Renew Life of Paradox

Graduating and Unpredictable Effects

Months have passed and a few celebrations have been followed since then. Naruto and Hinata have taken the habit of kissing each other in these celebrations. They’ve been enjoying each other’s presence more than usual and the two have been training hard with each other or finding excuses to hang out with each other. Hinata was feeling grateful of this second life and every kiss she had with Naruto was better than the last.


Within the Hokage’s tower, Hiruzen looks through the exam papers of the Acedemy, raising an eyebrow at the scores of the tests. He had left it to the ministry of education for a while, but he did go and read the reports himself every once and awhile. He is highly impressed and curious to the skill level of some of the students. He reads a bit more until he hears a knock on the door. “Enter.” He calls, soon having a small group of seniors and Elders enter. “I’m glad you have come to this meeting.”

“Well you did say it was important.” Koharu says, sounding slightly annoyed.

Hiruzen chuckles a little and looks at the Chunin in the room, seeing Iruka and Mizuki, “I have examined the exam results and I am pleasantly surprised about them. I am going to recommend these children to the pre-Genin exams.” Hiruzen tells them and leans forward, separating three files.

They all look and some nod in agreement, but then they look a little concerned. “You wish for Naruto Uzumaki to be part of the exam?”

Hiruzen nods and looks at him with a serious stare. “Yes, he’s has shown formidable skills, he’s even shown greater strength than some Chunin that have passed. Hinata Hyuga has passed milestones in the Hyuga clan and has achieved advanced sessions that are usually associated with Chunins in their clan. And Sasuke Uchiha has shown great promise, despite the trauma he had suffered from wen he was a child.”

Iruka and Mizuki nods, the latter looking slightly nervous, “Well they have shown great promise.” Iruka tells him and looks at the files. “They sure outstretch all Genin I’ve taught.” Iruka tells him, nodding in agreement. “So if they pass, I assume they’ll be placed together in a squad?”

Hiruzen nods and looks through a small list nearby, still deciding on whom would become the team leader. “Yes, I am going to put up a test for these three. I am just informing you of this decision and prepare for the exam.”

A few nod uncertainly and leave to prepare, “An early graduation…that hasn’t been done since Itachi…right?” Mizuki asks, looking at the three students.

Hiruzen nods and looks sad for a second. “Yes.”

“You sure you wish to risk graduating early?” Mizuki asks, making Hiruzen look at him, “There have been signs of physiological problems to those that are exposed to life threatening situations. That’s what I think started Itachi’s…path.” Mizuki says, gaining a knowledgeable nod from him.

“Well I haven’t seen such finer students.” Iruka tells his companion, chuckling a little. “Things are different now, they are older and I have complete faith in them. You worry too much.”

Mizuki smiles a little, grinding his teeth a little and sighs, “Maybe you’re right.” He says and puts his hand on Iruka’s shoulder.

The two go and prepare for the tests and Hiruzen smiles a little, wishing Kushina and Minato could see their son now. He checks the list and sighs, trying to think who’d be best, he then pulls out a small, orange book and smirks, opening it and quickly reads.


Naruto smiles as he trains with Hinata, the two were in the Hyuga complex and Hinata asked to train with him. Hiashi was a tad confused to why, but Hinata said that she’d never learn to defend herself if her opponents only do Gentle Fist against her.

Hinata is happy that Naruto accepted her offer of training together. She has reached levels she never thought she’d be able to reach at this age. She trained hard and it was a tad surprising and worrisome about her cousin’s training. Neji did show signs of being skilful, but he is nowhere near the level he was when he was at this age. Hanabi was also on a lower level than before, but not by much since most are praising Hinata more and Hanabi is just happy to be there and trains to be like her sister. Hinata did think about what would happen in the future, and if her cousin wasn’t where he was then; who knows what dangers would happen. Hinata believes she’ll have to push Neji so he can achieve his capabilities she knows he’s capable of. She makes a mental note to have him train with her and Naruto. She was scared though, she was never at his level, and she knows she has to train him to be at the level he should be at least.

Both Naruto and Hinata catch movement in the corner of their eyes, they look and soon see Hiashi Hyuga and the Third Hokage. The two stop and quickly make themselves presentable. The two know they’re heading their way since their eyes are fixed on the two and quickly hurry over and wait, “Hinata…Naruto.” Hiashi says, smiling at the two, making Hinata a little nervous since the Hokage is here as well. “The Hokage has some interesting news for you.

The two look at the Hokage; waiting as he smiles and takes a puff of smoke from his pipe. “I have noticed your progress, and I am allowing you two to take the Genin Exams.”

Naruto’s eyes widen and starts cheering, happy and excited that he’s going to take the Genin exams; he grabs Hinata’s hands and starts dancing round in circles. Hinata on the other hand has her eyes wide and shock is clearly printed on her face, ‘Genin? At this age? I…I don’t know what’ll happen…’ Hinata says to herself, realising that if she does make Genin, then she has at least two years of unknown and unpredictable events happening, “B-But w-we’re still s-so young.” Hinata says, her nervousness obvious.

Hiashi and the Hokage were surprised, she gave off confidence for years, and now she’s actually nervous, “Yes…you two have shown promising capabilities, we give early graduations to those that have accomplished so much for so young. Don’t worry though; you’ll get safe assignments and assigned to a squad.” the Hokage informs her, still seeing Hinata’s nervous behaviour.

Hinata nods, still nervous, surprised, but mostly nervous, “O-Okay.” Hinata says, smiling as she soon realises she’s dancing with Naruto who is as oblivious to everything other than the fact he’s going to take the Genin exams. Hiashi smiles as he sees his daughter smile, but still a bit protective of his daughter, “The test is tomorrow.” Hiashi tells them, making them stop in surprise.

“Okay!” Naruto smiles, giving the two older men a thumbs up, “I’ll get home and get ready!” Naruto yells, adrenaline running through his system and quickly runs away, jumping over the Hyuga compound walls.

“…I don’t think he knows where the test will be…” Hiashi notes as he hears Hinata giggle.

The Hokage chuckles as well and empties his pipe, “I’ll go round his place and inform Sayla.” he tells them. “I best be off; lot of paperwork to get through.”

Hiashi and Hinata bow, receiving the same from the Hokage before he left with the escort of another Hyuga, “I am proud of you Hinata.” Hiashi says, making Hinata look in surprise. “You’ve proved that the Hyuga clan is still strong and capable.” Hiashi tells her and places his hand on her head. She looks up, blushing at his praise. She nods and looks down, feeling shy and gains a chuckle from her father. He releases her head and starts walking away to fulfil other duties of the Hyuga clan.

Hinata smiles and goes to rest in her room. She begins to think of what could happen, getting nervous since she’s been going by memory here, but now it’s changed and she’s going to go on missions two years before she actually did. She swallows and tries to calm down, figuring that both she and Naruto will be ready for whatever comes; she’s trained for seven years and that’ll do for the time being. She enters her room and sits on her bed, breathing calmly as she starts meditating and tries to think of a safe plan for the future.


It’s the next day, Naruto and Hinata were already mostly through the exam. Iruka, Mizuki and Hiruzen were watching each of the recommended candidates. Hinata finishes her test, getting very high marks and the final student walks in, Naruto having already shown off a few Jutsu to specific examiners. Naruto showed them a few that was recommended, “Right…” Mizuki says and looks at the papers, “Perform the Clone Jutsu.” Mizuki tells him, getting a sweat from Naruto as the three observe him.

Naruto closes his eyes, thinking hard and does a hand sign, his mind sparking as he tries to concentrate at the making of the Clone Jutsu. His chakra pumps as something connects in his subconscious, “C-Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Naruto yells, causing several explosions of smoke and the three jump in surprise as the smoke clears and Naruto has several Shadow Clones in the room.

Iruka and Mizuki had jaws open as they heard Naruto’s Jutsu. Hiruzen sits there, surprised and eyes narrow as he wonders where Naruto learnt that Jutsu, and to summon so many at such a young age, “Where did you learn that Jutsu?” he asks, observing Naruto carefully.

Naruto smiles, shrugging as he looks at them, “I don’t know.” Naruto says, oblivious to how he knows.

Hiruzen sees the truth in his eyes, but he was still a little sceptical to how Naruto achieved or even discovered such a Jutsu, “Very interesting…well done.” Hiruzen says with a smile. “That was the last test, all that’s left is extra credit. What Jutsu do you know?”

Naruto stands there and thinks for a few seconds, he holds out his hand and starts moving his hand over his. The three watch and eyes widen as a spiralling ball forms. Naruto holds it, his arm shaking and quickly goes to a wall, pulling back his hand and slams the ball into the wall. The wall crumbles and cracks, several deep scars spiralled from the impact and part of the wall dissolved.

The two Chunin look in shock while Hiruzen is more so, wondering how Naruto managed to achieve his father’s Jutsu, even an incomplete version. Naruto steps back, looks at it but shakes his head and backs up and looks at the examiners. He thinks some more and shrugs his shoulders as he begins to walk back to the wall and walks up it, making them all confused, but nods in response. “Anything else?” Iruka asks, impressed at Naruto’s capability.

Naruto shrugs, smiling as he walks off the wall and stands before them, “Did I pass?” Naruto asks, smiling as he stands before them. Iruka looks at the Hokage, Mizuki looks at the Hokage, the two nod; Mizuki sweats a little in response. The Hokage smiles, picking up a headband and hands it to Naruto. Naruto smiles big time and starts dancing in excitement.

“Well done, Naruto.” Hiruzen says with a smile. “You and two others have passed. You’re to meet in my office tomorrow and we’ll set up all the important stuff.”

Naruto gives him the thumbs up before taking his headband and danced his way out of the room. Hiruzen chuckles and stands up. “This was interesting. Thank you for your time; you may return to the academy to finish off your lessons.”

Iruka and Mizuki nod, getting up and leaving with the Hokage before going their separate ways. Mizuki pondered and was a tad nervous to how Naruto achieved all that, even the Nun didn’t know half of the techniques. He shakes his head and keeps following Iruka; deep in thought.


Naruto had returned home, having a celebratory meal for his accomplishment of making Genin. Sayla was so proud of Naruto, she even bought him fresh ninja tools and gear. Naruto was enjoying himself, making a note to meet with Hinata early since he believed, no, he knew Hinata passed. He smiles at the thought of Hinata, seeing how capable she is and believes she’s stronger than him. Naruto eats his large bowl of ramen, wanting to get strong as she is, and show off his shit to Sasuke. Naruto smirks inwardly as he enjoys his meal and daydreaming showing his skills off and that he graduated before most of his classmates.


Hinata sits at the family table, smiling proudly as her family had a feast for Hinata’s accomplishment. Hanabi smiled and giggles as she pokes Hinata’s side, excited that she’s an ‘awesome’ Kunoichi now. Levia looks at Hiashi, smiling as he smiles a well; nodding in response to an unanswered question, “Hinata, Hanabi; I’ve got some exciting news.” she tells her children, gaining their attention.

“What is this exciting news, Mummy?” Hanabi asks, smiling as she plays with her meal a little.

Hiashi smiles as Levia giggles as she tries to find the words, “You two are going to have a baby brother or sister.” Levia tells them, making Hanabi’s eyes widen in surprise and soon yelling in excitement. Hinata on the other hand is shocked, she is happy and excited, but this just blindsided her with this.

‘A baby brother or sister? Mother is pregnant?’ Hinata thinks, by all logic, it was plausible, but again, she wasn’t expecting another sibling, she only ever had Hanabi and on some level, Neji. She thinks and she is excited, happy to have another sibling to bond with.

“I wants a baby sister!’ Hanabi yells, hugging her mother, “Can we have a baby sister?!” Hanabi asks with excitement.

Levia and Hiashi chuckles at this, “We don’t know yet.” Hiashi tells her, eating politely and smiles at his daughter’s excitement. He looks at Hinata, noticing her surprise, but she does show excitement and happiness. He wasn’t sure whether to be proud of his daughter’s modesty in not showing too much emotion, acting lady like. “Hinata? Are you okay?”

Hinata nods, smiling at her father, “Yes father, I wasn’t expecting such great news.” Hinata replies, her mind racing and is now realising how much she’s actually changed the future. She did remember that she is taking unpredictable risks now, but now there’s a new life because of her. She smiles, for a moment, forgetting about the risks and fears and thinking about the good things that could happen. She has been mentally preparing for what she can do to improve the future, and now she has seen something new happen that was unpredictable, “I look forward to having a new brother or sister.” Hinata smiles, gaining a nod from Hiashi.

“And I know you’ll be capable of defending them, and the family.” Levia says with a smile and kisses the top of Hinata’s head. Hinata smiles and nods, knowing she will, she has to, or the world may end because of it.


Naruto and Hinata were outside the Hokage’s office, waiting patiently as the two heard some voices on the other side. A few moments pass and the two hear footsteps, looking and seeing Sasuke walking up, looking at them coldly. Hinata is surprised while Naruto sticks his tongue out, “What you doing here, Sasuke?” Naruto asks, glaring at him.

“I made Genin, dumbass. What are you doing here?” Sasuke says in his emotionless voice, not really caring.

“I made Genin as well, and I’m not a dumbass, you are.” Naruto says, crossing his arms and glares at Sasuke even more.

Sasuke was going to counter, but a voice on the other side of the door calls for them to enter; they enter and they notice three people in the room. The Hokage sits behind his desk with a grey haired man that looks like a scarecrow stands in the room, the other is a very busty, blond haired woman that looked round the same age. The two look at the new Genin and look back at the Hokage, “Welcome.” Hiruzen says with a smile and leans forward.

“Hey, old man.” Naruto says, looking at the two, smiling a little, “Kakashi.” He says, making everyone look at him with surprise.

“How do you know my name?” Kakashi asks with a curious voice.

Naruto shrugs with a smirk, “I don’t know.” he says, making everyone look at him weirdly. Hinata again was surprised that Naruto had knowledge he had no means to know before hand, especially since Kakashi didn’t know him.

The Hokage nods, a little confused and starts questioning how Naruto knows something. He shakes his head for the time being and opens his mouth, “This is Kakashi Hatake, he is going to be your Sensei from now on, and this is Samui; she is a former Lightning Kunoichi that transferred to our country voluntarily.” he informs them, making the Genin look in some confusion. “She is going to be a Lesser Sensei that will help improve your development.”

Naruto looks at the Kunoichi and raises his hand to ask a question. “Why is a Lightning Shinobi going to be our…Lesser Sensei? What happened to the Lightning Nation to make us get a big boobed blonde?”

Samui just looks at the blonde haired Jinchuuriki and doesn’t seem impressed. “I’ll assume that’s a compliment…”

Hiruzen simply lowers his hat, inwardly chuckling, “There’s been a change of power within the Lightning Nation. Over the years, the civilians of the Nation and a large sum of its military power left and joined other Nations. Samui is one of these people and we’re going to learn and use what military tactics its Shinobi and people are willing to offer.” he informs them, gaining a few confused nods. “Samui offered to become a Sensei for our Nation which we accepted after numerous tests.”

“…So she’s going to teach us how to fight like a Lightning Ninja?” Sasuke asks, looking at her, but not looking impressed. He is somewhat interested since it would give him some advantage against his brother.

“Yeah.” Samui says, looking at them and seems to be more professional that the actual Leaf Ninja, Kakashi; who was reading a book.

“So what are we going to do? What’s our first mission!?” Naruto asks, imagining saving lords and ladies from horrible and evil people.

Hiruzen chuckles and looks at his desk, “Well…once you lot get acquainted and talk, Kakashi can show you to the correct room to get your mission assigned to you.” Hiruzen tells him, gaining a nod from him as Kakashi and Samui lead the Genin away to meet on the rooftops.


The group introduced themselves, Kakashi being very vague and Samui being a woman of few words. Naruto proclaims his goals proudly and smiling at Hinata since she helped him realise his dreams of being strong enough to protect the ones he truly cares about and achieving Hokage would help that. Hinata tells them that she wishes to be strong like her father, and help the Hyuga clan unite with no differences and protect the ones she loves. Sasuke’s views haven’t changed and this time, Hinata felt uncomfortable with how cold he was.

They soon left and received their first mission. Team 7 were working on D-rank missions, much to Naruto’s protests. Their first ever D-rank mission is helping a former Lightning Nation citizen moving into the Hidden Leaf village. Team 7 were just outside the village walls; moving containers into the village, along with the movers.

"So...Miss Aoi, why did you decide to move into this village in the first place?" Kakashi asks her, a little confused since there has been a huge influx of former Lightning Kunoichi and citizen moving into different villages. He did hear of the power change, but he never got the details of what actually happened over there.

"You want to know why? It's because of the failed Kidnapping Incident." Aoi informs Kakashi as she carries her baby with her; both smiling at the large forest scene this village is based in.

"What do you mean by that lady? What failed Kidnapping Incident?" Naruto asks as he and Hinata were carrying a box labelled fossils; making Naruto ponder if it's filled with rocks or something by the weight of it. Hinata turns, listening to her as well since she wanted to know what the deal was with huge influx of former Lightning citizens and Kunoichi. When she heard of the basic details, she was shocked that all these events happened because of her hitting a Lightning Shinobi in the balls instead of being kidnapped.

When Aoi told them the basics that she knew. Samui opens her mouth as she carries a small box. "The main reason why most of us left is because what the Raikage planned on doing to those kidnapped victims...actually, what he couldn't do; due to the fact he was forced release the kidnap victims."

"What was it Samui?" Hinata asks her. Fearful of the answer.

"He was planning on putting those kidnapped females into some kind of breeding factory. So all of us showed our displeasure to the Raikage about that plan of his, and to think he'd actually believe that we'd actually agreed with that plan." Samui informs them, the clear disgust of the memory of it in her voice. "There's also the fact that no one would ever use that kind of plan, since a victim could have a chance to off themselves if they were treated like that. Plus, no other village would even cross that line."

"So all of you just left the village after hearing what your former leader did?" Kakashi asks as he knows no one would even believe that kind of plan could even work in the first place. Unless there were particularly grim and distasteful circumstances. So he thinks the Raikage is either delusional or twisted with his plan or really believes the other villages would actually cross that kind of line, which he truly hoped would never produce results.

'It's a good thing I made that kidnapper fail, or I would have actually killed myself if I was put through such a situation." Hinata thought to herself as Samui looks at her Hyuga teammate and made a slight face, remembering something.

"Hinata, are you the Hyuga that prevented your own kidnapping?" Samui asks her younger female teammate.

Hinata froze for a second, surprised by the question and accidently leaving Naruto pulling the heavy box which he couldn’t hold; having it fall and land on his foot. Naruto yells in pain as Hinata continuously apologised; Sasuke rolling his eyes at the sight of him. Once Naruto’s good wasn’t flat and swollen anymore; Hinata looked at Samui, seeing that she is still waiting for an answer, "Y-Yes...I am...why did you ask that?" Hinata asks as Samui approaches Hinata and grabs her hand.

"I apologized for what happened to you." Samui informs her and bows her head.

Hinata’s mouth was open in surprise, "It's's not your fault." Hinata simply says with a small blush on her face.

"You know, I'm still very surprised that the Raikage never tried to get back at you or the Hyuga Clan." Aoi spoke up, kissing the side of her crying baby's head since Naruto was crying; a simple case of ‘Monkey see, monkey do’.

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto asks, his foot still pounding.

"It's just...well, I was never even a part of the ninja thing; yet, I heard from my mother a lot of things about the Raikage. He's very proud and only believes in his own opinion should be heard and punishes anyone that disagrees with him on the matter. So I'm a bit worried about that, believing that someone like him would need to reassert his damaged pride.”

"But he's the Raikage; he should know what's best for his village and with all that happened to it. I bet he knows not to push his luck, especially the drop in population." Kakashi replies, sensing that his team are slightly nervous and had to say something to remove that fear. "So let's get back to work." Kakashi tells his team while the group start getting back to work.


Several miles outside the village, on the edge of the dirt road that leads towards the Leaf village and the other to the trade village. A small, malnourished girl walks out of the forest, dragging her feet weakly across the ground. She wears a worn down, red t-shirt covered in dirt, grass stains and torn in several places. Her shallow, dark eyes scanning the path, looking left and looking right. She swallows weakly and walks back to the forest; weakly and shakily leaning down and sits down, breathing weakly. She shivers weakly, tired and starving as she has been travelling for who knows how long from the Lightning Nation, surviving off things she finds and begging since no one is willing to take her in.

She looks down at her hand, seeing a small puddle form on the back of her hand; the puddle being silvery and looks like mercury, shifting and moving. It remains touching her as it sinks into the ground, vanishing from sight. Minutes pass and the ground shifts, soon having it split and a mole on a silver spike appears. She weakly grabs it, a tear running down her face as she starts tearing into it, her hunger slightly satisfied, but not much, ‘I…need to…keep going…’ she says to herself, her eyes closing and passes out.

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