Dragon Ball Addendum

By JAMay

Action / Adventure

Chapter 2: Cold Family Revenger

Chapter II

Age 802

Frieza's family is infamously known across the galaxy, but some in the Cold family tree have yet to make themselves as prominent as Frieza himself. A perfect example is an Arcosian named Arctica: one of Frieza's many cousins. When he had heard of Frieza's transformation, Arctica sought out to achieve the same magnitude of power. On the behalf of his completion in training, he searched far and wide for Frieza's conquerors. And once he finally did, he wanted to make his family's legacy known.

Two years ago, the young warriors Gokhan and Xander showed their true power in battle. Ever since, they have become even more capable. They're now learning the Fusion Technique at Kami's Lookout.

"Fuuu… sion… ha!" exclaim Trunks and Goten as they demonstrate the Fusion Technique to Gokhan and Xander.

"Yeah! Now you try it!" says Gotenks "Remember, you can't even slip a finger. If you do, the Fusion will be completely thrown off and you'll become something that can't fight!"

Gokhan and Xander take their positions.

"Fuuu… sion…"

The practice came to a halt when they all saw a meteor-like object crash near the Lookout.

"Whoa! Let's finish this later and go check that out!" yells Gotenks.

The three leave the Lookout to investigate the object. When they arrive, they're in for a rude awakening as a bombardment of ki blasts fire in all directions. A human shaped figure rises out of the crater. A chilling voice emits from the smoke.

"Who… are you?"

"Who are you!? You crashed on our planet; you're the alien here!" hollers Gotenks.

"Don't be so rude, it was just a question."

"Well maybe next time you shouldn't start your question by shooting at us! Now answer my question! Who are you?"

"Well, since you asked just so nicely," says the being as he begins to charge his energy, "I am Arctica: relative and revenger… Of Lord Frieza!"

Arctica exits the crater, still charging energy, and heads towards Gotenks, Gokhan and Xander.

"You three seem strong, but there's no way you could have been his victor. You wouldn't happen to know who it was?

Xander begins powering up.

"Even if we did, we wouldn't tell you. Now leave our planet!"

Xander goes Super Saiyan then charges to and punches Arctica. He blocks the attack, almost fazed. He then flexes and his armor shatters, revealing what looks like a new set of bio-armor. He and Xander begin attacking each other for some time until Gokhan goes Super Saiyan and joins in. Arctica becomes strained by the two and flees the fight.

"You aren't bad…"

"Are we strong enough to be Frieza's victors now?" asks Gokhan.

"Don't flatter yourselves. I'm not even close to my true power!"

He hunches over and begins grunting as if he's trying to flex his muscles. The waist flaps of his bio-armor grow to almost three times their original length. He grows what looks like a collar around his neck, and his wrists enlarge. His tail now features a spiked prong. He now also has a mouth guard.

"Now, try this speed!"

"Hold on! It's my turn. I want to get in on the action before the fusion wares out!" yells Gotenks.

Gotenks steps forward, standing face to face with Arctica.

"Alright Antarctica, let's see how you stand up against the Grim Reaper of Justice!"

"...That's not my na…"

Arctica is quickly declined by Gotenks' uppercut, but he disappears in thin air and reappears behind Gotenks.

"Oh crap, not another fast one," sighs Gotenks, "Last time didn't go so well."

"If you think this is bad, you're in for a big disappointment."

Arctica unleashes a volley of finger beams on Gotenks.

"Ow-ow-ow-ow! Stop!"

Gotenks gets out of the way of the beams and fires his DIE DIE Missile Barrage at Arctica. He manages to dodge and deflect them all, then knife hand strikes Gotenks.

"Ahh! That hurt… I guess I shouldn't hold back now."

Gotenks charges up and goes Super Saiyan 3. They both wind up a punch and collide. Arctica begins to strain again and powers up. He then grabs Gotenks by the hair and throws him. As Gotenks is recovering, Arctica catches up to him and grabs ahold of him by the head.

"Wh...why do I feel weak? What… are... you doing?

In a matter of seconds, Gotenks reverts to his base form, shortly following with the Fusion canceling out.

"No! Goten, Trunks!" yells Gokhan.

"What should we do?" asks Xander.

"What can we do? He's too strong."

Arctica reaches the brink of his 3rd form's power, and prepares to kill Goten and Trunks with a death ball. At the instant before it hit, a ki blast flies past Gokhan and Xander and diverts the death ball away from the two. Goku reveals himself.

"Gokhan and Xander, take my hand."

The two place their hands on Goku's. Goku then uses Instant Transmission to reach Goten and Trunks, and tells them to grab hold as well. He takes the four back up to Kami's Lookout.

"Let me take it from here. You all fought well, but this guy is getting too strong. Also, make sure to mask your energy just in case he can sense power levels."

"Grandpa, I want to help. What can we do?" asks Gokhan.

"Yeah, we want a piece of the action too." says Xander.

"There might be," says Goku, "Come with me."

Goku leads Gokhan and Xander inside of the main building on the Lookout. They stand before a door. Mr. Popo walks over to greet them.

"Behind this door is a space called the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. One day out here is the equivalent of one year in there. It's ideal for accelerated training. I myself trained with Gohan years ago, and we both became much stronger, especially Gohan. He was at his peak back then."

Both look in awe, eager to go inside.

"One small problem, Goku. It's currently somewhat unstable and requires some work, so only one person at a time may enter." explains Mr. Popo.

Gokhan and Xander look at each other with concern.

"You go Xander. I think you can benefit from it better than I could." says Gokhan.

"Really? I… but, for a whole year? And without a training partner too?" asks Xander.

"Actually, despite the issues the Chamber is having, it has also gained new abilities. You can now train with simulated rivals." states Mr. Popo.

"Hey! There you go Xander!" exclaims Goku.

During the conversation, Arctica lands on the Lookout in search for Goku. Goku signals everyone to find a hiding spot and tells Xander to go into the Time Chamber. Once he makes it in, Goku holds two fingers to his forehead and teleports to Arctica. He sends Arctica off the Lookout with a Ki Blast Cannon then goes Super Saiyan.

"I don't know who you are, but if you're here to cause harm, you're not welcome!" says Goku.

"Hohoho…! Allow me to introduce myself then. I am Arctica. I'm here in pursuit of the one who killed Lord Frieza." says Arctica.

"Oh, you must be one of Frieza's relatives. Well I'm putting your pursuit to an end! If you're anything like Frieza, I cannot allow you to wander Earth."

"Oh, I'm not like Frieza. Only because I'm not here to conquer Earth; I'm here to destroy it!"

Meanwhile, Xander is adapting to the Time Chamber.

"Th...this is…! This place is huge... and I have to stay here for a year!?"

He wanders around the building and notices a strange device on the wall. He proceeds to press a red key. A small hologram appears on a plate next to the device. "Select your adversary" is shown on the display. Xander selects the first target on the list and a short humanoid wearing a green gi appears outside of the building. "adjust attributes" replaces the text on the display. A list of attributes follow shortly after.

Quantity: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10




HEALTH: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

ATTACK style: Ki Based / melee based / balanced

He makes an offensive enemy at normal difficulty with 70% health and a melee based attack style.

"Ten, nine, eight…" states a robotic voice over a small intercom.

Xander begins to run away from the building to keep a distance between the target and himself.

"Four, three, two, one."

The voice is followed by silence. The target turns around and takes a battle stance. The bout begins with a flurry of short fast punches. Xander dodges all of them and uppercuts the enemy. Their green gi slowly begins to turn from green to yellow as he continues to attack.

"...Their clothes change color as their health changes…" whispers Xander to himself.

As he learns more about the Time Chamber, Goku and Arctica are battling in the real world, and the battle has gotten more intense.

"I can see now why Frieza fell victim to you, but this fight is greatly scaled down too." says Arctica.

"What's that supposed to mean? Are you not at your full power?" asks Goku.

"Heh… watch closely Saiyan, for this is not even my final form!"

Arctica's aura intensifies as his power rises considerably. He waist flaps shrink down to half the size, and spike-like appendages grow out of his back. Short horns also grow out of his head, pointing backwards. He grins at Goku before his mouth guard deploys.

"Alright, now I'm ready to fight!" yells Arctica.

Goku goes Super Saiyan 2 right before Arctica strikes him across the face. Goku staggers and attempts to fight back, only to be struck again, this time causing him to retreat to the Lookout. He never has enough time to react between Arctica's attacks. Finally, he breaks free and charges a Kamehameha.

"Ka…!" He uses Instant Transmission to get behind Arctica.

"...Me…!" He uses IT again as soon as Actica Sees him.

"...Ha… Me!" He continues to use IT, staying out of Arctica's sight.

"...Haaa!" He releases the attack at point blank range of Arctica.

The explosion hurls Arctica, leaving him fazed as well.

"Huff… huff... I don't understand. You're hiding so much power." pants Arctica.

"You fight just like Frieza. He was cocky and got in over his head. That will be your downfall." says Goku.

"Damn it!" yells Arctica, "Then… perhaps it's time we ramp it up. I'll show you my true power!"

He takes a basic stance and begins to glow. His small purple aura grows more intense, eventually turning into a reddish color, like fire.

"Behold a power feared by warriors across the galaxy! The ultimate form of the Arcosian race! Hyaaaaa!" bellows Arctica as the dark dark blue skin behind his white bio armor turns golden.

Dark clouds consume the sky as purple lightning strikes the ground making a worldwide earthquake.

"No way! Not him too! Is he really becoming golden like Frieza!?" wonders Goku. "Fine, we don't have any time to lose, so I won't hold back either!"

Goku also takes a stance and proceeds to power up.

"Guaaaaaaa… Ahhhhhhhhh!" The locks in his hair grow longer, "Guaaaaaaa!"

The blinding light of their transformations forced spectators to look away, but when all look back, Arctica is presented in a partially golden form and Goku as a Super Saiyan 3.

"Looks like we both reached newer heights?" states Arctica.

"Don't get excited, I mastered this form years ago, and it's still not my full power." says Goku.

"Grrr… Alright fine, let's see how you stack up against me now!"

Arctica lands the first hit, but Goku stands. He responds with an elbow strike across the face. They barrage each other until Goku gives in and Arctica sends Goku from the Lookout to the ground with a spinning back fist. Once Arctica lands, Goku jumps out of the crater and axe kicks Arctica, sending him into the ground as well. He too recovers but only by time Goku gets to him and hits him with a ki blast palm strike. Before Arctica was hit however, he vanished out of thin air. Goku catches him appearing behind his back as he scissor kicks him. The battle rages on for nearly two hours. By then, Goku has been forced to revert to his Super Saiyan form.

"Come on, don't you care about your planet? Use your full power, I dare you!

Goku stands up, his clothes torn and his face cut up.

"Huff… fine. If you insist Arctica."

Goku drops to his base form, and his aura turns white.

"Hrrr… Hyaaaaa…" his power level rises beyond that of a Super Saiyan, then a Super Saiyan 2.

In the meantime, Xander has been training for just over a month in Hyperbolic time. With a large supply of Senzu beans, he has been able to work nonstop. His power level has almost doubled. Though by now, his rare Saiyan genes have begun to show. When he starts to test his strength, his eyes completely white out and his aura looks like a glass ball with a green tint. Waves of energy explode around him, only to retreat before he pushes beyond the power of a Super Saiyan. Once he can't push his power any further and he stops, his muscle mass has noticeably increased, and his long hair has become spiky and gold with a shade of green. He has become the successor of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Outside of the Time Chamber and below the Lookout, Goku has unleashed his God powers for the first time since the battle with Frieza.

"Gaaaaaaaaah!" screams Goku as his aura bursts with blue and white. His hair and eyes turn bright blue.

"What... What the hell is that!? How is this possible!?

"You asked for it. This is the power beyond that of a Super Saiyan God. The power that led to Frieza's demise! Now you're going to follow in his footsteps!"

Before Arctica could get a single word out, Goku uppercuts Arctica. While his body is in midair, he hook kicks him. He teleports into Arctica's path and knee strikes him in the stomach then double hammer fist punches him deep into the ground. After a short intermission, the ground shakes and collapses under Goku. Hundreds of beams shoot out of the ground in all directions. Arctica then rises out of the rubble with a large death ball above his head.

"It's time to put an end to this! I came here with one job and I will succeed!" says Arctica.

"No! You're not going to get away with that!"

Arctica vanishes with the blast and appears high in the sky above the Lookout.

"Die along with your planet, you maggots!" shouts Arctica.

He launches the attack at the Lookout but right before Goku heads up to stop it, a small energy blast intercepts Arctica's, followed by a larger energy blast. When Goku arrives at the Lookout, Xander in his Legendary Super Saiyan Form is attempting to push the blast away. Gokhan joins in and fires a ki wave at the blast to assist Xander. At that instant, Arctica teleports to the edge of the Lookout and fires a barrage of death beams at them.

"Try stopping me now!" yells Arctica.

Goku uses a ki shield to stop them.

"Gokhan, Xander, keep at it! I'll deal with Arctica." says Goku.

Goku deflects the death beams and shoots a ki blast at Arctica.

Arctica dodges it, but Goku then lands a hard punch to Arctica's gut. Goku charges ki in his other hand and releases a shockwave so powerful, it impales Arctica's chest and begins dematerializing him.

"Damn it! I should've been able to kill him… I should've…. won…"

The attack obliterates Arctica in seconds.

By now, Xander and Gokhan have the power to push the attack away. Gokhan pushes through the side of the death ball and breaks it up. Xander then pushes it far above the Lookout where it explodes.

"You did it. I'm so proud of you two." says Goku as he reverts to his base form, "And Xander, what was that power? I haven't seen anything like it in decades! Are you…"

Goku is interrupted by Vegeta.

"...The next Legendary Super Saiyan? Yes."

"Vegeta! You knew about this? For how long?" asks Goku.

"He first showed it when he was younger. I was conditioning him for training as a Super Saiyan since he just recently achieved the form. He pushed himself. A lot. Finally, he pushed through the Super Saiyan Barrier and into his Legendary form. His body couldn't handle it, so he blacked out seconds later. Though I knew his capabilities long before he did. Which is why I've never gone easy on him."

"Is that true Uncle? asks Xander.

"It is. You possess a gene so rare that I've only known one other Saiyan with such a power. It's very strong, and I trust that you can handle yourself with it."

"I think I can." assumes Xander.

They all return to their daily lives to await one of Earth's greater threats: a wizard thought vanquished and long forgotten for millions of years. His revival will be the beginning of the next chapter of Dragon Ball Addendum.


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