Chapter 5

As they reached the port town, the night began to creep around them. Since the stars couldn't be seen, it was obvious that this night would be very dark.

“Stay close, you never know what kind of creeps are lurking in the shadows” Orxon said quietly. While this port town was a good looking one, it was known for having the biggest crime sprees in all of Xia. And to make it worse, the town was completely corrupt. It was impossible to lay trust on someone, without getting robbed or possibly thrown into jail. The only way to not run into trouble was to have a lot of money, which of course very few in this town had. And they surely didn't have much coin.

“This place is creeping me out... It feels like we're being watched,” Veerah said. Orxon felt the same thing, but didn’t say anything. He was used to it by now. And if you felt like someone was watching you in this place, it was pretty much guaranteed that someone was indeed watching you. He tried to scan the area after anyone hiding in the alleys or on the rooftops, but couldn't see anything.

But other than looking for someone, or something, he tried to just focus on getting to the tavern in the town. If they stopped beforehand, someone would probably try to rob them, and he was pretty sure that he would lose control over himself and kill the bastard. Thus, making them unwelcome in the town and getting the city guards on their heels, which could potentially end in more bloodshed.

After his talk with Veerah, he had realized that he had to stop the killing. He didn't feel good after killing someone, so he just didn’t see any point of killing anymore. But before meeting with Veerah, he didn't have any thoughts at all about stop killing others. But his thoughts had changed ever since he met her. It was amazing how a meeting with another person could make him think in another way than before.

Suddenly, several beings appeared from the dark alleys and circulated around the two Toa. What surprised them was the fact that it was a group of four Skakdi, and they recognized two of them. It was the Skakdi that had captured Veerah, and it was also the Skakdi that had belonged to a war party that Orxon thought he had destroyed. This couldn’t possibly end well.

The biggest of the Skakdi walked forward.

“So, I hear that you are the one that scared these milk drinkers,” he said while looking at the two Skakdi they recognized, who seemed to show shame in their faces. “I couldn't care less about those weaklings, but what I do care about is the fact that you killed our leader. I care about it, because now I've taken control of what’s left of this little war party. So for that I thank you, but I'm afraid we have to get rid of you. You did after all kill four of our comrades, and you also took our price!” The big Skakdi pointed at Veerah, which didn't make her happy at all since he just simply referred her as a “price”, a thing, and not a person. Orxon motioned for her to get behind him.

“So you want her? I'm afraid I have to say no to that, and if you really want her, you have to get past me,” he said while drawing his sword. He had no intention to kill these Skakdi, but he was prepared to do it if it became absolutely necessary. However, the big Skakdi just started to laugh, which confused Orxon.

“What's so funny? I killed your leader... I mean your previous leader, and his three bodyguards I suppose, shouldn’t you be afraid of me then?” The big Skakdi just laughed at him.

“Our previous leader was the weakest of us, anyone could have killed him. You will not stand a chance against me, for I'm going to crush you like a little bug!” The big Skakdi then drew the biggest hammer Orxon had seen in his entire life.

He knew this couldn't end well.

The three other Skakdi surrounded them, and thus cutting of any potential escape routes. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't worry too much about the situation, except for the fact that he could potentially be crushed. However, this wasn't a normal circumstance. This time it was the Skakdi who had the advantage, they had surrounded him and Veerah. And that was another factor. He didn't know how well the Toa of Psionics did in combat, and the Skakdi had also managed to get away with her weapon. Although she could use her Toa power to her advantage, it would be hard against these four Skakdi.

But Orxon had gotten an idea.

“How about this, we'll challenge each other. Just the two of us. If I win, you will let us go. But if you win, I suppose you can take her,” he said. Orxon knew that if the big Skakdi accepted this challenge, the odds would be more even than before.

He caught a glimpse of Veerah, and she had reacted somewhat to his words. She didn't say anything or show some expressions, though. He knew that if he would get them out of here, he would have to be very careful of his words. He would of course never let the Skakdi get away with her, and this was simply just a way to give the Skakdi a good enough reason to accept his challenge, so they wouldn't have to fight all four of them at once. But he also hoped that Veerah wouldn't be too offended by his words.

The Skakdi thought for a few seconds, before he gave a reply.

“Well, I guess I'll accept your challenge, I doubt these milk drinkers would do anything good anyway,” the Skakdi said. Without warning, the Skakdi swung his hammer against Orxon. The Toa of Gravity barely dodged the big hammer. Although he had decreased the amount of Skakdi, this wouldn't be an easy fight. The Skakdi swung his hammer again, and Orxon dodged the hammer again by jumping back. He tried to use his power of gravity to make the hammer become heavier, and while it seemed to work at first, the mighty Skakdi suddenly lifted his hammer with such strength that it caught Orxon off-guard. The Skakdi used this to his advantage and kicked the Toa hard, sending hem several feet away.

Orxon slowly rose back to his feet, but just as he prepared to strike the Skakdi with his sword, the Skakdi punched him hard in his stomach. Orxon collapsed to the ground, and before he could do anything else, the Skakdi put one foot on his chest. When Orxon saw the big Skakdi lift his huge hammer for the final blow, he knew it was over. He had failed his home island, his friends, and worst of all, he had failed Veerah.

All he could do now was to close his eyes and wait for it to be over.

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