Chapter 10

Not one second after Kaiyo noticed the burning smell, a huge bang echoed throughout the Hyuga compound. Before they had time to regain their bearings, a Dark Fire erupted through the Hyuga compound faster than anything Kaiyo had ever seen. One second she thought it was getting hotter and the next Neji's room was engulfed in black flame. Naruto was the first to react.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

A hundred clones burst into existence and surrounded them from the blaze.

"What the Hell is this?!"

" I don't know." Kaiyo replied activating her Byakugan. "But it's all over the Compound!"

As the inferno moved in closer, one of the Naruto was ignited and quickly burst into smoke.

"Damn that stuffs fast!"

"Its getting closer!"

"Naruto blast a hole into the roof. We'll get out that way."A new voice shouted.


"Just do it. I'll give you a few seconds." The now moving Neji said jumped between the clones.


Neji began to spin at a quickening pace and an aura of chakra began to surround the group from the flames. Creating a second layer of protection.


"I'm on it!" Naruto said completing a Rasengan and leaping into the air. The resulting explosion made Hinata and Kaiyo shield their eyes.

"It's clear up here but we have to hurry!" Naruto called down to the group.

"Hinata go!" Kaiyo urged her niece as sweat poured down her head. A dozen more clones were incinerated as the flames drew closer.


Hinata jumped through the hole and onto the roof.

"Kaiyo, Neji c'mon!" Naruto and Hinata shouted down to the pair.

Neji slowed his rotation to a stop as the last of the clones threw Kaiyo up to the pair.

Neji gave his room one last look around before leaping out.

Kaiyo went into a coughing fit as soon as she breathed in fresh air much to Neji's worry.


"I'm (cough) fine (cough)Neji." She managed to say partially smiling.

Neji smiled and hugged his mother.

"My god."

The tone in Hinata's voice made Neji and Kaiyo turn over to them. The two didn't turn back seemingly unable to.

Kaiyo and Neji moved to wear Naruto and Hinata were and looked out toward what used to be the Hyuga Compound. The entire area looked like it had been hit by a natural disaster. Windows destroyed. Walls burnt down or still a flame, and in the center of it all a blast zone shrouded in Black fire.

"What the Hell happened?!" Naruto asked aloud both enraged and saddened.

"I don't know." Kaiyo replied.

"Please tell me there wasn't anybody in that complex." Naruto said looking at the debris.

"Father had most of the Hyuga civilians moved underground when we heard that Itachi was here."

"Then why does it look like someone is still out there?"

Shino nodded after Ino finally brought him up to speed. He berated himself for being so easily immobilized but realized it would be best to save it for later.

"Right. You need to get Sakura to the hospital."

"I believe that was supposed to be a we." Ino corrected as she picked up Sakura.

"No. You take Sakura and get out of here I need to make sure Lee doesn't kill himself."

"That monster knocked you out cold!"

"It was a surprise attack. Next time I'll be prepared."

"Shino. We're out of our league here. Out of all of us here, Lee's the only one who stands a chance."

Shino wanted to object but he then took a quick look back at Lee and Kisame and saw them moving and fighting at a level at which he couldn't. He regretfully had to face reality.

"Shino. Lee's got this. And I need someone to carry Shikamaru."

Ino pointed to her unconscious friend for added effect.

Shino cursed himself.

"Let's hurry then. We can't leave them here alone." Shino finished as he picked Shikamaru and the pair dashed off to the hospital.

Kisame swung Samehada right down on Lee grinning wildly as the impact created a small crater but no body. Lee then appeared behind him almost instantly and thrust his foot into Kisame's back. Now to anyone else that would have destroyed their back and sent them flying but all it did to Kisame was send him back about a foot.

"Nice one kid." Kisame then followed up with a strong punch to the jaw at a surprising speed which knocked Lee back a few feet.

"Though the fists could use a bit more power." Kisame said raising Samehada toward Lee. "How are those by the way?"

Lee looked down at his bandaged hands. They were covered in a bloody red color and caused him a great deal of pain.

"Yeah, punching Samehada here might not be your best idea. Mind you if you to keep doing it your welcome to."

Lee looked back at Kisame but began to see his vision blurring.

"Damn it. I'm starting to run low on chakra….."

"Vision getting a bit blurry? Did I say that Samehada eats up chakra like a starving shark? I might have failed to mention it."

Lee just growled at Kisame and considered his options.

"Shino and Ino have gotten Sakura out of here. There's no reason for me to stay."

As if he knew what he just thought Kisame decided to add more fuel to the fire. "Don't tell me you're giving up now. Your bitch friend lasted longer. Actually both of them did."

That tore it. Lee just renewed his red eyed glare at Kisame and activated another Gate.

" Fourth Gate, Open!"

Another shockwave erupted from Lee as his skin turned an even darker shade of red and renewed his assault on Kisame.

" That's the spirit!" Kisame grinned as he met Lee in another stalemate. He then noticed his other prey escaping.

"Can't have you three leaving just yet. You already made me lose my prime target." He then did a few hand seals to even the playing field.


Before he could continue, a massive explosion caught his and Lee's attention. One that looked like it was coming from where the Hyuuga took his prey.

"Well….Nice to know you weren't kidding around Itachi."

Kakazu stood there fist to fist with Might Guy when a massive explosion erupted through Konoha. Creating a deafening noise and a wide shockwave as well as an explosion of what looked like black fire, erupting from the ground of an angry volcano."

"What the Hell?!"

"Looks like Itachi's decided not to be so subtle." Kakazu spoke aloud before turning his attention back to his opponent and planting a strong kick into his chin.

"Keep yourself focused Green Beast. Our fight's far from over."

Guy stumbled for a second before stabilizing himself.

"Not bad, Bounty Hunter." He said rubbing his chin. "I think it's time to get serious."

"Serious or not. It still ends with me cashing in your corpse."

Kakazu then readied himself to continue the fight.

"If this keeps up, I might have to start getting serious too. Kisame wasn't joking around."

"Hold the fuck still you useless whore!"

"You have to admit. He is a charmer." Asuma said to Kurenai as he slashed at Hidan and trapped his scythe between his knuckle blades

"I can think of worse men." Kurenai replied as she slashed at Hidan's neck leaving a sizeable cut. Causing Hidan to let loose another expletive.

"Ouch. I'll to fix that when I'm done." Asuma said as he released the scythe and threw a few punches at Hidan tearing into the skin.

"Will you bastards….. SHUT UP!" Hidan screeched pissed off beyond all recognition.

At that moment a gust of wind followed by an earth shattering boom ripped through their battlefield or as it used to be called an apartment complex.

"What the hell?!

"The Fuck?" Hidan said looking at the epicenter of the explosion. "I thought Itachi didn't like using that technique."


"Kurenai. That came from the Hyuga house."

"I know." Kurenai replied growing worried. "Hinata."

"Hey bastards! Focus!" Hidan cried as he threw himself into the air.

"Kurenai, if you want to go…."

"Hinata is my student…. But I can't leave you alone with this idiot. Besides, everyone in Konoha had to see that. They'll send help."

Asuma nodded and the pair focused back on the foul mouthed S ranked ninja.

"Lady Shizune, a massive explosion has occurred in the Hyuga area!" Kotetsu yelled toward the medic.

"I'm aware!" Shizune replied going over the info brought to her about the multiple assailants in Konoha. It was here Kotetsu noticed someone was missing.

"Wait. Where's Lady Hokage?!"

"She's gone for a walk!"

"A walk?!"

"Worry about her later! I want every ninja Jonin and above to head towards the Hyuuga compound. Itachi doesn't leave that area!"

"Got it. But what about you?"

"I'll be leading that assault!" Shizune replied as she exited with Kotetsu.

Kisame dodged another melee barrage from Lee which led to an opening where Kisame threw a punch directed towards Lee's stomach.

Seeing this, Lee quickly sidestepped and threw an elbow towards Kisame at a frightening speed. Kisame just raised his free arm to take the blow still smiling like kid on a Christmas. He then threw a kick right into Lee's stomach.

Lee growled as he swallowed back a river of blood as a result of his now shattered ribs and just stared down Kisame unmoving.

"You're tough kid. That normally would send someone flying." Kisame said, genuinely impressed.

"You're going to need more than that to stop me." Lee replied in as intimidating a tone as he could muster as the pain of broken ribs echoed throughout his body.

"Is that right? Well then…" Samehada came down at a frightening speed which Lee barely had enough time to dodge. Before he could counter, another slash occurred this time much closer, and another, and another, each time at a faster pace.

"Training gloves are off kid." Kisame said smiling. "Let me give you a taste."

As Lee narrowly dodged the latest strike, Samehada suddenly erupted through some of the bandages and cut deep into Lee's right shoulder. Lee grunted as he jumped back to try and get a different angle but Kisame was on him again. Matching Lee's Gate speed like it was a walk in the park. He then threw another slash at Lee, this time into his left arm ripping his bandages to shreds along with a good portion of his skin. The pain Lee had been biting back couldn't be stopped after that . His body slowed as his muscles tensed under the combined assault of the gates and Kisame's onslaught. Kisame quickly noticed and his grin took a darker tone.

"Game over kid."

Kisame then shoved Samehada straight toward Lee's chest intent on ending the genin but as he kept his focus on Lee's face expecting to see panic, he was surprised to see a cocky smile emerge.

"Fifth Gate, Open!"

The shockwave took Kisame by surprise and sent him back a few feet. Not much, but it was enough to give Lee some build up.

"It's time to finish this."

With his new found speed, Lee sprinted towards Kisame and before he could react had landed a strong kick under his chin launching him a few feet into the air.

Kisame grunted as he shot up into the sky but before he could get his bearings, a force knocked him to the right. Then to the left. Then up. Then down. This cycle repeated a few times before Lee sent a powerful kick down on Kisame blasting him towards the ground, only to be stopped mid air by the bandage that was attached to Lee's right arm.

"He wrapped that bandage around me during his blitz. Clever." Kisame thought.

With half of his remaining strength Lee pulled Kisame back up toward him with the intent on sending him hurling back to ground at the greatest speed he could muster.

"Ura Renge!"

At an impossible speed, Kisame used his free arms to counter with a jutsu of his own.

"Suiton: Kaikudan no Jutsu!"

Lee could only watch and hope his strength would be enough to take the force of the jutsu and still make contact with Kisame.

As soon as the shark made contact he knew that wouldn't be the case. Immediately the shark exploded in a torrent of water that could have washed whole mountains away which of course meant it was just enough to stop Lee's attack.

As both of them fell to the ground. Kisame simply adjusted himself and landed standing up while Lee crashed into what remained of the nearby buildings and fell through each floor until he hit the ground.

"Ouch. That looked like it would hurt." Kisame said as he heard the impact.

"Still, best to make sure that he doesn't get a second wind." He thought to himself and began to make his way over to Lee.

"You enjoy picking on brats twenty years younger than you?"

The feminine voice caught Kisame off guard but it wasn't one he was shocked to hear. It filled him with more excitement anyway.

"These kids better get used to fighting older ninjas. We did after all, eh Tsunade?" Kisame asked as he turned to face the very pissed off looking Hokage.

"I'm sorry have we met?"

"Not personally. But I did talk to your old pal Orochimaru once or twice; he may have mentioned a few past experiences."

"You son of a bitch." Tsuande clenched her fists at the idea of her old teammate and this monster knowing each other.

Kisame just chuckled in response before cracking his neck.

"You know, I'm actually glad you showed up. Fighting all these kids, has been a surprisingly good workout but I'm ready for something, I can really sink my teeth in to."


"Oh yeah, you just missed me take out some poor pink haired girl. Pity she had a lot of potential."

The realization hit Tsuande harder than she had expected. Sakura had fought this man?!

"You seem shocked. I thought a Hokage knew everything that happened in her village" Kisame laughed as Tsunade processed he said.

"Oh I get it. She was probably you're protégé or something right? Explains the strength."

"Where is she?"

"Hmm? I think her blonde friend took her away. If she's still alive. I'll be honest I didn't check."

"Good." Tsunade's voice took a darker tone and Kisame immediately readied himself for what was to come.

Without another word, Tsunade slammed her fist into the ground leveling the already desolate area and gave Kisame a murderous look.

"I'm going to enjoy this far more than I should."

"Kakashi looked down from the building and saw Tsunade and Kismae stare down and was about to join but remembered the explosion earlier.

"Damn it! Any other time…"

Kakashi wanted to go down there and completely destroy Kisame but Itachi was the more immediate threat. And since he could not find his other student, it only made him worry more.

" Damn it Naruto!"

No matter how much he wanted to avenge Sakura himself, he knew Tsunade could take care of this. Naruto on the other hand didn't have anybody.

"Sakura… I'm so sorry."

Resolved not to let the same happen to Naruto, Kakashi immediately made a mad dash toward the Hyuga compound lifting his headband away from his one Sharingan eye.

Danzo growled in pain as he lifted a piece of debris off of himself. Once he was free he looked around to regain his bearings and make sure he was a safe distance away from the Amaterasu flames.

"It seems we broke through to the surface. Looks like the Hyuga Compound."

Danzo took notice that they had leveled part of the compound completely.

"Most likely the Branch area."

He looked down at his arm to see how many he had left. He grew annoyed when he realized the last one was used to dodge that massive attack.

"Damn. I'm going to have to restock after this."


Itachi walked out of the destruction seemingly unharmed, his Susanoo deactivated and a mountain of blood rolling down from his eyes.

"That was reckless of you, Itachi. Desperate."

As Itachi got closer, Danzo noticed that he wasn't as unharmed as he thought. That last attack had used up a great deal of chakra and the effects were showing. Aside from the blood, Itachi was noticeably breathing harder, and wasn't standing up as straight as he once was.

"Shall we continue this game? Or are you ready to join the rest of the Uchiha in Hell?"

"You…Bastard." Itachi weezed out before a coughing fit seized him.

This caught Danzo off guard.

"Is he sick?..."

As he kept coughing, he collapsed to his knees and began coughing up a bloody crimson color.

Danzo actually started to sneer.

"Oh this is perfect. The mighty Itachi, the strongest of the Uchiha clan. Has been brought to his knees by an illness. It's almost poetic."

Itachi gave Danzo the worst glare one could imagine as he picked himself back up and wiped the iron taste from his mouth.

"Ah but you're not the kind to just die lying down are you?"

Itachi looked at Danzo's arm and confirmed what he thought.

"He's all out….."

Itachi deactivated his Sharingan, returning his eyes to their original onyx color.

"What're you playing at?"

"It's time to end this Danzo."

"Very well. The last of the Uchiha dies today." Danzo replied readying himself.

"I have to end this quickly. If he gets me again. It's over."

The two renewed their assaults and a clash of steel echoed throughout the charred area.

"It looks like Itachi." Hinata spoke aloud to everyone.

"What?!" Kaiyo immediately was worried. "What is he doing here?!"

"I can't tell right off but it looks like…."

"He's facing off with someone else." Neji said activating his own Keke Genkai. "An older gentleman but he seems to be holding his own."

"Ok we need to get away from here. Let's search the remaining complex to see if anyone was left inside." Kaiyo replied.

"Right." Neji agreed following.

"Okay… Naruto?" Hinata turned back to her crush but saw that he had been tuning them out.

"Itachi…Uchiha…." The way those words were uttered scared Hinata. That wasn't the voice of the hero she had grown to care about so much. That was something darker. Something much more sinister.

"It's his fault."


"He did that to Sasuke….He made him leave… If he…" Naruto growled.

"Hinata was really worried now. With each word Naruto's voice grew more and more hateful and bloodthirsty.

"Naruto. We need to leave."

"You Leave…." Naruto said not even turning back to face her before giving her one last word. Red chakra began to materialize around Naruto in a crimson whirlpool.


The blood red chakra exploded around Naruto as he finished that sentence. And before Hinata could blink he was gone. The only thing remaining was a gust of wind.

"Naruto?!" Neji screamed after the blonde but he was already too far gone to hear it.

"Hinata what went wrong…"

Hinata couldn't answer his question because she was already after him.

"Oh no….." Kaiyo covered her mouth at the realization.

"Damn those idiots!" Neji cried before looking back to his mother.

"Get away from here! Find a safe place to hide until reinforcements arrive!"

He then took off after his cousin. Clutching his side as a shot of pain echoed through his body.

"Damn it! I'm not healed yet."

Kaiyo couldn't even manage a nod as her only son charged into the blazed landscape. Her mind was on what the exact same thing as Neji's and Hinata's.

"The Kyubi….."

Deep in Naruto's mind. The Kyubi managed a chuckle at the boy so hell bent on decimating his opponent.

"Well. Now. This should be interesting. I get to kill another Uchiha after all."

Naruto however didn't even bother to visit his tenet while leaping to his opponent. One thing was on his mind. The person who had corrupted Sasuke was just a few yards away.

"It's his fault! Everything that happened! He made Sasuke! Turned him towards Orochimaru! He's the reason I had to kill him!"

The aura around Naruto grew so strong that it began to manifest itself in a form of armor with a single tail attached. In addition to the tail his facial features grew more animalistic. His nails turned into claws. His crystal blue eyes morphed to bloody slits.

"When I find him…." Naruto stated.

"When I find him…" The Kyubi stated


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