Chapter 2

Almost an hour had passed, and he was still sitting in the same position. He was still watching the Skakdi warlord and his hirelings, waiting for the right moment to strike.

The four Skakdi sat around their little campfire, eating something that Orxon couldn’t see what it was, while they were talking to each other. He had hoped they would have removed their weapons, but it wasn't really surprising their weapons were close to them. But it wouldn’t matter anyway. He could see that they were relaxed and unsuspecting, and he figured now was the right moment.

Orxon slowly rose from his sitting position and started to make his way to the camp very quietly. The Skakdi were too busy to notice him, and after what felt like an eternity, he had made his way behind their camp. The four Skakdi had their backs turned to him. As he drew his sword as quietly as possible, he overheard their conversation.

“What’s taking them so long?” one of the mercenaries muttered.

“Beats me, it wasn’t like they were given a hard task to begin with,” another one said.

“Yeah, that Toa girl barely resisted at all,” Akron said, and with a grin added “I can’t wait until they bring her here.”

Upon hearing this, Orxon felt sick right to the core. He had heard stories of this gang, but not of something like this. But it made him even surer of his plan with the warlord.

“I must say, you really disgust me.”

The Skakdi all rose up and drew their weapons. Akron was carrying a huge war hammer, while his hirelings were carrying swords axes. One of them even had both a sword and an axe in his hand. They were all shocked to see a Toa had sneaked up on them.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Akron said with a cruel voice. “Another Toa to bring us justice, or whatever. Oh, and it looks like this one is all alone too. You have a death wish or something, Toa? Actually, I don't care. Bring him down, boys!”

The three Skakdi hirelings were moving closer, and Akron was obviously just going to watch his hirelings do the work for him. They were just thinking he was another, average Toa.

Too bad for them he wasn’t an average Toa.

He quickly rushed forward against the hirelings, and before any of them could react, he put his sword through one of the hireling’s stomach. He could see the shock and confusion in the Skakdi's eyes, and the others were probably feeling the same thing.

He dropped the soon to be dead body and made himself ready for the other two warriors. Their shock almost immediately changed to a rage when they shouted their battle cries. Orxon prepared himself for their charge. He used his gravity power on the Skakdi that were dual wielding his weapons, since he didn’t feel like fighting a brute like that at the same time as the other. He knew however that he wouldn't be able to keep the brute like this for long. Fortunately for him, the Skakdi rushing towards him was so blinded by rage, he didn't see Orxon's sword coming through his chest.

“This is too easy...” Orxon muttered himself. Skakdi were known for being though, but these ones were not living up to the reputation of their species. But then he released his power of gravity on the brutish Skakdi, and he smiled for himself.

This one should be a challenge. If there was something Orxon loved, it was a challenge.

The brute charged forward with both his sword and axe, and Orxon quickly dodged to the left. The brute attempted to strike his legs, but Orxon jumped before he could lose his legs. He then quickly followed it up with a slash against the brute's arm, but it was easily blocked. Orxon quickly tried another slash against the brute's head, but it was also blocked. And before he could react, the brute swung his axe against Orxon's sword with a lot of power, sending the sword flying in the air and landed about three meters from them.

Orxon decided to once again use his power of gravity to hold the brute against the ground. He made a note about where his sword was lying, and then started to back his way to his sword. What he didn't see though was the body of one of the dead Skakdi, and he fell against the corpse while losing control over the brute. As the brute began to rise up, Orxon knew he wouldn't be able to use his power of gravity again; he would be cut in half before he could stand on his legs.

He threw himself against his sword, grabbed its handle and swung hard and fast against what he hoped would be the brute. He heard his sword make contact with the brutes flesh, and then heard a thud as its head hit the ground.

Orxon raised himself up and made his way to the Skakdi's camp. Akron tried to run, but Orxon used his power of gravity once again to keep him to the ground. When he reached the warlord, he stomped his foot on the warlords chest. Akron screamed in pain, but was silenced when he realized Orxon's sword was pointing against his throat.

“Wha... what do yo… you want?” the warlord stuttered. How shameful it was. Orxon had heard a lot of things about Akron, that he was one of the most feared Skakdi warlords. Before him, this same warlord was lying there with fear in his eyes.

“There are rumors that you just recently fulfilled a contract for a Makuta known as Narzhul. I want know where that worm is hiding” he simply said. Akron looked up to him, now with confusion in his eyes.

“Nar... Narzhul? I don't know who he...

“Don't lie to me!” Orxon yelled.

“Okay, okay! Take it easy...” Akron swallowed, and then opened his mouth to speak again.

“If... if I tell you... will you let me go?” Now Orxon started to think this Skakdi started to become even more pathetic.

“Sure...” Orxon replied. This made Akron a bit more confident.

“I... I don't know exactly where this... guy is, but he gave me the contract on Stelt. It was in an abandoned fort, a ruin, in the very northeast of the island. He said something about... that “it will end where it began”. I swear I don't know what it means!”

“It will end where it began...” Orxon muttered for himself. Upon hearing those words, he had a feeling he knew what they meant. But why? Why would he go back to Kastra Nui? And why did he say these words to Akron? Did he know their paths were going to cross? And why would he want to be found after all this time?

It didn't make any sense to him at all, but then again, nothing Narzhul had done made sense to him. And now, he had to care of another, less important matter. He looked back to the Skakdi warlord.

“Thank you for your cooperation” he said, and raised his sword. Akron's eyes widened of both shock and fear.

“You promised you would release me! And Toa never kill or break their promises!” Obviously neglecting he had just before killed three of his hirelings.

“Who said I was a Toa?” Orxon replied with a calm voice and he struck down his sword through the warlord’s chest.

The dead Skakdi’s eyes stared up at him. He drew his sword out from the Skakdi’s chest, and looked at the blood on his blade.

This wasn't the first time he had taken lives. In fact, at this point he had taken many. Sure, it was just mercenaries and rogue soldiers that made their living by others misery, but was he really right to take their lives? Normal Toa wouldn't have killed them. But Orxon wasn't a “normal” Toa; he had abandoned the Toa Code after the massacre on his home island. But as long as it brought him closer to exact his vengeance on Narzhul, it didn’t matter.

Or did it? Being used to killing was one thing, but his conscience growing with guilt was a different thing. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he could live with himself anymore. The only thing that kept him sane was his goal, but once, or rather if, he succeeded, then what? He didn’t have an answer for that, and he tried hard not to think about it.

He started to wipe the blood of his blade, and on the blade his own reflection looked back at him. A black Kanohi Arthron with purple stripes was placed over his face, and behind that mask shined yellow eyes that were showing tiredness. It was only now that he realized how tired he really was. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gotten a good amount of sleep.

With his… business concluded, he left the camp and ventured towards the woods. Right now, it seemed that the end was about to begin. Soon he would finally have his chance to get his vengeance on the twisted Makuta.

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