Dragon Ball Addendum

By JAMay

Action / Adventure

Chapter 3: Evil Majin Wizard

Chapter III

Age 804

The history of Majin Buu begins with his creator Bibidi, who created Majin Buu nearly 5 million years before Age. Once Majin Buu was sealed away by Bibidi in a Sealed Ball, he remained locked away from the outside world until being freed by Babidi, Bibidi's son. At that time, Majin Buu possessed pure evil energy until releasing Evil Buu. Even today, he has remnants of that energy to create a balance within him. Unfortunately, an accident made by Buu released the remains of that pure evil energy. However, it was sent away to Underworld by Dende to prevent any apparitions or beings to spawn from the energy. On its way down into underworld to be cleansed, it was intercepted by a group of henchmen for an unknown source. They were not dead however. They had come from another dimension. As soon as all of the evil energy was collected, they all disappeared out of thin air.

"The investigation still continues on what exactly this wraithlike object stowed in Yunzabit Heights is and what its origin is." announces the news reporter, "It was brought to the media's attention over three weeks ago by a group of hikers. They stated that when they proceeded to move closer to the object, they could hear high pitched screams coming from it."

"I've never seen anything like it. Have you, Master Roshi?" asks Krillin.

"In all my years on this planet, I've never seen anything like it. My guess is that it's some kind of portal to another world. Those screams had to come from somewhere." says Roshi.

"We now have Hazmat units closing off the area for further investigation." states the news news reporter, "We have Hazmat Specialist Sano Batono to elaborate on the situation."

"To prevent any harm done to the community, the area will be sealed off until the object is relocated or removed. We're going to try to get an idea of what it is and where it came from but…"

The news report is brought to a standstill when the skies cloud over and the object grows in size and intensity. A pink light shines through as a pink gas exits the object. The screams become noticeably louder as well. Eventually, a pale blue humanoid emerges. It didn't have hair, but instead appendages draping down to look like hair. It's eyes were black with bright pink pupils. It wore a black cloak and white pants and a red belt. The news reporter tries to make out what is happening.

"A strange being has emerged from what is now suspected to be a kind of portal."

As everyone steadily backs away, the being raises its hand and tilts its palm straight up.

"Wait… it looks like it's signaling something." states the news reporter.

The being shoots several pink ki blasts into the sky. After disappearing into the clouds, they all come falling down on the crowd. The signal is quickly lost, and Krillin quickly leaves the Kame House and heads north to Yunzabit Heights.

Krillin arrives at the summit of the mountains. He stakes out until more Z-Fighters arrive. He is eventually met by Gokhan and Gohan.

"Hey guys, where's everyone else?" asks Krillin.

"They must not have been watching the news, but they'll sense us soon if we get into any trouble." says Gohan.

They all move in through the maze of mountains, tracing the energy let off by this being.

"What do you guys think it is? I got a glimpse of it on TV and it almost looked like a blue Buu when he was in his kid form." says Krillin.

"You guys knew Buu when he was a kid?" asks Gokhan.

"Not exactly; there are more forms of Buu than the one we know. He used to have pure evil forms. He arrived on Earth looking like what he does now, but eventually became a skinnier, taller, and much stronger Buu. Later on, he turned into a child which apparently was his original form. He was at his peak in that form, destroying Earth almost instantly!" apprises Gohan.

"Wow… this guys sounds really strong!" exclaims Gokhan.

"He was. He was even stronger than your grandpa at the time."

"Do you think he is strong enough to beat Grandpa now?"

"If this guy is anything like Buu, I sure hope not."

They eventually gain sight of this being, and is caught sitting criss-cross next to the portal.

Gohan tells Gokhan and Krillin to stay put while he goes to confront it.

"Excuse me, who are you and why are you here?" asks Gohan.

"Who are you and why are you here?" mimics the being in a high pitched male voice.

"Are… are you copying me?""Are you copying me?"

"Please stop and tell me your name. I'm not here to hurt you."

"Please stop and tell me your name. I'm here to hurt you."

The being chuckles and stretches his arm to punch Gohan. He quickly responds with a flying side kick to the head, rendering him unconscious. He fires an energy ball, sending the being off the cliff they were on and into the side of a mountain.

"I thought you weren't going to hurt me." snickers the being as he rises out of the portal.

"What? How did you do that?" stammers Gohan.

"Heheh… I'm not telling!"

He outstretches his arm again but this time his hand melts on top of Gohan's head. In seconds, Gohan blacks out and falls to the ground.

"By the way, I am Jabra." says the being as he dissolves and races away as a cluster of particles.

Gokhan and Krillin run to Gohan and pick him up.

"We need to get help," says Krillin, "I need you to raise your power level so somebody senses it and comes to us."

"It's that easy? I hope it works." says Gokhan as he moves up to the top of a mountain, "Haaa…!"

Krillin tries to wake Gohan up but he still remains unconscious.

"Gaaah!" shouts Gokhan as his power steadily rises, "Please, somebody!"

Finally, Gokhan sees a light in the distance. It's revealed to be Piccolo.

"Mister Piccolo!" exclaims Gokhan, "Thank goodness you're here."

"I figured you were in need of something. What's the matter?"

"My dad tried talking to this Jabra guy that looked like Buu but he did something to him and now he won't wake up!"

"Hmph… I'll go take a look." murmurs Piccolo as he descends down to Gohan and Krillin.

He places his hand on Gohan's chest and closes his eyes. Seconds later, he comes to a conclusion.

"He's been poisoned. He must've been put to sleep by it and the only way I can think of to wake him up is if we take him to Dende. His healing powers should neutralize the poison."

Piccolo throws Gohan over his shoulder and heads to the Lookout. Gokhan and Krillin follow. Upon arrival, Dende greets them and has them take Gohan into the main building. He begins the healing process and says it may take a few minutes to remove the poison.

"Guess who!?" shouts a familiar voice.

"Th-that's Jabra! That's the guy that poisoned my dad!" yells Gokhan.

Piccolo, Krillin, and Gokhan all approach him and Piccolo insists he's not welcome here. Jabra proceeds to move closer to Piccolo.

"Haven't you a clue who I am?" asks Jabra.

"I believe your name is Jabra, and after seeing what you did to Gohan, you'll be a myth when I'm finished with you! Graaaah!"

Piccolo shoots a Demon Wave at him, but he dodges it. He teleports behind Jabra and grabs him by one of his head appendages, knees him in the back, then throws him away from the Lookout.

"Grrrrrrr…! Light Grenade!" shouts Piccolo as he fires one of his strongest techniques.

"Taryaaaaa!" cries Jabra as he is destroyed by the blast.

"Huh… that was easier than I thought."

When checking on Gohan after Dende finished healing him, they explained what happened.

"So you killed him just like that?" asked Gohan.

"Was it not supposed to be so simple?" replies Piccolo.

"It was for me, but next thing I know, he shows up behind me and puts his hand on my head. That's all I remember before everything went black… I got a feeling it's his intention to be defeated so easily, just so he can strike when we least expect it."

"Well until we find out how to prevent him from coming back, we just have to keep killing him." says Piccolo.

They were interrupted once again by a familiar voice.

"Not so fast! It won't be so easy green man. Because every time you kill me, I come back even stronger!" hollers Jabra.

"What!? No way, I killed you, I watched you get blown to bits!" yells Piccolo.

"Aww, too bad! Heheh… Hahahahaaa! Thanks to you, I'm almost twice as strong as before! And if you want to stop me, I'll just come back even stronger until I have enough power to kill all of you!"

"Damn… we're really backed into a corner this time." says Piccolo.

"But… what if when we kill him again we try to keep him in that portal he keeps coming through?" suggests Gokhan.

Krillin proceeds to add on.

"You know, I was kinda thinking the same thing. What if we keep him in whatever world that's on the other side of the portal until we manage to seal it out of Earth? And worse case, if one of us gets trapped in there, Goku could just use Instant Transmission to come get us out!"

"I suppose that's not a bad idea." says Piccolo, "But we won't have a lot of shots at it. If the plan goes south too much, he'll become too powerful."

"I'm getting really bored over here! Which one of you is gonna fight me!?" yells Jabra.

"Me." says Xander.

He lands in front of the Lookout's main building

"Whoa… who are you? wonders Jabra as he lands on the Lookout and walks towards Xander."

"Xander, be careful! if you kill him, he'll come back stronger." calls out Piccolo.

"Hey! Shhh! Don't spoil it!" whisper yells Jabra.

"Hmm… you look like a blue Buu. You sound just as crazy, that's for sure." heckles Xander.

"Buu you say? You know him? Where is he? I wanna thank him!"

"Wait, thank him for what? How do you know Buu?" questions Piccolo.

"Buu is the blob that freed me from that wretched world I had to mope around in for longer than you could think of! Now that I'm free from it... and there's not a thing you could do!"

"Why would Buu do something like that? He betrayed us!" yells Xander.

"You don't understand Xander. A few weeks ago, Buu accidentally released the remains of his evil energy. Jabra must've somehow gotten it in Other World." says Piccolo.

"So close! A little gang of mine in hell took it right before it was sent into that cleansing machine. They brought it to me and after I absorbed it, my soul came back which let me get out of my hell in hell!"

"Did that make any sense to you guys?" asks Xander.

"Don't worry, it doesn't have to make sense. It won't matter to you when you're dead!" taunts Jabra.

Jabra jabs Xander, but he goes Super Saiyan and strikes back with a hook punch. He grabs Jabra by the leg and throws him off the Lookout.

"Xander, hold on! I'm going to ask your father to come help."

"Why? is he here?"

"N-no! I'm using telepathy! Now just hold him off, don't kill him!"

Piccolo reaches Goku after a few seconds.

"Goku, listen. If you know by now who Jabra is you'll know what he's capable of. We came up with a plan, but we need your Instant Transmission."

"I heard your plan and it might not work."

"Why's that?"

"I don't know if I can use Instant Transmission on that world. It might not even be in the same dimension as ours. If that's the case, any of us who get's stuck inside may be stuck there with Jabra forever!"

"I… didn't think of that."

"I do have an idea though. Perhaps if I'm stuck in there, using Instant Transmission while in that world may give me a better chance of escaping because I could just go back to Other World."

"It's worth a shot. I think we should explore our options first, and maybe after finding out exactly where it is, we'll have an easier time figuring out what to do."

"Then let's do it. Distract Jabra and have someone else go to the portal so I can Instant Transmission right to it. I'll go through the portal and King Kai will tell me where I am."

"Will do, I'll send Krillin. Be careful. Jabra made it sound like a terrible place, so don't let your guard down."

Piccolo, Gohan and Gokhan join Xander to distract Jabra. Meanwhile, Krillin heads to the portal where he eventually meets up with Goku.

"Goku! It's good to see you!"

"Hey Krillin! Long time no see, huh? I guess I should find out what's going on in that portal. Could you come with me so we can save more time learning about this place?""What? Me? If we get ambushed, I might not last a second in there!"

"I won't let that happen. Now let's go."

The slowly enter the portal and find themselves in a cave. They walk down a short tunnel until they look over a cliff drop off revealing a large cavern filled with a large shantytown with beings wandering about, yelling at one another. A large irregularly shaped castle stands on the other side. The windows reveal a glowing purple light.

"Wow, we have a lot of ground to cover. In the meantime, let me contact King Kai so he can tell us where we are."

Goku tries to contact him and once he thinks he does, nobody replies.

"Darn it. If we can't even talk to him telepathically, there's no way I could use Instant Transmission to get back to Earth."

"But that's no problem, you can still get into Other World, so if anybody gets trapped, you can first take them there, then Earth."

"Mortals cannot enter Other World, that's the problem. So if we want to keep Jabra in this world, we need to figure out how to destroy the portal once all of us have escaped. Trying to keep Jabra in this world and destroying the portal won't be easy, but we've never backed out of a challenge and we're not stopping now!"

"That's right! Now about the portal, maybe someone or something created it. If it came from anywhere, I bet it's that castle."

They go straight to the castle and sneak in through a window. They maneuver down several hallways until they find the atrium of the castle. In the center stands a large bowl with a glowing purple orb standing several feet tall with small lights flickering and twirling along the surface.

"That looks a lot like the portal." whispers Krillin.

"It does. I'm willing to bet that's where it came from," replies Goku, "But let's not mess with it. If it's destroyed, it'll probably destroy the portal too."

"Right… well I think we've narrowed down our options."

"I think so too. We get Jabra back here, and once we exit the portal, we'll fire into it and hopefully destroy the orb. Then, once the orb's destroyed, it'll prevent Jabra from escaping again."

"Works for me. Now let's get out of here. The looks of this place give me a bad vibe."

"Stop right there!" barks a man in a cloak like Jabra's.

The both comply and are led to a short man sitting in a throne at the end a large, spacious hall. They're placed before the man.

"Who are you two? I don't recognize you…" states the man.

"We're from the other side of that portal. A being named Jabra escaped through it and is causing chaos on our planet. We thought coming through here could answer some questions we had."

"Jabra you say? I have loathed that fool for years! Always causing trouble here. He was banished here in a very weak state, but was still cocky enough to cause trouble."

"Who exactly is he and where did he come from?"

"He used to live among several wizards on a nearby planet until becoming a Majin Wizard, which led to his departure. He traveled planet to planet causing havoc with his summoned ally, whose body he stole and is currently hosting. He was eventually stopped and lost all of his strength after all those his ally absorbed were removed from his body, making him very weak. He was banished here to be kept under control, but once he received the evil energy from a Majin living on your planet, he opened a portal to that planet, for it was his only option."

"Why did you allow him to leave?" asks Goku.

"After millions of years of wallowing in our universe, him leaving to another universe is all we could've asked for."

"I think I understand." murmurs Goku.

"I'm assuming all your questions have been answered. I'm going to ask you to leave from where you came from."

On that note, the two leave the castle and go back through the portal.

"Krillin, I need you to stay here so I have something to teleport to when I need to come back." says Goku.

Goku uses IT to go to the Lookout where a standoff with Jabra continues. As soon as he left, Vegeta arrives to find Krillin without Goku.

"Where's Kakarot!? I sensed him here, where did he go?"

"You just missed him, he teleported the Lookout."

Vegeta grunts and prepares to fly to the Lookout.

"Wait! He's coming right back to fight Jabra." states Krillin.

"Who the hell is Jabra?"

"Oh yeah, you haven't seen him yet."

"Is he the blue guy I saw on the news?""Yes! That's him. Every time he dies, he comes through that portal even stronger. Just wait here, he'll be back any second."

Meanwhile, Goku arrives at the Lookout and goes Super Saiyan, preparing to kill Jabra.

"Get out of the way!" yells Goku.

He fires a ki blast barrage at him, killing him.

"All of you stay here! I don't want to risk losing any of you if this portal is destroyed."

Goku places two fingers on his forehead, and right before he teleports, Gokhan grabs his shoulder and teleports with him.

"Gokhan! What are you doing?" snaps Goku.

"There you are Kakarot, what's going on?" questions Vegeta.

"Come with me, I'll explain. Gokhan, we could use some backup, just be very careful!"

They all enter the portal and quickly meet up with Jabra.

"You… I don't know you, what gives!?" shouts Jabra.

"Hold him off! Don't let him through that portal!"

Gokhan and Vegeta go Super Saiyan and join Goku.

"Heheheh! I don't know who you are, but thanks for the energy!" says Jabra as he begins to make a run for it.

Vegeta lands a hit and back kicks Jabra into the shantytown. They all proceed to chase him down and continue to attack him. Jabra jumps back and puffs out billows of pink smoke. When the smoke clears, they lose sight of him. However, Gokhan spots someone running down the tunnel where the portal is. He makes his way up there, but as soon as he looks around the corner, Jabra grabs Gokhan by the face and melts his hand around his head to prevent escape.

"Ahahahaha! So stupid, you think you can trap me in here!? How foolish!" cackles Jabra.

"Jabra! Let go of him!" bellows Goku.

"I don't think so… I think I'm gonna steal your body!"

Jabra's eyes and mouth begin to glow, as well as the holes on his shoulders. He lets go of Gokhan and they both look around.

"Yes! This is much better!" says Jabra in Gokhan's body and voice.

"Unbelievable! How did you do this!?" asks Gokhan.

"Don't worry about it. Well, looks like I can leave! It's not like you'll destroy his body unless you want me dead that badly!"

"You're a monster!" yells Vegeta.

"Don't need to tell me twice!" hollers Jabra as he flies out of the portal.

The three chase him down but by time they make it out of the portal, he's nowhere to be found.

"Grandpa, please tell me you can do something about this!" pleas Gokhan.

"I know what we can do." states Vegeta, "Kakarot, take us to the Lookout."

They teleport to the Lookout where Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, and Xander are.

"Gokhan, go into the Time Chamber and make that body more powerful than you own. Maybe then, Jabra will be tempted to switch back. The catch for him is that he has no idea what our full power is like, so we can go through with the plan that you still haven't told me... Kakarot."

"Oh right, sorry! I'll tell you while we're here."

"Do you think that'll work Vegeta?" inquires Gokhan.

"If he's as power hungry as he acts, there's no way he'll pass up an offer like this."

Gokhan heads into the Time Chamber. After Goku explains the plan to Vegeta, everyone splits up to search for Jabra. Piccolo stays however to await Gokhan's arrival out of the Time Chamber. Two days later, Xander finds him in the western city of Yahhoy. By the time they find him, he has killed dozens and struck fear into the rest. Xander confronts him.

"Oh hey… buddy! Too bad I, your friend turned out to be a cold blooded killer!" calls out Jabra with a nervous tone.

"I know that's you, Jabra." says Xander right before going Super Saiyan.

The rest sense Xander's energy and all eventually arrive. Even Goten and Trunks show up.

"How could we not sense the ki he used to cause all this!?" barks Vegeta while pointing at the ruins.

"Oh, I didn't need ki. No, I just kicked the buildings down myself. With a body like this, it doesn't take much! Lucky for your friend, nobody living saw this face."

"Oh you are dead! Graaah!" shouts Vegeta.

He goes Super Saiyan and attacks Jabra who manages to dodge all of his hits. Jabra then poisons Vegeta, limiting him to the power of only a Super Saiyan. Xander moves in and elbow strikes Jabra, followed by a series of blows to the torso. Jabra recovers and then scissor kicks him, followed by a jab to the back of the neck, reverting him back into his base form. Goten and Trunks team up on him. Trunks throws a Finish Buster as Goten fires a ki blast volley at him, causing a considerable amount of damage. Still standing, he releases the ki again, freezing Goten and Trunks. He grabs them both by the hair and butts their heads together. He then kicks Goten's side, and elbow strikes Trunks in the back. Still standing, Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 and dodges all of Jabra's punches. He back fist punches him in the shoulder and knee strikes his stomach. Jabra's eyes then begin to glow looks over at Goku. Before he knows it, he reverts to his base form.

"Gah! What are you doing to me?" stammers Goku.

"Draining you of all your energy to store for myself! But why use it now? At your current state, you can't beat me for as long as I have this body!"

While the Z-Fighters are in distress, Gokhan completes his training in the Time Chamber. Piccolo greets him as he exits.

"Where did everybody go? Is that power that I sense them?" asks Gokhan

"It is. I can sense your ki and you're much stronger now. There's one problem though. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but Goku and Vegeta's powers are dropping at an alarming rate, along with everyone else. Jabra might not be that strong, but his techniques deal a lot of damage."

"I see. Well I guess until they're back to normal, I need to mask my power, right?"

"That's right. Dende and I will come with you so we can help them. I need you to help me distract Jabra for as long as Dende needs to heal everyone."

"Okay, well how long do you think that'll take?"

"I'm not sure, that's a question for Dende. We need to cut the small talk and go, they're becoming overpowered."

"Okay, let's go!"The three fly to face Jabra. They arrive to find and Jabra and an injured Gohan facing each other as Goku accompanied by Krillin and Vegeta lay unconscious shrouded in a thin pink aura. Goten Trunks, and Xander struggle to get up and assist Gohan.

"You're back I see? Getting used to that body yet?" asks Jabra.

"As a matter of fact, I am." replies Gokhan as he powers up.

Gohan takes a step back as Gokhan and Jabra begin fighting. Piccolo and Dende make their way to Goku.

"Gokhan and I will keep Jabra away from you for as long as you need to heal them. How long do you think it'll take to fix all of them?" states Piccolo.

"That's not really a question I can answer. I had enough trouble removing this poison from Gohan, it could be different for Goku and Vegeta." says Dende.

"I'll give the Senzu beans to Goten, Trunks and Xander since they're no good to stopping the poison. Just try your best to heal them in a timely manner."

"I'll try my best."

Piccolo removes his cape and goes to assist Gokhan in his fight. Jabra and Gokhan have dodged each other's attacks seamlessly. Piccolo jumps in and uppercut punches Jabra. He recovers by jabbing Piccolo in the throat and rabbit punching his stomach. Piccolo resists the punches and ear claps Jabra, stunning him. Piccolo and Gokhan meet to develop a plan.

"I have an idea. I'll go full power to make Jabra want to swap bodies, then right before he takes his body back, I'll drop my power and you hit his body with an attack to injure him." explains Gokhan,

"That could work. Let's try is." replies Piccolo.

Jabra charges over to Piccolo but Gokhan intercepts and pushes him away.

"You have a death wish or something? I wouldn't get so confident in that body!" yells Jabra.

"You have no idea what I've become capable of while I was gone. Allow me to demonstrate."

Gokhan's power increases greatly, forcing Jabra to get away.


"How is he so strong? I didn't even know that body could handle that kind of power…" whispers Jabra, "Very well, I'll take it back and crush all of these fools!"

Jabra places one hand on top of the other and raises them out in front of him, pointing at Gokhan.

"Thanks for the energy! Haahahaha!"

Jabra fires what looks like a bolt of pink lightning at Gokhan and as soon as it connects, Gokhan forces his power to drop.

"Special Beam Cannon!" yells Piccolo as he releases his attack into Jabra's chest.

The power of Jabra's body dropped over seventy percent in seconds, making him weaker than ever and giving Gokhan his body back with minor injuries.

"N-no… No! No! No! No! How can this happen!?" cries out Jabra.

He begins healing the wound but not fast enough. Gokhan goes Super Saiyan and hook punches Jabra across the face and chases him down with a kick sending him upwards. He finishes with a blow sending him to the ground. Jabra staggers to stand up, greatly injured. Jabra then makes a cry only heard by Buu himself.

"Haaaa! Hayaayaayaayaayaa!"

He appears to have become feral, dropping to his knees and pounding his chest. His eyes turn completely black followed by a glowing pink. He lets out a large dome of ki that disappears within seconds, taking him with it. Nobody can sense where he went, but by time everyone is healed, Goku realizes where he had gone.

"If we can't sense his energy, he must've went back to the place on the other side of the portal."

"But how's that possible?" asks Piccolo, "If it's a different dimension, how can he travel through them? Is it a power he's been hiding as a last resort?"

"Well, the portal is connecting our worlds so maybe he can teleport. He just had no need to use it until now."

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go in there and finish him off! He's already on his last leg." says Piccolo.

"I-I still don't feel like I can fight right now. Even though Dende healed me, Jabra's poison really took a toll on my body."

Vegeta agrees with Goku's statement. The only ones who are capable of fighting are Gokhan, Piccolo, Xander, Goten, Trunks, and Krillin, whom of which make their way to the portal.

"Be careful guys. Once this portal's destroyed, you cannot be on the other side or you'll be stuck there." says Goku.

All except Goku and Vegeta enter the portal.

"I feel so useless." murmurs Vegeta.

"It's not all bad. We did what we could. We'll just have to wait for the poison to ware off."

Meanwhile, the rest of the Z-Fighters search for Jabra. Gokhan enters the castle and finds Jabra holding a ki wave up against the purple orb that created the portal.

"Don't you dare move. If you come any closer, I'll destroy this thing and you'll be trapped here forever!" threatens Jabra, "You can kill me after, but it'll be on good to you."

Piccolo runs in behind Gokhan and observes the orb.

"Don't attack him Piccolo. If he destroys that, it'll destroy the portal and we'll be stuck here forever!"

Goten and Trunks are sneaking through the hallways until they get behind Jabra. They jump out of hiding and Trunks tackles Jabra. Goten stands in front of the orb to protect it.

"We heard everything, we'll stay here and protect this ball." says Goten as Trunks accompanies him.

Jabra fires a ki blast at the orb but Trunks deflects it. Gokhan and Piccolo move in to attack. Piccolo grabs Jabra and throws him through the castle wall into an enormous canyon next to the shantytown. The rest that have been searching outside of the castle move in to surround Jabra.

"I'm warning you, stay back!" barks Jabra, "Not a step closer!"

Piccolo still continues to move in towards him.

"Grrrr… Hyaaaaa!" screams Jabra an a cloud of pink, electrified smoke explodes around him.

Gohan, Gokhan, Piccolo, and Krillin are lost in the clouds and when it clears, Jabra's gone and the three are frozen, unable to break free. Xander is the only one who managed to avoid the bulk of the attack. Several more portals open up all along the walls and roof of the tavern. Xander runs into the castle and Jabra is at the orb creating more portals. Trunks and Goten are paralyzed as well.

"What are you doing!?" questions Xander.

"What does it look like? I'm making more portals to your planet! I'm going to destroy this world and yours! Right after I do this..."

Jabra disappears and Xander senses him by those paralyzed by the canyon. He races to them but by time he arrives, Jabra is standing in the center of the canyon powering up greatly.

"This is the power I got from your friends in our last fight! Some of it is yours too!" bellows Jabra, his voice echoing throughout the canyon.

In the meantime, Goku and Vegeta are sitting outside of the portal, they begin noticing several more portals appearing around them.

"What… the hell? Kakarot, I'm done sitting around , I'm going in to help."

"Vegeta, wait! We wouldn't be able to help right now."

"If they didn't be help, they would've been done by now, and these portals definitely wouldn't be showing up either."

Goku chases Vegeta into the portal and see Jabra charging to self destruct and all except Xander paralyzed.

Xander confronts Piccolo in hopes that he has a plan.

"I don't know what to do Piccolo, he's too strong."

"He's also very vulnerable right now. You need to think of something, didn't you learn any new techniques while training?"

"Well, I learned one thing while in the Time Chamber."

Xander lands at the drop off leading to the Canyon. He places his hands in front of him.

"Ka… me…"

"What? He learned the Kamehameha that long ago and he's just now using it!?" questions Piccolo.

"Ha… me…!"

The attack grows beyond Xander's current power.


Xander's Kamehameha connects with Jabra's attack that has grown into a large bubble of ki ready to explode.

"You must be kidding! That can't stop me!" yells Jabra.

"D-darn it!" mumbles Xander.

"Xander!" shouts Vegeta, "That's not how I raised you! If you learned anything from my training, you would've ended this by now!"

Xander's Kamehameha begins to be pushed away.

"Gah! I… can't! He's too strong!"

"Get it together Xander! You're the last one standing at this point, and if you can't stop him, Earth may be destroyed!"

Goku steps forward and builds onto Vegeta's statement.

"That's right Xander! Humanity will fall into jeopardy if Jabra succeeds!"

Xander bows his head. Seconds later, he raises his head and his eyes white out.


A globe of bright green light forms around Xander. It breaks apart and Xander's Kamehameha doubles in size, forcing Jabra's ki bubble to shrink and deform.

"No, no, no! That's not supposed to happen!"

"Graaaaaah!" screams Xander.

The Kamehameha finally bursts through Jabra's blast and collides with Jabra himself, who struggles to hold back the blast seconds before being consumed by it. Still standing, his arms and legs begin to dissolve.

"Nooo! I… I…"

The Kamehameha travels through a portal and nearly into space before Xander disconnects from it and flies into the canyon while charging ki in his fist. When he reaches Jabra, he ki punches Jabra in the chest, creating several layers of shockwaves that burst through several portals and destroys the remains of Jabra's body. All who were paralyzed are now freed.

"Go, all of you! Find a portal and get out of here!" snaps Xander.

All except Vegeta begin making their way to the original portal while Vegeta approaches Xander.

"So this is your true power…" mumbles Vegeta.

"Uncle, we all need to get out of here before Jabra comes back!"

Once all have exited, Xander throws a ki blast at the orb in the castle, shattering it and releasing a cloud of glistening smoke. Jabra reappears in a much weaker and more feral state and charges after Xander and Vegeta.

"You die now!" calls out Jabra.

"Xander, let's go!" says Vegeta.

Vegeta and Xander rush to the nearest portal that hasn't disappeared yet. As they escape, Xander turns around and throws a ki blast at Jabra, sending him into the side of the canyon. They barely escape before the portal disappears, winding up on an island near a city. Xander reverts back to his base form as the rest of the Z-Fighters sense their energy and arrive.

"Wow! That was amazing Xander!" exclaims Trunks.

"You've held back a lot of power all this time, haven't you?" claims Piccolo.

"I never knew if I could handle it. Last time, I felt out of control."

"That's your Siayan instinct. It just means you're a fighting machine." explains Vegeta. "All your hard work is beginning to pay off."

Xander's powers have only existed in one out of every several million Saiyans. Broly was the only other Saiyan in recorded history to possess such a power. Now being the only one left in the known universe, Xander is the living legacy of the Legendary Super Saiyan, and his powers have only just begun to show.


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