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Forever and Always


The story of Kim SeokJin and Kim NamJoon is not over yet. They have kids to take care of, and their stories are just beginning. (Note: Taehyung is the main focus of the story)

Romance / Drama
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(Fifteen years later give or take a few)

Taehyung’s POV

It’s been fifteen years since eomma gave birth to us. All of us have presented already. Well all of us except me of course. I’m a useless late bloomer, I’m probably infertile or something. Eomma said he thinks I’m an Alpha, Appa thinks I’m an Omega. Damn even uncle Hoseok and aunt Yoongi have their own opinions about me...

It’s 6:00 in the morning and were up getting ready for school. Eomma has to go to a meeting early so Appa is driving us to school on his way to work. We were in front of the school and dad stopped me in front of the car.

“Tae, I’m not going to get any calls about you cutting yourself today. Am I?” he asked

“No Appa,” I replied.

“And did you take your meds this morning?”

“Yes Appa”

As if! I’ll cut myself if I want to. If you haven’t guessed I have issues. I have to take medicine for depression. I was diagnosed with it seven years ago and I’ve been taking meds ever since. I swear, those meds make me feel like I’m dead. I’m not really living when I take them. I can barely feel anything. Like when Hyunja broke her arm, I wasn’t sad. Damn it I wasn’t anything! Or when Kookie got an award at a ceremony, I wasn’t happy or anything. I hate taking those medicines.

We were walking up to the school when Kook turned to me,

“Tae you didn’t take them did you?” he asked

“Why do you say that?” I questioned right back

“I can see it in your walk. Your a bit bouncy today,” he explained as we entered the school.

“I don’t need them Kookie, I just get sad sometimes. Everyone gets sad sometimes”

“Yeah, but you fucking slit your wrists!”

“Oh shut up Kook,” I said putting stuff in my locker.

Jungkook can be so annoying sometimes. He’s an Alpha so he’s pushy and loud, but he acts like a senile Omega sometimes and it’s so fucking annoying.

I took two bottles of liquid and my jacket from my bag.

“What’s that?” he asked

“Hair dye,” I replied

“You need help,” he said, “See you in class Tae”

He began to walk in the opposite direction of me. I entered the private bathroom and wetted up my hair. Twenty five minutes later I exited the bathroom with my jacket on and my hood pulled all the way over my head.

Class wasn’t bad. The teachers didn’t bother me about the hood. I didn’t eat lunch cause that shit is nasty and I got in a fight with an annoying ass bitch named Baekhyun. I swear he’s so fucking annoying.

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