District 9


Jungwoo had always had a sort of fascination with lusting after things that he couldn’t have. He was a thief, in that view. Even things that would be considered small or unneeded or even unwanted, he just had to have.

If he saw Jaemin eating his favorite ice cream, he wanted it. If he saw Yuta twirling a pretty pen in between his fingers, he wanted it. If he saw even the corner of a bill sticking out of Johnny’s pocket, he wanted it. He’d watch and he’d wait for the perfect time to take.

He got away with it every time.

He take a few licks of the ice cream and throw it away without finishing it. He’d write a couple of words with the pen and put it in a random box to never be used again. He’d fold the bill up for a while and stick it in his wallet and not even remember that it was there.

He never really used the possessions that he’d wanted so badly before. It was the pleasure that he got from watching them look for their things that kept him going. Watching Jaemin pout over his ice cream disappearing from the freezer, Yuta being frustrated over loosing his only pen, Johnny going on a spree about his money - it all brought an odd and disturbing sense of pleasure to Jungwoo.

It was his philosophy. If he wanted it, it was meant to be his. That’s how the world works.

Every morning, every afternoon, every evening, every night, he saw the same man pass by his room to reach his own. Every time he’d wake up to make himself breakfast, he’d see him making his own food and disappearing back into his room.

Every day of his life, he saw Jaehyun. He never spoke to him, but was always watching with a careful eye. He pretended to be bashful and cute around him, just to see him smile that adorable smile that he dreamed about constantly.

He purposely spilled things on him or got his hoodies dirty just to watch him take it off. Jaehyun didn’t like the heat, so he never wore a shirt under his hoodies. He never stayed in the room for long after he took them off, but to even get a glimpse of his god-like body was enough for Jungwoo to fantasize about.

Jungwoo saw Jaehyun. Jungwoo liked Jaehyun. Jungwoo wanted Jaehyun.

He always get what he wants.

Jungwoo strolled down the upstairs hallway, Taeil’s hoodie shrinking him down. It barely covered his ass, but he liked that. He was a little thicker when it came to his thighs (he liked his ramen, what could he say?) and he loved to show them off.

It was only a slight shock to him whenever he was dragged into a dark room by his arm. He hear the door close behind him, but couldn’t see anything inside. He stayed perfectly still, not wanting to step on anything that might hurt him (he still owed Jisung an ass beating after the Lego block fiasco).

Suddenly, the lights turned on.

It was Jaehyun. What a surprise.

Jaehyun trapped him against the wall with his body, looking down at Jungwoo with dark eyes. There faces were so close that Jungwoo could feel Jaehyun’s heavy breaths on his nose. Even though the two were basically the same height, give or take an inch, Jungwoo felt deliciously small under him.

“Hi, hyung. What’s wrong?” Jaehyun tilted his head slightly to the side, his eyes squinting down at the younger man.

Jungwoo played innocent, as usual, looking up at Jaehyun with his signature puppy dog eyes. He gave him a small smile just to pull off the look. Jaehyun rolled his eyes.

“How long did you think you could do that and get away with it?” Jungwoo furrowed his eyebrows.

“What are you talking about hyung?” Jaehyun nodded, chewing on his bottom lip. Jungwoo had to resist the urge to do the same.

“So you’re going to pretend like you’re not stealing things from the other members? Like you don’t strut around this place just to show off your ass?” Jungwoo drew a blank in his own mind. He stared up at the man, though his puppy dog eyes were long gone.

How did he know? No one else had ever seen through his act before..

“You’re not a saint, Jungwoo. The act is cute, but I’m not a fucking idiot.” Jungwoo’s tongue poked out to wet his bottom lip.

“What do you even want from them, anyways? You don’t use any of the things that you steal from them, so what’s the point?” Jungwoo’s eyes drifted from Jaehyun to his bed, messy as always.

“Hello? Are you gonna answer me or not?” Jaehyun leaned in closer, nearly closing the space in between their lips. He was forced to look him in the eye now.

Jungwoo heard a distant click before looking over to where the sound had been. His eyes widened ever so slightly.

Jaehyun had locked his door.

Jungwoo’s eyes slowly found their way back to Jaehyun’s. They were dark, and were ever so vaguely tinted orange. It was a pretty display that reminded Jungwoo of autumn.

“I like watching them look for their stuff.” Jaehyun cocked an eyebrow.

“Watching them look for their stuff.. Why?” Jungwoo waited a moment, then shrugged.

“I just do. It’s entertaining.”

“That’s a bit fucked up of you, you know.” Jungwoo pursed his lips. Yeah, he did know. He didn’t really care, either.

“Just a word of warning,” Jaehyun leaned into Jungwoo’s ear, his breath hot and heavy against his skin. “If I ever catch you taking my shit, I will literally hurt you.”

His voice was coarse and deep and serious and Jungwoo felt his knees going weak. His breathing began to pick up and Jaehyun quickly noticed. Jaehyun smirked, his lips ever so slightly touching Jungwoo’s skin.

“Oh wow.. You actually want me to hurt you? That’s a little freaky, Woo.” Jungwoo let out a small giggle, though it was more out of disbelief than humor.

“Why do you watch me?” Jungwoo swallowed. He noticed that, too? Of course he did, how could he not. He stayed quiet, much to the annoyance of Jaehyun.

“Hm, let’s see. I’ve seen you follow me to the gym, so you watch me while I work out. You watch me when I change in the locker rooms with Johnny. You watch me cook, you watch me eat, you watch me take showers... Should I go on, you dirty little pervert?” Jungwoo bit his bottom lip. He didn’t regret watching Jaehyun.

“I only watch things that I want, hyung.” Jaehyun simply stared at him.

“So you want me?” Jungwoo looked up at Jaehyun, his hands slowly rising from their place at his sides. He carefully cupped the man’s face, his hoodie paws covering the majority of where his hands should be.

He leaned in slowly, watching Jaehyun’s eyes with every move that he made. The orange tint was becoming increasingly apparent, nearly taking over the natural brown.

“I always get what I want, hyung.” Jungwoo closed the space between them, their mouths fitting together like puzzle pieces.

It felt perfect. The kiss was slow and neither of the two held back. Jaehyun pushed his tongue into Jungwoo’s mouth, immediately winning whatever dominance battle they would’ve had if they weren’t so impatient.

Jaehyun’s strong hands reached down to feel up the expanse of Jungwoo’s thighs, sliding under his hoodie and griping his hips. Jungwoo pulled Jaehyun closer to him so their bodies were pressing together.

Jaehyun sucked on Jungwoo’s tongue, a feeling that Jungwoo himself didn’t know he loved until now. Jungwoo bit on Jaehyun’s bottom lip, drawing a low groan from him that shook up his insides.

After a few moments of silence (besides their moaning and heavy breathing), they pulled apart. Their lips were swollen and their eyes were blown wide. They stared at each other for a while to catch their breaths. Jaehyun lightly slapped the back of Jungwoo’s thighs, startling him from his daze.

“Jump.” It took a few moments for Jungwoo to comprehend, but he soon got the hint. He wrapped his arms around Jaehyun’s neck at jumped, wrapping his legs around his waist when he felt Jaehyun’s hands holding him.

Jungwoo slumped in Jaehyun’s hold, burying his face into his neck. He relished in the smell of Jaehyun’s skin, the woody smell filling his nostrils. He couldn’t believe that this was happening, but then again, he predicted it.

Everything that Jungwoo wanted was meant to be his.

Jaehyun carried him out of the room and down the hall. He gripped his thighs tightly, holding him close to his body.

“What’s wrong with Jungwoo hyung?” Hendery asked. He’d passed by the two on the way to his own room, ramen bowl and sprite in hand.

“Nothing.” Hendery cocked a bushy eyebrow.

“Then why are you carrying him?” Jaehyun giggled, biting his lip.

“We’re gonna fuck, duh.” Jungwoo let out a squeal, his legs tightening around Jaehyun’s torso. Hendery let out a small chuckle.

“Aw, he’s excited. Be careful with him, hyung. You’ll make his legs go numb.” Hendery gave Jaehyun a wink before retreating to his room, the sound of YangYang loudly protesting at their movie choice slowly fading out as they entered Jungwoo’s room.

Jaehyun slammed the door shut, slamming Jungwoo against the wall. Jungwoo let out a soft gasp at the force, grasping for Jaehyun’s shoulders. He dived in for his neck, sucking and biting harshly at the soft skin. Jaehyun let out a grunt, his grip going weak for a moment before he pushed Jungwoo back against the wall.

“Where is it?”

“Where’s what, hyung?” Jaehyun rolled his eyes.

“Where’s the lube that you stole from Xiaojun?”

“Bold of you to assume that I have it.”

“I watch you too, you know. An idiot could figure out that you stole it, and I watched you use it, so where is it?” Jungwoo’s cheek’s heated up at the thought of Jaehyun watching him finger himself without him even knowing.

He reached over to a small box, pulling out the small bottle of lube after digging around for a bit. He gave the bottle to Jaehyun, who grabbed his arm and forced his body to turn towards the wall. Jaehyun roughly pushed the hoodie over Jungwoo’s ass, pulling his underwear down his thighs and throwing them elsewhere.

“W-Wait, we’re doing it here?” Jungwoo sounded a lot more scared than he was, but he’d never fucked anywhere besides his bed.

“Is that a problem?” Jaehyun coated his finger’s in the peach scented lube, rubbing his fingers together to warm it up.

Jaehyun quickly shoved two digits inside, causing Jungwoo’s knees to buckle. His fingers moved quickly, drawing choked moans from Jungwoo.

“F-Fuck! Hyung, please-“ Jaehyun took the liberty of adding two more fingers, making Jungwoo’s toes curl. The stretch burned, but it was a delicious burn that made his entire body tingle.

Jungwoo tried his best to find something to ground himself as Jaehyun pounded his fingers into him. He was so close to the special spot inside of him that Jungwoo felt like he was missing on purpose.

After a few minutes of proverbial torture, Jaehyun pulled his fingers from inside of him, the excess lube dripping down his thighs. Jaehyun spread the rest of the lube from his hand onto his length with Jungwoo caught his breath.

“I’m gonna push in now, okay?” Jungwoo lazily shook his head, reaching back in some poor attempt to stop him.

“N-No hyung, just a s-second-“ Before he could finish his sentence, Jaehyun pushed inside of him. Jungwoo nearly went limp against the wall, the feeling of him inside of him being almost too much to handle.

He pushed and pushed and Jungwoo wasn’t sure when he would stop. His toes curled and his fists balled against his wall. Jaehyun let out a few grunts before he finally ceased his pushing.

“You okay, Woo?” Jungwoo didn’t even know why he asked questions at this point. He began to thrust inside of him before he could even answer.

The first thrust made his eyes roll into the back of his head. The feeling was unreal, all the more that it was Jaehyun who caused that feeling. Jungwoo tried to keep himself quiet so the others wouldn’t hear, but the force of Jaeyhun’s next thrusts made his moans spill out like a fountain.

Jaehyun began to speed up his thrusts, pushing Jungwoo’s head against the wall. Jungwoo could swear that he could feel Jaehyun in his stomach which how hard he was thrusting into him. His own length was rubbing against the wall and the friction made even more hot pleasure build up in his stomach.

He felt himself growing lightheaded as Jaehyun pounded into him, the sounds of his grunts and moans driving him to near insanity. He was sure that the others could hear him down the hallway by now, but he could care less about being quiet.

After a few harsh thrusts, Jaehyun found that Jungwoo had blacked out, though it didn’t hender his thrusts in the slightest. He made sure to pull his arms back to keep him steady, so he could reach deeper and deeper into him. At this point, he was more focused on getting himself off.

Every now and then, Jungwoo would wake up and plead with Jaehyun to make him cum (even though he’d already came twice) and black out again. Jaehyun honestly thought it was cute, how desperate he was.

He finished inside of him with a few hard thrusts and a low groan. He slowly pulled out of him, more focused on the spurts of cum on the wall dripping down into Jungwoo’s carpet.


When Jungwoo woke up, he felt like he could barely move. His back and legs were sore and his head was pounding with a dull ache that was quickly getting on his nerves.

He was naked, but he’d been covered with his comforter, the soft rose scent slightly nullifying the ache in his head. As he lightly fingered over his numb thighs, he smiled to himself.

Suddenly, he heard his phone go off and his flashlight flicker to signal that he’d gotten a message.

He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed his phone, giggling at the screensaver (Mark and his drunk antics) before going to his messages. It was Jaehyun - who else?

Jungwoo was thankful for Taeyong’s ‘you need to know everyone’s phone number just in case you’re gonna die’ policy.

Jaehyun: are you awake?

Jungwoo: 🙄 duh. where are you hyung?

Jaehyun: me and johnny had to run some errands. do you want anything?

Jungwoo: i want you in my bed

Jaehyun: from the store dummy

Jungwoo: oh 🙃 gummy bears

Jaehyun: lmao okay

Jaehyun: what kind?

Jungwoo: ooh get me the watermelon sour patch kid ones 😋

Jaehyun: okay

Jaehyun: also, when we get back, i’m invading your room

Jungwoo: 😳 what? why?

Jaehyun: um, your bed is comfy

Jungwoo: 🙄

Jaehyun: and i like cuddling with you

Jungwoo chewed on his lip.

Jungwoo: really?

Jaehyun: yes, really. so make room for me when i get back, yeah?

Jungwoo: whatever you say hyung 😊

Jungwoo smiled to himself. That’s how the world works. If he wants it, it was meant to be his.

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