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Renew Life of Paradox

New Lease

A few months have passed since the Cloud Village’s Failed Kidnapping Incident. It is currently night time in the Hidden Leaf village, Hinata is slowly sneaking through the Hyuga Compound, slowly making her way to the front gates. She is being very quiet, believing no one has seen her and sees the front gates. She begins running towards with until someone grabs her from behind and picks her up, but the grab is gentle and loving.

"Hinata, why are you sneaking around lately? Please, just go back to bed." Levia whispers to her daughter. He moves Hinata and holds her gently, walking down the hallways and sees a maid, sighing a little and a look that says ‘Children, right?’. Hinata soon find herself in her room, getting tired since the caring nature of her mother still makes her sleepy, smiling as she holds onto her mother. Levia lowers Hinata onto her bed, tucking her in and kisses her and smiles lovingly at her daughter.

'This is another attempt that failed...damn it...' Hinata thought to herself, having tried for the past months to try and get out to find Naruto. However, because of the Cloud Kidnap attempt, even though she wasn't kidnap at all, her parents kept her confined to the compound, in case the Cloud Village Nation tries to get revenge for what the Hyuga clan did to them. Tomorrow she will try to sneak out again so she can find Naruto, but her mother keeps catching her every single time, no matter what kind of method she uses.

"Please Hinata, stop trying to sneak out." Levia tells her as she makes sure Hinata is comfy and all tucked back in her bed, she then places her stuffed penguin next to her. Levia smiles sweetly before kissing Hinata on her forehead before she leaves the room.

"Maybe I will find Naruto-kun tomorrow." Hinata thought aloud as she has been training these past few months, which is earning her the praise from her family since she was passing with flying colours in her family training. She closes her eyes, calling a day and drifts off into sleep. Smiling a little as she dreams about Naruto.


The various Shinobi Nations were still arguing with Lightning Nation, all of them were wondering what the Lightning Nation actually took from them during their Peace Treaties with them. Several business and client have diverted away from the Lightning Nation because of them violating the peace treaty to gain power like that. The Lightning Daimyo is very angered at the Village Hidden in the Clouds for even using such underhand tactic, since by their tactics, it made the Daimyo look like a lair as well. Plus he was the one that approved the Peace Treaty in the first place, which is making him look bad and underhanded tactics. This caused the other Daimyo think he wasn't sincere with the Peace Treaties and just using it to increase his military resource. Hell why in the world he would even approve of kidnapping? He actually was forcing his own nation to release any of their kidnapped victims back to their countries.

The Raikage; A now hates the Hyuga Clan for causing his village so much trouble. His entire village reputation is close to worthless now, they’re now known as treaty breakers. A lot of clients that they made treaties with cancelled their contracts, which in turn caused less missions for income for the village. A was forced to give back all the kidnapped victims, including the research data were to be handed back to the nations as well. The Daimyo even made him pay the victims for all the trouble he put them through.

However, what made A more furious then ever was the fact his village is now called the Village of Thieves and Scum. He knows all Shinobi used underhand tactics to win the battles and get ahead, but it looks like violating a Peace Treaty by using it as a cover to kidnap a child is actually crossing the line.


These past few months to Naruto has been great for Naruto, he’s never felt this much happy before when he was stuck in the Orphanage. The Orphanage Matron adopted him and they finally closed the orphanage since all the other Caretakers just upped and left the orphanage along with taking the other children. Both Naruto and the Orphanage Matron are now living in a very big house and he lives inside a very nice room that he can call his own. Naruto is happy beyond belief, finally having a mother he’d been longing for.

The Shinobi Nun walks inside his room and looks to see Naruto playing with his toys, "Okay Naruto-kun, are you ready to go to bed?" the Nun asks as Naruto nods his head in excitement, putting his toys away and jumps into his bed.

"Yes Sister Sayla." Naruto replies as Sister Sayla just smiles at him.

"I told you, just call me Sayla or Mummy." Sayla tells him as she walks over to Naruto and kisses him on his forehead as she then places a little stuffed animal of a Shinobi beside Naruto. Naruto smiles and starts drifting off to sleep.

The moment Naruto drifted into his subconscious mind, flashes of death and war kept coming. Naruto wriggles in pain and fear, seeing the familiar faces of people he’s never met, seeing them dying and fighting a monster of unknown horrors. He sees the world falling apart and soon sees himself running towards a beautiful woman, feeling her life is in danger. He sees nothing but a flash and it becomes nothing. His heart keeps hurting every time he dreams this, but he doesn’t know why he wakes up crying. He keeps having dreams of another life, his heart aching every time he wakes up. But he puts on a smile when he realises it’s a dream and has been enjoying every day with his foster mother.


Few more Months have passed yet again; Hinata is finally outside of the Hyuga Compound with her family now, all enjoying each other’s company while they all head towards the park. She might be able to meet Naruto at last after months of being inside the compound and last seeing him during the war. Hinata is enjoying this new lease on life, that’s for sure, she still doesn't know if this is time travel or she just had a dream that seems to last for thirteen years. Still, she’s is still going for the time travel option since it kind of makes the most sense to her. She then took notice that she and her family have finally arrived at the park after a long journey, seeing familiar and unfamiliar faces.

"Okay Hinata, you can wander round this park, but Neji will have to stay with you, okay?" Levia asks as she crouches down and smiles at her daughter.

"Thank you mummy!" Hinata replies as she wanders off with Neji in toll, both of the Hyuga’s were wandering round the park, unknown to Neji, Hinata is in search of Naruto. She then comes across a playground and spots children that she knows will be her classmates. She looks round for Naruto as she remembers he’s usually is by himself. By some slim luck, she spots Naruto. Her heart flutters and blushes as she remembers how cute Naruto was when he was younger, smiling a little but she sees something that she wasn’t expecting. Naruto is being escorted by a Nun who just entered the playground with him. Hinata thinks hard, but doesn’t remember seeing any Nun in Naruto’s life before; maybe she did just have a weird dream after all? Or did her influence with the Cloud Kidnapper do this?

‘This is odd...but I can finally go and see Naruto." Hinata says to herself as she starts walking toward the playground.

Naruto rushes up to rest of the playing children, excited and seeing them having fun. He soon spots a boy with pineapple shape hair style playing with a blonde girl and a chubby boy. Naruto walks up to the group of children, unsure why, but he remembers them from somewhere, "Hey there Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, my name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto introduces himself as all three of the children stop playing as they look at Naruto oddly, all confused while Ino pulls out a piggy bank.

"How do you know our names?" Shikamaru lazy asks him.

"I don't know." Naruto simply replies with his goofy smile, soon looking curious as Ino walks up to him.

"Pay up, my family is allowed to read minds." Ino tells Naruto, making him look in confusion, searching his pockets and finds a coin and puts into her piggy bank. Ino smiles and takes out a single piece of paper out and started writing on it before handing it to Naruto, he looks at it and sees it’s just scribbles, "This paper is for you, Naruto Uzumaki, with this, you will not have your mind read. The penalty is giving you this piggy bank." Ino tells him.

"Huh?" Naruto simply replies as Hinata and Neji came up to the group.

Hinata overheard them and was also confused, ‘Naruto knew their names? But they didn’t know each other before?’ Hinata questions herself, wondering if Naruto somehow got his memories. She looks in his eyes, seeing that he was truly happy and some sadness in them, but it confuses her since Naruto doesn’t have determination in them, ‘Is this really my Naruto?’ she wonders, know it is him, but he seems so different to what she remembers.

Naruto looks, seeing the two other children and they look familiar, “...hello, who are you?" Naruto asks them.

"My name is Hinata Hyuga, and this is my cousin, Neji Hyuga." Hinata introduces herself to Naruto and her soon to be class mates.

"I’m Naruto Uzumaki, do you what to see a cool trick I can do?" Naruto asks as all the children have a confused look on their face, including Hinata.

"Sure?" Choji replies as Naruto expends his right palm. They all look and see a bright, circular mark on the palm of his hand, though to Hinata, it reminded her of a sun. He then starts concreting and soon starts making an orb of chakra appear in his hand, rotating in multiple directions rapidly. They all look in awe and impressed, but the orb of chakra soon starts acting funny. This causes all the other children start rapidly backing away from Naruto, just before the orb of chakra explodes. This causes Naruto to be knocked back to the ground and has a dazed look on his face, Sayla starts approaching the group while taking out a first aid kit she had.

"Oh Naruto, you did it again." Sayla says as she starts bandaging up her adoptive son.

"Umm...who are you?" Hinata asks as Sayla just looks at Hinata and smiles at her.

"My name is Sayla, I’m Naruto’s mother." Sayla replies as Ino has a confused look on her face.

"But you dress up like a Shinobi Nun...and I was told that Nuns can't get married?" Ino wonders.

"Oh, I’m not part of that organization anymore, and I adopted little Naruto here." Sayla replies as she went back to bandaging up Naruto until he resembles a little mummy.

'I don't remember a person name Sayla in Naruto-kun life?' Hinata thought in her head, wondering if she’s actually in a different dimension now or her influence actually caused Naruto to be happy in some insane way. The only other thing she can think of is that Naruto got flung back, but the only parts that made it through her his…arms. Hinata starts thinking, wondering if it is possible that Naruto got his memories, but was so oblivious to it that he influenced his own life. Hinata’s head begins to hurt and sighs at herself in annoyance since her brain was small and she had a sixteen year old mind.

Naruto smirks as he gets up, looking at them, “I’ll probably need to not do anything too extreme.” Naruto tells them with a smirk.

The group play with each other, Hinata is happy that Neji and Naruto were having fun since the first few times they met, you could cut the tension with a knife and the two would’ve grabbed it to use it. Hinata is finally with Naruto and she’s feeling the butterflies flutter in her stomach, remembering every chance she wanted to be with him, but fainted before. Now she has a chance to reward her inner child and played with Naruto as much as she could.

It soon became late and the children began going home. Hinata was sad about this, wanting more time with him, “I had a lot of fun Hinata.” Naruto says with his traditional smile. Hinata smiles back, feeling and seeing his happiness is true. She opens her mouth, but is surprised when he hugs her before running off, waving at her.

Hinata opens her mouth, but her face turns red and she lower body shivers. Images flash in her head and she does something she hasn’t done for...well technically it’s a first time, but it’s a year in her mind. She faints and Neji soon panics shortly after as Levia wonders over, also surprised and concerned for her daughter’s wellbeing.


A few more months pass and Naruto sits at a table, excited over a large birthday cake with his name on, literally. Sayla places a box with a large knot of it. Naruto has never felt so luck, having his birthday with his mother after 3 years of nothing, or at least as far as he’s aware since he can’t remember that far, he even had dreams of nearly 19 years of loneliness. But this year has been the best, he’s made friends, has a mother and feels like he belongs, he even feels some connection to the Hyuga heiress. He didn’t know why, but she makes him smile.

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Naruto, happy birthday to you.” Sayla says with a smile and kisses Naruto’s forehead, “Now make a wish.” Sayla tells him, showing him the 4 candles.

Naruto blows hard, causing the flames to go and he smirks, “I’m so happy.” Naruto says with a smile, kicking his legs from underneath the table.

“I’m glad; now, let’s eat some cake with ice cream.” Sayla smiles and takes out some ice cream while Naruto opens his birthday present. He sees an orange shirt, a wooden kunai and a piece of paper, making him confused.

“What’s this?” Naruto asks, looking at the paper and only recognising a few words on it.

“It’s a form of acceptance to the Ninja Academy.” she tells Naruto, soon having Naruto yell in excitement and jumping around like a bouncy ball.

“I’m going to the Ninja Academy!” Naruto yells in excitement.


A year passes, Hinata had managed to persuade her parents to let her go to the ninja academy, though they were a little sceptical. They did grant her permission, but they had Neji attend as well, though he was a year her senior, so will be in a different class, but at least he could be her guardian, should anything bad happen. Hinata attended the school, happy to be in the same class as Naruto, though she is stuck with mostly girls during lessons, which disappointed her. She did however spend most of her time with Naruto, happy that he actually wants to hang out with her.

Though it was tricky for her to do academy lessons and her standard training with her father and cousin. Her body and chakra wasn’t what it was, but she had the knowledge and chakra control she once had, which left her glad for that. She kept up as best as she could, feeling herself growing stronger and could see her father’s eyes showing a proudness she hasn’t seen before, or failed to before. She felt confident and she was surprised when Naruto said she ‘Never gives up’ and she somehow taught him her ninja way, which became ironic in her opinion. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed that she was teaching him his own stuff, but she did note that Naruto kept having a confused and surprised look every time she tells him, almost like he’s heard it before.

Naruto has heard it all before, but he couldn’t put his finger on it since it felt like a distant memory or nightmare. He just felt close to Hinata and proclaimed that she was his best friend and punched Kiba when he mocked Naruto for having a girl as a friend. Hinata kept blushing at his proud claims and pointing her out, but she was happy that he cared for her.


A short time passes and Hinata stands by her father and mother’s side, smiling as they celebrate her 5th birthday. She sees Neji with his father and waves to them while Neji waves back, smiling while people converse and wait for their meals to be finished. Hiashi smiles while Levia taps a small item against glass, gaining everyone’s attention, “Everyone...I have a wonderful announcement and a little more of a celebration with Hinata, as a special little gift.” Levia informs everyone, gaining Hinata’s interest, but remembers what happened the last time, “We have been informed that I’m pregnant.” she tells them, gaining a few claps and congratulations before Levia crouches next to Hinata, smiling at her, “Are you looking forward to having a little brother or sister?” she asks her daughter.

Hinata smiles in reply, feeling nervous since she remembers it being a competition against her little sister. However, since she’s more skilful than she was before, she wants to have a closer bond with her younger sister, like she is with Neji and smiles, “I’m looking forward to having a little sister.” she tells her.

Levia looks in confusion, “How do you know it’s a sister? We don’t even know.” Levia asks as she smiles a little.

Hinata’s eyes widen and smiles, “I’m...hoping for a sister...” Hinata tells her with a smile, soon pocking her fingers together in nervousness. Hinata starts thinking and remembers something, remembering her mother passing away because of a complication from Hanabi’s birth, the Medical ninja having missed some internal bleeding that occurred during the birth and died a month later because of it. ‘I won’t allow my mother die this time...I’ll make sure she is tended to and will be with us.’ Hinata says to herself, vowing to make sure she doesn’t lose her mother again.


Several hundred miles away, in the darkest forest in the lands of Shinobi, animal life in a certain area seems to be none existent for an unusual reason. The world shifts and warps, the world and space around seeming to crack and become unnatural, like something is breaking space and time.

It has been going this for a few weeks now, yet all it seems to do is give a sense of it being an unnatural phenomenon which makes all animals flees to safety. A large crack appears, having a light shine through, the Entity ripping into Hinata’s universe to correct its mistake.

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