District 9

Dream Come True

Jisung and Shotaro moved quickly after agreeing with each other, having one another stripped of their clothes within a few minutes.

Jisung let out soft moans as Shotaro kissed and sucked at his neck, relishing in the pain that it brought him. Shotaro was relentless, making sure to leave dark marks on his pale skin.

After licking over the marks that he made on Jisung's neck, he pulled away, already looking much more disheveled than when they started.

They stared at each other, raking the others' bodies with their eyes. Jisung bit his lip upon seeing Shotaro's length.

Whenever they started, he hadn't intended on him being so... big. He had figured that he would be bigger than average, considering that he was a hybrid, but he was surprised nonetheless.

Shotaro swallowed heavily, pulling back to sit on his knees. Instead of sitting there, Jisung crawled forward, resting his cheek onto Shotaro's thigh.

"Can I taste it, hyung?" Shotaro's tail began to wag excitedly, making Jisung smile.

Jisung carefully poked his out tounge, poking at the head of Shotaro's length. Shotaro let out a noise between a hiss and a whine that made Jisung's stomach feel warm.

He lapped at the head of his length, drawing subtle whines from Shotaro. Shotaro gripped Jisung's hair, pulling him closer.

Jisung wasn’t totally new to giving blowjobs, (he’d given plenty to Renjun and Haechan to get them to leave him alone) but Shotaro was much different.

He was much... bigger, in terms of length. He was girthy, being big enough for Jisung’s hand to barely wrap around the whole thing. Jisung swallowed heavily, not sparing a single glance to Shotaro as he took his length into his mouth.

Shotaro let out an airy moan at the feeling of Jisung’s warm mouth around him. He grabbed for his hair, gripping it harshly to try and stabilize himself.

Jisung nearly choked himself on Shotaro, having to stop himself from gagging as his nose touched his flat stomach.

Jisung was honestly surprised that he’d reached as far as he did on his first try, considering that the first time he tried to deepthroat, he nearly threw up.

He tried his best to breathe with the twitching length in his throat, but he could feel Shotaro loosing more and more of his self-control. His breathing was shaky as he held Jisung’s head in place, trying his best not to thrust further into his throat. He could see a bulge inside of Jisung’s throat where his length rested, making the grip in his hair tighten.

“J-Jisung. Can I move? P-Please?” Jisung took a few more quiet breaths before lightly tapping Shotaro’s thigh.
Shotaro’s pace started slowly, simply rocking into Jisung’s mouth in an attempt to let him breathe a bit.

Jisung squeezed at his thigh to let him know that he could go faster, which he gladly took advantage of.

His hips bucked into Jisung’s mouth, making him shut his eyes tight. His pace grew quicker and much more desperate than before. He let out loud whines, mumbling Jisung’s name as he pounded into his throat.

Shotaro’s thrust quickly became sloppy, his grip in Jisung’s hair loosening. He quickly pulled out of Jisung’s mouth, gripping his slowly growing knot so he wouldn’t cum.

Jisung tried his best to regain his breath, the stray tears finally falling down his cheeks.

"I don't think I'll last long, Sung-" Jisung gently cupped his cheek, giving him a soft smile.

"I don't need you to last long, hyung. As long as you feel good, I'm okay with you finishing fast." Shotaro gave him a nervous smile as he layed on his back.

His pearly white wings spread out, nearly covering the width of the bed. Shotaro marveled at them, gently running his hands over the feathers.

"If you think these are pretty, just wait until you help me change them."

Shotaro stared down at his body, gently running his hands over his soft skin. Suddenly, Shotaro's ears drooped.

"I don't know what to do, Sung-ah... I've never done this before." Jisung chuckled softly, even though he was just as nervous as Shotaro was. He figured that he should try his best to hide it - for Shotaro’s sake.

Jisung spread his legs, circling a finger around his rim. He gave Shotaro a reassuring look, beckoning him closer.

“You don’t have to worry so much.. just put it in and have fun, okay?” Shotaro gave him a small nod, taking a deep breath.

“Are you ready, Sung?” Jisung chewed on his lip, returning his timid nod.

Shotaro slowly slid inside of Jisung, making him squeeze his eyes shut. Jisung had prepped himself before the encounter (out of hope that he’d actually convince him), but he didn’t anticipate the stretch being this big.

He let out a choked up moan as Shotaro slid in further. Shotaro gripped his thighs, forcing them apart. His hips jerked, causing him to bottom out.

Jisung felt like he couldn’t breath. He could feel Shotaro getting more and more worked up with every second he tried to keep himself still inside of him.

He looked up at Shotaro, his vision blurry. He could see how hard Shotaro was trying to keep it together for him. He weakly grabbed at Shotaro’s arm.

“Y-You don’t have to wait f-for me-“ Immediately upon getting Jisung’s permission, Shotaro began thrusting into him a what felt to Jisung like light speed.

Jisung was so shocked that he didn’t even realize what was happening until he felt Shotaro thrust head on into his prostate.

He let out a loud, broken moan, a warm feeling spreading throughout his chest. Shotaro tried to muffle his moans with his mouth, but the pleasure overcame him soon enough.

Jisung felt as if Shotaro was ripping him apart with how hard he was thrusting into him. He finally willed his eyes open, looking down at himself.

Suddenly, his eyes went wide, and his moans became much louder than before. He could see a thick bulge rising from his stomach everytime Shotaro thrusted into him. No wonder it felt like his guts were getting squished around.

"T-Taro hyung-" Shotaro let out a growl, his nails breaking the sensitive skin of Jisung's thighs as he gripped them tight.

His thrusts were getting sloppy, but he showed little sign of slowing down. Jisung could just barely feel his knot growing against his ass as he fucked him.

Jisung felt his stamina slowly depleting as Shotaro fucked it out of him, his thighs easily being pushed to where they almost touched the bed.

Before he even knew it, Jisung was cumming on his their stomachs. The feeling was incredibly foreign to him, as he'd never gotten to the point of cumming before - even when he was stretching himself.

He felt as it was lasting forever, his body going limp. He couldn't even hear himself moaning, though it seemed to have an effect on Shotaro. His hips stuttered, and his pace grew slower.

Jisung could feel an odd pressure on his back, like someone was pushing down onto him. The muscles in his shoulders twitched, and he almost couldn't believe it.

It was finally happening.

His head lolled to the side as he whatched his once pearly white wings transform into a nearly jet black. He was happy, but he didn't have much time to focus as Shotaro pounded into him.

Shotaro let out a cute whine, chewing on his lip.

"J-Jisung, m'gonna cum-" Jisung braced himself, knowing exactly what had to happen next.

Shotaro forced his knot into Jisung, making him squirm. It was painful, but he didn't want to resist. He'd promised Shotaro that he could do this - it was a win-win. He forced himself to let Shotaro finish.

Jisung felt like he was going to pass out as Shotaro forced his way into him, but soon enough, he had made his way inside.

He rutted against him like a dog in heat, making him grip his arms tightly. He didn't want to tell him to stop, but the burning pain in his abdomen was telling him otherwise. He gritted his teeth, trying to keep quiet.

Shotaro swallowed heavily, trying his best to stop himself from moving too much. His breathing was shaky as he looked down at Jisung. His face was flushed and his hair was all over the place. Somewhere deep inside of Shotaro, he was proud of himself for making Jisung look like such a mess.

He carefully leaned down, hugging Jisung gently. He lapped at the soft skin at the crook of his neck - where the mating spot would be for a hybrid.

“This might hurt, Sung-“

“Just do it. I’ll be okay.” Jisung balled his fists.

Shotaro tried his best to be gentle as he bit into Jisung’s shoulder, his hips beginning to rut into Jisung unconsciously.

Jisung began to cry as he felt Shotaro’s teeth break skin, gripping the bed sheets until his knuckles turned white. He felt as if Shotaro’s biting would never end, and he could feel his warm blood dripping from the wound.

After a few moments, Shotaro parted from Jisung, slowly licking the blood away from his wound. Jisung could finally breath after what seemed like forever after Shotaro finally licked the remainder of the blood from Jisung’s shoulder.

Shotaro carefully flipped them over, grunting as Jisung squeezed around him. He rubbed Jisung’s back in an attempt to calm him down, careful to avoid his sensitive wings.

“I’m sorry that I hurt you, Sung-ah.” Jisung couldn’t see him, but he could hear the remorse in his voice. He let out a long sigh, pressing a kiss to Shotaro’s shoulder.

“It’s okay that it hurt a little, Taro hyung. We both got what we wanted.” A small smile came to Jisung’s face. They stayed silent for a few moments, relishing in each other’s warmth.

“You know, I might act different towards you from now on...” Jisung chuckled a small bit.

“I know, hyung. It’s okay.” Shotaro gently pinched at his waist.

The two laid in silence, enjoying each other’s company. Soon enough, the two fell asleep to each others heartbeats.

Chenle had been looking all over the house for Jisung. He figured that he'd gone and hid from their hyungs, but he couldn’t even find him in Taeil’s (Taeil’s room was his refuge from the Dreamies) room.

He searched every room in the Den, until he finally reached Shotaro’s room. He realized that he’d never really been into Shotaro’s room before, though he summed that up to him being a newbie.

He carefully opened the door, his eyes widening in shock. He gasped, closing the door and running back to his room.

Taeyong was going to go fucking ballistic.

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