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Taehyung winced at the pounded in his head as he slowly sat up. His eyes roamed around the room he was sitting in. His face was full of worry, he did know where the hell he was.

The bed the young boy was sitting on was all springy and gross, there were no covers plus it had an awful smell to it. Not only the bed the room itself was honestly gross, the walls were peeling and were a disgusting puke green color. There was also some mold hiding away in the corners.

Three things sat in the room, Taehyung’s bag, the ugly and gross mattress, and one-floor lamp sitting beside the door.

The door was a metal one, the only nice looking thing in the room.

Taehyung was scared, unknown places, it’s dark and cold. The boy is fifteen, his parents let him stay with two scary looking men who he is pretty sure knocked him out. Then brought him here. He was also terrified about what was going to happen.

Taehyung started shaking, fear taking over him. Tears started burning his eyes, his breathing picking up. The boy gripped at his soft brown locks, closing his eyes tightly to stop any tears.

“H-help...” The brunet whispered quietly to himself. Asking for no one in particular to save him, he just wanted anyone right now. He didn’t like the feeling of being alone and scared.

The clicking of the door opening made the fifteen-year-old snap his head up toward it. However, the light shining in from the outside only showed off the silhouettes of two larger looking men. “Ah look he is awake.” A familiar deep voice echoes off the gross walls.

“W-what is h-happening?” The young brunet stuttered out, hell he was surprised he got anything out in his condition.

The two chuckled darkly, “you know you’re really cute when you’re scared Taetae..” Taehyung’s eyes widened, he remembered the red-headed male back at the house.

“Don’t call me th-at,” Taehyung whispered out fear still very evident in his voice. “Now will you p-please t-tell me what the fu-ck is happening.”

Chuckling was heard again, “what a mouth kid, guess I’m just gonna have to train you a little. Not that I mind.”

Taehyung scoffed shakily, “Wh-at the h-hell does that mean.” Curling up in a small ball, moving backwards slightly.

The figures walked further into the room so Taehyung was now able to tell who they were. The boy was right, the two guys from his house were now standing over him smirking down scarily.

“I means Taetae that me and Caleb here are going to fuck you so hard that you’ll learn to obey.” The blond grinned, pulling two packages out of his pocket, then handing one over to Caleb. “The names Keith, so you know what to scream.”

They stalked closer and closer as the smaller male backed away, crying and pleading for them not to.

But they never listened.


After about an hour the fuckers left Taehyung crying holding his bare legs up close to his chest, shaking. His whole body hurt, he’s never felt anything like what they did to him, he felt so dirty. It felt like they were ripping him apart. This was the worst feeling ever, Taehyung was only fifteen, he should never have to go through this pain.

When Taehyung heard the door open, he couldn’t even lift his head from his knees. His body started shaking more viciously, “p-please n-no mo-re.” The tears fell from his eyes faster than before.

The person who entered the room sighed, “don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.” It was a woman’s voice, a calming sweet voice. She seemed nice, but Taehyung didn’t trust his instinct anyway.

“I-I do-nt believe y-you.” The brunet was still shaking viciously. Arms tightly wrapped around his knees, face burrowed in them. “W-why d-id... why?” He whispered quietly, not able to ask fully.

She sighed once again, “They are sick, and sadly I can’t tell you it won’t happen again.” The younger flinched at the news, holding himself tighter. The woman sighed again, she attempted to sooth the boy by rubbing circles on his back. Before she could touch him he jumped over to the other end of the bed against the wall.

Eyes full of terror, “p-please don’t..” He whispered out.

Her eyes filled with sorrow and pity. “Alright, my name is Hana.” She pointed to herself, she attempted a warm smile, “I want to help you as much as I can, this should never have happened to you.”

In the time he was looking up at the woman, he saw how pretty she was. Long black hair with short bangs stopping right below her eyebrows. Her beautiful pearl like eyes, nice black colour, but dull. And her lips were a lovely pink shade. She was beautiful, fairly breathtaking. “You poor thing...”

“I-I’m Taehyung.” He murmured, eyes glistening with tears. “H-how can y-you help?”

Hana sighed, “I can’t do much... but right now I can only really help clean you up and give you a better place to sleep. I have a better room here, sad to say I’ve been here for a while and bummed myself up to a room with a nice bed and a bathroom. I talked them into letting you stay with me.” She moved closer to the boy, a warm expression still there. She was doing her best to make Taehyung trust her.

Taehyung watched every move she made, “I couldn’t a-ask yo-”

“Don’t argue, please just let me help you Taehyung. I promise I will as much as I can to keep those men away from you. But I won’t be able to stop them every time.” Hana explained, finally placing her hand upon Taehyung’s shoulder, “do you have anything to bring with?”

Taehyung nodded, shakily pointing toward his things in the corner. Hana followed his finger and nodded, “okay, um are you able to walk?”

The boy attempted moving to his feet, when a shooting pain shot through his spine, “ow!” He cried out.

“Okay okay. I’ll carry you.” Hana tried calming him, sitting him down nicely. “Just sit down while I grab your things.”

The woman made her way over to the bag discarded by the wall. When she bent down Taehyung noticed the large bruised climbing up her arms and neck. And the slight limp she had while walking there and back.

“Okay, ready?” She turned around so Taehyung could hop on her back.

Taehyung shook his head, “no I couldn’t ask you to do that, y-you’re hurt. I-I’ll walk.”

Hana looked back at the boy, “no you’re freshly hurt and I’ve had these injuries for awhile I’ll be fine. You on the other hand. Let me help you.” She insisted.

Taehyung stared up at her with wide eyes, taking the bag from her, “I-I don’t want to burden you.” He mumbled head hanging lowly.

“Oh Taehyung, you are too sweet of a child. You are nowhere near a burden. This should never have happened to a child like you. I promise I’ll be fine.” She insisted once again. “You hold those and I’ll hold you. Okay?”


Hana cut him off. “Let me get you cleaned up Taehyung, please.”







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