Dragon Ball Addendum

By JAMay

Action / Adventure

Chapter 7: The Infinite Realm

Chapter VII

Age 809

Prior to the shortest trip trekking the greatest distance, Goku, Vegeta and Gokhan spend the remainder of their time in this universe prepping for their voyage to another. They mend themselves of their injuries from the bittersweet victory over the God of the Underworld. They also say their goodbyes to what little they have left on Earth.

"Are we all ready to depart?" asks Whis.

"The sooner the better," groans Beerus.

Gokhan gives his final kiss to Amaya while Goku and Vegeta step aside for a private conversation. "Kakarot, if we're really going to do this, let's do it right — for our families," says Vegeta.

"Of course, Vegeta." replies Goku, "We'll put every ounce of strength we have into this if we have to." he pats Vegeta on the back.

Everybody gathers around Whis before a thin pink ball of aura forms around them. "Alright everybody, now I would like to point out that I have not travelled to other universes in some time. Bear with me, for the trip may take up to an hour long." states Whis.

"I thought you were the fastest in the universe," retorts Beerus.

"Might I also add that our destination is about twenty-five billion light years away considering that we'll have to pass through Universe Six to reach our destination. With me, you're getting the fastest form of transportation there is, Lord Beerus."

Speechless, Beerus turns the cold shoulder on Whis.

"Very well, off we go!"

The area around them begins to ripple as they are shrouded in a white shimmery light. Finally, they dart straight up into the sky and vanish into thin air a second later. Nobody can feel the intensity of the speed they're travelling, but they can certainly see it. It is a white tunnel with seemingly no end to it. They pass by flecks of every color in the visible spectrum, some faster than others.

"This is so weird. Where are we? What is this?" asks Gokhan.

"This is like a shortcut through the infinite realm that makes the twelve universes part of an instance. That's just short for multiverse." explains Whis.

"An instance? It doesn't feel like it," murmurs Gokhan.

"Right now, we are travelling at about one billion nine-hundred million miles per second. In latent terms, that's just over ten thousand times the speed of light."

"Ten thousand!? That's unreal!" shouts Goku.

"Yes, and once we reach Universe Six, I'll multiply my current speed. I don't want to go too fast, however. I could spawn a wormhole."

"What's so bad about that?" questions Vegeta, "I thought wormholes got you from one place to another a lot faster."

"They do, but not only do they travel through space, they also travel through time. Who's to say that Universe 5's Dragon Balls will even be there after the thousands of years we would expunge in the wormhole?"

"Hmph… fine, then how much longer do we have?" continues Vegeta.

"Universe Six is smaller than our own, so it shouldn't take too long."

They continue through the tunnel of light, feeling no turbulence until they reach the edge of the universe. The buildup of pressure is uneasy on the group, but Whis continues to push against the invisible wall. The wall begins to convex as it resists tearing open. There appears to be an extreme buildup of friction, causing electricity to surge through the tunnel. The solar winds nearly shake everyone to their knees. Finally, they burst through, revealing a white void of absolute nothingness. Looking back behind them tunnel has disappeared, leaving behind a small stream of light. The tear in the universe repairs itself and blends with the vacuum. "Well, if I had to guess, it looks like we have reached the edge of the universe." says Whis.

"So, where are we supposed to go now?" queries Beerus.

"Since the universes are aligned in a row, we'll just continue in the same direction that we've been going." explains Whis, "Gather around everyone! We have no time to lose."

They continue on their excursion, finding another invisible wall in a matter of seconds. There was little to no struggle with passing through it, only feeling the turbulence of hitting the wall at such high speeds. Also unlike last time, Whis was able to maintain his speed whilst entering the universe.

"I think thirty thousand times the speed of light is sufficient. We should be through Universe Six in just over half an hour long." announces Whis.

Nobody could tell that Whis was going three times the speed he was going before. The walls of the tunnel didn't appear to change at first.

"How fast are we going now?" asks Goku.

"Just about six billion miles per second."

"That insane!" exclaims Goku, "How much faster can you go?"

"That's hard to say. As far as I know, I have no speed limit. However, there are consequences to going too fast," states Whis, "Trying to go any faster than this and prevent spawning a wormhole at the same time is not easy."

Some time has passed and Beerus is already asleep. Whis glances at his staff to get an idea of where in Universe Six they are. The glass ball slowly turns from a black, starry backdrop to white, indicating that they are nearing the other side.

"Alright, we're nearing the end." reports Whis, "I'll attempt to avoid the trouble we had last time."

Whis increases his speed once more, reaching fifty thousand times the speed of light. They very shortly after reach the invisible wall at the edge of this universe. This time, however, they do not feel any turbulence. Instead, the white tunnel they were once in seconds ago turns to a dark blue and black, with surges of electricity passing through. Unlike the white tunnel, they can see a light at the end. Gokhan takes a knee.

"I… I feel numb. I feel like I can't stand up…" mutters Gokhan as Goku attempts to pick him back up.

The walls appear to breathe and wrinkle as the light gets closer and brighter. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, Gokhan loses consciousness and can only hear a ringing noise in his comatose. Eventually, his senses are regained, revealing a starry sky with a pink tint due to Whis' ball of aura surrounding them. Goku and Vegeta were just standing back up, for they had to sit down due to the same condition felt by Gokhan. Whis claps to get his attention.

"Hello? Are you with us?" calls out Whis, "Welcome to Universe Five."

Gokhan gazes into the massive space at what appears to be a red sun, surrounded by the silhouettes of several planets and chunks of rock. The remainder of the space was filled with millions upon millions of stars, some of which were unusually large as if they were closer than the rest. Elsewhere, in a dark space looking into a void of nothingness stands a lone being. On behalf of the arrival of Whis and the others, this being swipes its arm, revealing a depiction of the group. Looking closely at Whis, it studies his warp technique. It steps away from the depiction and giggles with a deep, throaty voice. Meanwhile, the others are taking in the fascination of Universe Five.

"Whoa… look at all of those planets." mumbles Gokhan, "We have to search all of them for the Dragon Balls?"

"I don't think that'll be an issue. About ninety-nine percent of these planets contain no life due to their inhabitability. Assuming that the Dragon Balls rely on one's life force, they are on a planet containing life."

"Well, I want to explore this universe," interrupts Beerus, "That is why I'm here."

"Yes, Lord Beerus. We're going to explore while Goku, Vegeta and Gokhan search for the Dragon Balls." replies Whis.

"Wait, we're splitting up?" asks Goku.

"Yes. You three were just an excuse for Whis to take me here," explains Beerus, "We'll take you back, of course; just don't keep me waiting if I'm ready to leave before you."

Whis pushes himself and Beerus out of the pink aura ball, leaving the rest inside of it.

"Since you Saiyans can't breath in the vacuum of space, you're probably going to need that more than us," states Whis.

Whis and Beerus head towards a large, dark planet with what appears to be greenery salting the surface. Goku pushes the ball towards a neighboring planet. This one is smaller and more salubrious looking. They slowly enter the atmosphere and before they know it, they drop at an incredible rate. In seconds, they slam into the ground. Surrounding them is a field of dark blue grass and a brown sky. Looking up, only a handful of planets substitute as stars, and beyond that is an undulation of darker and lighter colors, but apparently no sun. They slowly step out of the pink ball of air, holding their breath in case the atmosphere contains no oxygen. Fortunately, there is, so they all step out of the ball and make their way down the field towards a forest with tall, narrow trees littered with branches of blue leaves.

"Can you guys sense anything?" asks Gokhan.

"No—but if somebody is here, then they must be too weak for us to sense." replies Goku.

"That or they're skilled fighters and can hide their energies." counters Vegeta.

"Then we may be in for a good challenge!" exclaims Goku, "Think about it. Shenron suspected that there's no life here because something may have wiped out most of it."

"Well if that 'something' wants to try to wipe us out too, they're in for an unfortunate revelation."

As they treat the loose grounds in the forest, Vegeta's drops into the ground, waist deep into a water reservoir.

"Ah, damn it!" Vegeta takes flight above the trees to see what stands in their path. Goku and Gokhan follow shortly after.

"Wow, this is so strange," murmurs Gokhan, "A shoreline in the middle of a forest?"

An ocean consumes most of their sight all the way back to the horizon. The tops of the trees can be seen peeking out of the water.

"Wow, look at that," Goku points off to the distance, "The ocean is outlined by trees."

"A tree line instead of a beach…" adds on Vegeta.

Something catches Goku's eye off to the right. It appears to be small orange lights clustered together in another patch of trees not too far away. "Hey, check that out guys."

"I guess if there's any life on this planet, it's there." says Gokhan before flying towards the lights. Goku and Vegeta follow.

They hover above the lights shrouded in trees. They are close enough to conclude that they are flames; they are controlled flames. They descend and hide behind trees in case whoever may be surrounding the fires are hostile. Gokhan is the first to advance towards the fire. He slowly slinks closer to the flames, and once he reaches it, he is shocked by an unpleasant surprise. "Stat!" shouts a voice from the other side of the fire pit. A spear is poking his right side; on the other end of the spear is a short figure with pale green skin and yellow patches on his arms and stomach. Several more come jumping down from the trees and otherwise out of nowhere. They're all wearing similar outfits: torn grey infinity scarves tightly wrapped around their necks and brown cloth robes studded with black beads belted on their waists. "Cat ada to" states the one pointing the spear at Gokhan. Goku and Vegeta come out of hiding and run to Gokhan.

"He-hello. We come—in peace" stutters Goku paired with several hand motions.

"Did you really expect that to work, Kakarot?"

The small man lowers his spear in confusion. "You—English?"

"Ah, they speak English!" says Goku, "Yes, we speak English too."

"What are you? How you find us?" asks the small man.

"We are looking for Dragon Balls." replies Gokhan.

"Dragon… Balls…" mutters the man, "Why?"

"We have dead friends that we want to bring back to life."

Vegeta raises his hand palm up and forms an energy ball that is slowly growing in size. The small people step back in shock and awe. "Give us your Dragon Balls and I won't kill all of you." commands Vegeta. The energy ball is now the size of a basketball and is only getting larger. The tribe points their spears and crossbows at him ready to fire. One throws a spear at the ball, but when it strikes, it's consumed by it and spews out of the other side as thousands of small particles.

"Are we really doing this? Seriously?" Vegeta fires the energy ball into the sky. Seconds after it disappears Vegeta clenches his fist, followed by a massive explosion that lights up the sky. The people drop their weapons and run away from him. Vegeta teleports to the front of their group to stop them. "Stop! Don't hurt!" cries out the leader of the pack.

"Then give us your Dragon Balls!" barks Vegeta.

The leader guides the three to a temple hidden in moss and leaves. He pushes the large double doors open and reveals a large, torch-lit foyer occupied by several more of his people. The leader, accompanied by four others, approaches a large round podium in the center of the room. He removes a lid covering the top of the podium, revealing five bright orange orbs, each the size of basketball. "They only have five Dragon Balls?" whispers Goku.

"That better not mean their dragon is weak," replies Vegeta.

Each of the five people pick one up. They proceed to walk further past the podium and open another set of doors. They step into a garden surrounded by strange plants and short trees. Directly above them, however, are clear skies, as if something is supposed to drop down to them. The five Dragon Balls are gently set down next to each other in a cluster. The leader holds out his arms, palms facing the balls, and shouts a phrase said in their language. "Siongdo! Ogus d'oinm ogom o thaghoirm tú!" He said: Siangda! By your name I summon you! The balls glow a bright yellow before an intense trail of light skyrockets above the trees. The sky gets darker than its usual gloomy shade as the trail climbs higher in the sky. Eventually, an enormous dragon appears. The wyrm's glowing yellow eyes contrast against purple scales and a pale red chest. It has muscular forearms and massive wings. Its long beard and mane blow in the strong winds high up in the atmosphere. The deep raspy voice of the dragon echoes throughout the sky, "To mé on Drogan Eternol den Chúigiú Cruinne," his announcement: I am the Eternal Dragon of the Fifth Universe.

Vegeta's patience can finally be put at ease, "Ugh, finally!" he snaps before darting up through the trees to meet the dragon at eye level. "Can you speak English!?" continues Vegeta.

"Labhairt liom ach an teanga de mo cruthaitheoir." retorts the dragon, saying: I speak only the language of my creator.

"Damn…" Vegeta looks down on the tribe, "One of you get up here and tell grant our wish!"

They all look around in confusion, "We can't fly!" shouts the tribe leader. Vegeta looks back up at the dragon with a disgruntled look. In the midst of the frustration, Beerus and Whis warp to Goku and Gokhan. Without saying a word, they look up at the dragon. Whis' eyes widen slightly and his jaw nearly drops, "Siangda…"

"What's that? His name's Sh-yong-dah...?" asks Goku.

"This is the Eternal Dragon of the Fifth Universe!?"

"Why, what's the problem? You've heard of him?"

"Yes; this dragon shouldn't exist anymore. An evil counterpart of himself was created and it killed Siangda. Not knowing that they shared the same soul, the Doppelgänger died too. I don't know how Siangda could've come back to life."

Their conversation was abruptly interrupted by Vegeta's bellowing, "Hey! The only reason why we're here is to bring our families back, let's get a damn move on!" Whis rises up off the ground, meeting Vegeta, "My patience is running very thin, Whis," he growls.

"I can see that," replies Whis, "Siangda speaks Ianish."

"So what does that make these things? They look like Namekians."

"Ianians: the Namekians of Universe Five."

"Can you speak their language?"

"Yes," Whis directs his attention to Siangda, "Siongdo, is féidir leot o othbheachon no morbh a universes eile?" he asked: Siangda, can you revive the dead from other universes?

"Is féidir liam o othbheachon or rainnt dhoaine a oit or bith ga bhfuil on Multiverse."

"Well, what did he say?" questions Vegeta.

"He said: I can revive several people from anywhere in the Multiverse."

Goku rises to meet Vegeta and Whis, "So, can he revive everyone Hadesu killed on Earth?" asks Goku.

"Yes, I believe so. Let's find out," Whis looks up at the dragon's aged and detailed face, "On Dio on Damhon Thías no Cruinne Seocht moroíadh ga lear oitritheairí no dtíartho ogus no Cruinne phloinéid," he explained: The God of the Underworld of Universe Seven has killed many inhabitants of planet Earth. Gokhan and Beerus rise up to the rest to listen in on Whis' conversation with the dragon, "On féidir leot o chur or ois or shoal no no ndooine?" His question was: Can you restore the lives of these beings? The moment of silence waiting for the dragon's response felt like an eternity to Goku, Vegeta and Gokhan. Finally, Siangda responds by raising his arm and giving a thumbs up to them, "Beidh mé othbheachon siúd o bhí íasportoigh oto og Hodesu or Universe Seocht's phloinéid Damhon." Siangda's eyes begin to glow. Whis announces the response, "Siangda stated 'I shall revive those who were victimized by Hadesu on Universe Seven's planet Earth.'"

Goku and Gokhan cheer and hug while Vegeta has only a smirk on his face. Goku grabs Vegeta's shoulder and turns him around. Vegeta's smile turns into a scowl until Goku holds out his hand, "Looks like everything worked out in the end," says Goku.

"Hmph... yeah," Vegeta grasps Goku hand, "Though we aren't going to let it get so out of hand next time."

"To da mion leo o bheith deanoithe. Céod slon!" shouts Siangda, saying: Your wish has been granted. Farewell! His skin ignites into a golden light. He shoots up into the sky like a ray from the sun. It then explodes into five beams flying in five different directions.

"Okay, let's go home now!" calls out Gokhan, "We don't have a second to waste!"

Goku first descends down to the Ianian tribe, "Thank you very much for letting us use your Dragon Balls!"

"Goodbye!" the tribe leader waves at them as they take their leave.

Meanwhile, the individual roaming the void stalks the group as they arrive at the pink ball of aura Whis made. He senses the energy made by Whis from earlier, making the assumption that he was about to warp, "Yes, now's the time!" The being, now revealed to have a tail and horn like appendages on his head, dematerializes into hundreds of small cubes and vanishes. Whis taps his staff on the ground twice and they begin to glow. Right before taking off, the being, still broken up into cubes, fuses himself into the energy Whis is putting out. They then dart into the sky and vanish into thin air.

"We're coming home, guys," speaks Gokhan softly, "We've missed you."


To be continued

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