Golden Flame

Prologue (Part 2)

It had been only three days since that little girl from the shop had been saved, and Marcell hadn't heard a word from Constable Stevens about the progress of the case. He would have probably found himself at the center of this case with the help of Inspector Gardner and Officer Mike - since he had to go through the same thing when he found his adopted daughter, Bloom - but fate had other plans for him when he had to make a quick rush to pick up his wife Victoria and then head to Revenshaw Hospital.

Yes, his dear Victoria had unfortunately had a miscarriage during the night that he was on duty, and the doctor had extracted the dead fetus from her womb that night. He told them that it only took a few hours for the process to be completed but she had to stay for a few more days incase there was a general reason why the baby had been rejected in Victoria's system, since she was always so careful with what she did and what she ate.

Finally they had been informed just today that her immune system had seemingly attacked the baby, thinking it were just some virus her body had to get rid of. The doctor said that it wasn't anything they had done wrong, just that these kind of cases are generally rare.

If Marcell remembered correctly, Mike had said pretty much the same thing about Vanessa. Although Vanessa wasn't pregnant at the time, per se, just that they had been trying for a baby ever since they married but the white blood cells in her immune system were far too high that it had rejected any attempt to conceive.

It's just that the white blood cells in Victoria were still treating the growing baby like some virus like before she became pregnant, that is what caused the miscarriage.

Victoria and Marcell just spent the few days in silence, not knowing what to say to each other. If they refused to talk from now on, like some couples do after a miscarriage, it might just lead them to devorce.

He shook his head mentally at that. 'We can't lose each other, and we won't!' he thought with angry determination as he watched his Victoria hum quietly in her sleep.

The hospital had appeared unappealing to them, and they were people who didn't expect high standards. Everything smelled of bleach or sick or pee; floors, people and it wafted through the air as well. The pillows hadn't had enough foam in them, since they liked a balance of in between little and a lot, it would give them badly creeky necks when they woke up in the morning. The beds were too hard that Victoria would sometimes limit herself to resting her back on the single pillow she had and Marcell would have to fold his jacket into a make-shift pillow and put it behind her head at night. Food came on a trolly at ten am, 2 pm and 8 pm with a small lady who asked if they wanted hot or cold food. She came back a little later with some Cereal for Victoria and a hot Breakfast for Marcell. Victoria, during the few times that she talked, had said to him how they could ever manage to make Corn Flakes taste more discusting and he replied with;

"Must be the milk they're using."

During their stay, there had been a woman staying at the far corner of the room by the window and a small old styled television. She had brought her small five year old daughter along to stay for a few days, but she found that it grew increasingly hard to keep her amused. The little girl would want to watch some of her cartoons on the television but it only had very old black and white movies.

Marcell had decided that today, he'd help the woman with her little child. He had requested a bundle of paper, some colouring pencils and some scissors and taught her how to make friendship chains.[1] Victoria had kept a keenful eye on the both of them every time she woke up, but would be too exhausted to keep her eyes open so she would drift off again.

"Thank you." he looked up to see the girl's mother smiling softly at him. "I appreciate what you are doing, your wife is a very lucky woman to have a husband like you."

He smiled back, broken at the fact that he could not watch his own child grow up and for him to teach them things like this, but smiled none-the-less. "It's my pleasure."

"Officer Marcell." A womanly voice called, heels clacking on the wooden floor. There was only one person whom this could be.

"Colonel Stevenson. What do I owe the pleasure?" he said, hearing her growl.

"Don't be like that Marcell, you know that you're off duty until Victoria gets better."

"Then what are you doing here if you won't lay the information on the table?" he asked, crossing his arms. She clicked her tongue once before she answered.

"I'm here to tell you that there is absolutely no information." she answered, not surprised when he grabbed hold of her arm and wheeled her into the ward's single bathroom. She immediately used her free hand to peg her nose. "Jesus, what the hell died in here?"

"Tell me, Clarissa. What do you mean by no information?" he demanded.

"Exactly what I said, no information!" She hissed, placing her hands on her hips. "There's no evidence of anyone leaving her there, she has no name, apparently has no parents, Inspector Gardner said that everything had miracuously gone back to the way it was before the crime scene, meaning WE HAVE NO INFORMATION!"

The door suddenly opened, and Victoria peeked in. "Sorry, I was just wondering where you went until I saw you bring Clary in here. Then I heard your argument."

"It's fine, Victoria. You can go back to bed." Marcell spoke but Victoria shuffled on the spot, a little hesitant, before she looked at them both.

"I want to see her. I want to see the baby." she said, watching as Marcell and Clarissa's eyes widen in shock.

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