Chapter 9

Orxon was quite angry, to say the least. Just as soon as Veerah had joined their company, the Ta-Matoran known as Rurak seemed to enjoy teasing him about his female company. But Orxon wasn’t developing feelings for her, at least he didn’t think he did, but still for some reason he didn’t like what Rurak was trying to say since he felt it was completely unnecessary. However, this time the Ta-Matoran captain actually went silent when all Orxon did was sending him an angry glare, which quite frankly surprised both of them.

Suddenly they heard the doors were slammed open. Curious of whom or what felt the need to disturb at this early hour, they all turned towards the source of the sound. When he caught the sight of the two beings that entered the inn, he immediately froze still, with his hands clenching and a look of hate and anger spreading across his mask. He recognized the two beings as part of the army that Narzhul had brought with him to destroy his home island, Kastra Nui.

The two Toa-like beings were scanning the room with their orange and lifeless eyes, and while they didn’t seem to notice him, his sight was so caught up with these arrivers that he never noticed when Veerah turned back and shock fully saw the anger and hate in his eyes. The two beings walked up to the counter, with the male Vortixx bartender cleaning a mug behind it. Which he always seemed to do, Orxon noted.

“Orxon!” Veerah whispered to him, snapping his attention away from the beings and turning it towards her instead. His hands opened up again and his facial expression turned to something more neutral.

“Are those…?” She didn’t finish the sentence, but he knew perfectly well what she asked. He neither answered nor nodded his head, but the look in his eyes told her everything.

“If that’s the case, I think we should get the Karzahni out of here!” Rurak said as quietly as possible. Orxon agreed, while there were only two of them, at this moment he was the only one able to fight them, and even then there was the possibility that Orxon would completely lose his temper and if that happened… There was no way of telling how that would go. Besides, even just one of those had turned up to be enough against a Toa.

The trio got up from their seats and made their way to the doors as quickly as possible. Before he went out, Orxon looked back at the two beings and saw that one of them was holding a tight grip on the bartender’s throat, who consequently was pointing at their direction. The two beings turned around to face him, and the one who held the bartender threw him away.

“Run!” Orxon yelled, and when he saw the two beings starting to walk towards him, he used his power of gravity to hold them up on the spot before turning to catch up with Veerah and Rurak. He knew it wouldn’t stop them for long, but hopefully he had been able to buy them some time.

Rurak had taken the lead, since it was his ship they were going to after all. Unfortunately, while he certainly was running as fast as he possibly could, his much shorter legs meant neither Orxon nor Veerah were able to run at their fastest. It didn’t go as fast as he would have liked to, and he looked back every once in a while to see if the two beings were after them. They were not, which troubled him more than if they were right behind him.

Orxon also noticed that, while there weren’t many up and going about at this hour, the ones who did cast looks of suspicion at them but didn’t react anyhow aside from that. He could only hope that they wouldn’t catch the attention of any guards, since that would complicate matters greatly.

They ran through the alleys, making sharp turns when possible in order to hopefully confuse their pursuers (although they hadn’t seemed to catch up them thus far). They were lucky that not too many others were out at this time, since it usually was pretty crowded. Things were going almost too well, and finally they arrived at the docks.

Rurak’s ship was easily spotted, since it was the one that looked to be in worse condition of all ships at the dock. How it still hadn’t sunk was honestly a mystery, but it was the best they could get for now and at least it would float. It wasn’t the biggest ship around either, but it was still quite large considering that Rurak was the only crew of that ship. How it all worked out made no sense for Orxon, but if it worked for his friend then he wouldn’t question it.

Orxon looked back, and when he did he could feel his heart sink. He saw that one of the mysterious beings had picked up their trail and was heading for the docks as well. The other one was nowhere to be seen, which troubled him a lot. But there was nothing he could do about the disappeared one; however he could deal with the one charging towards him.

Orxon decided it was time to stop running and time to fight. He knew there would take some time for Rurak to cast his ship off, probably not much but enough so that the charging being could cause some problems. He drew his sword, and locked his eyes on the incoming target. Last time, it had been with screams and the smell of fire around him, and with complete surprise at what had just happened. But not this time, for this time he was prepared to fight this… thing.

Veerah had noticed that Orxon had stopped, and she stopped as well. She was about to get back to him when he turned his head around towards her.

“Help Rurak with making the ship ready to go, I’ll hold it off as long as possible,” he ordered her. She stopped for a second, thinking about ignoring his words. But she knew that she couldn’t contribute to this fight, she had no weapon and her power of Psionics was most likely useless against these… what seemed to be lifeless beings. She turned back around to catch up with the Ta-Matoran, all the while wishing that she hadn’t lost her weapon…

As the being came closer to him, he saw how its right hand transformed into a blade, which it raised in the air before striking it down at the awaiting Toa. Orxon blocked it with his own sword, and quickly made a thrust against his opponent. The being dodged out of the way and at the same time sliced its blade against his upper left leg. He winced slightly in pain, but fortunately for him the blade hadn’t gotten very far in, making just a light wound.

He kicked against his opponents gut, but it barely moved at all while showing no reaction whatsoever. Instead, it grabbed his leg and pulled it towards itself with enough force to make Orxon land on his back. He quickly rolled to his left, just barely missing the blade that had headed towards him. He used his power over Gravity to make his opponent lighter, and managed to push it back a little. He quickly stood up, sword held tightly in his grip, and circled around his foe. It just followed him with its head, its lifeless eyes looking into his, making him feel uneasy.

It struck against him without warning, but thanks to his reflexes Orxon managed to block it just in time before it impaled his chest. He pushed his foe back a bit, creating some space between them, and then he did something that Toa wouldn’t do. He pretended that he would strike at its chest, which it prepared to block, but then he quickly made a swipe against its leg. It fell on its knee, creating an opening for him to do something else that Toa wouldn’t do.

The head of the being landed heavily on the ground, but what Orxon saw next shocked him. There was no blood or anything like that; instead several sparks flew from both the body and the head, while also showcasing what looked to be cords. The eyes on the head were flickering, and the body was slightly twitching before completely dying.

Orxon gaped at what he just had seen, for it wasn’t like anything he had seen before. He had figured that these beings weren’t really alive, judging mostly by their lifeless eyes, but he wasn’t really sure if this was what he expected. He turned around to get to the awaiting ship, but he stopped and looked back at its head. If this being was entirely mechanical, he figured there would be some sort of database or something like that in its head, which despite his lack of knowledge as far as technology was concerned could still prove useful. Mulling over his options quickly, he picked up the head before heading towards the ship.

The other mechanical being hadn’t shown up yet, but he wasted no time getting to the ship. While the wound on his upper leg was light, it did hurt and prevented him from running at his fastest speed. Maybe the blade had struck deeper then he fought, something he didn’t rule out since he felt the adrenaline from the battle slowly fading. When he got close to the end of the dock where Rurak had placed his ship, Veerah ran up to him.

“Are you alright?” she asked, while glancing towards his newly acquired wound.

“I’m fine, it’s just a minor flesh wound,” Orxon replied, completely leaving out the part that for a minor wound it was still somewhat hurting.

“Is that…” she then said, noting the head he was holding in his hands. The look on her face was of slight disgust, which he couldn’t really blame her for. Seeing someone carrying a decapitated head was probably not the most pleasant sight.

“Well, it did turn out these beings are mechanical, hence why they didn’t seem to be…”

“Lookout!” Veerah screamed. Orxon turned around, to see the other mechanical being running straight at them. Without thinking, he grabbed Veerah and threw them against the dock. The being ran past them and before it could stop or turn around, it fell off the dock and landed in the water with a splash.

Orxon saw how the being had fallen from the dock, and couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. It was then he became aware that he was lying on top of Veerah. He quickly scrambled up on his feet and being too embarrassed to even look at her when he helped her back to her feet as well.

Both of the two Toa were blushing hard, while neither of them noticed the other was blushing as well. They walked up towards the edge of dock to try and catch a glimpse of the mechanical being. The water was too dark to see through however, but they somehow doubted it would resurface. Then Orxon finally broke the silence.

“Let’s go.”

For now, there wasn’t anything more to say. They got up on the ship, and Rurak casted off to sail away from the docks and towards the open sea. As the ship was sailing on, Orxon walked to the ship’s stern to take one final glance of Xia as they departed. He was simply standing there, taking in the sight, until Veerah walked up right next to him. He turned to look at her, and couldn’t help but to smile. She was smiling back. They seemed to both have forgotten the recent and embarrassing moment. Neither of them said anything, but the look in their eyes told them enough. They were glad to have each other’s back, as well as finally leaving this island..

Above them, Rurak was looking at the two Toa standing next to each other. He was grinning from ear to ear, knowing that he had been right all along. Did Orxon really believe he could fool Captain Rurak of all people so easily?

“Just a matter of time…” the Ta-Matoran mumbled to himself. He then turned back to the task at hand, which was navigating on the sea. He smelled the air, taking in the scent of the ocean like he always did. His home was truly out in the sea, despite the ironic situation given the fact he was a Ta-Matoran.

Now, where might that Great White Takea Shark be at,he thought to himself. If he had turned to his right and carefully looked out at a certain spot, he would maybe have spotted a white fin cutting through the surface. But he didn’t.

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