festival in the Land of Ever After.

Spring Fairest meant picnics and merry-go-rounds but also concerts under the sky and contests. Every year brought some surprise along. This year there was a big Russian wheel. Only this wheel wasn't powered by Russians but a big troll that didn't mind to climb from under some bridge to take part in the festivities.

Up in her chambers was Zelda finishing her fawn make up and putting a headband with antlers on her head. She threw one last glance into her mirror: "Oh deer, I look cute," she giggled and left her rooms.

In the students dorms were some princesses and her friends dressing up in dresses made special for the spring festival. "Ouch." "Off with my head!" grumbled one of the girls with pins in her mouth. "No, just be careful with the pins. You know we Sleeping Beauties are sensitive to anything prickly," the princess let out a delicate yawn. "That's right. Don't prick Briar, Lizzie, or she will fall asleep and no one will see your gorgeous creation. Oops, sorry, my bad," the already deep brown wood on Cedar's cheeks darkened.

Outside of the school one girl slipped into a set of armour and was ready to start her quest. She wasn't a loner per se but she was afraid no one would understand her passion to play a more active role in the story. That's why she had to get up early to avoid the crowd around the fair or on their way to the festival. Now she stood in the middle of a garden with weird flowers. A family of hedgehogs was staring at her, their cute beady eyes filled with curiosity. She took a deep breath and put a helmet on her head. Soon things will get even weirder around her.

In yet another room a teenage witch was woken up by her roommate with a smell of coffee and freshly cooked cupcakes. "I hope you don't mind I used your mini oven," smiled Melody sheepishly. Ginger shook her head still half-asleep. She took a sip of her coffee cup to get some coffein-fueled energy. "Here take some of the cupcakes, too. They are pre-baked from the store but still ok. Are you studying?" asked Melody gesturing to a pile of opened books that served Ginger as her impromptu bed. The witchling shook her head once again. "No," she smiled, "I'm looking for a new and fresh recipe for the cooking contest." "Oh right, the one in the afternoon. I heard that Holly plans to participate as well," Miss Piper shrugged, "well, I was never much of a cook and besides I have to play on the stage but I wish you luck nevertheless." Ginger recalled Melody telling her that the concert itself will take some hours and there is gonna be one last practice session before the musicians will appear in front of the audience: "Good luck to you, too."

Darling fell through something that she would describe as a tornado dancing tango with a rainbow. The whirlwind was so brightly colored one could stare at the surroundings forever and risking nausea because of all the spinning. Except one couldn't because one was falling. Fortunately the odd natural laws of Wonderland made it so that everyone falling into Wonderland was falling significantly slower than one would expect from a reasonable gravity. Even a person in heavy armor was being lowered down at an almost comfortable speed.

That was the reason why princess Darling didn't end up as mashed potatoes right at the beginning of her journey to Wonderland. She simply got up unscratched and looked around. The madness was everywhere and it was even madder than she had imagined. Still she had an adventure in front of her and a knight must show bravery when facing the weirdest of obstacles.

There was some commotion in the corridor between dorm rooms so Melody opened the door to take a look. "Nice outfits, ladies," she commented someone's looks. Ginger stalked behind her to quench her curiousity as well. In front of Lizzie Hearts's room stood Cedar, Holly and Cerise in new dresses. "Thanks, Melody, those were Lizzie's idea," said Cedar. Holly on the other hand noticed Ginger and asked her: "Hi, what do you plan for today's cooking contest? I will probably be baking tower tea cakes. Nanny taught me how to do them and Poppy loves them." "Well, to be honest, I don't know. Everything seems so overused," shrugged Ginger.

Holly thought for a while: "What about asking Lizzie or Maddie for some ideas then? I'm sure the Wonderlandians have a lot of mad recipes in store." "And if it is going to sound too mad, you are the only one who is able to turn it into something that is actually edible," that last remark came from Duchess Swan. The girl was known for her cutting comments and when she uttered something that resembled a compliment the receiver had the right to feel a significant boost to her confidence. Returning to Holly's idea, Ginger had to admit combining wonderlandian and everafterian cuisine sounded great.

"Ready for the fairest day of spring?" "And you? Aren't the dolls already tired of hearing your speech over and over," I said teasingly. Milton has a set of tiny unicorn toys he keeps in his drawer and he tends to practice his speeches while he moves them around. It's a known fact that unicorns are his favorite animals.

So known that when Briar needs an advice about taking care of her mare Divacorn and she sees Milton nearby she asks him directly and doesn't bother looking for Mr. Bear.

And there goes Giles. "Good morning, Zelda. What a beautiful day to celebrate spring," winked the middle aged man at his adopted daughter. "Yes, it's nice to see everyone being happy," and it was nice being happy yourself. I'm not proud to admit that my sadness was responsible for some night rains in the past. A memory of my parents flashed through my mind but this time it was a pleasant one. It was about us celebrating my birthday. I let it pass and concentrated on today's event so that my mind couldn't occupy itself with any less comfortable thoughts and reminiscences.

Kitty Cheshire was one of the last students to wake up. It was hard to part with the warm blankets especially when the gentle sun stroke her ears and tickled her nose.

It reminded her of her childhood. Back when she and some older relatives huddled together in the high branches of the tum tum trees. The leaves and sun borrowing them a spotty look how the shadows merged with their violet fur.

However every new day brought along an opportunity to commit new pranks. Funnier, messier and topsy-turvier than ever before. Fun in this strangely normal place was just about the only thing to look forward everyday when you couldn't return to your home and family.

"The Spring Festival is finally here, there and everywhere," that was Maddie squealing and running from one hat box to another and trying which hat to wear on this special occasion.

"I will show my dearest daddy the hat I brought from Neverland," the tea loving girl put a tiny dark purple and teal tricorne on her fuzzy hair. This small pirate styled accessory was just about the only thing she liked about that place. Earl Grey, her pet dormouse, dived into it to reappear a second after with an eye patch over one of its beady eyes.

Maddie looked over her shoulder:"What do your whiskers say, Kitty? Will dad like my new hat?" "Meow, a pirate wearing such hat would have to be mad," her roommate's grin seemingly the same but the Hat's offspring noticed the kitten's eyes have dimmed significantly. Her friend was homesick and she wasn't the only one. Maddie was the only Wonderlandian pupil lucky enough to have at least one of her parents in the Land of Ever After. Her other school mates were stranded in this foreign setting with only the things that they could throw into sacks and suitcases before they fled.

"Oh noesies. I'm so sorry, Kitty. Chipped cup leaks too much hot tea on the lap*," Madeline took Kitty's hand. "A rocking-horse-fly buzzes. Two parts apart, one isn't enough to have a hug*," the cat girl embraced the Hatter. When one of them felt lonely in this out-of-wonder place, they knew that they could always rely on each other.

*M: I talk too much, I'm sorry I said something that has hurt you. – K: It's okay. I'm just homesick.

Author's note:

Sprung in den Fruehling = jump into spring

Extravaganza = (noun) a spectacular show; music composition marked by free form and diversity

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