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District 9


District 9 is everything but a corrupt city. District 9 is different - it is magical. Full of creatures from fantasies and fairytales, yet overrun by the demons who squash their hopes and dreams into the ground. The normal people of District 9 live in fear of these monstrous beings, as they never know when another one of their own will die for their entertainment next. The city is a large die, each number being more dangerous and psychotic than the last.

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Come one, Come all

Chan looked down at the incubus with fiery eyes, his clawed finger reaching down to squeeze themself around his neck.

“Tell me what you want, incubus.” Hyunjin bit his lip so harshly that the skin had split. He allowed the blood to drip down his chin, Chan leaning down to lick it up as if it was a delicacy.

“I want you to please me, demon.” Chan gave a cynical smirk, lifting Hyunjin up by his tiny waist with his other hand.

“For a needy incubus, you are quite small. It’s cute, honestly.” He blowed a cool stream of air onto the head of Hyunjin’s length, making him squirm in his strong grip.

“Please, hyung, please fuck me.” He was becoming needier by the second, his hole already stretched and leaking for Chan.

“You always beg when you can’t take it anymore,” Chan quickly thrusted his thick length inside of Hyunjin, making him cum almost immediately. Hyunjin let out a loud, distorted sounding moan as he came seemingly endlessly onto his hot skin.

Chan watched as his dongsaeng twitched and came under him with a satisfied look on his face. He loved seeing the blissed out look on his face as his eyes changed from their warm, welcoming chocolate brown to a deathly white. He loved how distorted and ghastly his moans sounded in this state, almost like something from a horror movie.

Chan had agreed to help Hyunjin satiate himself so he wouldn’t bother the others so often with his sexual pleads since, besides Hyunjin himself, he had the most endurance when it came to these things. He could transform his body to fit to whatever whim Hyunjin had asked of him, if he so wanted.

Usually though, Hyunjin asked for the same thing.

No mercy.

That was something that Chan could easily and happily provide.

In their position, Hyunjin’s hips in the air while his upper body rested on the bed, it was easy for Chan to find the spot that drove them wild. Besides the fact that they’d done this probably more than a hundred times by now, it was always so sexy to see Hyunjin’s eyes change colors as he pleasured him.

He thrusted in carefully, but quickly, making Hyunjin’s body jerk forward and up the bed. The incubus’ long tail wrapped around Chan’s waist, pulling him closer to him. Chan gave a small smile at the feeling of the pointed tail caressing his skin. He softly pinched the tip of his tail, drawing a soft moan from Hyunjin.

Everyone who knew Hyunjin knew that his tail was extremely sensitive and was the quickest way to turn him on if he wasn’t already. He used to hate when the members pulled and pinched at his tail to shut him up, but he’s gotten much more used to it now. He’d never admit it, but he likes when they pinch at his tail to shut him up.

Chan’s thrusts were steadily growing faster, Hyunjin’s moans being his soul motivation to make him feel good.

Hyunjin would always complain that he would die if he didn’t have a good fuck every other day, which had some truth in it, Chan supposes. It was true that Hyunjin would die if he didn’t have sex, but it wasn’t nearly as often as he said. Incubuses need to have sex at least 3 times in a month to keep themselves alive, Hyunjin is just greedy.

“Fuck, Jinnie-“ Hyunjin’s hole seemed to have a vice grip around Chan’s cock. It was like he could feel his organs pulsing around him and he absolutely loved it.

As his orgasm grew closer, his skin began to grow hot. His eyes were turning a fiery red, like molten metal. Chan had always been this way. He’d revert to his demon form, half way at least, whenever he felt too intense of an emotion. Whether it be sadness, loneliness, anger, pleasure - he would always revert to his original form.

Hyunjin found it to be one of the sexiest things he’d ever see.

Chan came inside of Hyunjin, hot and heavy as the pleasure coursed through his fiery veins. Hyunjin let out a final, blaring moan as if he was being tortured with the fire coursing through him from Chan’s body.

Hyunjin’s body went completely limp, the only thing holding him up being Chan. His eyes were still open, gradually turning black in stark contrast from the white that they were just moments before. Chan smiled, slowly pulling out of Hyunjin as to not push him into another sex spree.

He leaned down to press a kiss to his warm skin, covering him with only the sheet of the bed to let his skin cool down a bit.

As he began to put his clothes back on, he heard a knock at his door. The raps had become heavier and faster as seconds past.

“Open.” The door flung itself open at Chan’s words, revealing a lanky, black eyed boy.

Even the whites of his eyes were pitch black. His skin was pale and his hair was straight and as black as his eyes. His hair ever so slightly fell into his eyes, making it seem as if his eyes and his hair were all the same thing. He was emotionless, with no trace of ever even having emotions in the first place.

It was eerie and unnerving, something that you didn’t want to look at, but something you couldn’t tear your own eyes away from at the same time.

“What do you want, Jeongin-“

“Someone’s at the door for you.”

“Well, who-“

“Someone is at the door for you.” Chan took a moment before speaking again.

“I know, but-“

“Someones at the door for you.” And with that, the emotionless boy walked away. Chan sighed.

The first time that Jeongin interrupted him, he’d gotten over it, telling him not to do it again. It was a large pet peeve of his, he just couldn’t take it. It seemed like Jeongin either didn’t understand or didn’t give a damn, but whatever it was, Chan decided to continuously let it slide.

He pulled a T-Shirt on and made his way out of the room, closing the door softly behind him.

As he made his way downstairs to see who was at the door, he felt heavy thumps on the ground under him. He sighed, already knowing who the culprits were before even turning around.

“Jisung, Felix, stop running.” Neither of the boys listened to him as they rounded the corner. Chan rolled his eyes, lifting his hand into the air.

The two boys began to float in mid-air, a red aura surrounding their small bodies. Jisung tried his best to run away, even fly away, but it was no use. The two boys crossed their arms over their chests and pouted at the older man. He slowly let them down to the floor.

“Lix, honey, what did Sungie take?” Felix glanced over to Jisung for a second before looking up at Chan.

“He took my phone!”

“You took mine first!”

“Yeah, but I gave it back when you asked, asshole-“

“Hey, no profanity. You know better, Felix.” Felix looked down at the ground as his cheeks reddened.

“Jisung, give Felix his phone back.”


“Now, Jisung. Give it back.” Jisung begrudgingly gave Felix his phone back, turning away from the two.

“Look at me, Sung. Look-“ Jisung turned to look up at Chan, the pout on his face only growing in size.

“Don’t take each other’s phones if you’re going to run around my den like that, understand?” The two boys nodded at their leader, glaring to the other in the process.

“Good boys. Now, go back to your rooms. I have some business to take care of downstairs.” Like clockwork, the doorbell rang. The boys ran off into their rooms as Chan walked down the stairs.

Changbin was downstairs, staring at a wall as usual. Changbin was.. odd, so to speak. He was simply an evil entity in the mortal plane, there to be there. There was no specific reason why he was here, not that he can remember. He doesn’t really have a purpose, besides to protect them. So he sits in a corner for the majority of the day, staring at a wall.

In Chan’s eyes, it seemed to be a sad and never ending existence, but Changbin seemed to enjoy it. He found some weird enjoyment in watching small bugs wiggle on the wall, like a child. Chan just let him sit there. As long as he was enjoying himself.

Chan walked into their foyer, marveling at their large door. It was huge and metal, with a lion carved into it. It was specially made by his father as a gift for his 21st birthday and he’d cherished it ever since. He didn’t see his father much at all, but who said that Lucifer didn’t take his time on things?

He opened the door, the small smile on his face disappearing as quickly as it had came.

“Hiya Bangie.” Chan looked up at the sky for a moment before looking back at the three men who stood in front of him.

“Hello, Yuta. Johnny, Mark. May I ask what the fuck you want?” Yuta laughed, his mask only slightly muffling the sound.

“Sit down, Bangie. We wanna have a little chat.” Chan scoffed.

“And what makes you think I’ll let you into my damn house?” Mark looked back at Johnny, though Johnny seemed to stare daggers into Chan’s non-existent soul.

Chan swallowed, looking Yuta straight in the eyes. His eyes looked a lot like Hyunjin’s eye’s when he was being pleasured, but much more sinister. There was no beauty in his eyes. Chan could see the slits of his smile behind his mask and it made him sick.

“Fine. Come in.”

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