Chapter 1

She didn't look back as she ran.

There was no need for that, because she knew they were still after her. She could hear them shout to another, and sometimes their shouts were directly aimed towards her.

If only they hadn't managed to take her weapon away… Although with her lack of combat experience, it would probably have made no big difference anyway. Especially since she was being hunted by a group of ruthless Skakdi who had taken her captive, only because she had happened to show up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

She tried to activate her mask power, since speed would be tremendously helpful in this situation. Unfortunately, she had yet to learn how activate her mask. She tried desperately to activate it as she ran, but it didn’t seem to work even in the hour of need.

The fact that she was getting tired didn't help at all.

Just my luck… she thought to herself.

It would have helped slightly if she knew exactly where she was. She was surrounded by a dense forest, that she was aware of, but what island she currently was on she had no clue of. Her captors hadn’t spoken much when they were sailing on the sea, and it was with sheer luck she had managed to escape.

But at this rate, her luck was starting to run out.

She took a quick glance backwards, and while she could still hear the Skakdi, the trees were obscuring the line of sight between them.

She took a chance, and darted to the side towards some bushes right next to a tree. She concealed herself as good as possible behind the bushes, hoping that they would just pass by.

They didn’t. Of course they didn't…

There were two of them, scanning around them.

“Where’d she go?!” one of them exclaimed, looking furious.

“She can’t be far of…” the other one muttered.

They were about to continue forward, when she accidentally moved her foot and broke a twig. The two Skakdi turned towards her direction as they heard the sound. As they moved closer, she had no other option than to run again.

Luck really is not on my side. She dashed away, but she almost immediately tripped on root. Before she could get up, the Skakdi had come up to her with huge grins on their faces.

“There you are!” one of them exclaimed happily, while the other one put the bag back over her head. Next thing she knew, they gave a hard blow to her head, knocking her unconscious.

Everything was dark, and he could barely see anything. He was battling an enemy, but he could only see the silhouettes of his foe. No matter how he tried, he was unable to hit his enemy as his attacks only got blocked one by one. As the battle dragged on, he felt he was getting more tired and weaker. Suddenly, his enemy hit his sword hand with his weapon, and he screamed as his hand fell of his arm.

He fell on his knee, clutching the stub of his arm. As his enemy pointed his weapon against him, he knew it was over. The enemy raised his weapon and was about to struck it down with force. Suddenly, he heard a distant scream, someone shouted his name his name but he didn’t recognize who it was. As the tip of the weapon came close, time seemed to move slower, almost like someone was using a Vahi. He closed his eyes, and prepared for the strike that would take his life…

Orxon woke up gasping. He quickly reached for his sword and rose to a battle stance in just one second. Soon he realized no one was attacking him, it was just a dream. He dropped the sword and sat on the ground.

That dream again... He couldn’t understand why he was haunted by that terrible dream, or what it could possibly mean. Was it a foresight of the future, or was it just something he was afraid would happen? Whatever it was, he shrugged it off.

Almost a year had passed since the massacre at his home island, Kastra Nui, and ever since then he hadn't rested much at all. He had stayed true to his oath, he was going to find and kill Narzhul. But the Makuta surely didn’t want to be found. There had been no trace of where he had disappeared to. There wasn't even any trace of his army, which was strange since it was a big one Narzhul had brought with him to Kastra Nui.

However, he was getting closer. According to some information that he had gotten from a… informant, a Skakdi mercenary warlord by the name of Akron just recently had fulfilled a contract with Narzhul, and he may have some information about Narzhul's current whereabouts. Why a Skakdi would know of it was strange, over the course of the year he had tracked down several beings in contact with the Makuta, but so far he had no clue what the connection between them was.

He had it planned now. Finding the Skakdi wasn't easy, but he had managed to find out a pattern in the warlords movements. If the pattern would hold, Akron would be with his little war party at the southern end of Xia, home Island of the Vortixx. Xia was an industrialized island, however the southern end wasn't very populated, which made it a great hideout for mercenary’s like Akron. Since he was already awake, he decided it was best to get to where the Skakdi warlord was supposed to be.

When Orxon had arrived to the location Akron was supposed to be a few hours later, there was no one there except for himself. Fortunately, a part of his plan was to arrive before Akron and his war party so he could scout the area and know what positions was best to strike from.

Once he found a good spot, he sat down and rested by a tree nearby. If, or when, the war party arrived Orxon would see them, but they wouldn’t see him unless they knew where to look. Now it was just to wait until they arrived, and then wait some more until the Skakdi had let their guard down, and then he would strike.

As he waited, he once again thought back to the horrible day where... it happened. He could still hear the screams of Matoran being burnt to death, and swords that went through the ones who did not get burned alive. All Matoran, all Turaga, the rest of the Toa, and all his friends were dead.

They were dead, because a psycho maniac had decided to destroy the population on his home island. But there was one thing Orxon never could grasp, why did Narzhul do it? Their island had stayed well enough out of the ongoing conflicts around the universe, and was of no strategic value either. But there was no clear motive behind the Makuta’s action, or at least it wasn’t clear to Orxon.

And then, he started to think of his life before... that day. He remembered how peaceful it was, and the beautiful forests and the rivers going through the island. He also remembered his friends, who were part of his Toa team. Sometimes, some of them would get him laugh and smile, and sometimes he would just get annoyed by their childish pranks.

And then there was Kirala... who was the best friend that he ever could have asked for. She always made him crack up in a smile whenever they spent time together, and he could share almost everything with her. She was just so... calm and she really had a soft heart. The others would usually tease him for being straight up in love, but the truth was he never was in love with her. Sure, she was really close to him and he would do anything for her, but he never felt like she was his soul mate or anything like that. They had just been friends, and Orxon had been happy about it.

But the worst thing was, he never found her body, so he hadn’t been able give her the proper burial that she at least deserved to have. Although a small part of him hoped that she had made it out alive, he was pretty sure she never did. All he could hope for was that her death was quick and painless, but he guessed it was too much to ask for a victim of Narzhul.

Suddenly, he heard movements and voices. He looked up from his hiding spot, and saw four Skakdi setting up camp by a river. Three of them looked like an average Skakdi, but the other one, who was barking orders at the others, was a bit larger and looked more ferocious. That one was obviously Akron. Now he just had to wait for the perfect timing….
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