Pokémon: Touko's Adventures


Something was changing within me, and I didn't know what it was. There was no one to help me get rid of the pain, this unknown change. But somehow that didn't matter, because here was my father - the pillar of my pain...and the destruction of the world.

N took a general guess that it had been over a week since Ghetsis had first visited him, it wasn't like he could tell the time from a clock. This cell didn't have a day; it only had never-ending darkness that had kind of scared N when he first arrived. He had gotten used to it during his unwilling stay, but he still hated the darkness altogether.

Sure, he had been stuck in that god-forsaken room for probably over a week since Ghetsis had told him his plans to rid the world of people just so Pokémon could be free.

But it wasn't like he could do anything about it anyway.

His weakness had been eating at him, the fact that he was stuck here and felt like he had to do something to stop the destruction of the world. It didn't really matter how much pain he had to put himself through to achieve that.

It was also his fault for following his father in his plans to liberate Pokémon from people, he hadn't known his father's secret objective and thought that he was doing the right thing: taking Pokémon away from abusive humans who don't respect them. It had been an old friend who had changed his view on this, she had made him realise that not all humans can be bad. That she was only one of the ones who wanted to protect Pokémon.

So he knew that he had to escape this prison and warn her. Warn the girl who had saved him from bad judgement even if he was using his good will.

Something burned inside of him. It wasn't like the overwhelming pain he has had to endure for days on end. No...

It felt like power.

He used this power as he thrashed around, trying to break the shackles that were bound to the wall. Gritting his teeth, he heard something like metal being sawed. As he made his last pull, the shackles had loosened from his hands and made a clinking sound as it crashed to the floor.

He panted but wasted no time noticing his peculiar limbs on his elbows that looked strangely like leaves.

The leaves served as blades as they cut through the steel door, making a ginormous hole in the middle of the door that he stepped through.

I'm free...

He begun to race his padded feet to the exit, but found that he was faster if he hopped.

Touko, I'm coming...

"Lord Ghetsis? N has escaped."

"It's fine, he won't go that far. He'll die quite easily in the state that he's in." A devilish grin flashed in the darkness...

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