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Be My Baby


Before I begin, Please...Do not hammer me on this. It was the first solo story I wrote, and I was immature with my writing back then. So please, Don't be too harsh. I wasn't going to post it at all, but I did. Anyways, here's the preview of the story: Kim Seokjin has just returned from school in America and he has decided to go back to his mother. After an "accident" Jin is forced to care for the Jeon kids, but what will happen with his emotion towards the Jeon's?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

A/N: Hey everyone...I know, this story is finished already...But I want to make a quick update, for those of you who Don't like my writing. This was the first book I wrote without HaRin, so I was nervous and self-concious about putting it up here on Inkitt. Please don't hammer me about this story, like I've seen before...Okay, have a good day!🥺

“Welcome to incheon airport,” the speaker said aloud as Kim Seokjin returned to South Korea. He had been studying abroad in America for the past five years.

Once Seokjin’s cab reached the home of his parents, he immediately ran to the door and knocked. “Baby boy!” his mother yelled, wrapping her arms around him.

“Hi mother, how have you been?” re replied, bringing his suitcase into his childhood home.

“I’m good honey,” his mother said, “Honey, do you remember the family you used to babysit for?” she asked walking into the kitchen.

“Of course I do mother, such good well behaved children.”

“Well,” his mother said, poking her head out of the kitchen. “Their coming over for dinner tonight,” she said, as Jin came into the kitchen and began to help make dinner.

Jin’s father had passed away several months before he was born, so he never got to meet him. His mother was left with multiple depts, but decided to send Jin away to college anyways, she thought it would bring good opportunities for her only child.

The doorbell rang as soon as they finished making dinner. Jin was setting the table as his mother ran to answer the door.

All Jin could hear was “Oh Minsoo, how are you, dear,” and “My, how big you’ve gotten!” Jin finished the table setup right when his mother walked into the dining room with the guests at her sides.

“Seokjin-ah sweety, how are you?” Mrs. Jeon stated, hugging the boy.

“Hello Mrs. Jeon,” Jin replied with a smile.

“Come say hello kids,” she yelled to the kids standing at the door.

First a boy with a black hoodie, blues jeans and long black hair walked up, he was about five foot ten.

“Hey,” he said, looking at the ground.

“Hey Jeon-guk,” Jin replied keeping his smile.

Then a younger girl, about sixteen ran up and hugged Jin. “Seokjin oppa,” she said, “I missed you!” she was about five foot six and wore a light blue t-shirt, with black skinny jeans, her hair was even longer than the boys, black but with blonde tips.

“Hey Naeyun,” Jin said remembering the little girl she was five years ago.

“Your not a child Naeyun,” the boy spoke up, “You can’t just hug random grown men like that,” he said, with a hint of agitation in his voice.

“Shut-up jeongguk!” she snapped back at him.

“Why don’t we just eat?” Jin’s mother said, trying to break the uncomfortable mood, “Where’s Minjae?” she asked.

“He couldn’t make it tonight,” Minsoo explained, “An emergency at work,” Minjae was a police officer, and oftentimes was called back into work for unknown reasons.

They began to eat dinner when Minsoo excused herself from the table, for a phone call.

Once she returned, she had tears in her eyes.

“Mimi-ah, what’s wrong?” Jin’s mother said, rushing to her friend’s side.

“Ji-na, Minjae was in an accident, I have to go to the station,” she explained, “We took a taxi here.”

“I’ll drive you,” Jins mom offered as she ran to get the car keys.

“Jin honey, will you watch the kids?”

“Yes, anytime Mrs. Jeon,” Jin replied, trying to keep his calm.

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