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Inner Child


I never had a stable childhood from the time I was seven, being the eldest I've always had to find ways to help support my suffering family. things change quickly and I'm thrust into a world of mischief and uncertainty. Dive into my world of change and diversion within "Inner Child" A Taehyung Centric FF

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

Taehyung POV

“Taehyung!!! Come here!!!”

I stood up quickly, running down the stairs, seeing my mother in distress.

I already knew what she was going to ask before she said anything,” It’s okay Eomma, give it to them… they need it more,” I smiled as bright as I could, the dirt on my face making me look innocent and yet pathetic.

She ruffled my hair,” You’re such a good big brother Taehyung,”

I sighed softly at the affection,” Thank you Eomma… may I go now?”

She nodded and I went to my room. I pulled on my shoes and went for a walk.

I couldn’t be home while my siblings ate, it only served to make me hungry, and my siblings guilty, so I’d leave and tell them I ate elsewhere, lying so they needn’t feel sorrow.

I stumbled along the paths of dirt in town, known as the road for travel.

My stomach rumbled, but I only smiled as I played with a couple of rocks, looking for work of any kind I could do… I’d drop school if I had to… I wouldn’t tell Eomma, she’d make me quit, so… I searched in secret.

It was like an angel from heaven heard my prayers, as I saw a man hanging a sign saying “Help Wanted,”

I immediately rushed to them, begging with my eyes,” Sir? Sir?”

“Yes, boy?”

“Could I help… I won’t ask for much Sir, I promise!!!” Eomma always told us to use our manners, no matter the case.

“Shouldn’t you be in your school years?”

“No Sir… I’m more concerned about Eula and Jorae getting through… they need it more,”

“Don’t you need it too boy?”

“Yes, Sir… but I wish to help my family, more than anything Sir,”

He paused a moment before smiling,” We need more people like you in this world kid… you’ve got the job,”

I bowed ninety degrees, sighing in relief,” Thank you so much, Sir, you won’t regret it!!! I promise!!!”

“I know kid, I know you won’t,”

“Thank you so much Sir!!” my stomach grumbled and a reddish tint coated my dirty cheeks.

“Are you hungry kid? Shouldn’t you be going home for dinner?”

I bowed my head in shame,” I gave it to my siblings Sir,”

“Do you not eat enough?”

“I am fine Sir,”

“No, no, come with me boy. I can’t have my employee pass out due to lack of energy,”

“It’s really not necessary-”

“But I want to, now come,”

I lowered my head further, following the kind old man inside.

He settled me down at a table in his office, bringing me a cup of ramen from the store,” This is all I can probably give you that you can stomach right now young man. Don’t want you to get sick now do we?”

I took the cup carefully,” No Sir, thank you Sir,”

“Call me Jiyong hm? And who should I call you my boy?”

“Taehyung, Kim Taehyung,”

“Well Taehyung, I think you and I will get along just fine,”

Very well indeed.

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