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Pokémon: Touko's Adventures


I can't really remember what happened to me, all I knew was that I was running and running and running until I couldn't run anymore. I thought I was going to die, but the funny thing was; I wasn't even afraid.

"Lord N?" He heard a distant voice call his name, and delicate fingers brushing across his face. "Concordia, nothing is helping him…"

N? Was that my name?

"Brother? Can you hear us?" The girl called Concordia tried. "Normal Harmonia Gropius?"


"Have you tried the Pokédex yet, Anthea?" He slowly opened his eyes; a slight haze shielded him from his new world. A flash of Pink and Blonde hair came into view, one of them holding a red handheld gadget.

"No, I haven't…" Anthea flipped open the screen of` her Pokédex and let it scan him for a moment.

"Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokémon of the Sinnoh Region. It lives in dense jungles. While closing in on its prey, it leaps from branch to branch." A male metallic voice called out in a hum.

Wait. Did it just say that I was a Pokémon?

"Oh my…Why would Ghetsis do this?" Anthea sighed hopelessly, Gothitelle closely beside her. "It doesn't make any sense. Can you tell us what happened, Lord N?"

"He can tell us later, we need to heal him first. Gardevoir? Could you fetch us a Sitrus Berry please?" Concordia asked her Grass type Pokémon; Gardevoir.

"Sure!" Gardevoir shifted away to look for a Sitrus Berry nearby.

Did Gardevoir actually just talk? I mean, I can understand Pokémon fully now?

Gardevoir came back a few minutes later with a Sitrus Berry, and placed it onto N's mouth. N cautiously opened his mouth and took a chunk out of the Berry, and he instantly felt better.

He stood up on his new legs, but to Anthea and Concordia's ~ and even his own ~ surprise, he jumped onto a tree branch and began to run away again. He didn't turn back to the shouts of his sisters or the Pokémon of the forest, running was the only thing he knew how to do in this body.

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