District 9


“Jaemin hyung! Give it back!” Jisung pleaded with Jaemin as his hyung’s tossed his book around the room.

“No way! We just wanna see what you’ve been reading-“ Jeno cackled as the book was thrown to him. He flipped through the pages until he found the page that Jisung had marked.

“Hyung please-“ Haechan pulled Jisung’s hair harshly, making him whimper in his hold.

"Keep begging like that and we might just give it back." Haechan giggled like a maniac as they continued to tease him.

"Jisung! I never you liked to read erotic things.. I always thought you were too much of a pussy for things like this-" Jisung's cheeks heated up, glowing a bright red as the read through the pages.

"Jisung, you dirty little boy. Is this what you want us to do to you? We'll be happy to oblige." Jaemin spoke with a cocky tone. Jisung frantically shook his head, only to have his head pulled back by Haechan.

Renjun sauntered into the middle of the room while Jaemin and Jeno continued to read Jisung's book. He looks down at Jisung with hooded eyes, his black wings lightly fluttering behind him.

He lightly caressed Jisung's cheek, giving him a soft smile.

"Ji-Ji, you'll never be as strong as us with these things," Renjun pinched at Jisung's pearl white wings, making him writhe in pain.

Haechan threw Jisung onto the ground, making sure to step onto his wings before walking off. Jisung didn't get off of the ground until he knew that everyone was out of the room.

He huffed as he picked himself up off of the ground. He brushed off his clothes and exited the room, kicking his discarded book under his bed.

He mumbled angrily as he trudged through the den, eventually crossing paths with Taeyong.

Taeyong had a soft spot in his cold heart for the youngest members of his gang - especially Jisung. Not only was he the youngest, but he was the only angel in the entire gang. He was precious to Taeyong, and he would do anything for him.

Taeyong knew from just looking at him that something was wrong.

Taeyong ran his fingers through Jisung's hair, pulling him into a back hug as he poured himself a glass of water.

"What's wrong, Ji?" Jisung didn't answer, simply drinking his water in silence.

Taeyong frowned. Jisung was very obedient, so this was imcredibly out of the ordinary. He lightly caressed his pretty white wings, looking at him with a concerned look.

"Ji, are you okay-"

"Can you have sex with me?" Taeyong went silent, his eyes going wide. He turned Jisung towards him, scanning his face to try and find any evidence of this being some cruel joke.

"Jisung, what are you talking about?"

"I want you to have sex with me, hyung. I'm old enough, and I know how it works." Taeyong pulled Jisung into a hug, a tight one.

"No. Don't ask me again, understand?" Jisung sighed - he knew why he wouldn't do it.

Angels are holy relics among men, pure and honest. Taeyong knew that a sinful act such as lust would revoke Jisung's title as an angel and turn him into a demon.

Taeyong wouldn't allow it.

So, Jisung would find another way.

He knew that he couldn't ask Doyoung or Taeil - they were much too close to Taeyong, they'd let him know right away. He had to find someone who never spoke to the higher ups, a lower level power.. someone who was afraid of everyone.

In comes Osaki Shotaro.

Shotaro had been one of the two newbies of the group, being recruited for his potential assets to the gang. He was one of the only animal hybrids (Rottweiler) in Korea, which made him a rare addition. He was a sweeter soul than most, taking a liking to Mark and his kind heart as soon as he arrived to the den.

He was the exact opposite of the second recruit, Jung Sungchan. He was simply a human, but he was a terryfying one nonetheless. He was as much of a sadist as one could get, not to mention his unnerving fascination with forms of death.

Jisung was convinced that he was a serial killer.

He was always murmuring about diferent forms of execution, how he could make a person suffer. He creeped Jisung out, so he tended not to speak to him.

Jisung watched Shotaro's habits around the house - what his hobbies were, who he talked to, things of that nature. He knew for a fact that Shotaro never talked to the higher ups, as he was afraid of doing something wrong.

He also knew that the Dreamies teased Shotaro just as much as they tease him.

He watched from the top of the stairs, peeking through the bannister as Shotaro watched T.V. downstairs. Jeno came first.

"Hey, Taro. Watcha' doin'?" Shotaro flinched at the sound of Jeno's voice, his ears twitching slightly.

"Oh! Hi hyung. I was just watching T.V." Jeno joined him on the couch, throwing a subtle arm over his shoulder. Shotaro looked hesitant, but kept quiet.

After a few minutes of silently watching T.V., Renjun entered the room. He jumped over the back of the couch, filling the other empty space beside Shotaro.

"Taro~ How ya doin'?" Shotaro pursed his lips.

"I-I'm fine, hyung." Renjun sent a sly smirk to Jeno, only for it to be sent right back.

Jeno began to fiddle around with Shotaro's ears, making him flinch and squirm. Shotaro's ears were incredibly sensitive to both sound and touch, and everyone new that.

Renjun somehow found his tail from under him, pinching at the tip of it to make him squirm. Shotaro swallowed heavily, trying his best to focus on the T.V.

Jeno tugged Shotaro's ears, making him let out a long whine. He tries to get away, but Renjun was right on the other side to catch him before he could try and wiggle away.

"Hyung- please-" Jeno let out an evil cackle as Shotaro begged. He was nothing more than a sadist - both him and Renjun loved to make others suffer. Gave them some sort of sick thrill.

Shotaro's hips jerked as Renjun squeezed at his tail, his most sensitive organ. Renjun mocked him as Shotaro's face scrunched up. The two laughed at the boy before finally letting him go. Shotaro quickly bolted from the couch and ran upstairs into his room.

Renjun and Jeno found it hilarious, laughing as they left the room.

Jisung followed Shotaro, knocking on his door softly. Jisung could hear a faint 'just a second' from behind the door. He heard some shuffling before Shotaro finally opened the door, a sheepish smile on his face.

Jisung pushed his way into his room without really being invited, but Shotaro didn't stop him.

Jisung could tell that Shotaro felt uneasy.

"Don't worry, I won't tease you. I'm not like those assholes." Shotaro let out a sigh, looking much more comfortable before.

"I do wanna talk to you though." He gestured toward the bed, Shotaro awkwardly walking over to take a seat.

Jisung made sure to put on his puppy dog eyes and a small pout on his face, just to sell his persuasiveness a bit more.

"Taro hyung~," Shotaro swallowed heavily, giving a small nod for him to keep going.

"I have a little idea hyung." Shotaro looked hesitant, so Jisung tried to reel him back in.

"It'll help get the other hyungs off you're back-" One of Shotaro's ears twitched, making Jisung smile.

He was interested.

We don't have to do much.. I just need you to have sex with me." Shotaro's eyes went wide.

"You want me to have sex with you?"

"Calm down, hyung. Let me explain, okay?" Jisung placed a hand on Shotaro's thigh, squeezing it a bit. Shotaro looked down at his hand, then back up at him.

"Didn't you say that you were an alpha, hyung?" Shotaro nodded, a blush coming to his face.

"Why doesn't anyone know that?" Shotaro scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"I don't have a mate to be possesive over-"

"Exactly! If you have sex with me, then you could knot me and mark me." Shotaro furrowed his eyebrows.

"Are you sure? That's a really big commitment to make just to get them to stop teasing me." Jisung smiled.

"Don't worry, I have my reasons." Shotaro looked down at the floor.

"What are they?" Jisung didn't expect him to ask, but he might as well tell him.

"Well, our hyungs tease me just as much as they tease you. Maybe even more. If you hve sex with me, thwn I won't be an angle anymore. I'll be just like them, and they'll have no reason to tease me. It's a win-win." Jisung shrugged.

Shotaro contemplated for a moment, leaving Jisung to sit in silence.

"Okay." Jisung was elated, but he wouldn't show it. He simply smiled, crawling over to give Shotaro a kiss on the cheek.

"Good choice, hyung."

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