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Taehyung was only 15 when his parents sold him to a group dealing in human trafficking. . . .

Romance / Other
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Prologue: Who are They?

“Taehyung come here please” my mom called from the front door, I made my way out from the closet, which was also my room.

When I walked into the main room I saw mother and father standing at the door, where two unfamiliar foreign-looking men also stood “Yes mother?” I was a little intimidated by the big men.

Both of the really big men looked at me, their eyes wandered over my smaller body, their eyes were so scary. Shivers ran down my spine when their wandering eyes wouldn’t stop. I’m 15. What do they expect me to be some super built kid? Any way being under their stare made me very uncomfortable, I shifted around a little. Fiddling with the end of my pale peachy sweater.

The men exchanged a look both smirking evilly, the blonde one turned to my parents, “He will be perfect” his voice was really deep and frightening, I know I’m 15 and I should act braver but these men just terrify me.

“I-um mother and father? C-can I go to the p-park to meet u-up with my friends?” I stuttered out, I felt like my parents and these men need to talk privately, about some important adult business.

Everyone in the room exchanged glances, scowls explained to me what the answer would be, “p-please I told th-them we could hang out today. I-it’s Jungkookies birthday... and I wanted to celebrate with them... Please?”

“No.” The answer came in one of the coldest voices I have ever heard before, my father and his cold expression frightened me. Father turned to me, “Taehyung, you are going to be staying with these two men for a while. They are going to watch you while your mother and I earn enough money to take care of the whole family.”

“B-but who are they?” I questioned confusion all over my face. I was worried, I didn’t want to go with them, I wanted to stay with my family even if I know they don’t love me.

As if they were trying to come up with some lie, all four of them look at each other, “we’re family friends, your parents and us, we go way back.” The redhead male smiled lightly down at me. He was less scary looking than the blonde man who would only smirk when he looked down on me. He looked at me as though I was a toy he was buying.

They all looked at me expectedly, “go pack up your clothes, now” father ordered me. Without a second thought I left the room to pack up the few small things I had like; my pillow I can’t sleep without, the stuffed tiger that my older brother gave me before he died of lung disease, my two outfits, and also my pjs.

My parents and the two foreign men were shaking hands while speaking in English, I couldn’t understand any of it. Man, I really should have paid attention in that class. The redhead noticed my presence, his eyes landed on mine, he had a sickeningly sweet smile on his face, “come with me, Keith is just going to talk with your parents for a little, okay.”

Slightly I nodded following after him my head hanging low, he seemed like the nicer of my parents’ friends. The man took my bag from me, he placed it in the trunk of the car before wandering back in my direction ” just hop in the back seat ok TaeTae.”

My eyes widened a sliver, the only person who ever called me that was hyung, I looked up at the man through my eyelashes, “Um... Please don’t call me that uncle...”

He stared down at me, “oh, no problem sorry about that.”

“I-it’s okay” I mumbled before getting into the car, uncle closed the door behind me. I waited patiently for the two of them to come, so we could leave to wherever they lived.

After about five minutes both of them walked out of my house, the blonde one seemed to have a big evil smile, the same one he had on his face after I first met him.

They entered the car at about the same time only like a small second off. A few sentences in English were exchanged between the two. I watched them confused. Then the blonde looked back at me with his evil smile on full display. I heard the doors to the car lock and the redhead then turned to me too. “You’re gonna get us so much money” then there was a rag roughly pushed into my face, I couldn’t breathe, there was a bad smell coming from the rag, then everything went black.






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