Renew Life of Paradox

Academy Years

It is March 27 as Hinata is in the room with the immediate family members. They patiently wait for the doctors and nurses to help in the delivery of the baby. Hinata put her plan in action to save her mother as she kept asking the doctor to see if there is anything wrong with her mummy with the cutest face she had on. The doctor caved and promised to her that he would check on her mother after the baby is delivered. It was taking much longer than normal, after awhile, a man in a white coat comes out.

"Well...the baby is safely delivered, congratulations...” the man says with a smile, holding an object wrapped in a blanket, gaining a smile from Hiashi, “It’s a bouncing, baby girl!” he says and drops the wrapped bundle onto the ground, terrifying the family there, but they look in confusion when the bundle bounces and the doctor catches it.

After a few seconds, a doctor comes round the corner and signs, “Come on Mr Suime, back to the psyche ward.” he says with the calmest voice, oblivious to the glares from the Hyuga and takes the man’s arm and starts walking with him, soon getting out of sight.

A doctor walks out with a little blood on his sleeve with and a shy smile, “Sorry, I have no idea how he managed to sneak into the room. He’s a psychiatric patient that got his hands on a basketball...” he tells them, however, he did notice a glare for them the Hyuga’s. “But anyway…Lady Levia has delivered her baby, and she is a healthy, baby girl.” he says and walks over to Hiashi, his voice quieting down, but Hinata managed to hear it, “I manage to catch a blood clot that was forming inside of your wife’s womb. If I wasn’t checking as a precaution, it would’ve gone unnoticed and it may have worsen within a month. However, we manage to treat it before it did any damage, you can go see them both now." the doctor tells him, gaining a concerned, but appreciated nod from Hiashi. Hiashi waves the Hyuga family to follow and takes his daughter’s hand gently, surprising her slightly. They walk and soon enter the room, seeing Levia holding a little baby girl in her arms.

"Hello the newest addition to the family, Hanabi Hyuga." Levia says with a teary smile as she’s glad that the doctor managed to find and remove that blood clot from her body, otherwise she may not have seen her baby girl’s first birthday. She can stay with her family much longer now, not wanting to leave any of them for any reason, especially the ones she loves and bring meaning to her life. Hinata is looking at both her baby sister and her mother now, knowing everything is going to be alright now and hopes that Hanabi gets the motherly love she never gotten when she was young and be kinder.


Meanwhile, within the Hidden Cloud village, their situation has gotten worse than they have been before. It occurred when the Raikage; A released the kidnap victims which turned out to be all female and young. A lot of the female Shinobi and Villagers were demanding an explanation on why all the kidnap victims were female since it seemed very fishy. A explained the whole situation to those that showed up, pretty much a majority of female figures that had enough influence to get an audience. He tells them his view, thinking that they’d understand.

Eventually, he soon got pelted with rotten food as the female Kunoichi and villagers were outraged. A told them his plan for the female victims were to be placed into a ‘breeding’ factory as he said that it’s what the other village would have done. However, what A didn't know is a majority of the villages would even do that in their right mind since one, a person would just kill themselves under those circumstances, and two, it isn’t humanly right. When they found out, a majority of the female in the Hidden Cloud left the village, ever since they thought A was pervert and a sexist prick, since he actually thought they would find that plan agreeable. A was and still is confused on the whole issue, slightly worried since his assistant and the Jinchuriki of the Two Tails left the village as well.


Meanwhile, in the deep dark woods of the Shinobi world, a small crack in space and time barrier is forming. However, it’s a different dimension that the Entity, the population of this different dimension just went about their normal life routine, unaware of the damage forming in their time and space in the locations. However, life goes on in these worlds.

Footsteps are heard within the area, a small figure walking out of the shadows, limping slightly and a few bandages wrapped round her left arm. She is wearing a torn, oversized red t-shirt and nothing else as it seems. She has markings on her right hand, showing the number thirty-one which seemed to be tattooed on it. Her hair is short, messy and raven black. She walks weakly, not really with purpose. She coughs a little, feeling the strength leave her as she looks ahead. She notices the light coming from the cracks and a year runs down her cheek, “I…I don’t want t-to go to heaven…” she whispers, believing the light to be the way to heaven.

A minute passes and she soon realises that it’s not the way to heaven. She looks at it carefully, feeling somewhat unnerved by this, but continues walking on. She coughs a little and keeps walking, feeling the urge to leave the area with renewed fear of the unknown. She thinks back, remembering the place she came from was a research centre in the Cloud village. She shakes her head, confused to why they let her go after a couple of years in darkness and experiments. But now she hasn’t got anywhere to call home since her home is no longer there, and she just kept talking, eating what she could. She shivers a little, ignoring the pain in her feet and she heads deeper into the woods. She doesn’t know, but she is within the Fire Nation.


A year passes, Naruto has been enjoying his life, though his nightmares have been coming every night and he’s been having bags under his eyes. Naruto has been happy though, he has made friends, and he has been enjoying his life and left his life improving with each day, training hard. Though Naruto has noted that the Sun Mark on his right hand seems to act strange in his opinion. He couldn’t place his finger on it, but he just knew it. Naruto’s birthday was coming and he had requested a sleep over with his best friend, Hinata for his 6th birthday.

Sayla was a little surprised, but did visit the Hyuga compound. She met with Hiashi and Levia, surprising them with her request, though Hiashi was being very wary, but he was one of the few that knew who Naruto truly was. He was going to make some requests, but Levia touches his hand and smiles, making him sigh, “Very well…though I plan on retrieving her before dinner the night after.” he says and narrows his eyes suspiciously. “I trust you’re capable of watching over the two, especially my daughter?”

Sayla smiles innocently, but something about the smile put Hiashi off, since it reminded him of Levia when she knows something he doesn’t. “I’m a former Matron Nun, I’m trained in Medical Ninjutsu. I looked after dozens of children simultaneously and without incident.” she tells him, making Hiashi raise an eyebrow. “So I’m sure I can take care of your daughter, and if any danger were to befall her, I will show why I was Matron.”

Hiashi nods, hearing Levia giggle a little and he relaxes, “Very well. I shall have my daughter…’sleep over’…at your house.” Hiashi tells her, seeing Sayla write down her address and slides it along the table for him to take whenever.

“Fantastic, I shall see you then, or at the academy.” she says with a smile, bowing before she leaves.

Hiashi waits there, unsure what to think and looks towards his wife, “Did I do the right thing?” Hiashi asks, feeling worried.

“Well…Hinata has been fascinated in him. And she she’s taking her naps, I hear her saying the boy’s name.” Levia giggles, standing up and goes to check on Hanabi, knowing Hiashi is now getting paranoid.


It’s Naruto’s birthday and he is smiling excitedly as Hinata is dropped off by her mother. Naruto smiles and is always surprised how angel like Hinata’s mother is, always having a smile on her face and a warm presence. Hinata blushes a little and smiles, bowing to Sayla who seems entertained by this and bows back, “Welcome to my home, so treat it as yours.” Sayla tells Hinata, holding out her hand, in which the girl takes it and walks in.

Naruto smiles a lot as he sits at the foot of the stairs and Hinata wonders over to him, smiling a lot and holds her penguin close to her chest. She then realises she’s got her penguin and inwardly sighs since she’s now gotten into the habit of having her penguin again. Naruto smiles and pokes her stuffed penguin, chuckling a little.

Sayla finishes her conversation with Levia, agreeing on her being picked up the next day. Levia calls to Hinata and tells her to behave, in which Hinata waves shyly back, ‘So this is Naruto’s home…’ Hinata says to herself, looking round and seeing that it’s a nice house built near the edge of the village, she could see the walls and this is the farthest she’s been from her house in this life. She is still confused and wonders why Naruto’s here and not in his old apartment building.

Naruto takes Hinata’s hand and leads her to his room so she could put her stuff down. Hinata blushes a little and when she enters it, she’s smiles a little, seeing it was a bit messy, but cleaner than the previous Naruto kept his house. She looks round, seeing a dog sleeping cap lying next to a picture of Sayla with him, looking like they were enjoying a meal out since she saw a ramen bowl in the picture. Hinata does notice there’s a few scars on the wall, surprising her a little since she could sense chakra in the scars. Hinata quietly activates her Byakugan out of curiosity, soon becoming surprised she sees traces of the Kyuubi’s chakra and the wooden foundation in the walls and bits of the floor seem to have sprung to life at one point since branches came from it. She deactivates it and places her stuff near the entrance while Naruto looks through his draws for something. She sees him moving his arms rapidly and a small puff of smoke came out of the draw, making her confused. Naruto pulls out a penguin with a ninja get up and smirks. Hinata becomes a little confused, but chuckles a little when she remembers a toy for academy students to practice the Transformation Jutsu; The Ninja doll. “T-That’s cute…” Hinata says with a shy smile.

“Yeah.” Naruto says with a smirk.

The two played with each other, enjoying their games and Naruto even showing off a few things he can do. He did try to do the sphere again, but Hinata told him not to, gaining a shy chuckle from him. Naruto did show her how he can walk on the walls and could rip paper with only the palms of his hands. Hinata did seem surprised and impressed, unsure how Naruto is able to do these, despite him never being able to do these for years yet, “Naruto…h-how do you know these…s-skills?” she asks, looking at him closely and sees his own confusion as he smiles.

“I don’t know. I just…know?” Naruto tells her and rubs the back of his head.

Hinata catches sight of the mark on Naruto’s palm, having seen it several times, but no matter what, he never had that in the previous life, “W-What about t-the m-mark on your hand?” Hinata asks, pointing to it.

Naruto looks at it, shrugs and smiles, “Don’t know, I had it for a long time. Mum said it appeared when I had my accident.” Naruto tells her, making her confused. Naruto nods and goes to take off his shirt to show her.

“Naruto! Hinata! Dinner’s ready!” Sayla yells up the stairs, making Naruto excited and pulls his shirt down and grabs Hinata’s red hand as he quickly leads her away, oblivious that Hinata was shocked stiff that Naruto was about to remove his shirt for her.

Once they were downstairs, Sayla was serving up Naruto’s favourite meal, ramen. She looks and her eyebrows knit together as she sees what could be described as a red statue of Hinata. Sayla looks at her for a few seconds and goes into the bathroom and returns with a small bundle. She holds it under Hinata’s nose and makes the little girl come back to the real world, blushing still, “There we are.” Sayla says with a smile.

Hinata looks at Sayla and blushes again, looking over and seeing Naruto sitting at the table, drooling a little at the meal before him. She couldn’t help but giggle a little, remembering Naruto being oblivious to most things, especially when it comes to food.


Naruto scoffed down his meal several times, Hinata knowing his eating habit from the last life. The two played some more and Hinata gave Naruto his present, the green goggles that he wore in the last life, remembering him wearing them and thought he’d like it. Naruto loved it, but he was a little creeped out since he has seen them before. The two continues to play before it got late and the two slept on the floor in his bedroom. They talked for an hour about what they want to do in the future and their family, before they fell asleep. Hinata blushes as she smiles, having watched Naruto fall asleep. Naruto lies there, his eyes twitching rapidly and is clearly sweating and parts of his body swell up.


Naruto stands in the middle of a crater, the tension so thick, a kunai couldn’t pierce it. Before his feet are metallic remains of what could be mistaken for a person. He looks on ahead, seeing five, orange haired figures in the distance. Naruto feels uneasy, his senses going round and sensing many deaths and many missing signatures of those he would recognise, but he isn’t sure what.

Naruto feels his feet move and he continues to move forward while three of the orange haired figures rush at him. Naruto couldn’t make out the movements, since it all seems to be a blur. However, he clearly sees the orange haired figures falling, knowing they all died, but he feels them again and keeps watching them die and rise. Naruto’s vision blurs and he feels an immense pain through his body, looking and watching as the orange haired figure stands before him. Naruto feels his body impaled by shafts, but they feel like pain, horror and nothing but death awaits him. Before his vision, Naruto sees what seems like a beautiful woman, almost like an angel before him, shining in blue and lavender. She fights the orange figure and the sight seems to act like a god fighting one of his angels. Naruto’s eyes widen as he sees the angel fall from the god and rage soon engulfs Naruto.


Naruto yells in pain and shock, his body burning and the room vibrates from the body he’s emitting. Naruto feels something touch him, it feels like burning acid entwined in silk. He feels the rage fall and he lies there, his eyes closed and skin are nothing but pins and needles.

Naruto’s room has several new scars across, Hinata is laying by her bed nervously, taken by surprise and her eyes wide as she saw Naruto partially consumed with the Kyuubi’s chakra. Sayla rushed into the room and quickly placed her hands along with a paper tag on Naruto. She had been given the knowledge and sealing tags from the Third Hokage when she adopted him. She knew full well that Naruto was the Jinchuuriki and she trained in order to make sure Naruto doesn’t break the seal. It happens once every blue moon, but it came surprisingly early this month and the Hokage has ensured that her house had chakra nullifiers, as not to freak everyone out by sensing it. Both the Hokage and Sayla cared for Naruto and they knew the Nine Tails reacts to emotions, which makes it worrisome when he has nightmares.

Sayla looks, seeing Naruto unconscious and feels at ease. She looks and sees the worried Hinata and she feels somewhat nervous, worried that Naruto just scared his best friend, “Are…you alright?” Sayla asks, looking carefully and seeing that she wasn’t harmed and sighs in some relief.

Hinata nods, knowing that Naruto holds the Nine Tails. She was just shocked that he did that so suddenly, “I-Is Naruto a-alright?” Hinata asks with worry.

Sayla smile a little, seeing the concern and knew she really did care for him, “Yes, he has horrible nightmares which make his chakra go out of control.” Sayla tells her. “It usually happens once in a blue moon. But this is an unusual surprise, which is why I thought everything will be okay.”

Hinata nods and crawls over to Naruto and holds his hand, seeing him flinch, but remains unconscious, “Okay…” Hinata simply replies, her thumb brushing his skin softly. “W-What does h-he dream?”

Sayla shrugs, shaking her head sadly, “I don’t know…he doesn’t tell me.” she simply tells her and sits next to her, “Do you want to sleep somewhere else?” Sayla asks, smiling a little as she tries to make sure Hinata is going to be alright.

“No…” Hinata replies and keeps hold of his hand. “I’ll be fine.”

Sayla nods, slightly surprised, but glad that Hinata isn’t nervous of him, or at least is brave enough to stay, “Okay, I’ll be in the next room if you need me.” Sayla tells her, checking Naruto over once more before getting up to leave.

Hinata sits there for several moments, feeling tired and lies next to Naruto, her small arms holding him before closing her eyes. She prays that Naruto is alright and to have pleasant dreams.


Hinata slowly wakes up, smiling as she holds onto something soft and squidgy, believing it to be her penguin. She notices it’s unusually warm and that she’s being hugged as well. She opens her eyes, soon widening as she sees Naruto’s face a few inches from her, snoring a little and him holding her like a teddy bear. Hinata quickly scans his face, seeing that he looks as lovely as he did yesterday and breathes easy, though it’s hard to do since she feels the need to faint come up. She knew if she didn’t get out of Naruto’s grip soon, she’s going to faint and somehow manages to roll away and puts her penguin in her place.

She breathes hard, trying to get blood somewhere else in her body other than her face and sits nearby. She looks at him and smiles, happy that he is sleeping okay now, but she was a tad worried since he had bags under his eyes and wondered if it was a restless sleep. Though having heard from Sayla that he has nightmares, it became clear why he looked so tired and may have less confidence. She raises her eyebrows as she sees Naruto’s blue eyes open and look at her, making her smile, “Good morning Naruto…” she whispers and he smirks in return before becoming confused that he was hugging Hinata’s penguin.


Hinata did ask Naruto what he dreamed about, but he doesn’t tell her, he doesn’t tell anyone that that made her worry. But she stayed by his side as his best friend, hoping that it’ll help at least.

Four years have passed since then, she is now ten years old, having been redoing her academy life, though it was exciting, it was a tad boring. This time however, she has been accomplishing top Kunoichi ranking and not be labelled as a failure to her father. She did find it unusual since he’s not the same father she remembers, not that she is complaining. Hinata was even more surprised on how her little sister’s personality changed from what she remembers; Hanabi seems more childish and cheerful instead of serious and independent. She knows it is because of their mother being alive; Hanabi’s whole personality has changed because of it, but it was surprising how much it changed. Hinata kept thinking of all these sudden changes while she was class, during the lessons she already knows about. She is glad that she managed for five years to keep the rank of Kunoichi of the Year from Sakura, seeing the pink haired girl was ranked below her.

‘I can't believe Naruto-kun is actually getting a higher ranking than he ever did...I’m so proud of him.’ Hinata comments to herself as she is very surprise since Naruto actually ranked second to the top Shinobi, Sasuke Uchiha being first. Although, she could never figure out what caused Sasuke to act the way he did, she could never figure out what triggered the Uchiha Massacre. She thinks and remembers Sasuke during his Academy days, hardly anyone never talked about it and he still won't talk about it, even though she went back in time.

Hinata soon remembers the past few years when joining the Academy. ‘How many times did I accidentally wet the bed?’ Hinata wonders to herself, only occurring when she has lewd dreams of Naruto from when she was back in her original timeline, even though she is still inside the body of a child. They kept on coming, plus, due to fact her body is still young, she can’t really control some of her body actions which caused her to wet the bed. ‘I wonder what Naruto is doing right now?’ Hinata wonders as she remembers it’s going to be Naruto’s tenth birthday, as she wonders aloud, she sees him handing out invites to everyone in class before Naruto walks up to Hinata.

"Hey Hinata, you’re invited to come to my birthday party. I really hope you come." Naruto says with a big smile, making her smile as well. Hinata looks at him and has been worried about him since his eyes are black from not sleeping because of his nightmares, though she doesn’t know what nightmares he has since he has never told her in the past 4 years. During the course of the Academy years, Hinata has become more confident, happy and stronger than she was when she was in her last life. If Hinata had to guess, she was about three times more powerful that she was back then. She was still nervous with Naruto, but it’s something that he seemed to enjoy as his best friend.

"Sure Naruto, so how’s your mother doing anyway?"

"She’s doing alright, but a lot of people still keeping confusing her for a still active Nun, due to her odd dressing habit." Naruto replies as Sayla still dresses up like a Shinobi Nun, which got a lot of people confused when they talk to her. Hinata remembers Naruto’s adoptive mother Sayla asking her mother and father to look into something for her. She didn't know what it was, but her parent kept to themselves about what they were doing for Sayla. However, Hinata is glad about one thing about this whole time travel ordeal, it is that she managed to save her family’s happiness and in some crazy roundabout way, she gave Naruto a better life as well.


Days pass and nearly everyone from the Academy is at Naruto’s home, most having a good time, some playing games, some eating the food, I’ll give you two guesses on who. Naruto is playing with Kiba, more of an arm wrestle, but Kiba kept losing and had to eat something disgusting; Brussel sprouts with horseradish on it and topped with chilli sauce. Kiba spent half an hour in the bathroom while Naruto enjoyed his party.

Hinata nervously walks over to Naruto, “N-Naruto-kun...” she says his name, even to this day, she can’t stop stuttering to him, but it’s not like it once was, it’s just the occasional stutter.

Naruto turns to her with a smile. “Hey, Hinata!” Naruto says, giving her a big hug, “Glad you could come.” Naruto says while Hinata blushes a little.

“I-I wouldn’t m-miss it for the w-world.” Hinata tells him with a small smile, “Can...Can w-we go s-somewhere...p-private?” Hinata asks him, gaining a nod from him as he takes her hand and they walk through the house and enter his room.

“So, what’s up?” Naruto asks her with his signature smile.

“I’ve...g-got something for y-you...c-could you c-close your eyes?” Hinata asks him nervously.

Naruto smiles and did as Hinata told him, closing his eyes, half expecting to have a prank played on him, but this is Hinata, she didn’t do that, so maybe it was a gift she hadn’t wrapped. He feels something press against his lips, he opens his eyes and sees Hinata pressing her lips against his, unsure how to respond, feeling nice yet gross at the same time. ‘What’s going on? Why is she kissing me?’ Naruto wonders to himself.

Hinata pulls back, blushing deeply before leaving, both completely shocked that she did that before she left quickly. Naruto stood there, confused and shocked by what just happened, rubbing the back of his neck and just stays like that from an hour before someone spotted that he was missing from his own party. Hinata remained at the party for a little while, but remained away from Naruto for a while.

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