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Renew Life of Paradox

By Kiel John Keith Booker

Scifi / Romance

From One Time to Another

The climax of the war is coming to an end. Nearly the entire world is trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, only Team 7, Madara, Black Zetsu and the other White Zetsu copies remain unaffected. Black Zetsu has already acted against Madara and is pumping him full of chakra. Naruto and Sasuke tried to seal Madara, but he was caught by the sudden hair which grew from Madara’s increasing, physical form. Naruto and Sasuke look at each other, seeing that if this continues.

Naruto and Sasuke look in shock, feeling the extreme horrifying power levels increasing rapidly. They watch as Madara expands rapidly and Black Zetsu smirks as he begins to surround Madara. Naruto and Sasuke look at each other, nodding and reach out, brushing their palms onto Black Zetsu. They soon focus chakra. Sasuke and Naruto suddenly vanish, along with Black Zetsu.

Naruto appears in the distance, holding onto a black form which seems to screech in pain and horror. Sasuke appears on the other side, holding the same thing and it does the same thing, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? MOTHER! NO!!!” Black Zetsu screeches.

Naruto looks round, seeing Madara increase in size and suddenly buckles, but the area around Naruto buckles as well and several other areas buckle. Naruto quickly jumps back, taking Black Zetsu and see the space he was on vaporise. Naruto’s eyes widen in shock, feeling the area he was in not existing at all, he could feel nature at the moment, and that area just didn’t exist for an instance.

‘Naruto…’ a voice in his head echoes, making Naruto look round, recognising the voice and he could feel space break down. His eyes look at Madara, seeing him both grow and combust, making him nervous.

“Move!” Naruto yells, seeing Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke run. Naruto quickly vanishes, feeling something in his heart twinge and reappears at the base of the tree. He looks round, seeing spots of the world vanish from existence, in sudden flashes of light. His eyes scan and he soon sees where the voice came from, seeing several people being wrapped round and his eyes catch the sight of a beautiful, fair skinned girl with dark indigo hair and her eyes showing the sign of the Rinnegan. He recognises her as Hinata being entwined by the tranches. However, he sees the area round her buckle and panic arises.

‘Naruto…help…’ he hears in his head, hearing Hinata’s voice and fear clear Naruto vanishes once again, appearing near Hinata and rushes to her, his arms outstretched and aims to grab Hinata and take her away before the space round her vanishes. Naruto flashes yellow and the space round Hinata flashes white and in an instance, the world seemed to not exist in that part of the world, but the wind meets it and it exists once again.

Naruto lands nearby, his eyes wide as he looks down at his arms, or at least where his arms should be. Nothing exists there anymore, he looks down, seeing most of his right arm and the entire left arm and shoulder not exist there anymore. He felt nothing, it felt like they were never there to begin with, but his eyes are wide as he looks back, seeing where Hinata was, or wasn’t anymore. Naruto falls to his knees, shock soon coming over his body and his mind shutting down, “HINATA!!!!” Naruto roars, loud enough for the world to hear before he falls face down and lays there, his chakra soon vanishing from his body.


Hinata floats in the middle of nothingness, unaware of what happened since her eyes were closed shut. She stays like that for a few seconds before she opens her eyes, her eyes still with the Rinnegan becoming confused and scared since nothing was around her but a few specks of dirt, rocks and part of the wood/paper substance she was wrapped in, floating aimlessly in a plane of white existence.

She looks around, seeing more rocks and dirt, like they were taken with her to nowhere, 'Where am I?' Hinata wonders to herself, feeling like an eternity passes with each second, floating in nothingness which scares her even more as she looks around for any sign of life, but only finds more dirt and rocks, even seeing a kunai floating in nothingness.

She looks behind her, feeling glad when she sees a glowing hand which she knew was Naruto’s. She turns even more, but looks in horror, seeing that it was a severed arm. She screams in shock, horror and pain from the thought of Naruto being in pain. The world around her shakes violently because of it, soon seeing Naruto's left arm and part of his shoulders and rib cage. She knew it was Naruto because of the chakra cloak surrounding it, making her scared and worried, feeling like she just killed Naruto for him trying to save her. Tears run down her face and soon float in nothingness as she holds herself and cries for an eternity that seems to last a second.

She soon notices something that looks like a white rip in the space, it's hard to see, but she can tell that it isn't natural. Something catches her eye; she looks, seeing some light form in a world or white light, making it confusing and unsure why she could see it. What is going on? Is Naruto alright? Is he still alive? Where's the war? What is this light? Am I to die here? These things were going through her mind.

The light looks at her, she doesn't know how she could tell, but she knew, " should not be here." The light says in a scary deep, soothing, echo like voice.

"W-Where am I!? W-What h-happened to Naruto!?" Hinata yells, tears running down her cheeks and each word she speaks causes the world to shift around her.

"This is this one's universe...this one repairs worlds that damage their space and time, this one has seen objects from different worlds, but you are the first to enter this one's world. This one will put you back in your universe." the light says, repairing the rip as it starts sucking the dirt, arms and Hinata.

She starts panicking, unsure what is going on or how she got here before she's sucked into the rip, seeing nothing but blackness. The only light was coming from Naruto's severed arms which start dying because the chakra starts shutting down. After a few seconds, the world explodes around them, making Hinata cover her eyes in pain and stays like that for several seconds.


Hinata covers her eyes, feeling fear and soon feels the sun, a little confused and hears a voice, "Hinata, why are you hiding your face?" the voice asks, she recognizes as her father.

She opens her eyes and looks around, seeing her home and people she recognizes as her family. Hinata is fairly confused, looking round and mostly seeing people’s knees. She's confused again, looking up and seeing her father holding her hand, getting even more confused and looks down, seeing her toes and wondered where her breasts went, "What's going on?" Hinata asks, noticing her voice much lighter and squeakier than it was, making her even more confused.

"It's your third birthday party." Hiashi informs her with a small smile, a little confused by her questioning what's going on when she's known about this for the past few weeks.

Hinata raises her eyebrows, looking around and seeing everyone, her mother Levia, her grandfather, her guardian Ko, her uncle Hizashi and cousin Neji, young again and smiling at her. Her heart rate increases and her breaths become shallow and quick, wondering what's going on and panicking, 'What's happening? This isn't real, I'm not supposed to be here…I'm supposed to be fighting Madara…fight the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki...Naruto is in danger! I need to save him!" Hinata yells to herself, remembering his severed arms, remembering that he was facing against Madara, she needs to help him. Hinata’s body begins shaking and she tries to move, but her father's grip is tight and she couldn't get away, making him confused.

"What's the matter, Hinata?" Hiashi asks her daughter, seeing her shaking and soon vomiting, making him worry, along with most of the clan.

"What's the matter?" one of them asks, looking fearful at the vomit puddle that Hinata manage to throw up.

"It looks like my daughter is not feeling well right now." Hiashi says as his wife, Levia approaches her, showing that she is beautiful woman who is wearing a bright kimono and her hair is a dark eggplant colour. Her breasts were E-cup size and her figure is very desirable to any man.

"Put Hinata in her room, I think all the excitement got to her. She needs some rest." Levia tells them as she has bright lavender eyes, looking at her daughter and smiles ever so sweetly at her. She still has love in her eyes just as the day she finally met Hinata when she was born.

"Okay darling." Hiashi replies as he picks up Hinata and takes her to her room, everyone else conversed, some in worry about Hinata, but they still socialised. Hiashi walks through their home and soon reaches his daughter’s room and opens it, walking in and soon places her on the bed and tucks her in. He smiles as she sees Hinata dazed look, believing that she’s got a little fever and places Hinata’s stuffed penguin animal next to her, "I hope you will feel better tomorrow, my daughter." Hiashi tells her as he gave a kiss on Hinata’s forehead before leaving the room, looking back to see her remain there, a slightly confused look on her face before leaving the room, planning on having someone give her some soup later and goes to ask one of the maids to make sure she doesn’t ruin her bedsheets.


Meanwhile, in the Konoha Orphanage playground, a three year old Naruto is on the swing set, he is currently being watched by the Orphanage Matron who is a Shinobi Nun. She coughs hard, believing that she has a cold, currently mixing a cold medicine that a Shinobi kindly gave her. She always keeps watch over Naruto, they were the only few remaining in the orphanage since most children were adopted and it required less staff, and it wasn't even that big, it’s just a small one.

Most of the Shinobi Nuns went to another orphanage that is outside the village, somewhere within the Land of Fire. She might have been the youngest of the Shinobi Nun in the village, but she was shocked that most just got up and left. Most of them taking a majority of the other orphans with them, she knows the rest were going to do the same and were going to leave Naruto Uzumaki alone. She decided to stay behind to keep an eye on him and look after him, she’s even sending paperwork so she can adopt Naruto since she got on very well with the boy.

However, she starts thinking that she really needs to get this cough of hers checked on by a Medical Ninja, just to be on the safe side since it’s been there for a few weeks. She watches Naruto going up a slide, excited, even though most children were inside, getting ready to leave the orphanage. She suddenly sees Naruto fall off the slide and soon starts to scream in absolute agony.

"Naruto!" the Nun shouts in shock, dropping the cup of medicine as she rushes over to Naruto, the boy soon passes out while he starts to experience a Nightmare inside his mind. He is seeing various image of wars and a giant unknown ten tailed creature, fighting a man that doesn’t seem human and the last image of him trying to save a girl, but couldn't. The Matron quickly starts checking on Naruto for any sign of broken bones, but sees smoke and scaring across his right arm, some smoke coming from his left shoulder. She worries more since it looks like his arms were severed and his arms catch flames, but these flames were yellow with a hint of orange. The power coming from them soon causes her lung to clear up, stopping the pain in her lungs before they vanish, making her confused and worried. She watches as the flames disperse and she coughs, feeling her lungs clear up a large amount. She then sees Naruto swell up and look similar to a toad at one point before shrinking down and having orange eyelids before that too vanishes. The look in her eye is obviously shock, confusion and thinking what the fuck did she eat, or did he eat him for that matter. She shakes her head and inspects and sees something that wasn’t there before, she looks and sees a light, circular mark on the palm of his right hand. She quickly picks him up and starts rushing towards the Orphanage. She stops for a second, seeing the cup that she was going to drink from melting away at the ground, almost like acid, making her even more scared and realising that someone tried to poison her, feeling glad that Naruto passed out when he did.


Meanwhile, inside Naruto’s mindscape, the Kyuubi was sleeping until he feels a weird surge of energy going through his prison and Naruto’s mind, causing him to wake up. "What the fuck was that?" the Kyuubi wonders aloud, seemingly familiar to him. His figure soon seems to grow a few dozen feet which it doesn’t notice because of its size. It looks round cautiously, but doesn’t recognise the unusual surge. He yawns and lies back down, ignoring it and falls back to sleep.


It’s been hours and it’s the dead of night, Hinata is still currently awake as images keep flashing through her head, even though she was trying to sleep to try and figure this out in the morning. After several minutes, she does start drifting off to sleep, until she hears something open up her window. She then hears footsteps approaching her bed, making Hinata shivering in terror, not recognising the chakra. She soon feels someone touch her blanket, making her activate her Byakugan and sees the person, the kidnaper that caused her to have nightmares when she was young, and the pinnacle to all she had suffered when she was young. She screams and she fearfully lashes out, using she then Gentle Fists the Kumo Ambassador/kidnapper right in the genitals, feeling one of them pop, having killed one of his balls.

"AAARRRGGHHH!" the Kumo Ambassador/kidnapper screams in pain, causing him to drop to the ground as little Hinata looks at him as images flash into her head, soon having nothing mut emotions.

"KKKKYYAAAAHHH!" Hinata starts screaming in terror and anger, wanting to do this ever since she could remember and starts using her Gentle Fist a few more times before she’s exhated, realising that her chakra reserves are much lower than they were. Suddenly, several branch member guards barge into the room quickly, having heard the screams and soon spot the Kumo Ambassador/kidnapper on the floor. The group quickly seize him as a female Hyuga try to calm Hinata down, seeing her Byakugan active and surprised that she was able to activate it this early, even though they’re born with it, it takes years to activate it. Hinata breathes hard and then proceeds to vomit yet again, due to the stress, chakra exhaustion and fear.


Two Weeks have passed since that incident, both Konoha and Kumo were at each other’s throats since Konoha manage to get information out of the capture Kumo Ambassador/kidnapper. He was actually sent by Kumo to kidnap the Hyuga Heiress for the Byakugan, figuring a child would be the easiest to capture. However, due to how he was stopped, Kumo couldn't even make any demands since one of their backup plans was if he was killed by a Hyuga, Kumo would make demands to the body of his killer for violating the treaty. However, since he is still alive and confessed everything due to the fact he was still in pain, due to the loss of one of his balls that he called Mrs Ball for some odd reason. Other Nations soon join in on the argument; blaming Kumo as well as you don't use a peace treaty to gain more military resources. Having experienced odd happenings and missing people during their peace treaties with Kumo happened as well.


Meanwhile, with Hinata, she is currently playing with her cousin, Neji. Both of them were having fun, smiling a lot and Hinata is enjoying being a child again, having believed that she was accidently sent to the wrong time, or it was a very bad dream that lasted 13 years, but mostly staying with the time theory. Hinata does occasionally have odd thoughts were shifting through her head.

‘I saved Uncle Hizashi’s life and Neji’s happiness.’ Hinata thought to herself as keeps on playing with her cousin, soon becoming friends. However, her mind keeps on going to Naruto, her love still strong, but she couldn’t leave the estate by herself to find Naruto.


Meanwhile, within the White Void that Hinata was within. The Entity seems distressed, vibrating violently as its white world cracks whiter marks. It soon drifts through unknown space and it soon starts making cracks into the time barrier that looks like nothing but the white void. It realises its big mistake, already sensing and witnessing the damaging effects in its world which wasn’t natural. It realised that it sent the ‘Anomaly’ into the wrong time. It had never sent a living being back, all its experienced was dirt and rocks, and that’s too little to cause damage from being sent backwards or forward in time.

It has begun trying to get into the real world to correct its mistake, but the barrier is strong and its job is to fix barriers, not breaking them down. It is taking a lot of effort on its part for it to effectively get through the time barrier that it usually fixes. However, it has to break through and correct the Anomaly by sending it to its correct time, having already sensed it causing Paradoxes to happen, damaging its world rapidly. For each crack that appears in its world feels like a thousand needles through its eardrums. For each misstep that Hinata causes makes its skin peal, vibrate and its world acts as salt, lemon and sulphuric acid pouring on it. For each Paradox occurring destroys its existence and it reforms since it is all it is. For it to break what it’s meant to repair is destroying its life purpose, it’s meaning to life and work. It has to fix its mistake, since its mistake is making its existence horrid.

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