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Brown Sugar


This story will take place in the past because our dear Suga had a one night stand with a girl and she got pregnant all right in 2015 At least in this book he did To find out what happened read the book

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Chapter 1


Yoongi POV

We are preparing for a comeback but the manager has given us some time off and everyone is spending it in different ways but I want to spend it differently and that's why I'm going to the club and I'm going to have some fun

*Time skip a few hours *

3rd POV

Yoongi was too drunk to think that's why he approached a girl and he started flirting with her and after a few minutes she opened up and they started dancing and things started getting heated and because Yoongi was a VIP he always had a room available and they went there and they did the deed

*Time skip a month *

The girl that Yoongi was with got pregnant but she didn't want to disturb Yoongi from his work even though she doesn't like him she doesn't want to ruin his career so she went to his boss Bang pd-nim and he decided to tell Yoongi once she was born and he would give him an apartment and everything that he would need.

Time skip 8 months

Pd-nim POV

The girl gave birth and gave the baby to me, and the child is so cute and she is definitely his child because I ordered a DNA test and it came back that Yoongi is 99 percent the father of the child, anyway

she doesn't have a name because the mother didn't want to be attached, anyway I called him to come in to my office to talk to him, when suddenly someone knocked on the door and I knew that it was him, oh well good luck to me.

Yoongi POV

I was called by PD-nim he told me that it was important so I hurried up to his office and when I got in I saw him holding a cute little girl and he saw me looking at the girl and he chuckled and said

"See something familiar in her?" and I said "No, sir" and he said "Well, she is your daughter, you had a one night stand with that woman,and she came to me, she didn't want to destroy your live, but she didn't want to be with someone she doesn't love, so she gave her to me so I can give her to you"

and I'm shocked I widened my eyes and then he continued "If you want we can put her up for adoptio-" and I cut him off"No, I will take care of her, what's her name? "

I'm still shocked but I have to man up and take care of her" And are you sure she is mine" and he answered " Yes I did a DNA test and you came out as the father, also she doesn't have a name because her mother didn't want to get attached" and then he continued "

also you will get your own house next to the dorm so you can work and take care of her" and I nodded and I finally saw her face and I was amazed because she looks like me but she looks like her mother as well

And then I took her to the guys, and of course I was being careful in still afraid because I can hurt her and I have to think about a name for her......

Hmmmmmm how about Yoonhee, yes that name spoke to me and then I wispered in her ear "Welcome to my life Yoonhee"

and she opened her eyes a little and I smiled my gummy smile and she smiled as well but it looks like my smile, omg I'm fanboying, anyway when I got to the training room everyone turned to me and asked

"Why did PD-nim call you?" and then they looked at Yoonhee and I quickly said "Meet my daughter Yoonhee" and they were shocked and they demanded a answer and I started explaining everything.

After I did that they were more accepting and they were just talking when suddenly Yoonhee started crying and I quietly changed her diaper, gave her a bottle and made her burp and when I did that I turned to the boys with her still in my hands and they looked at me shocked and I said

"What" and Tae said "How did you do that" and I asked "Do what?" and then Jimin continued" You knew exactly what you were doing, do you have another secret child

"Iglared at him and I said" Well it's not my fault you morons don't know how to take care of a child, and I have a little cousin that's why "and they nodded and then PD-nim came inside the room and said"

It's time, your stuff is moved in the new house next to the dorm and I bought everything that a baby would need and if you need something other than that tell me "and I nodded and left to my new house with my daughter

To be continued

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