District 9

Talk Isn’t Cheap

The three walked inside of the house slowly and carefully, closing the heavy door behind them. Chan clenched his jaw as Yuta and Mark sat on his couch. Johnny simply stood, staring past Chan to Changbin who had gotten up as soon as Chan opened the door. Mark reached over for the remote to turn on the T.V.

“Don’t touch anything.” Mark immediately flinched away, whispering a small apology afterwards. Yuta glanced over to Mark, making him shy even further into the couch.

“Bangie, our leader wants to talk with you. He want’s to make a deal with you, I believe.” Chan rolled his eyes.

“What deal could he ever make with me?” Yuta’s disgustingly extended smile could be seen behind his mask.

“He’s just trying to help you, Bangie. He wants you to become a unit of our gang.” Chan actually laughed out loud, the first time he’d ever done that in a while. Yuta merely stared at him, though Mark looked incredibly uncomfortable.

Chan wiped the tears from his lashes. Join his gang? What has NCT ever done for them? It’s not like they were so big like they just had to join them “for protection”. Just because the group is small, doesn’t mean that they can’t protect themselves.

“I take that heavily drawn out laughing time as a no, then?” Chan deadpanned at Yuta, still with his gross smile peeking out from the sides of his mask. Chan doesn’t even know why he wears it, honestly.

Yuta must’ve caught Chan staring at it, because he quickly covered his mouth with his hand, though it still wasn’t enough to hide his mouth. After a few moments of silence, Yuta gave up, simply pulling the mask off instead.

His mouth was disgustingly extended at it’s sides, showing all of his teeth and gums. Chan could still see dried blood on some parts of his mouth and on his teeth. Yuta looked around the foyer for a few seconds before wetting his bottom lip. Even that small action prompted his entire jaw to be shown.

Chan turned away from him. He’s always hated that about Yuta. He’s always hated Yuta, in general. Even back then, when they used to be ‘friends’. He’s always hated his disgusting mouth.

“What’s wrong, Bangie? Are you scared? Does my face scare you now?” Yuta rose from the couch, leaving Mark there to sit by himself. Yuta quietly stalked his way towards Chan, and Chan could feel his presence.

“You told me that you thought that I was beautiful, Chan. You told me the same night that it happened, remember?”

Of course Chan remembered, he couldn’t forget it. The night that Yuta had brought him to Osaka to take him on a tour of the town he called home for so many years.

They walked through the town late at night, something that Yuta’s mother warned them not to do specifically. She had warned them of a monster, a women with a mask. She’d come and ask them questions and if they didn’t answer them right, she’d hurt them.

Chan had heard of the same myth from his friends, but he’d never paid much attention to it. Yuta, however, took the entire myth to be a joke. He’d grown up in a family of normals, regular humans. He’d heard of all of these demons and fairies and things and he didn’t believe a single bit of it.

“Come on, Bangie, there’s a late night bar open a few minutes from here, we should get there in a-“

“Excuse me,” Both of the boys stopped in their tracks. It was a women who had interrupted them.

She was tall, taller than both of them. She had long, dark hair and wore a white mask. She looked down at them with scarily white eyes. Chan felt so uneasy, like his stomach was turning in all sorts of directions. Yuta, however, was just annoyed.

“Yes, lady, what do you want? Can’t you see that we’re trying to go somewhere?” The lady simply stared at them.

“Do you think that I’m pretty?” Chan’s eyes widened. It was the lady from the myth, she was real.

He knew that they couldn’t run away. He was frozen in place, anyways. He couldn’t just fly away, either. Yuta didn’t know that he was a demon, and he didn’t want to reveal himself, either. Even if it meant hurting himself so he wouldn’t find out.

“Do we think that you’re pretty? Yeah, I guess so. Now can you please get out of the way?” Yuta clicked his tongue. Chan always knew that he had a temper, but this really wasn’t the time.

“Yuta, not now. It’s the lady from the myths-“

“Don’t be so naive, Bangie. She’s probably just drunk or something.” Suddenly, the lady pulled off her mask.

He face was pale and sickly, and her smile extended so far that it seemed like her entire face was cut in half. Yuta was frozen in a silent scream, disgust and horror clear in his features.
“Do you still think that I’m pretty?”

“What the fuck are you? You can’t be human, you look disgusting!” The woman slowly pulled a long pair of scissors out of her overcoat pocket. They glimmered under the streetlight so terrifyingly bright that Chan almost forgot what was about to happen to Yuta.

It happened in an instant, faster than even Chan himself could perceive. All that he saw was blood and skin and all he could hear was Yuta crying for help that Chan couldn’t give him. Chan stood and watched as his best friends face was cut into a large, never ending smile. His teeth and gums and tongue could still be seen with his mouth closed, the blood he was loosing smearing and staining his teeth.

After a few seconds, the woman was gone. She seemingly paid no mind to Chan, he assumed that it was because he didn’t answer. Yuta lied there on the ground crying and bleeding and Chan had no idea what he should do. Once he found the courage to move again, he threw himself to the ground to comfort Yuta.

“Yuta! Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Yuta fingered around his mouth, now extended to the sides of his face. His mouth was now large enough for him to fit his fists into.

“Chris? Do I.. do I look like a monster?” Chan looked at him, eyes wide and watery with shock and fear.

It was the first time since they’d met in middle school that he’d called him by his English name. That in itself almost scared Chan more than Yuta’s mouth. His head began to nod on it’s own, but he stopped himself. Of course he looked like a monster, but he was also his best friend. He couldn’t let him know that he thought of him that way.

“Yuta, no! You don’t look like a monster, you could never be a monster to me.” Yuta’s tears streamed down his face, bloodying as they fell from his cheeks and onto the cold ground.

Chan, as terrified as he was, softly stroked Yuta’s face. He tried his best to steady himself so Yuta couldn’t feel his hands shaking. He pulled him into his arms, carding his fingers through his silver hair and lightly kissing his head like he used to do whenever Yuta would have panic attacks as a kid. It was the only thing he knew how to do to calm him down that didn’t involve him talking too much. He didn’t trust his mouth already, but he really didn’t trust what he would say now.

“Ah, Naka, you are so beautiful. It doesn’t matter what your face looks like, okay?” He could feel Yuta trembling in his hold.

“You promise, Bangie?” Chan placed another kiss onto his head.

“I promise, Naka.”

Of course Chan remembers what he said. At the time, he wasn’t sure if he believed it or not. It was the only question on his mind for a long time, but he’s finally figured out the answer.

“Chan, you are pitiful, you know that? You can’t keep your word and you lie to make people feel better, even though you know what’s going to happen to them after you do. You don’t even care, do you?”

“Get out of my house, Yuta.” He heard Yuta giggle behind him. It was a sarcastic giggle. He was getting annoyed.

“Yuta, get the fuck out of my house.” Mark tugged at Yuta’s shirt like a kid trying to get his mom’s attention.

“Hyung, maybe we should go.. I don’t think that Johnny hyung likes that guy.” At the mention of, ‘that guy’ Chan turned to Changbin. Him and Johnny were in an intense stare down.

Changbin’s fists were clenched and his knuckles were quickly turning white. The intense eye contact was making Chan uncomfortable. He made a vow to himself that if any sort of violent shit were to go down, it would not be in his own house.

“Changbin, go to my room, and be quiet.” Changbin wouldn’t even look at him. The presence of something sinister must’ve been too strong.

“Changbin. Now.” After a few moments of silence, Changbin broke away from his position and ran up the staircase behind him. Johnny took a deep breath and reached down to run his fingers through Mark’s hair.

“Good job, Bangie. I see you train your lap dogs well-“

“They’re not my lap dogs. You know, I struggle to understand why the fuck you’re still here. Doesn’t your leader value you three or something?” Yuta cocked an eyebrow.

“Fine, Bangie. We’ll go. I’d hate to cause you more trouble. C’mon you two, it’s time to leave.” Mark held Johnny’s hand as he stood, the height difference between the two nearly staggering to look at.

Yuta strutted around the room as if he owned the damn house. Chan didn’t even want to hurt him, he just wanted him to leave. He was quickly loosing his patience, however. He clenched his fist, his skin growing hot. His eyes slowly began to turn that molten red color like before.

“Oh, look at this! Bangie’s getting mad~ Isn’t it cute? He acts just like a little baby-“ In about half a second, something that neither Mark nor Johnny could process, Chan was pinning Yuta against the wall. His knee rested in between his thighs and his hand wrapped around his throat.

“Fuck, Bangie. We haven’t done this in a while.. you wanna show them how much you used to love me?” Chan’s cheeks heated up, nearly as much as his hands. He squeezed harder around Yuta’s neck, drawing an odd squealing, maybe moaning, sound from him.

“You’re so fucking sick, you know that?”

“I’m sick, Bangie? But I thought you said I was beautiful? Pick one already, asshole.” Chan had to draw his stare away from Yuta’s mouth, knowing that he’d easily get distracted if he stared too long.

“Look, I need you to get out of my house and go back to wherever the fuck you came from, okay?” Yuta looked up at the ceiling for a moment before looking back at Chan.

“Hm.. Okay, Bangie! We’ll leave you alone, for now.” Chan gave one last squeeze to the man’s neck before letting him go.

“Get out.”

“No need, we’re leaving. C’mon kiddies, the demon got his panties in a twist. Time to go.” Mark linked his fingers with Johnny’s, squeezing tight. He pulled him along towards Yuta, linking fingers with him, as well.

Yuta pulled the door open, letting Mark lead them outside. Mark mouthed an “I’m sorry” to Chan, making him feel just a bit more sympathetic towards him. Mark had always been a sweet boy, getting into messes that he had nothing to do with. Chan didn’t blame any of this on him, he was always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The three sped off with Mark to wherever they had came from, using special shoes that Chan presumes he’d gotten from his father. Chan took a few breaths before shutting the heavy door.

He stood there for a moment, thinking about what just happened. Yuta just stood there, doing what he did best - talking his fucking life away. Mark sat on the couch watching Johnny, and Johnny stood watching Changbin.

At this point, he was tired, and his head was beginning to pound. It was only 12:30, but he was ready to go back to sleep for a while. His skin was burning and he needed to cool off.

He stalked his way up the stairs, pausing for a moment at a small sound that he wasn’t even sure if he’d heard. He turned his head upwards, trying his best to hear the sound again. It was small, and it was soft, but it was there.

“Fuck, Lix-“ Chan let out a sigh, though he couldn’t force the smile that came to his face away. Of course Hyunjin had woken up again.

Maybe it was Changbin who spurred it on. Probably Felix and Jisung looking for someone to reignite their flame of fun to cast away their boredom. Whatever the cause may have been, Chan was left with nothing to imagine once he opened his door.

Felix was kissing down Hyunjin’s bare chest, stopping every once and a while to suck hickeys into his pale skin. Jisung, always the tease, tongued around the head of Hyunjin’s length, looking up at Chan with a knowing glance. Changbin, however, was fully occupied at the moment, his head buried in between Hyunjin’s legs and and grip on Hyunjin’s thighs tight - just how Hyunjin liked it.

Hyunjin had been trying his best to keep his moans low, but everyone knew just how loud he liked to get whenever he was being pleasured. Especially with three tongues on him all at once? There was no way he’d be able to keep quiet for long.

“Channie hyung-ah? Come fill me up again?” Chan smirked, slipping his shirt over his head and throwing it to the ground to be forgotten.

“You couldn’t wait an hour, you pathetic little thing.” He reached behind himself to smoothly shut his bedroom door.

He was glad that his members had become accustomed to Hyunjin’s antics as soon as they did. Now, he didn’t have to apologize for what he was about to do.

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