Renew Life of Paradox

Escort Mission, The World Fractures

A few months have passed since Team Kakashi joined. They have done several D Rank missions and Hinata’s felt grateful they haven’t done anything dangerous. Naruto has complained out of boredom and has only not asked for a higher ranked mission since Kakashi and Samui have been training them. However, Naruto new the basics already and Hinata knew the advanced, so Sasuke became irritated and worked harder, reaching higher levels faster than before. Hinata saw her mother’s belly starting to show and was excited that she’s actually going to have another sibling. Things did seem to be changing. The Hyuga clan did seem to grow in some power, with Hiruzen leading the Breach family, though bad blood still remained, but not as it once was. The Leaf’s power has increased and who knows what else is changing in the world.

Hinata sits on a carriage, waiting as the other members of her team arrive. She’s nervous, Naruto managed to get them a C Rank mission. They’re escorting several merchants that are planning to go to the Waterfall Nation. Sasuke and Samui are already there. Kakashi and Naruto are yet to arrive. Hinata thinks of Naruto, getting worried about him, he tries not to show it, but he is suffering. The night terrors and things he doesn’t talk about are causing him stress, insomnia and having a short fuse that he tries ever so much to keep in check. She does believe there’s some link to her returning to this life, but she can’t figure out how, other than his arms coming back, but she doesn’t believe that has any chance of bringing memories.

“Hey.” a voice behind Hinata’s ear comes, making her jump and look back, seeing Naruto and blushes a little. “Am I late?”

Hinata shakes her head, looking into his blue eyes, seeing the tiredness and the black bags under his eyes. Naruto kisses her forehead and hops next to her, smiling as they now wait for Kakashi. “W-Where have you been?”

Naruto smiles as he leans back, “Just mum making sure I’m packed.” Naruto tells her, smiling a little and points to a very large bag that he placed on the caravan.

Hinata giggles a little as the two wait, making small talk. Kakashi soon arrives, apologising for his late arrival because of a black cat blocking his way. The group prepped themselves and they began to move out. Several wagons, caravans and carts filled with items and Team Kakashi spread out to protect them evenly.


They travel for several hours, making good time. The merchants were nice people, having come across many interesting things and learnt a lot of things during their travels. Hinata and Naruto learnt a few interesting things and even a few hidden routes that make for faster travel. The wagons start to slow and come to a stop. Naruto and Hinata look with confusion, looking ahead and seeing Kakashi getting off a wagon and walking on ahead.

Naruto looks, but can’t see anything and looks back, seeing Samui sitting there, not really bothered. Naruto looks ahead, seeing Sasuke sitting on the cart ahead, “Hey! What’s going on Sasuke?” Naruto calls, looking at Sasuke look back and shrug, not really looking bothered.

Naruto sighs and jumps off and walks over to Kakashi. He soon sees why they stopped and looks concerned, seeing someone lying on the road. A girl, wearing a torn, almost completely destroyed from the weather and the girl isn’t moving whatsoever. Kakashi bends down and checks her pulse, Naruto slowly walks up, becoming a little worried. A sudden breath came from the girl, making Naruto jump from fright and Kakashi pulls his arm back from surprise.

Kakashi moves the girl, having her lie on her back and takes out a water bottle. He lifts her head up and pours some water down her throat, causing her to cough weakly. “Is she alright?” Naruto asks, looking at her and seeing that she’s badly malnourished and partially dehydrated. His eyes catch sight of ‘Thirty-one’ tattooed on the back of her right hand.

“No, she’s very weak, ill and malnourished.” Kakashi informs Naruto, carefully picking her up and hurrying back to the wagon he was on. The wagon driver looks worried, checking through the back and pulls out some food. He quickly offers it to Kakashi, he accepts it, but gives a small portion to the girl as she becomes semiconscious.

“Why don’t you give it all to her?” Naruto asks, jumping up and looks at the girl.

“She can’t eat a lot, her stomach has shrunk, if she eats too much, she’ll end up throwing up what she’s eaten.” Kakashi tells him, looking back the way they came and sighs, “We’ll have to stop off at a village to have her taken care of properly.” Kakashi says, gaining a nod from the wagon driver. They start moving again, moving at a greater pace now.

Naruto jumps back over to Hinata, landing next to her and she looks curiously towards what Kakashi was doing, “What happened?” she asks, standing up to see if she can get a better look.

“Found a homeless girl, she’s about our age, she’s as skinny as a rake. She has a number on the back of her hand, not sure if it means something.” he responds, a little worried and grabs his head. “Hopefully, she’ll be okay.”

Hinata looks at him, a little concerned, but happy that Naruto is concerned about others, like he always is, even those he doesn’t know. The two look onward, just watching the road ahead, “What was that about a number?” a voice comes from behind them.

The two jump, looking back and seeing Samui standing on the cargo, “Don’t do that!” Naruto yells, getting annoyed by how quiet Samui is and somehow sneaks up on everyone.

“Cool off.” Samui tells him, but looks more serious than usual. “What was that about a number on the back of the hand?”

Naruto looks at her, a little confused. “It’s the number thirty-one.”

Samui nods, a little surprised. “When the Raikage released the…kidnap victims, those we saw were tattooed with numbers. He apparently had them tattooed with numbers when taken so they could make easier track on them.”

The two look surprised and look towards Kakashi’s cart. “So…was she one of the kidnap victims?”

Samui looks at the same spot Naruto is. “Possibly.”

Hinata and Naruto feel pity towards the girl now, unsure what she went through, but knew it was something that neither of them would want to experience. Samui jumps over the carts and lands on Kakashi, the two assume she’s there to either assist or inspect the girl. Naruto sighs a little, taking Hinata’s hand and smiles a little, hoping to comfort her.


They travelled and arrived at a nearby village, deciding to stay and hopefully finding someone with a medical profession. They did find a doctor, but he didn’t have much experience. He did however know of a more experienced doctor that could help in a village called The River Flow. Kakashi said that he’d go and get the doctor, however, Hinata and Naruto also volunteered since they wanted to get help for her quickly. Sasuke and Samui stayed behind to help arrange rooms and shifts until they got back.


Kakashi, Hinata and Naruto were making their way through the forest. Naruto getting bored and feeling an annoying spasm from his eyelid. “How much longer is it?”

“We’re about halfway there.” Kakashi says, jumping across the tree branches. Naruto moans in annoyance while Hinata smiles at him, remembering his complaining in his old life. Kakashi looks round, listening and quickly stops, holding out his arm and makes both the Genin stop.

“What’s up Kakashi?”

“Listen.” Kakashi tells them, making Naruto and Hinata do so.

“What? I don’t hear nothing.” Naruto tells him.

“Is that what you mean?” Hinata asks, listening and also hears nothing.

“There is nothing, no animals, no wind, almost like a bad omen. But listen carefully, as carefully as you can.” Kakashi tells them, making them listen, listening as much as they can, but they soon hear it; explosions.

“What’s going on?” Naruto wonders, hearing them and wondering.

“I don’t know, but it sounds like it’s coming from the village we’re heading to.” Kakashi says with some concern, “Let’s hurry!”

The group travel for a minute, moving as fast as they can. Kakashi is leading the two Genin, wondering if it was the right thing to do; having them follow him. Something catches his ear, looking ahead and suddenly feels the ground shake. An explosion occurs a few miles from them, but its radius is massive and the Leaf ninja could feel the power of the explosion. The wind suddenly picks up and the forest itself seems to get pushed away from the explosion, branches, leafs and splinters. Kakashi quickly ducks under a large branch, avoiding all projectiles. Hinata is taken by surprise, shocked by what is happening and raises her arms to block. Hinata feels someone grab her and push her down, before feeling a warm embrace. Hinata looks, seeing Naruto covering her as the large splinters, branches and even rocks hit him, but he did not move as he protected Hinata, “Naruto!” Hinata calls, fearing for his safety.

Moments pass and the wind dies as suddenly as it appeared. Naruto shakily stands up, his knees wobbling like jelly. Kakashi climbs back up to the branch, looking round and seeing that a lot of the nearby trees are severely damaged and even a few were torn through. Kakashi looks back, his eyes widening in surprise and shock when he sees Naruto’s back. Several splinters the size of fingers and even stakes had punctured his back and even a bit of his scalp has been torn off. Hinata stands up, holding onto Naruto’s forearms because it looked like he was ready to collapse. Kakashi appears behind Naruto, taking most of the weight and began to worry. He tells Hinata that he’s got Naruto and that they’ll need to move and find out what happened, knowing that if the doctor is even still at the village, he should help Naruto. He swallows and prays to Kami that the explosion wasn’t where he believes it is.

They move cautiously for several minutes, moving slow since Kakashi didn’t wish to aggravate any of Naruto’s wounds. Hinata moves ahead, keeping her eyes open and activating her Byakugan every now and then, not wanting to waste chakra. She activates her Byakugan once again, suddenly stopping and looks scared. Kakashi notices this and looks at her, watching her carefully and looks on ahead. “What is it?”

“T-Two ninja…one of them j-just died. B-Both aren’t L-Leaf ninja…S-Stone ninja.” she tells Kakashi, feeling somewhat unnerved.

Kakashi looks at her, confused by this information. He knows they’re still within the Fire Nation, they’re days away from the Earth Nation, why were they here? This is what is pondering his mind and he slowly begins to make his way towards the location Hinata was looking. A few moments later, he places Naruto on the ground, telling him to wait.

Hinata and Naruto wait as instructed, but they soon hear talking. Hinata feels a little worried and activates her Byakugan, watching over Kakashi while Naruto seems to go into a trance as he hears the voices. “Back the fuck off! Don’t make me show you my art!” a young voice yells, the sense of fear, anger and sadness in the voice. Hinata sees the ninja is in his early teens, has long, blonde hair that reminds her of Ino’s, and he’s wearing standard Stone Shinobi uniform, though it is partly ruined. Hinata couldn’t help but think he looked familiar, from her old life, but couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Calm down, what happened here and why are you in the Fire Nation?” Kakashi tells him, Hinata seeing him raise his hand to show he doesn’t mean harm.

“Fuck off! I’ll show you my art otherwise!” he yells again, pulling out a kunai and Hinata sees chakra being pumped into it. She’s too focused on the scene to notice Naruto standing up and walking pass her.

“Just calm down!” Kakashi orders him, his voice firm and threatening.

Hinata suddenly notices Naruto, seeing him walk into view and quickly hurries to him. The blonde Stone Shinobi looks, seeing Naruto and looks at Kakashi, “You know what? Fuck it! I’ll show you my art! And my Art, is an Explo-” he began, but a foot suddenly collides with his chin, forcing it to fly back and fly into the air. Deidara feels his teeth crack from the sudden hit and feels himself fly several feet into the air.

Naruto is crouched where the older boy was, his foot extended upwards, having hit him in the face. Naruto’s eyes are crimson red, slitted and complete rage consumed in them. Kakashi looks in shock and surprise by what just occurred, Hinata being the same state and find themselves frozen from the surprise.


Naruto’s mindscape

Naruto sits on a white, clay mound, sitting there motionlessly. His eyes see a large hole in what could be assumed as his chest since the mound looks human shaped at once point. He somehow senses and sees what looks like a giant shell of a white, clay bird. He looks in it, seeing the unmoving remains of a red haired, late teen boy, he doesn’t know him, but he feels like he just lost someone close to him. Naruto feels the range build in and feels the scars on his knuckles burn and heal, leaving only the stain of blood. The range builds and red chakra consuming him, his teeth sharpening and his muscles intensifying. His range continues to build and all he can feel the need for is the taste of his blood. He kept hearing the words that he was known to say, ‘My Art is an Explosion!’


Naruto looks up, growling and goes a hand sign before kicking off the ground, several clouds of smoke erupts round the ground, having several clones come from nowhere. Naruto appears several feet above the young teenager. His fist sudden launches downwards, colliding with the Stone Shinobi’s face. Blood sprays from the boy’s mouth and nose, the force making him fly down and smashes into the ground. The Shadow Clones grab the limbs of the Shinobi, pinning him to the ground. The real Naruto summons another Shadow Clone, quickly using it as a land base and jumps down, falling with violent velocity and his knee pointing down and smashes into his stomach. Blood splatters from his mouth and Naruto’s right fist smashes into him. Kakashi hears a cracking sound and he soon realises what’s going on and quickly rushes towards Naruto. Naruto’s chakra rises rapidly and the area is blown away. Kakashi’s quickly raises his arms, his feet digging into the ground and chakra trying to keep him there. Naruto continues smashing his fist into the boy, roaring as the images flash through his mind, unable to change what he’s doing and feels the rage building.

The blonde Stone Shinobi keeps taking the blows, unable to do anything and feels his face slowly being crushed by the shockingly powerful blows. He loses sight in his left eye and actually feels his eye rupture from the blows. He starts choking on his blood, feeling teeth shatter in his own mouth and feels the blows stop. His blurred vision of his remaining eye looks, seeing Naruto pull back his right arm, the nearest Shadow Clone quickly patting round it and forming a reddish blue sphere before plunging it into his chest. Blood sprays across the area, bones and flesh are vaporised and his organs in his chest cavity is turned to mush. The blonde boy stares blankly at what happened before his vision becomes lifeless.

Kakashi coughs in discomfort, seeing the chakra suddenly decrease and Kakashi is confused and shocked by what just happened. He sees Naruto suddenly collapse, his clones exploding and the two remaining look in shock, unsure how to respond. The world shifts, and the two see the world around them and the sky crack rapidly. It suddenly stops, the world does slowly revert back to normal, but the sky remains cracked.

“K-Kakashi S-Sensei…w-what h-h-happened?” Hinata asks, fear clearly in her voice and body.

Kakashi looks, completely shocked by what happened and slowly walks towards Naruto, slowly picking him up. He checks Naruto over, seeing that his pervious injuries were gone, but he had several burns across his body, “I don’t know Hinata…” Kakashi tells her, being completely honest and looks at the sky, unsure what just happened.

Hinata slowly walks over, taking out a rag and slowly mops Naruto’s hand of blood. She looks down, seeing the bloodied remains of the boy. Her eyes widen as she finally realises why he looks familiar, from the Akatsuki list. ‘Deidara’, she starts wondering how this happened and what exactly does killing him mean. He was the reason Gaara temporarily died and nearly wiping of the Hidden Sand Village. He destroyed a large amount and killed many people, she wonders now if Deidara’s death was the cause of the sudden damage to the world or something.

“Do…What d-do we d-do?”

“We…We continue with our objective. I will have to tell the Hokage what happened.” Kakashi tells her, knowing that both sides were at fault, but Naruto’s eruption of the Nine Tails did make it complicated.


The Leaf leave the body of Deidara and his already deceased companion. They soon arrive and look in shock, frozen by what they’re seeing. They look at the sight of a humungous, flooding crater from a nearby, violent river and could see the edge of a waterfall that somehow survived the explosion. Kakashi knew that the village is, or rather was in the middle of the crater, but no longer existed. Kakashi looks round, looking for any sign of survivors, but couldn’t tell. He lowers Naruto and rests him against a tree, looking at the crater, knowing that there was a large barge that is railed by a wire to allow quick and safe transport by river. He does hope that the people escaped the blast radius by using the boat. Kakashi tells Hinata to watch over Naruto as he explores the area.

Hinata sits by Naruto, looking at Naruto’s unconscious form, looking at him nervously and holds onto his hand. She sighs and reaches for his cheek, cupping his cheek and smiles sadly at Naruto, “Naruto…I wish you would tell me what is going on…I know something is wrong, I can feel your suffering and it’s all I can do to support you and help. Do you remember the past like I do? Do you feel the Nine Tails? I don’t know what makes you…” Hinata began, but she loses her words and a few tears come from her, “W-What happened…I w-wish I could t-take your pain a-away…I l-love you…and…and I a-always will…” she tells him, leaning forward and kisses his forehead. The kiss lingers there for a moment before she lowers her head and has their foreheads touch as she smiles a little, squeezing his hand.

Naruto’s breathing suddenly increases, his eyes moving rapidly. Hinata sees this and leans back, holding onto his hand tight and looks at him with hope, “Gaara…” Naruto whispers, his teeth sharpening and Hinata’s eyes widen even more. Naruto just said a name of a person he certainly hasn’t met yet, making her confused and now serious. She holds onto his hand, her thumb grazing his skin caringly and he seems to calm down. Naruto opens his eyes slowly, weakly and painfully. He looks at Hinata, confusion setting in as he looks at her, seeing confusion, wonder and nervousness in her eyes. “What…what happened?”

Hinata swallows and looks at him, a little scared to ask. “Naruto…w-why did you d-do that? H-How do you know G-Gaara’s name?”

Naruto looks confused, suddenly getting flashes going through his head and a sudden migraine ripping through his brain. Naruto holds it, yelling in pain as he remembers what he did and why he did it. Naruto falls to his side, holding onto his skull and goes into the fetal position. Hinata panics and tries to help Naruto, but she didn’t know what to do. A minute passes and Naruto vomits, his body shaking and slowly sits back up, holding his head, “G-Gaara…I…I don’t know…” Naruto says, his head still hurting and clearly distraught by what he saw.

Hinata looks at him, upset by Naruto’s look and she could tell that he does know, but he doesn’t know at the same time, “N-Naruto…do…do you s-see things?” she asks, looking at him in the eyes, so they had eye contact, “D-Do y-you see things…that s-seem familiar? But y-you don’t know h-how?” Hinata asks nervously.

Naruto looks at her, a little confused and nods, “Y-Yeah…I…I know faces…I don’t know how…” Naruto tells her, grabbing the sides of his head, “I…I s-see wars…fighting…the familiar face of everyone I have never met…” Naruto tells her, shaking a little, feeling nauseated, “…I keep seeing them…fighting people I never met…fighting wars that I’ve never heard of…killing things I’ve never seen before…” Naruto tells her, admitting for the first time what he dreams about. It makes him sick trying to remember everything, it’s been making him lose sleep and he’s only slept a few hours this past week. Naruto continues breathing harder and harder, feeling some relief, but now that he admits it, he feels sick about it.

Hinata looks at him, shocked by what she just heard. Her suspicions were true and Naruto remembers things, though it is clear he doesn’t remember everything, he only has something from the future to go by. Hinata pulls him close, holding onto him, hoping to remove that distasteful look from his face and she feels a wet patch on her shoulder now. Her eyes widen as she realises he’s crying and starts feeling the need to cry herself, remembering all the bad things of the future and realising he’s been feeling it for this long. The two hold each other, crying for several minutes, having difficulty breathing as their faces were pressed against each other’s nape of their necks. But neither one of them moves to breathe, they just stay like that, “N-Naruto…I…I…” she began, but soon hears a footstep. She breaks from Naruto’s grip and looks, seeing someone walk from the treeline nearby. Naruto looks and the two soon realise it isn’t someone they know and the two jump to their feet, taking readied stances and hold their position.

Confusion soon sets in when they see the figure walk into clear view. It was certainly a man, but it is hard to tell as he is severely burnt. His entire right side of his body is black, skin peeling off with each step which was more of a weak, painful shuffle. The man’s clothing, or what remained of it is black, severely charred and old, traditional armour only hanging on my a literal thread on his left side, as the right side was either blown away or melted into his skin. The man’s face seemed the most shocking, the burn covered a third of his face, his right eye, or what remains of it is oozing out of the socket, his hair has been mostly burnt off and his left eye seems to not be focusing on anything. The man reaches out with his left hand, towards the two Genin as the two are frozen in shock by the man’s wounds and the smell of burnt flesh fills their nose. The man only makes it two steps before finally collapsing, face planting into the soil and remains there, motionless as blood bubbles out from the cracks on his burnt skin.

Naruto acts first, having remained frozen to what felt like a thousand years. He reaches into his pouch and pulls out the Hyuga Clan Secret Ointment and quickly goes to help the man as best he can. Hinata notices this and goes to stop him, knowing that the ointment is beyond any help Naruto wants to offer. Hinata stops herself, seeing Naruto’s determination in his eyes, knowing he feels guilty for killing someone he doesn’t truly know and she knows that he wants to save someone to make up for that. She does get surprised that Naruto is holding back any disgust towards the smell, she’s several paces away and she knows she’d throw up if she was any closer. Hinata looks round, also feeling determined to save him and informs Naruto that she’s going to go and get Kakashi before vanishing.


Kakashi stands near the river, scanning the area and the nearby forest, but found nothing but rubble, destroyed trees and ash. He sighs and goes to search another area, but something catches his ears. He looks, soon spotting what looks like a barge, though most of it is in the water, shaking rapidly and Kakashi soon sees people on it. He quickly looks at the river, knowing full well that the violent river has defeated the greater of Shinobi who dare cross its waters. Kakashi curses, quickly looking round and quickly pulls back from the water. He pulls his headband away, showing his Sharingan and watches the sinking boat and even someone being sucked in by the water. Kakashi knows it’s going to be a challenge, he even knows that the boat is heading for the waterfall and has only got a limited amount of time to save them. He quickly runs forward, running at full speed and launches himself across the wide, violent river, aiming for the barge as it begins to tilt backwards, its tip pointing up now. Kakashi’s hand grasps the banister of the boat, his chakra running through his fingers to stick on and his feet slam into the walkway of the slowly tilting boat, ‘This is going to be close.’ He says to himself as he begins his rescue.

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