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Conected By Fate


They were never supposed to meet, an yet they did. Now being chased by their own kind. To either be capture dead or alive, they escape their fate thinking everything was over. Until one day they were attacked, now leaving their kid’s with one parent it’s up to them to change their Fate. Read more to find out

Fantasy / Adventure
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In a world, we’re mythical creatures walking among the human race. All different types of creatures big and small, furry and scaly alike.

Such as Demons,Angels,Kitsune, Dragons, Satyr and Centaurs and many more. Though no human being has ever seen them, only a selected few who have proved that they were trustworthy. While many have claimed to have seen them, no one had believed them.

Leaving the creatures no choice but to hide they’re mythical parts, such as horns, wings, tails, halo’s and paws. The adult creatures could hide they’re parts at will, while their young couldn’t so in order to help, it was for the parents to cast a spell on them.

Until the children have come of age to hide them on their own, though the creatures don’t live in the same area as the humans. Let’s just say they have their own little sanctuary to live in peace, the way to enter is another story.

Only mythical creatures can see the entrances, to humans it looks like they're just walking into a forest, but to the creatures there is a gateway to their planes. In other words the creatures all live in their own area’s, that matches all their cares and needs. All of them live in peace and harmony except the angels and demons, everyone knows how the story goes they’ve never got along.

All for being too different from one another, one light and the other dark. The other joyful and the other hateful, that was until two young children met by chance. One angel and the other devil meeting face to face, learning the other isn’t so bad as they were told. Growing up learning more about each other, their feelings began to change to love. Knowing that their love is forbidden, they try to change their fate but it proved to be difficult. God and Satan soon found out about the two, sending many after the two wanted dead or alive.

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