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Only Mine


Kim SeokJin and Kim Namjoon are two completely different individuals. For one, SeokJin is an Omega and Namjoon is an Alpha. Join in on their experiences and love for eachother in this story, Only Mine

Romance / Drama
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Kim Namjoon

School was always something Namjoon had been good at. He was the Top 5,000 in Korea and he was proud of that. Yet, he felt as if he wasn’t where he was meant to be. He didn’t want to be part of the normal everyday life like his parents. He wanted to make something of himself. He wanted to be known for more than being smart. So, whenever he had time, he wrote lyrics, and hid them in his school books. Whenever his parents found them, he would get in trouble, but he didn’t care, and he continued to write lyrics. Eventually, it became too much and he proposed this to his mother.“Mom, would you rather your son be number one or 5,000?”, he asked. He was convinced that he would become the number one rapper. His mother thought for a moment, then she sighed.“I suppose, if you really want to do this, I can’t stop you. I only ask that you be careful, and don’t get your hopes up. You may not make it”, she said.

“Don’t worry mom, I will”

And he did. He auditioned for BIgHit and became the best K-Pop rapper, known around the world for his rapping skills (of course) and his deep voice. And because of that, it attracted a lot of attention...from girls and boys. Yet, Namjoon had learned to ignore the constant attempts of flirting sent his way. Until he met one Kim Seokjin that is.

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin had never imagined being anything other than a farmer. It was his destiny, and he knew it. But when his friend, Park Chaeyoung, dragged him to a concert of some famous rapper, his ideals changed. He realized he could be much more than a farmer, if he tried. At the beginning of each concert, Namjoon would tell his story, about how he got to where he was today. It was then, that Seokjin realized, he didn’t have to be a farmer like the rest of his family, he could become anything he wanted. So, after the concert, he got online to find agencies that were holding auditions. He found a few and ultimately decided on BigHit. The auditions were close to his hometown and if he failed, he could come home and become a farmer. So he booked an audition. Finally the day came, he went to the audition, and it went as well as it could. A few days later he received a call. He was exactly what BigHit needed, and with that he packed his bags and moved to Seoul.

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