Dragon Ball Addendum

By JAMay

Action / Adventure

Chapter 1: New Android Threat


It has been one year since the final downfall of the evil Emperor Frieza. Peace has begun settling in as the Z-Fighters celebrate Pan's first birthday. Looking at what potential the young warrior has, Gohan and Videl were given a son. This quarter Saiyan's name is Gokhan. The two were raised by Videl, soon being handed over to Gohan for training. When Gokhan was only a couple years old, however, an even newer member of the Z-Fighters came about. Tarble, Vegeta's brother, delivered his five year old son Xander to earth where he can grow up in safety and will then be conditioned by Vegeta himself. During the era of peace, even Goku and Vegeta trained less and became more family oriented. This led to lesser usage of Whis' training, reverting to basic Saiyan transformations instead of using Mystic powers, just like the changes seen by Gohan. Gokhan has begun to take on his father's appearance, as well as his legacy. He achieved the legendary status of Super Saiyan at age 15. Xander, a tall, strong fighter with rare Saiyan genes achieves Super Saiyan at age 12. Inspiring them to regain the power they had in their prime, as well as their status as Z-Fighters, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan decide to train alongside Gokhan and Xander. With this, the new and refreshed warriors face an exciting and challenging future together, reaching heights never thought viable. Thus, the Z-Fighters begin their next journey in Dragon Ball: Addendum.

Chapter I

The Red Ribbon Army has thought to be long defeated due to the fall of its leaders. However, the brilliant mind of Dr. Gero has not lost it's spark. His laboratory still remains, housing several Androids. Androids 1 through 7 were considered failures and have been destroyed, as well as 10 through 12. The rest have roamed only to be long forgotten or destroyed by their enemies. A theory has persisted that Dr. Gero expanded beyond his own placement in the series. Some say his computer has created four new Androids: 21, 22, 23, and 24. These all share a secret that no other Android had. The computer has learned from the mistakes made by past projects, making these four stronger, faster, and more durable than ever before. Reaching a level of engineering never thought possible, the echo of a myth came true. Gero's greatest Android machines take rise with one mission: restore the Red Ribbon Army and destroy any who stand in their path.

Gohan and Gokhan are sparring in Mount Paozu as they visit Chi-Chi. During their visit, they hear on the radio of several crimes taking place in North City. As they continue to listen in, the announcer is thought to have said a series of explosions took place, but it wasn't clear as the signal was lost. Gohan was obligated to go investigate, telling Pan and Gokhan to stay with Chi-Chi. Gohan races towards the city in great haste. Once he arrives, Goku and Piccolo are already at the scene. They agree to split up and surround the scene of the explosions. As Piccolo stands in a foggy street, a building loses its balance as it begins collapsing on top of him. Alerting Goku and Gohan, they race over to the scene only to be stopped by a barrage of ki blasts. As they were all pinned down with nowhere to run, a Destructo-Disc is thrown at the source of the ki blasts. Krillin and 18 run to Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku to give them cover as the mysterious villains rise out of the rubble. Two people appear as the smoke clears, taking on an appearance similar to 17 and 18. The striking resemblance shocked 18, and she asked what their names were.

"I'm your evil twin, Lazuli. Didn't you know that?" says the girl.

"What business do you have with us? Why are you causing so much trouble here?" replies Goku.

The girl's brother steps forward.

"What do you mean 'What business do you have with us?' You came to us. I'm Android 21, and this is my sister, 22. We didn't come alone, so you'd better not start anything. If you want to live, I suggest you pretend you saw nothing and hightail it back home."

Piccolo takes a stance, ready to fight.

"Gero must not have told you who we are. If you think you stand a chance against us, you're sorely mistaken!"

"Don't draw that card on us, Piccolo," says 21, "We know full well who you all are."

22 points at each of them, stating their names.

"Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin… Lazuli. Hey you two, don't think we can't see you!"

The Z-Fighters look to where 22 was pointing. It was a robbed jewelry store.

"Gokhan, Pan, come on out, we all know now you're in there!" yells 21.

The two peek through the broken window and Gohan runs over to them.

"Are you two crazy!? What were you thinking? You're supposed to be with Grandma, does she know you're here?

Pan comes out of the store to confront Gohan.

"N-no. We snuck out the window, but…"

"She doesn't know. She must be worried sick, do you know how much trouble you're in? Grandma will be very disappointed in you two!

"Well maybe we want in on the action too! We're not little kids anymore!"

As Gohan and Pan argue, 21 silences them.

"This is no place for you kids! I'm in a good mood today, so I might spare you and make you an audience. However, interfere with the fight and I will have no problem with killing both of you."

Piccolo ends the conversation and charges toward the Androids.

"You've got some nerve threatening us like that!"

Piccolo and 21 spar and Gohan joins in. 22 goes after 18, but Krillin steps in to protect her, only to eventually be taken down alongside his wife. Goku goes Super Saiyan and pins 22 down.

"Gokhan! Let's see what you've got! Go full power on her, put an end to this!"

Ignoring Gohan and 21's warnings, he takes a stance and gathers his energy. After a short intermission, he pushes into his Super Saiyan form. He follows up with a Kamehameha.

"Ka… me… ha… me…"

"Do it now!" yells Goku.


Goku jumps out of the way, leaving 22 in the path of the wave as it connects, creating a bright flash of light followed by an explosion. When the smoke clears, 22 is nowhere to be found. Their search is halted when she comes out of hiding and grabs Gokhan by his shirt.

"You need to learn some manners, kid." says 22 as she winds her arm up and smacks him across the face, rendering him nearly unconscious.

Gohan stops fighting 21 with Piccolo when he sees Gokhan, and 21 punches him in the gut, followed by a kick that sent him into a wall. Piccolo couldn't defend himself for long and he too falls. Goku is the last fighter standing; the Androids make their way to him. He takes a stance, and right before they attack, Vegeta races through the city and lands by Goku. His armor is damaged and he appears to be injured.

"Vegeta, you got here just in time! How did you know about these Androids? And what happened to your armor?"

"West City was attacked and I was pinned down by one of them. I managed to outrun him, but only after I got him out of the city."

"You outran him? That sounds like 24, he's not too fast, but he's a brute." says 21.

"Wait, 24? Is there a 23?" asks Goku.

"You're smarter than you look," says 22, "He's admittedly Gero's greatest creation. Considering that he can move at supersonic speeds, he could've been here this whole time and you wouldn't know because he's moving at a pace even your eyes can't see."

All look at him in anguish. However, Vegeta seems unfazed.

"You don't really think that disturbs us, do you? We can take all of you on, just watch!"

Vegeta goes Super Saiyan and the fight starts back up. All watch as Goku and Vegeta take on the Androids. Goku and Vegeta perform a combined ki blast that brings 22 to her knees. 22 still insists on fighting alone. Vegeta elbow strikes him in the stomach then uppercuts him in the air. Goku follows up with a ki blast cannon that sends him into the ground. As he struggles to stand up, Goku and Vegeta stop attacking and revert to their base form. 18 stands up and runs over to 22 and helps her up.

"18 no! She could still hurt you!" yells Krillin as he runs over to her.

"I can help you 22. You don't have to be controlled by Gero if you let us help you." whispers 18.

"How can I trust you?" asks 22 as she's helped up.

"Because we're sisters." snickers 18.

As they start walking over to the Z-Fighters, 21 regains his footing.

"You're a fool 22, you really think they'll just take you in like that? You're no sister of mine if you're that gullible!"

He shoots 22 through the chest with a finger beam, killing her. He then puts his hands together and charges up an attack aimed at the rest of the group.

"Say thanks to Gero in hell for me!" echoes 21's voice before he releases his attack.

Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan and take a stance, ready to deflect the blast. However, before 21 could attack, Gokhan goes Super Saiyan and throws a backfist into 22's jaw, canceling his ki blast. Gokhan unleashes a barrage of kicks and punches, ending with a straight punch to the chest. He finishes him off with a Kamehameha to the back. Leaving a crater in the ground, Gohan stands speechless until he finds the words to describe what his son did.

"Gokhan… How have you become so strong?"

"From training dad. I told you, if you just gave me a chance, I could prove myself to you."

"You didn't have to prove anything, son. I'm proud of what you've become."

Vegeta grows impatient of the small talk.

"Enough of this. We have to get moving now. There are two more Androids and at least one of them is putting my house and city at stake. Can we not waste anymore time here?"

They all agree to leave.

Upon arrival at West City, their first stop is Capsule Corporation to make sure everyone's safe. Bulma, Trunks, Goten and Xander greet them all, telling them that the Android left the city some time ago. Trunks elaborates with an explanation.

"He probably can't sense power levels and must've gotten lost trying to find you, dad."

"Yes, I too assumed he couldn't sense energy. I wanted to get to North City only after losing Android 24. I led him away from any larger populations and fled up north to Kakarot."

Goku builds on his statement with a summary.

"So we have two enemies on our hands. Android 23 and Android 24. One is slow but strong, and the other is incredibly fast. The way the twins made it sound, the fast one is 23 and he moves at speeds beyond ours. That must be his compensation for his lack of power, which 24 makes up for."

The intermission is halted when an earthquake-like rumbling takes place. They all look to the city as smoke billows from the suburbs.

"That must be the Androids!" shouts Bulma as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Gokhan, Goten and Trunks all transform and race into the city.

A very tall, muscular man in standing in a neighborhood with his hand in the air. He's firing small ki blasts into houses, sending people away in panic. Vegeta is the first to attack with a side kick to the head, causing no damage. 24 grabbed Vegeta's leg and throws him into a house. Xander tries to cancel 24's ki blast, but his attack is deflected. 24 shoots Xander down. Goten and Trunks intercept 24's ki blasts and then charge to him. Both were chokeslammed into the ground. Goku sees that 24's quick reaction time and brute force were too much for a Super Saiyan. As a result, he goes Super Saiyan 3 for the first time in years. Gohan too ascends and goes Super Saiyan 2. The two team up and attempt to attack him on both sides of him. They both grab one of his arms and Goku kicks him in the chest as Gohan knees him in the back. Neither blow affected 24. Instead, he throws Gohan to the ground and body slams him while holding Goku in the other arm. He finishes Goku by jumping high into the air and throwing him on top of Gohan, knocking him out but leaving Goku barely conscious.

"I can't believe how out of shape we are. If only I hadn't become such a simpleton since Frieza's invasion, I wouldn't have this much trouble… Damn it!" Vegeta mutters to himself.

Goku tries standing up but 24 steps on top of him, not allowing him to move. Xander is the first to stand back up. He starts to walk back to the fight but loses his footing many times. Vegeta then tries to fight back, but 24 armbars him then picks him up by the hair. Right before he attempts to kill Vegeta with a ki blast, Xander sees what is about to happen. His power recovers and he goes Super Saiyan, but with a green aura, as never seen before from Xander.

"Damn you! I'll make you pay for everything you've done!"

"That's it… Xander." murmurs Vegeta as he awaits Xander's help.

Xander charges at 24 with a ki blast in his hand. He releases the ki blast in front of 24 and grabs Vegeta as the blast sends 24 away. Xander then back fist punches 24 across the face, forcing him to take a knee, then follows up with a kick that sends him out of the suburbs.

"Take this!" yells Xander as he charges what looks like a green Galick Gun.

He fires it to 24 at point blank range and still tries to block it but fails. Xander has killed Android 24. Vegeta stands in awe, for he saw it all.

"How did he… That was my Galick Gun attack. I didn't even teach him that move."

"Yep, that's my cousin" gloats Trunks to Goten.

Even Xander was surprised with himself.

"Uncle, what did I just do?"

"You've become a Saiyan, that's what."

"We're not out of the woods yet," says Goku as he helps Gohan up, "23 is still out there somewhere, and we have to find him as soon as possible."

"You don't have to," says an unfamiliar voice, "Because I'm right here."

A tall, lanky man in a jumpsuit appears floating above them.

"You all seem tough, but none of you are that fast."

23 looks down on everyone with a smug facial expression.

"So you're 23," replies Vegeta, "about time you show up."

"I bet you were just dying to fight me to make up for your bitter loss against 24. Your nephew actually had to save you. I bet that's degrading."

Vegeta doesn't reply, leading to a long silence.

"Too soon?" asks 23.

"Sounds like you underestimate me. Would you care to say that again?" replies Xander.

"I didn't stutter, I saw you fight. You're good, but what you make up for in strength, you lack in speed. That'll be your downfall today."

23 disappears in the blink of an eye and appears behind Xander and stuns him with an ear clap. When everyone looks over to him and didn't see anyone except Xander.

"What are you all looking at?" asks 23, in his original position in the air.

Some begin to take a step back as they fear they're next.

"Oh, don't worry. Once I find a target, I pursue that target until it's conquered." states 23 as he lowers down to the ground.

At the instant he touches the ground, he vanishes once more. He reappears behind Xander once more, and Xander swings behind him and hits nothing. 23 once again vanishes and appears upside down directly above Xander. In another instant, he teleports right side up again with a hand to the neck, causing Xander to stagger, but he still tries fighting back. 23 proves to be much too fast for Xander after receiving several more blows. Eventually, 23 incapacitates Xander with a painful gut punch. As he coughs up blood, nobody has enough energy to stop 23. He picks up Xander by the neck and rises up in the air. He drops him then shoots a ki wave to chase him to the ground, slamming him into a crater. Finally, 23 performs his finishing blow: several small waves that form in the palms of his hands accelerate to a speed several times the speed of sound. When it's released, the damage done to the target is devastating. When it hits Xander, he's pushed even further into the ground. Trunks is the first to arrive by his side. He sorrowfully announces Xander dead. All are in shock, especially Vegeta as he realizes his one promise to Tarble was broken.

"I promised my brother that I would protect his only son, and my only nephew. I have failed you Xander. I've also failed you, my brother Tarble. I will make things right, I swear it."

Vegeta lets out a cry after this thought, which was followed with an immense power increase. All his wounds seemingly begin to heal and his hair turns blue. For the first time in two decades, the Super Saiyan God legend is reawakened. Vegeta begins making his way to to 23.

"As a man with pride such as mine, I seek revenge. Even if it's the last thing I do!"

"That pride will be your downfall, Saiyan! It doesn't matter how powerful you get, you'll never be as fast as me…"

Before 23 could finish speaking, Vegeta had already struck him in the neck, followed by several blows to the chest and a back fist punch to the head. 23 is getting uneasy.

"No… there's no way you're faster than me! I am the fastest in the universe!"

"Not the first time I've heard one of my victims say something like that."

"I won't be your victim! Now get ready to join your nephew!"

23 starts to gather energy for his signature move, only to find out that his supersonic combustion device is broken.

"Wh...what!? No, there's no way you couldn't damaged me that badly!"

"You must not have realized it yet. I'm willing to bet Gero knew about Super Saiyan Gods, but couldn't make you bastards strong enough to compete with them. He didn't want you to know the one thing on this planet that'll surely destroy you!"

"That's not true. I don't need speed to kill you. I am invinci…"

Vegeta grabs hold of 23's throat.

"No. You're not."

Vegeta impales 23's chest with his knee, sending his body flying, but not his head. He is still able to talk.

"This… is not… over. You haven't seen… the last… of the… Red Ribbon Army!"

Without a reply, Vegeta grabs 23 by the hair and holds his palm to his face, firing a Big Bang Attack to his head. The blast travels down to 23's body which is instantly destroyed.

"Gather the Dragon Balls. I've got a few wishes to make."

In a couple days, the Dragon Balls have been collected for Vegeta. As they summon him, Vegeta steps forward to have his wishes granted.

"Come, state your wish so that I may leave."

"Shenron, please revive my nephew, Xander, for he was killed in battle.

"That is a simple request.

Xander materializes in front of Shenron.

"Your wish has been granted. Farewell!"

As Shenron disappears, Vegeta and Xander meet. Vegeta places his hand on his shoulder.

"I am sorry Xander, I failed to protect you."

"Whatever you did though, I'm back and good as ever. You didn't fail."

The Z-Fighters all separate after a short reunion, and will soon gather again in the next adventure of Dragon Ball Addendum.

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