2021 Z, a well-known Youtuber, explores the deep sea caves not far from the Bermuda Triangle where she discovers a bigger evil than life itself, as she becomes the monster that wants to take back the world. Zena Morph is your average college student: she's always late to class, strives on coffee and always relies on her friends. One day though, she is put into action when Z returns as a creature from the black lagoon. This is an X-men remake with my own characters, but not the same storyline.

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:



She taps the camera screen, the red recording light blinking in the upper left hand corner. She backs away and waves to the screen.

"Hi, I'm Z. And welcome to my channel. Today we're in the deep sea, underwater caves right next to the Bermuda Triangle, the most mysterious and dangerous caves of all. They're said to be the home of an evil creature that was banished during the Vietnam War." She glances behind her at the cave opening as the ground shakes and it collapses. She screams as the floor opens up and she falls through, the camera tumbling down the side into black, ochre-colored water.

She manages to pull herself up before it can swallow her whole. "Ugh! I knew should have bought that waterproof camera instead!" Z kicks a rock and it splashed in a puddle. "My parents are going to kill me." She whined, pulling out her phone which was in waterproof case and checked the cell service. "This was a mistake. I shouldn't have come."

There was a shuffling of feet and suddenly she came face-to-face with a magnificent beast before being yanked under the surface, black goo coating her in a sticky blanket. It consumed her, creating a monster that would ruin the world in the future.

She roared monstrously and felt her control slipping. Black goo leaked from her eyes, her entire pupil going black. She couldn't see, but soon, it wouldn't matter. She was gone.

A goo-dripping creature took her place, evil leaking from every orifice.

"I am back!" She cackled. "The world will bow down and free my children."

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