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By theunknownspirit02

Action / Drama

Chapter 1

"Rain, of all things why rain?!" Kakashi thought to himself as he jumped through the trees with Pakkun slightly ahead of him. "Pakkun, do you still have their scent?"

Pakkun replied "It's fading fast but I've still got it. We're closing in on them."

With those words, Kakashi and Pakkun doubled their speed. "Don't either of you die on me, Naruto, Sasuke …..please."

They continued jumping through the trees for what seemed like days before hearing a bloodcurdling scream echo across the forest. It was a combination of sadness, horror and anger and it made both Kakashi and Pakkun stop in their tracks and shutter. The scream raged on for about a minute before disappearing. This left Kakashi in an extremely worried state. Not because of what it sounded like but because the scream was from the voice of Naruto Uzumaki.

"Kakashi?" Pakkun asked visibly worried about his master.

"We need to get there NOW!" Kakashi stated before dashing off toward the Valley as fast as he possibly could.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kakashi finally arrived at the Valley of the End, and what he saw horrified him.

The Valley looked like it had been the battlefield of a Shinobi War . The whole valley had been beaten, and brutalized. Craters and debris littered the landscape and the feet of the statues of Madara and Hashirama had been reduced to nothing more than rubble. At the center of it all laid the body of a young boy. The body itself was in disastrous condition. Bones were broken and out of place, clothes were torn to bits and the skin was almost completely charred from heat. To many people who once knew him, the body would appear unrecognizable, that is accept for one key aspect. The eyes of the Sharingan. There were only three living people who had access to such eyes. One was a wanted criminal, one was the Leaf Village's Copy Ninja, and the other was Sasuke Uchiha. This was the body of the latter.

Pakkun with some reluctance went over to sniff the body. A moment later he nodded his head to Kakashi, looking visibly saddened.

Kakashi slowly walked over to the body to try and get confirmation that it wasn't his student but it didn't help. Even with all the injuries the body sustained, Kakashi still recognized it as Sasuke, the eyes being a dead giveaway. Without saying a word, he kneeled down and closed his pupils' eyes for the last time. He was quiet for a moment before speaking again.

"Where's Naruto?" Kakashi asked with great difficulty taking his eyes off Sasuke to look around for his other pupil praying he wasn't also dead.

"Kakashi, the rain washed away Naruto's scent. I can't smell him. He's gone."

Kakashi hearing this immediately took out a storage scroll and sealed Sasuke's body into it.

"Kakashi I wish I could do more but with this rain I won't be able to find him." Pakkun stated sadly.

"It's okay Pakkun." Kakashi stated drearily as he put the scroll back in his pack. "I'll find him."

Pakkun immediately dispelled himself and Kakashi charged into the surrounding forest.

"Naruto….. Where are you?"

A few miles away from the Valley, the figure a young boy about thirteen years old was limping through the forest alone. While the body of Sasuke was in far worse condition, the figure wasn't much better off. His clothes had been ripped apart revealing multiple cuts and scratches across his body, and his right arm looked completely mangled. He was also breathing extremely hard courtesy of a Black Chidori that fried his lungs. This figure was Naruto Uzumaki, Genin of the Hidden Leaf Village, Jinchuriki of the Kyubi…. and he had just killed his best friend.

"I killed him. I killed him. I killed him." These were the thoughts that were running through Naruto's mind as he limped on nonstop.

"I didn't mean to." Naruto thought to himself trying to find a solace of comfort.

"Yes you did." A voice in his head replied. "You know damn well that you meant to kill him."

"Shut up."

"Why should I when I am simply stating the truth. You meant to kill him with my power. That's why you asked for it."

"Shut Up! I just wanted to bring him back to the Village. I didn't want to….."

"Ah, but you DID! I live in your mind child! I know your thoughts better than you do. You can deny it all you want, but the fact still remains, you wanted him dead. And now he is."

Naruto didn't reply to this and just tried to ignore the Kyubi.

"You can ignore me until the end of your days child, but you know that you will never be forgiven for what you've done. That pink haired friend of yours will be out for your blood. Your sensei will hate you for killing his favorite student. The Village will expel you from the Ninja program and exile you if they don't kill you. Either way, your time is over. " The Kyubi finished smiling and enjoying every syllable of what he just said.

Naruto stopped limping and just stood still for a moment not saying a word before coming to a conclusion.

"You're right."

"Of course I am child I am never wrong." The Kyubi stated simply.

"The Village will hate me, Sakura will hate me, Kakashi will hate me, everyone will."

"Yes child. Everyone will."

"And if they won't exile me they will probably kill me if I return.'

"Correct mortal, you will most surely die if you go back."

"That settles it then… I'm going back."

"WHAT?! Did you just not here yourself?" The Kyubi yelled surprised and outraged.

"I know that I will never be forgiven for what I've done. But I don't want to spend the rest of my life on the run. I will go back and face consequences for what I've done. And as an added bonus if they do kill me, you die too." Naruto replied with a smile.

"NO! I will not allow you to just go back and di….Child we are being watched."

Naruto hearing this initially thought it was one of the ninjas from his group but immediately put up his guard when he turned and saw something rising out of the ground. Said THING was a half black half white humanoid incased in what looked to be some sort of fly trap. Oddly enough none of these anomalies was what worried Naruto the most. No the robe of Red clouds was what did the trick.

"See I told you we should have rushed him and knocked him out. Now this makes things a whole lot harder."The white half complained.

"It doesn't matter. He's still too injured to put up a decent fight. It will be over soon enough."The black half reassured his white colleague.

"What are you?" Naruto asked nervously,

"We are Zetsu. And we have decided that you will come with us Mr. Uzumaki." The black side replied ominously.

"Kakashi sir, Over here." A medical ninja called to the one eyed Jonin.

Kakashi hearing this went over to him. "Have you located Naruto yet?"

"Negative sir, we scoured this entire part of the forest and nothing. We found all of the other genin though. They've been taken back to the village. We also haven't spotted Sasuke either sir." The medical ninja finished

"Don't worry about Sasuke, focus all of your attention on locating Naruto." Kakashi commanded. "I'm going to check the other side of the Valley."

"Sir, before you go you should know. Three genin left the village to find Sasuke and Naruto on their own a few hours ago. We've been ordered to find them as well."

"Who were they?" Kakashi asked nervously.

"Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, and Shino Aburame, sir. The Hyuga and Aburame have already sent out search parties of their own to help.

"Damn it! Who the Hell told them about this?!"

"We don't know sir. We just got the report a few minutes ago. The theory is that they got worried about the mission taking too long and decided to go out on their own."

"All right you continue your search here. Tell the Hyuga and Aburame to search the West side of the Valley, if you don't find them within two hours, regroup back at the Village and send out the Anbu." Kakashi ordered.

"Yes sir." The medical ninja replied before dashing off.

"Damn it Sakura!" Kakashi yelled aloud.

"You're sure this is the right way?" Sakura called back to Shino.

"My bugs don't get many things wrong. Naruto is about twenty miles north of here, a few miles past the Valley of the End." Shino replied emotionlessly has they jumped through the trees.

"Okay, Hinata once we get closer, we're going to need your Byakugan to find Naruto and Sasuke." Sakura called up to Hinata who was a few feet ahead of them."

" G-got it Sakura!" Hinata called back before they all doubled their speed each having different but similar thoughts on their minds.

"Naruto please be okay."

"Naruto, Sasuke please be alright."

"I have a bad feeling about this."

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