District 9

Honey Highs

Jungwoo and Jaehyun sank into the seemingly never ending softness of their bed, the warmness of the smoke enclosing them like an imaginary blanket - shielding them from the troubles and stresses of the outside.

Jaehyun’s eyes were red and low, nearly completely closed. The smoke made his eyes burn, but his body was feeling too tingly for him to noticed. He giggled at nothing every once in a while for no reason except for the fact that it made him feel even lighter than he already did. He was shirtless, but his basketball shorts clung to his thighs under the comforter.

He reached over to Jungwoo, who was just as gone as he was. He was nearly naked, save for the hoodie (which he stole from Taeil a few months earlier) hiding the paleness of his body under the bright black light of their room.

Jungwoo felt like he was hanging upside down over the clouds during a rainstorm, if that made any more sense than he thought it did, which was nearly none. He felt blood rushing to his face and concentrating in his cheeks. It felt like he was ascending into space, feet first.

He’d only done this one before with Taeil (which is how he’d taken his hoodie). That night, he’d nearly choked and coughed his life away. His throat burned and stung and he was beginning to question why he agreed to grow this stuff for Taeil in the first place.

“It’ll feel really nice when you get into it, I promise.” Jungwoo could barely believe him when he wore that smirk on his face.

He looked just as devilish as his origins, maybe even more. Jungwoo could see now why so many people made deals with him. He could pull you in with just a look.

Being the son of Demeter, it would be very easy for Jungwoo to grow whatever he wanted with just the wave of his hand. Obviously, he knew that his members just wanted free weed, but he was weak to Taeil’s persuasion. Especially when he talked shit into his ear. Things he didn’t understand but craved to hear all the same.

That’s how Taeil got him. His fucking voice. If he didn’t have it, Jungwoo would be a lot stronger. He spoke some language - the language of demons or of the Devil or of the underworld, something that he didn’t care to learn or understand. Whatever it was, Doyoung could understand it well enough.

His sinister smirk didn’t go unnoticed by Jungwoo, even if his knees were growing weak at hearing Taeil’s whispers.

“Fine! Okay, I’ll do it. J-Just stop it already, hyung.” Taeil chuckled against his ear.

“Who said I was doing this for the weed?”

That was how Jungwoo lost his virginity. That same night, the upper half of his body hanging off of Taeil’s bed and his throat nearly raw. He didn’t regret anything, but he wasn’t prepared for his mother’s constant nagging.

His mother had always racked his brain every other Friday about ‘staying holy’ and ‘preserving his virginity’. Saying that nothing good came from relationships (except him, of course) and that children were an unbeatable burden (except him, of course). It kept him grounded and sufficiently annoyed for a while, but when he did spent that night with Taeil, he didn’t hear the end of it for a while.

He’d gotten used to the burning sensation in his throat quite quickly, quicker than he thought he would. His eyes didn’t burn as much and he liked what the smoke did to his brain. It made things...fluffier. It made him feel safer.

Jaehyun’s long fingers crept under the warm comforter and onto Jungwoo’s thighs, pinching at the smooth skin. Jaehyun had done this before - he did this often, actually.

Jaehyun never listened to a single word of what his mother told him. He, unlike Jungwoo, had enough nerve to tune out his mother whenever she tried to tell him something she thought was important.

Jaehyun, guard your virginity. It will keep you holy and pure.

Jaehyun fucked Johnny that same night in their living room on the couch, their escapades free for anyone who walked in (Chenle and Jaemin) to see.

Jaehyun, make sure to eat well. Your body is a temple.

Jaehyun went on an unnecessary McDonald’s binge for about 2 weeks, filled with nothing but Sprite and Big Mac’s galore, though didn’t gain a single pound.

Jaehyun, don’t fall under the influence of others. You could get yourself in a lot of unwanted trouble.

Jaehyun followed through with everything that Taeyong told him to do, whether it risked his life or not.

Jaehyun, listen to others. You could learn something valuable.

He never listened to her, and he never would.

Jungwoo didn’t really understand why Jaehyun hated his mother so much. Athena seemed nice enough, though they’d never really met. Maybe it was the satisfaction of knowing that he just could. Defiance was his brand, and he stuck with it well.

Jungwoo flinched as Jaehyun’s hand snaked it’s way under his hoodie. His hands were cold, sending shivers into Jungwoo’s warm body.

“Hand it to me, Woo.” Jungwoo reached over to their glass astray, grabbing the blunt that had been releasing smoke into the room.

Jungwoo gave it to Jaehyun, who trapped it between his middle and index fingers before taking a long draw. Smoke left his mouth in heavy puffs as he blew it into Jungwoo’s face. The smoke burned his eyes, but he didn’t back away. Jaehyun smiled, letting out a small chuckle.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Woo?” Jungwoo lazily cocked an eyebrow, leaning foreword on his hands to inhale more of the smoke coming from Jaehyun’s mouth.

“Looking at you like what, hyung?” Jaehyun gave him a knowing look.

“Like you wanna fuck me.” Jungwoo looked up at him through thick lashes, biting his spit-shined bottom lip.

“That’s kind of fucked up, hyung.” Jungwoo slowly climbed into the larger man’s lap, his breath becoming heavy as he felt his strong grip at his waist.

“What do you mean, Woo?” Jaehyun’s breath was warm as it passed over Jungwoo’s neck. He squeezed at Jaehyun’s broad shoulders, his nails digging slightly into the skin.

“I mean, technically, you’re my nephew.” Jaehyun gave a small chuckle, taking another drag of the blunt. When he was finished, he blew the smoke into Jungwoo’s face once more.

“Wait, what? How?” Jungwoo giggled, lightly punching Jaehyun’s chest.

“We’ve been over this, like, four times. My mom is Demeter and her daughter is Persephone, who’s technically my sister. Your mom and my sister are sisters, which would technically make me your uncle-”

“Could you please stop? This is gonna turn into a bad porno soon.” Jaehyun shrugged, making Jungwoo roll his eyes.

Jungwoo picked the blunt from his fingers, taking a long drag of his own. He held his breath for a moment before letting out the smoke in tiny little rings.

He’d learned that trick from Taeil while he spent the night in his room. After he’d been worn out from Taeil’s surprisingly long stamina (and hip strength), Taeil had taught him how to blow small rings with his smoke. He thought it was cool, and he wanted to show everybody in the den that he could do it just as good as his hyung.

“Besides, it’s only incest if you actually care. Like, does it matter who’s riding my dick if I get to cum afterwards?” The two paused for a moment before laughing, displacing the still smoke in the room.

They ended their fit of laughter with a messy, wet kiss. They licked into each other’s mouths, exploring familiar terrain. Jungwoo tangled his fingers into Jaehyun’s jet black locks.

Just as they pulled away, the perfect darkness of their room was interrupted by the light of the outside. Jungwoo let out a groan, punching Jaehyun once more.

“What do you want?” Jaehyun laughed at the look on the boy’s face. It was a mix between terrified and intrigued and it made him crack up. Jisung was too innocent.

“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt or anything-“

“What’s up, Sung-ah?” Jisung hated how casually his hyung could speak to him in this kind of situation. His wings twitched, nearly getting caught in the hinges of the door.

“Um, Taeyong hyung- he wants you two downstairs. Some meeting or something. Um, b-bye.” He closed the door in a hurry, running back down the stairs to get the smell of weed smoke out of his nostrils.

Jungwoo rolled his eyes. He hated being interrupted when he was in the mood. Jaehyun was still lucky that his high was still clouding his mind, otherwise the younger would be going off on a tangent about how he never gets what he wants (not true).

The two shared one last messy kiss before separating from each other. Jungwoo clumsily dismounted from Jaehyun’s lap onto the floor, nearly rolling his ankle in the process. Jaehyun took a quick puff of the blunt, handing to Jungwoo so that he could do the same, before twisting it into the pretty glass astray.

It took the two a minute to get coordinated enough to walk, but they soon regained enough balance to walk out of the door. They walked hand in hand, Jungwoo practically stuck to Jaehyun’s side. Though the two only had about an inch difference in height, Jungwoo always seemed so small against him.

They made their way downstairs to an aggravated looking Doyoung. He sat with his legs and arms crossed, as if he was excepting something from the pair.

Doyoung had always been too serious for his own good, but their was a reason that Taeyong left him in charge of money. If you owed their gang money, Doyoung was the one to make them give it up.

His bunny looking face held no truth to his abilities. No one had ever escaped the likes of NCT, mainly attributed to Doyoung. Jungwoo could easily recall a time when some stranger owed them money for the protection of his business. He never paid and tried to flee to Beijing to throw them off.

Doyoung had him back in NCT’s clutches within a week. Another time, a random stranger owed them money for the sake of his own protection. He didn’t pay and tried to boast to his friends that he wasn’t scared of the mafia.

Doyoung found him within 2 days and gunned him down, not wasting a single bullet in his magazine, and in front of his own kids. He was heartless, and he had no one to thank but himself for that. His father was the ruler of the underworld, which made him accustomed to pain and agony.

His face wore a permanent scowl, his eyes a deep blue like the streaks in his hair. He had two thick hoops in one ear, not bothering to even pierce the other. He looked as menacing as he was, even intimidating the members.

“Where have you two been?” Jungwoo furrowed his eyebrows.

“Um, upstairs. Like literally everyone in the den.” Doyoung rolled his eyes, leaving a small blue streak in the air where his pupils had been.

“Taeyong had called everyone down for a meeting, including you two. What were you even doing up there?” There was silence. Doyoung’s eyes passed over them like a heavy weight.

“Dumb fucks. Hurry up and get in there before he kills you or something.” The pair giggled in their cloudy haze, but all three knew that he wasn’t kidding.

Taeyong definitely had his mood swings. Dangerous mood swings.

The three walked into the Den’s conference room, the large table in the middle filled with members - except for them, of course. Everyone looked at them expectantly, especially Johnny, with his intense and fiery glare.

Johnny, like his father Ares, was a very intense person. He was quick tempered, with even the slightest insult having the ability to cause him to raise hell. He was naturally aggressive, even when it was unintentional (which it almost never was).

No one, not even Taeyong at times, dared to cross him.

And then there’s Mark.

Mark was a sweetheart, everyone knew that for a fact. He was almost nothing like his father when it came to personality. He loved helping people, even if he wasn’t necessarily supposed to. He was loved by all, and Taeyong loved using him to his advantage.

Mark was quick, but a pair of specially crafted sneakers (Air force's, per Marks request) made him fast enough to quickly deliver messages that needed to be sent. He also just so happened to be Johnny’s crutch.

Whenever Johnny felt angry and couldn’t let it out, Mark was there to calm him down. He would ask him to play a game to distract him or he would do something cute to make him smile. Mark was the only one in the group that had that effect on him, so they made certain to keep him around.

Jungwoo sat beside Mark, giving him a lazy smile. Mark had never been inside of their room, nor had he ever smoked, so he was none the wiser to their little ‘activities’. He gave Jungwoo a bright little smile and a small wave before flinching at the sound of Taeyong’s fist hitting the table.

Taeyong was one hell of an intimidating figure. He was small and slim but he was powerful, and no one in the den, not even Johnny, doubted that fact.

His father was Zeus, the ruler of the gods. He’d learned long ago how to abuse his father’s generosity for his own benefit. He was manipulative and he took whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it.

The day that him and Mark first met, he thought he was pretty and asked him to join the gang (for protection, he said). Within the first 5 hours of him being in the den, Taeyong had already lied and coaxed him into letting him fuck him. After they were done, Taeyong revealed that they were cousins just to see the look on his face.

Mark was afraid of him, too afraid to leave, so he stayed. He never looked Taeyong in the eye for fear of them making eye contact.

Taeyong was definitely a figure. A figure of ruthless power.

Jaehyun held Jungwoo’s thigh as the meeting commenced. It was the same old bullshit for him, though.

Go to different bars and clubs downtown, spot out members of other gangs, cough out info from them, make sure that no one else sees you, same old-same old bullshit that he listened to every other day.

Jaehyun squeezed at Jungwoo’s thigh, earning a dirty glare from Doyoung. He didn’t really care about what Doyoung thought, or anyone for that matter.

Jaehyun was the type of person to joke about getting hit by a car just because he could. Jaehyun is the type of person to stand in the middle of the express way to see who would hit him first, to see how many people would get hurt trying to swerve out of his way.

He craved chaos in it’s purest form - when no one was expecting it. Jungwoo had always thought that he was more like Johnny than Johnny was supposed to be like Ares.

He was a terrifying person, he just let no one know about it. Jungwoo knew. Jungwoo loved it.

The meeting was over just as soon as it started, the members filing out of the conference room in little groups. Doyoung and his stone face glare never left the room, neither did Taeyong nor Taeil. They were always last to leave the room, apparently having important things to discus afterward.

The pair ran upstairs quickly, eagerly wanting to get back to their smoke filled room. They ran hand in hand, just as they came down. Jungwoo had no idea how they became so close.


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