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Forever and Always


Seokjin’s POV

When the kids got home I could tell there was something wrong. Taehyung hid in his hood, he was walking slumped and he seemed sad. He didn’t take his meds did he.

“Tae honey come here,” I said from my place on the couch. Hyun Jae and Jennie ran up to their room. Jeongguk came out of his, going to the kitchen.

“Yes eomma,” Taehyung replied, sitting down next to me.

“Tae baby… did you take your medicine this morning?”

“No Eomma. I didn’t”

“Thought so,” I said rubbing his back, “Honey you know the rules”

“I know but I don’t care, they don’t feel good”

“Honey you need to,” I said looking at the rim of his hood. A piece of hair fell out and he quickly tucked it back in.

“Tae what did you do to your hair,” I recalled seeing a slight bit of grey.

“Mom it’s nothing,” He replied

“What’s nothing?” Namjoon replied walking in the door

“He did something to his hair,” I said, as Namjoong sat down in a chair.

He looked at Taehyung and shook his head.

“Taehyung take the hood off,” he said

“I didn’t do anything… there’s no point”

“If you didn’t do anything then there should be no problem with taking your hood off,” I said to my annoyed child.

“I got it!” Jeongguk yelled pulling the hood off his brother.


Hyunjae and Jennie came downstairs at this point, their eyes going wide at the sight of their brother's grey hair.

“It’s just dye,” he said shrugging, “There’s no big deal”

“Ooh, I’m sending a picture of this to Kassie and Taemin,” Jungkook said snapping a picture.

“No, you’re not!” Taehyung yelled standing up, and chasing Jungkook down the hallway.

“Joonie we need to talk about him… I mean he hasn’t been taking his meds and he dyed his hair. He’s just acting out so much with the constant arguing… Namjoon do you think he’s ready to present soon?” I asked with a scared look on my face.

“I don’t know Jinnie,” Namjoon replied, “If he is then I don’t know”

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