District 9

Baby Day

When Jungwoo had woken up after about two hours of scrolling through useless twitter feeds, he felt unusually warm.

He felt safe and secure and he felt like he was dreaming. He felt Jaehyun's strong arms wrapped around his torso and the warmness of his skin through his hoodie.

He smiled to himself. To him, this was one of the best feelings in the world, almost up there with the sex itself.

He slowly and carefully turned in Jaehyun’s hold as to not disturb him too much. When he succeeded in his surprisingly difficult task, he relaxed into the bed, snuggling into Jaehyun’s warm body.

He looked up at the older man and couldn’t resist the urge to bite his lip. His skin was pretty snd unblemished, his cheekbones were high, his lips were pretty and plump - he was everything that Jungwoo dreamed of.

So much for staying pure and holy.

He slowly lifted his head up, as to not disturb Jaehyun anymore, and pressed a light kiss to his lips. He couldn’t help himself, he was too beautiful not to.

He pressed small little kisses every now and then as to not wake him up, slowly trailing his his fingers over his cheek. You can imagine how much his eyes widened when Jaehyun began to kiss back.

They said nothing to each other as the kissing became more intense, turning from small and soft pecks to a passionate make-out. Jaehyun swiped his tongue over Jungwoo’s lip, to which he quickly gave him access to the rest of his mouth.

Jaehyun’s hand slowly fell down to Jungwoo’s waist, gripping it softly and pulling him closer. They finally separated for a breath, both tempted to start again but both resisting the urge. Jungwoo bit his lip.

“Morning, hyung.” Jaehyun smiled at him. That pretty, amazing smile that Jungwoo couldn’t get enough of.

“Morning, Woo. Are your legs okay?” Jungwoo gave him a playful slap on the arm, pouting up at him.

“I couldn’t move all night, you asshole.” Jaehyun chuckled, burying his face into Jungwoo’s neck. He peppered kisses along his skin, nipping at him every now and then.

“We’ll, you can move now. Do you want breakfast?” Jungwoo nodded, well, tried his best to nod with Jaehyun at his neck.

“Are you gonna make it for me, hyung?” Jaehyun furrowed his eyebrows.

“Now why would I do that?” Jungwoo slapped him on his arm again, harder this time to let him know that he was serious.

“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll make your stupid breakfast. What do you even want?” Jungwoo looked up at his ceiling as he pretended to think.

“Hm... make me ramyeon.” Jaehyun groaned loudly into his ear, making Jungwoo giggle.

“I guess I could make ramyeon, but your eating the first flavor I find. I’m not a damn Michelin.”

“Then get to it, hyung. My stomach is rumbling.” Jungwoo pushed Jaehyun from under his comforter.

Jaehyun rolled his eyes, rubbing at his arms in the coldness of the room. Jungwoo gave him a soft smile, one the was quickly returned. Jaehyun leaned down on the bed, just far enough to press a sweet kiss onto Jungwoo’s lips.

“So pretty..” Jaehyun rose from the bed and walked towards the door, reaching over to Jungwoo’s desk to retrieve his forgotten hoodie before exiting the room.

Jungwoo stared at the door for a few moments before burying himself under his comforter. He squealed like a teenage girl calling her crush to ask them to the dance. It was pathetic, even in his opinion, but he was over the moon.


That was how it began for them. So every time they held hands, smoked, slept in each other’s beds, made breakfast for each other, they always remembered the strange events that brought them together. Was it a textbook love story? Absolutely not. But it was theirs, and what was theirs was important to them.

As their night slowly shifted into daytime, more and more of the members arose from their caves and dispersed into the den. It was very uncommon them to have conversations with each other (unless Mark is there), so most of their time was spent doing whatever they felt like until Taeyong called them to do something.

Lucas lounged on the couch with Ten in his lap, watching some American T.V. show (he liked to watch them even though he knows damn well that he can’t understand them) that he’d long forgotten the name of. He lightly rubbed Ten’s back, lazily trying to keep him from going into another spree.

Usually, it was either Taeil and (his ungodly stamina), Johnny, or Taeyong that kept Ten satiated when he went into a spree, but none of them felt like dealing with him simply because they found him annoying, so they pushed the responsibility onto Lucas.

He was big enough to stop Ten from disturbing one of the Dreamies (it was a rule in the house that he couldn’t push his sprees onto them since Taeyong didn’t deem them mature enough to deal with them) and he was experienced enough to deal with his sprees on his own if push came to shove.

Ten sat with his arms wrapped around Lucas’ neck, watching a Netflix show on his phone. Every now and then, he’d grind against Lucas in an attempt to ease the discomfort in his stomach. Lucas got a little nervous every time he felt his weight shift. Because Ten was so sensitive that the slightest movement could set him off. He at least wanted Kun or Doyoung to deal with him so he didn’t have to.

“Xuxi~“ Lucas looked up at the ceiling, sucking in a deep breath. Ten knew damn well that Lucas had a thing for him whining like that.

“Xuxi-ah, please?” Lucas softly rubbed at his back, hoping that he could stave this off for a bit longer.

“Hyung, don’t start please-“ Ten threw his phone onto the floor, making Lucas flinch.

“Why not?” Lucas let out a sigh.

“We just can’t.” Ten broke into a pout, his pupils quickly dilating. Lucas pursed his lips together.

Those eyes could only mean one thing - Ten was getting impatient.

Ten wasn’t good when he’s impatient. He gets angry and irritated and he doesn’t listen to anyone. He’ll pounce on the first person that he sees that he wants and he’ll take control of them.

Incubus of his kind had a special ability that, in reality, they could use whenever they choose to. Ten, luckily, had enough self control that it only really activated when he didn’t have control of himself.

He’d look into their eyes and whisper into their ears, hypnotizing them into doing his bidding. That was the reason he’d been banned from touching the Dreamies. He was too powerful in that respect, and no one, not even his own, touched Taeyong’s Dreamies.

Suddenly, Johnny made his way down the stairs. He looked as if he’d just left the beach - barefoot (with an anklet that Mark had made him for his birthday), a pair of khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt that was completely unbuttoned. His chains hung over his chest, gleaming in the dim light of their living room. His hair was wet and stuck to his forehead, the other portions sticking up in all different directions.

Lucas saw this as a chance to dodge loosing a potential weekend.

“Ah, hyung! You’re here!” Johnny glanced over to him, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Fuck no.” He continued to walked until he reached the kitchen. Lucas simply blinked in disbelief.

He pushed Ten off of his lap and ran after Johnny into the kitchen. Johnny was reaching inside of their refrigerator, though Lucas had no idea what he was looking for.

“Hyung, please take him-“ Johnny looked at him with a deadpanning expression, making Lucas back away from him.

“I literally just said no.” He went back to digging in the fridge. Lucas broke out into a pout.

“Please hyung! I don’t wanna loose my weekend and you never do anything with your weekends-“ Johnny scowled at him.

“What do you even use your weekends for? To go see your boyfriend that doesn’t exist?” Johnny chuckled, taking a sip from his Pepsi.

“He is real, hyung. I just- whatever. Please, just deal with him.” Johnny closed the fridge door, walking up to Lucas and staring him down.

Lucas hated when he did this.

They were nearly the same height, with Johnny stealing a few centimeters on the tall side. Johnny had an intense glare that could make anyone nervous, whether he was angry or not.

Johnny stuck a hand into his pocket, taking a long sip of his Pepsi. Lucas stood there, fiddling with his thumbs. Johnny let out a sigh, reaching over to pat Lucas’ shoulder.

“Since you’re so cute, I’ll take him from you. But this is literally the only time I’ll do this. Next time, you’re on your own, okay?” Lucas nodded quickly, giving him a quick bow.

“Seriously dude, you need to toughen the fuck up. This is why we don’t send you out on missions, you’re too soft.” Lucas looked down to his feet. He’d been told that enough times to know by now.

Johnny gave him a final pat on the shoulder before making his way into the living room. Lucas quickly followed after him so he wouldn’t be left alone.

When they reached the living room, they saw Ten moping and whining on the couch, the usual when he got needy like this. Johnny rolled his eyes, taking a loud sip from his Pepsi to gain his attention.

Ten piped up as if he was a kid that just got told that he’d be getting ice cream for breakfast. Johnny walked over to him, kneeling on a knee so they were eye level.

“Have you been troubling our dongsaeng, doll?” Ten blinked up at him, eyes wide and watery.

“N-No sir, I just wanted-“ Johnny reached to pat his head, his heavy hand pushing Ten’s hair in front of his eyes.

“You wanted to get rid of that little tug in your tummy, I know.” Johnny lovingly rubbed Ten’s cheek. For a moment, Lucas thought that he was a completely different person.

But only for a moment.

He harshly pulled Ten by his hair, causing him to let out a shriek. Ten scratched at Johnny’s arm in an attempt to make him stop, but Johnny only pulled him further off of the ground.

“We’re gonna go get rid of that tug in your tummy, okay doll?” Johnny took another sip of his soda, completely disregarding Ten scratching at his arm. Johnny looked back at Lucas, the look on his face making him crack up.

“What? He likes it. Don’t you, doll?” Johnny pulled Ten towards Lucas, who’d been frozen silent the entire time.

Ten whined like a dog, his lip trapped underneath his teeth. His eyes were nearly closed, but Lucas could still see how huge his pupils were. He assumed that he did like it, because he didn’t really do anything to stop it. Besides, Johnny was a monster, but he wasn’t that much of a monster.

“Come on, Tennie. Xuxi wants to go see his little boyfriend~ Say bye bye.” Ten gave a lazy sounding hum.

“Bye bye Xuxi~” Johnny looked back at him one last time before dragging Ten up the stairs.

He wasn’t really planning on going to see his boyfriend, but he guesses that was an invite, if any.


Lucas made sure wear a nice outfit going to his boyfriend, since clothes and fashion was all he ever seemed to care about. He wore a simple black striped shirt (of which his boyfriend picked out for him), a pair of black jeans, and some black converse he dug out of his closet. He topped off the look with a black leather jacket, something else that his boyfriend picked out for him.

He had to admit, he did have a great sense of style. If it weren’t for how cute he was, he would’ve complained about his fashion obsession long ago. He dealt with the constant talking because he could care less about how much he talked about things he really had no interest in, he was happy as long as he got to hear him talk.

He truly loved the boy, and even if his members didn’t know about him yet, he made sure that he knew it every single day.

When he arrived at the door, he ran his hand through his hair. His boyfriend always said that his hair looked better that way, so he went along with it.

Before he could even knock on the door, it opened. The creepy, pale, black eyed kid that he never learned the name of had answered the door again. The kid creeped him out, most definitely, but he hasn’t done anything to him. Yet.

“Lucas Wong.” Lucas looked away from him.

“Uh, yeah, is Seungmin here?” Lucas could see his would-be pupils moving as he looked around and it made his stomach turn in.

Suddenly, he was attacked by a fluffy ball of what he assumed to be his boyfriend.

“Lulu! You’re here!” Lucas was always by how excited Seungmin was to see him. He hugged him tightly, even twirling him around like he likes.

When he placed him down on the ground, he stared down at him with the brightest, widest eyes. Seungmin looked absolutely adorable in his eyes.

He’d done his makeup that day, the tiny star looking dots around his eyes making his eyes look cute and huge. His little fluffy beret made the blondness of his hair stick out more. As much as Lucas wished to see Seungmin in a crop top, he always insisted on wearing a shirt underneath it, but Lucas still thought it was cute.

“You look absolutely adorable, Minnie-ah~” Seungmin chewed on his lip.

“I see you’re wearing the stuff I picked out for you.. You look really good, hyung-ah.” Lucas reached down to lightly grip his waist, pulling him closer to him.

“All thanks to my little fashionista here. You always pick the best things for me, Min.” Seungmin cupped Lucas’s face with his hands, bringing their faces closer together.

“Can your little fashionista get a kiss for doing a good job?” The two giggled a bit before closing the space between themselves. They even giggled during the kiss, nipping at each other’s lips as they relished in the other’s presence.

“Oh my god, Seungmin, could you not do that in our doorway?” They two pulled away from each other upon hearing someone’s voice.

When Seungmin turned around, he saw Minho with the most disgusted face he’d ever seen him with. It made him crack up, though Lucas began to blush.

“What’s wrong, hyung? You and Jisung hyung kiss around the dorm all the time. Don’t I get a turn?”

“Ew, don’t compare yourself to us, that’s gross. I feel like I just watched my parents make out.” Seungmin smirked at him.

“Wanna see us do it again?” Minho rolled his eyes.

“No, that’s gross. Whatever, take it to your room or something, no one wants to see that.” It was Seunmin’s turn to roll his eyes.

“We’re the only ones down here.” The green in Minho’s eyes began to glow brighter.

“Fine. I don’t want to see that.” Seungmin simply laughed him off.

“Okay, okay. We’re leaving, anyway. I’m taking Lucas to a new cafe downtown.” Minho gave them an obviously fake smile.

“Oh my, you two have fun with that.”

“It’ll be more fun than watching you mope around and complain about how Jisung doesn’t give you attention all day-“ Minho hissed at him, his eyes glowing a much brighter green.

“Just get the fuck out.” Seungmin shrugged, turning to Lucas.

“I always win arguments with him. Anyways, you ready to go?” It took him a moment, but he eventually nodded.

Seungmin took Lucas’ large hand into his own smaller one and closed the front door.

It’d been a while since they’d last seen each other in person even though they texted each other every night and called every other day. They only got to see each other when Taeyong didn’t demand for Lucas to stay at the den, so this was a bit rare.

They both planned to make the most of it, though, maybe even do something that they’ve thought about for a while, but that’d have to wait until later.

Right now, they were going on a date.

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