Chapter 9

"This is the most powerful Village in the world?" Hidan asked to himself as he stared out at the Village.

"Seems like a bunch of bitches." Hidan concluded.

"Your powers of observation are about as good as your fighting skills." Kakazu said.

"Fuck off Kakazu!" Hidan shouted at his fellow immortal.

Kakazu grumbled at how his new associate and himself came to Konoha. Oddly enough this would be there first mission together.

Somewhere in the Land of Lightning.

"So….You're my new partner…" Kakazu stated as he laid his eyes on the Jashinist.

Said Jashinist had just finished killing some poor unfortunate merchant who had the bad luck of running into him.

"Yeah you saw me when the purple eyed bastard summoned us." Hidan replied recalling their meeting a few days ago.

"I know. But there is a difference between seeing the image of an idiot in a meeting and seeing him in person."

"Fuck off masked Bastard."

"My name is Kakazu."

"Fine, Fuck off Kakazu."

"Ugh. Do you at least know why we are here?"

"Chase down some Matabi bitch right?" Hidan asked half caring.

"Yes. Yugito is a very shrewed ninja who never stays in one place for too long. We need to track her down and….."

"Sacrifice her soul to Jashin."

"What?" Kakazu asked both confused and annoyed.

"The Lord Jashin. He demands blood and I will give it to him. The Matabi bitch will be an excellent sacrifice."

"Listen...I don't know what cave you crawled out of. But when you're around me you don't mention any deities. The only god that deserves worship is money."

"Listen Asshole, you can't worship paper…." Hidan started only to be interrupted.

"You can't worship something that doesn't exsist." Kakazu replied making Hidan fume.

"Maybe I'll offer Jashin you're soul!" Hidan shouted as he removed the scythe from his back.

"Try it. I've been wanting to kill you since the I heard your obnoxious voice at the meeting." Kakazu replied cracking his knuckles.

"Nice to see you two are getting acquainted." Zetsu said appearing out of the ground.

"Zetsu? What do you want?" Kakazu asked surprised to see his plant associate.

"Leader wants you two to go to Konoha. Itachi and Kisame have gone back for the Kyubi and he wants them to get it this time." White Zetsu replied.

"Why should we care about Itachi? Let him get the Kyubi himself." Kakazu replied.

"You are aware that there are many high bounties in Konoha aren't you? And with Itachi and Kismae already there, they'll be weakened."

"…..Fine. I can't argue with Logic….or money."

"Greedy Bastard" Hidan said frowning at him.

"Well what about you Hidan?" White Zetsu asked the other immortal.

"Sure. Jashin is always in need of more souls. Why the fuck not?" The Cultist replied holding his necklace in a praying stance. A thought then occured to him.

"How the hell are we going to get to Konoha in time to help Itachi when we're on the other side of the world? " Hidan asked?

"I'll be taking you there." Black Zetsu replied. "What takes days for regular humans I can do in hours. I'll get you right passed their defenses."

"Very well." Kakazu cut in. "But I expect to leave with some bounties. I'm running low."

"For Jashin, Lord of Death, Chaos, and…." Hidan began to pray.

"Tell your god he's an idiot." Kakazu cut in as the pair descended underground.

"Fuck of Kakazu!" Hidan repeated what would become a common phrase between the two.

"Quiet Hidan." Kakazu ordered bring Hidan's rage to an end. "We have company."

It was at this moment, the four Jonin made their appearance.

"When we heard that criminals were in the village, we weren't expecting you two." Asuma said as he let out a burst of smoke.

"Sort of a last minute thing." Kakazu replied looking over all of them. "You all have impressive bounties."

"And impressive souls. Lord Jashin will be pleased indeed." Hidan said smiling at his new prey.

"Just remember to leave enough of them to be recognized. Hidan."

"Shove it up your ass!" Hidan laughed manaically as he launched himself into the air and toward the four Jonin.

"Report." Tsunade ordered from her temporary head quarters.

"Things are looking bad Lady Hokage. Kakazu the Bounty Hunter is engaging an entire platoon of our forces led by Might Guy right where the Hokage building is….or was. With it being scorched and all." A chunin replied kneeling.

"And the other one?"

"The Hidan the Jashinist? He appears to be fighting Jonin Asuma Sarutobi, and Kurenai, Yuhi."

"Where's Kakashi in all of this?"

"We don't know sir."

"I thought the Anbu could keep track of him." Tsunade replied to turning to her Head of the Anbu.

" I've ordered my Anbu to the outside of Konoha in case this is just the beginning of a full scale invasion."

"Fine. Ok, what about the civilians? Shizune?"

"We've done our best to evacuate most of the citizens into various underground bunkers dotting Konoha. But I don't think we're lucky enough to have everyone in them. I've also ordered that all Genin are to report to the Hospital away from the chaos."

"Good work Shizune." Tsunade said pride emulating off her.

"Thank you Lady Tsunade."

"Any signs of Itachi?"

"No Lady Hokage. The Hyuuga haven't reported anything as of yet."

"Damn it!" Tsunade repeated in frustration before turning back to the Anbu Commander.

"What about Danzo?"

"I haven't seen him since the meeting a few days ago. Lady Hokage. He seems to have vanished."

"Ok. Call back some of the Anbu and have them search for Danzo."

"Understood." The Commander said before disappearing.

"So, where's Naruto then?"

Silence was her response.

"What about him Lady Hokage?"

"You're joking right?"

"No, Lady Hokage."

"Are you freaking kidding me?!" Tsunade said standing up. "Three agents of a criminal organization have invaded Konoha and you haven't secured its most valuable asset?!

"What do these criminals want with Naruto Uzumaki?"

"I don't know. It's not like he has the most powerful thing in the world sealed with him. Oh wait, HE DOES!"

"I…I see Lady Tsunade." The poor Chunin replied ashamed that he had not made the connection.

Tsunade sighed before turning to back to her niece in law. "Shizune, gather some of the Hyuuga and find Naruto."

"Most of the Hyuuga ninja are spread out searching for Itachi but I will do as you ask." Shizune said with a nod before disappearing.

"All of you are dismissed. Keep me informed of the situation, I might have to step in if things don't get solved."

"Yes Lady Hokage."

After all of them had vanished, Tsunade sat back down in her chair and began to think.

"Why do I feel like I'm missing something? I've got two known criminals and a psychopathic murderer to deal with so…"

"Kid you can't go in there. You should be at the hospital."

"Just listen for five seconds. It's about Kisame."

The mention of another S ranked criminal had the effect of Tsunade running over to the door and opening it.


The area that used to surround the Hokage Mansion had been reduced to a small war zone. With the arrival of two S ranked criminals seemingly out of nowhere, they quickly began causing chaos. Cutting down anyone who stood in their way. Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai were now some of those people.

"Kakashi this isn't working!"

"I know that!" Kakashi replied knocking away Hidan's sythe. Which Hidan maneuvered to go after Asuma.


"Got it." Asuma replied as he blocked the sythe with both his knuckle blades. As Hidan tried to pull his sythe back however, Asuma maneuvered his blades to hold the sythe in place.



Hidan turned his head toward the new voice and saw the red eyed jonin nearly carve his eyes out as she thrusted her kunai straight for his head.

At a speed that only seasoned warriors could use, Hidan dodged the kunai and used his free hand to sock her in the stomach.

Kurenai grunted in pain as the impact echoed all through her body but it gave her an opening. Without a a word she then reached into her pouch, pulled another Kunai and shoved straight into the back of Hidan's head casuing him to cry out in pain.

She then jumped back several feet towards Asuma and Kakashi.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Better than him anyway." Kurenai said as looked at Hidan waiting for him to fall over.

"Bitch that Hurt!" Hidan wailed at her as he pulled the kunai out his head before dropping it on the ground.

"That doesn't make sense. That had to hit his brain." Kurenai told the others thoroughly confused.

"Hidan is an immortal." Kakashi told them. "It's going to take more than stabbing him to kill him."

"That's just our luck." Asuma chimed in.

"Anyone know where Guy is?" Kakashi asked.

"I lost sight of him while we were dealing with this idiot." Asuma replied keeping his eye on Hidan.

A large explosion interrupted their thoughts as well as a loud roar of…..youth.

"Looks like they moved." Kakashi replied getting ready to follow.

"Kakashi. Guy has the other ninjas for back up. You need to get to Naruto now!" Kurenai ordered him. "We'll follow you once we deal with hi….."

A loud yell of frustration interrupted her as Hidan charged at Asuma and Kurenai.

"GO!" Kurenai yelled on last time before dodging another swing.

Kakashi nodded and took off.

"Ohhhhhh. I'm so going to kill you two fuckers and then laugh as Jashin takes your souls!" Hidan growled at the pair.

"Yeah? Well I'm going to just chop off your head." Asuma replied coldly activating his chakra blades. "And then laugh when you realize that your god doesn't exsist."

"You Bastard!"

"Did you really have to do that?" Kurenai asked.

Asuma just smiled as a pissed off Hidan charged at him intent on completely decimating his prey.

Sakura knew she was screwed. She knew all of them were screwed. Her, Hinata, Ino, Naruto. The odds of any of them making it out alive were in the negatives. She was exhausted from her training with Tsunade, Ino wasn't that good of a fighter, and Hinata…well she knew Hinata could fight better than both of them, but still against this guy it wouldn't mean much. Of course she mentioned this to no one and just stared down the shark-like man in front of them.

"So….I've had an Aburame, an Uzumaki, a Nara, an Akamichi….Just a guess here but are one of you ladies a Yamanaka"

"Yeah….why?" Ino replied still in a fighting stance.

"I'd hate for a team not to die together." Kisame said growing a twisted smile. "Especially one as revered as the Ino-Shika-Cho."

"Sakura…..does he mean….." Ino began to panic at the thought of losing her teammates.

Hinata however quickly reassured her whilst activating her Byakugan.

"They're not dead Ino. Shikamaru still alive he's just unconscious and Chouji's away from here."

"Oh! And a Hyuuga. You'll at least be a bit of fun." Kisame said with a bit of surprise.

"He's trying to unnerve us. Don't let him get to you." Sakura advised her friends.

"And you with the pink hair. You look like you've seen a person of my caliber…..well there's no one at my caliber, but someone strong nonetheless. You might be fun also."

"Shut up."

Kisame just chuckled in response.

"Sakura….What are you (cough) doing here?" Naruto asked as he cleared his lungs of the water.

"Saving you of course."

"But(cough) this guy….."

"I know who he is." Sakura finished form him.

"Ok. Tell you what kids, I'm feeling a bit amused right now. You get out of the way, and maybe I won't kill you." He said with a smile. "I'll just need the Kyubi brat."

Before Sakura could refuse, Hinata beat her to it.

"You won't lay another hand on Naruto." Hinata stated in a rare flash of anger. "I'll kill you before you do."

"She's right you're not touching Naruto." Sakura said as she opened the bag give to her by Tsunade and gulped down a few pills.

"He's an idiot, but you're an asshole." Ino finished pulling two kunai and putting them and each hand.

"Ohhh. So the little genin girls think they're pretty badass huh?. Hehehehehe. Well then…." Kisame removed Samehada from his back pointed it towards his new prey. "

I'll play with you three for a bit. See what you can do."

" Ino, you with me." Sakura ordered.

"Got it."

"And Hinata…."

"I…..I got it." Hinata stated looking at Naruto.

"What am I….." a quick Hyugga style strike by Hinata stopped Naruto mid-sentence and knocked him out cold.

"Find Lady Tsunade and get him to her." Sakura told the Hyuuga heiress as she hoisted Naruto onto her back.

"I will." Hinata replied before dashing off intent on finding the Hokage.

"Well….you two definitely made my job a bit harder." Kisame sighed looking in the area Hinata had disappeared into. "But I'm not worried too much."

"Why's that?"

"Because, no matter where he is….. One of us will find him." Kisame replied focusing his attention back on them. "You're move, ladies."

Sakura and Ino nodded to each other before charging at the smiling Kisame.

The Konoha hospital was in full on panic mode. Pretty much ever since the Hokage building was set ablaze. The doctors had been moving patients in case of an invasion. A confusing mess of complaining, cursing, crying, and panicking had ensued as the critically injured patients were being moved to an underground bunker, directly below the hospital. Inside one of the rooms however, a young hot blooded ninja garbed in green spandex sat next to his coma induced friend.


Eversince Lee had heard the news of his friend's condition he had been at her side. He had also heard the news of her predicament. He had been taking it hard.

"Tenten…you're going to be fine aren't you?" Lee asked, hoping by some miracle that she would answer. Fate was not so kind however, and she remained silent.

The only sound coming from her was the very, very light breath she would take every minute or so.

"I'm sorry sir, but we have to move her now." A nurse said opening the door and coming in.

"I….I understand." Lee replied getting up from his chair. Before he turned to leave however he put his hand on Tenten's shoulder.

"Please….Please comeback from this." He wiped away any tears he had left and proceeded to leave the room.

Lee was quick to exit the hospital only to see a bunch of Genin and a fair number of Chunin were gathering around it

"What's going on?"

"We've been given orders to guard the hospital. Apparently something bad is happening near the Hokage Mansion. Didn't you see the electric blast?" A young genin replied to him.

Lee was now thoroughly confused. But as he looked over to the scorched Hokage building he noticed a few of the surrounding buildings were no longer there and it unnerved him quite a bit.

Hoping to get some better answers, he looked around for one of his friends. Unfortunately after a quick search, he couldn't find anyone he knew around the hospital.

"Neji and Hinata would be with their clan. Same with Shino, Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru, and Kiba. But Naruto and Sakura should definitely be here. Something's wrong."

Lee looked over towards the side of Konoha where Naruto lived debating with himself.

"I apparently have orders to guard the hospital…..But I can't just leave Sakura and Naruto out there if they're in trouble…... "

He gave one last look at the hospital before racing off to find his two missing friends.

"I guess technically, I wasn't told of the orders."

"What the Hell are you?! AGHHHH!" a panicked chunin cried as flames consumed him burning him to ash in a matter of seconds.

"I am somebody who is going to make a lot of money from this." Kakazu replied to the ash pile.

"Konoha Goriki Senpu!"

Hearing this Kakazu narrowly dodged a powerful kick that would have likely sent his head off threw a punch at his opponent. His fist was caught however and he found himself staring at the Green Beast of Konoha.

"That's weird. I could have sworn you were incinerated way back."

"If that was your strongest attack, you're definitely going to lose." Guy replied striking his signature grin.

"Hmmm. Kismae wasn't kidding. This guy is weird."

"Same with us!" A young Chunin said as a bunch of other Konoha nins surrounded Kakazu.

"When will you learn? JIONGU!"

"This….This is pathetic." Kisame said utterly disappointed. "I mean wow. You're terrible."

"You really need to work on your bedside manner." Ino replied a bit annoyed but very fearful barely holding Samehada above her head with her kunai.

"I'm not even putting any effort into it." Kisame complained.

"Well good for you. You know some of us aren't freakishly strong fish faced assholes." Ino replied now really struggling to keep Samehada from giving her a fatal headache.


Kismae glanced to see Sakura charging at him fist aimed straight for his stomach.

The fist made contact this time but not in the way she had hoped.

"Not bad pinkie." Kisame replied turning his attention to Sakura whilst holding her fist with his free hand. "You've got some strength at least. However…."

As Sakura tried to free herself from Kisame he just smiled a sinister grin and applied some pressure to her hand.


Sakura fell to her knees as the pain of all her bones in her hand were crushed by the Swordsman

"It's not actual strength is it?" Kisame asked already knowing the answer. "You're just as weak as the blonde."

"That's it!" With a surprising amount of strength Ino managed to heave Samehada away from her head and launched a kunai straight at Kisame's head.

Kisame seemed surprised by this sudden movement but quickly brought Samehada back down to block the kunai.

"You'll have to do better than - GHA!"

Kisame could feel the air slip out of him as Sakura shoved her free hand into Kisame's stomach with all of her strength sending him back a few feet.

"Sakura, are you ok?"

"I'm…fine." Sakura struggled to say as she tried and failed to lift her now broken hand.

"Damn it! I'm already low on chakra! Ino, I need more food pills."

"But you just ate three."

"I poured all of my chakra into that punch. I need more" Sakura replied using her one hand to grab the bag Tsunade had given her from her back pocket and tossing it to Ino.

"Give me half."

"Half?! But there's got to be about twenty in here."

"Ino. NOW!" Sakura screamed at her friend. Ino looked disapproving but handed the pills to Sakura who choked them down immediately. "

"Now we're talking!" Kisame said getting off the ground. Once he was up he felt the area around his stomach.

"Not bad kid. That one might actually leave a bruise." He replied smiling.

"Son of a bitch." Sakura said aloud.

"I'll tell you what though." Kisame replied looking at Samehada before placing it on the ground.

"I don't usually find people with strong punches so whenever I do, I try to enjoy it. So how about a little fist fight?" Kisame asked raising his hands into a fighting position.

"Do I have a choice?"

"It's up to you. I mean, I could use Samehada. But it would be over pretty quickly, and I hate when things are over too quickly."

"I'm right behind you Sakura."


Ino looked back to her friend shocked. "What?"

"You can't beat him this way. Go."

"If you think I'm just going to leave you here Forehead….."

"Ino….NOW!." Sakura again screamed at her fellow rookie silencing her before focusing on Kisame.

"If you want to help, find a different way than fighting!"

"But…Ok." Ino replied with a nod before disappearing.

Seeing this exchange, Kisame let out a chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Sakura asked confidently.

"You sent away your only back up? Impressive."

"What? That I can fight you on my own?" Sakura asked confidently.

"Nope. That your stupid enough to try."

Without another word, Kisame charged at Sakura faster than she could react and slammed his fist into her rib cage causing Sakura to cough up a fair amount of blood.

"That's for that little love tap you gave me. Now let's have some fun!" Kisame said grinning wildly.

As Hinata leaped across the rooftops with Naruto in tow, she could feel the power of the battles happening near the Hokage mansion and it reminded her of just how strong Kisame must be if those over there were his friends.

"Sakura….Ino….I'll send help somehow." Hinata thought to herself as she landed near the Hyuga Compound.

She was greeted by Kaiyo.

"Lady Hinata, where have you been? We've been worried…" She paused when she noticed Naruto on her back."

"What happened to him?!"

"He's ok Aunt Kaiyo. He's just unconscious."

"But what happened?"

"There's someone after him. Probably the same person who set the Hokage building on fire."

"Itachi Uchiha is after him?"

Hinata nearly dropped Naruto when she heard that statement.


"He's the person who set the building on fire. Half of the Hyuga are out after him now."

"So they don't know about Kisame?"


"Kaiyo, I will explain in a bit but can we please…..Can we place him in Neji's room?"

"Yes of course. C'mon." Kaiyo replied moving down one of the many halls and opening the door to Neji's room.

"I gave Neji a sedative to help him relax after you left, he's been out for about for an hour. Place him right here."

Hinata did as she was told and sat Naruto down on the empty bed.

"Now, Hinata explain. Where did you and…..SAKURA! Where is the girl?"

"She and Ino stayed to fight Kisame."

"That monster?! How is he even here?"

"I don't know. But I know he's after Naruto. I need to get him to Lady Tsunade. Do you know where she is?"

"She'd be at her second building at the top of Hokage Mountain." Kaiyo replied. "Whenever the main building is under attack the Hokage retreats there and manages the crisis."

"Where is my father?"

"He and many of the other Hyuuga are out trying to find Itachi. But what about Sakura? That poor girl can't handle Kisame on her own."

Hinata looked back to where she left her friend.

"I didn't want to leave her…..But she had a plan."

"What are we waiting for?" Ino practically screamed at Sakura as she saw Naruto fighting Kisame and losing very quickly.

"Ino hold up a second."

"We can't. Naruto's not doing too good, we have….."

"Ino look at that guy and tell me who he is." Sakura told her friend. Ino looked over to the Blue skinned man fighting the Naruto clones before turning back drawing a blank.

"I…I don't know but we still….."

"Ino, that is Kisame Hoshigaki. A member of the Seven Swordsman and an S rank criminal."


"Yeah. You still want to charge in?"

"No, but Naruto…."

"I know Naruto's on his own right now but we need a plan if we're going to survive meeting him."

"Ok genius what plan do you have?"

Sakura gave another look towards the battle and then turned back.

"A distraction."

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked her eyes glued to her crush as he continued trying to avoid Kisame.

"We can't beat him. I think all of us know that. But we can get Naruto away from him."

"How do you know he's after Naruto?"

"He's still alive." Sakura responded. "When someone of Kisame's power meets someone like us all we are is just some entertainment. That's if we're lucky. Watching this, reminds me of…" She stopped herself from mentioning Sasuke and Orochimaru. "The point is he could have killed Naruto by now, easily. He's trying to capture him for something. But we can't let that happen.

"So how are we going to do that?"

"The only way we can. Getting in the way. Hinata, you get Naruto away from here."

"What? I'm not going to….."

"He's not going to run willingly. He's too stubborn. Use your Jukken to knock him out and get him away from this guy."

"That girl…I hope she's ok."

"They've been fighting for a while, someone should be on their way to them…right?" Hinata asked?

"Yes…Yes definitely." Kaiyo said reassuring her niece. A weak murmuring made them focus back on the blonde occupant in the room.

"Ah, he's waking up."

"Get up you lazy ass Idiot!" Ino screamed at her unconscious friend trying desperately to wake him.

"Shikamaru, I swear if you don't get up…" Ino said threatening him. Once again proving unsuccessful.

"Damn it!" She said giving up. A scream of pain from Sakura echoed.

"C'mon kid, that was another love tap. Where did your strength go?"

"I can't leave Sakura out there any longer. She's getting killed! We need help here!"


The barely audible noise brought Ino back into reality and she looked over to the origin point.




"Shino, what the hell happened to you?"

Instead of speaking, Shino pointed to his now very awkward looking jaw.

"Damn it! Ok Shino your jaw is out of place."

Shino gave her a look that looked like a very sarcastic "Really?"

"Just give a sec…" Ino said looking over to Shino's face.

"Okay, I'm going to have to pop it back into place. It's gonna hurt."

Shino gestured her to go ahead.

With a quick movement of her hands, Ino forced Shino's jaw back into place. Causing him no small amount of discomfort.

"Sak…Sakura." Shino mubled through the pain.

"I know Sakura needs help!"


"Lee? Lee' s not…."

Right then a green blur passed her at a speed that was almost unnatural sending a wave of wind that nearly knocked Ino down.

"I won't lie pinkie you're tougher than I thought." Kisame said as he looked at Sakura.

Sakura for her part was performing a miraculous feat. She was in fact still standing after a few minutes of fighting Kisame Hoshigaki. The not so miraculous part of that being she was pretty sure she broke both of her hands. Most of her right arm. A few of her ribs. Strike that most of her ribs. Maybe a shoulder, though she didn't know which one. And of course dangerously low chakra reserves.

"Shu….Shut up." Sakura said hobbling her way toward him.

"I think you're having a bit of trouble standing up there."

Kisame appeared before her and kneed her in the gut.

As the air left Sakura, Kisame then launched an uppercut and sent her flying into the air.

With great effort Sakura flipped herself around and landed on her feet and then charged back at Kisame.

"Tough kid."

Sakura then with all of her energy launched a barrage of punches at Kisame. Kisame being the much more experienced ninja saw these coming from a mile away and dodged every one of them. Before catching her final two and staring down at her.

"Impressive." Kisame said giving her a head butt and sending her back a few feet.

"Now let me try."

Faster than Sakura could ever have reacted Kisame rushed her and delivered three solid punches to what little remained of her rib cage and lifting her a foot off the ground and catapulting her back several feet.

"There you go. Those pesky ribs should be gone now."

Kisame smiled as he strolled over to her.

After Sakura coughed up enough blood to give someone a transfusion, the pain of broken ribs really set in. Sakura had never felt so much pain in her life. The forest of Death, Zabuza, Orochimaru, none of them held a candle to what this guy was doing to him. And the worst part was he didn't even seem winded.

Before long she regained sight of him as he looked over her broken body.

"Awe. C'mon this was getting fun. A few ribs aren't going to stop you are they?"

Sakura tried to get back up but every movement caused pain so extreme that she would fall right back down.

"…I guess they are. That's a pity honestly." He said with a sigh. "But still can't have you getting a second wind."

Before Sakura could process what he was doing. Kisame thrust his leg down into her knee. Completely shattering it and most of her right leg.

The scream Sakura let loose would have caused any normal person to freeze.

"Jeez. Quit with the screams kid. It's just a leg." Kisame said as he rubbed his ears.

After what felt like an eternity, Sakura quieted down enough to talk to him or in this case try talking to him through the pain.



"Why….haven't you just….killed me?" Sakura managed to speak.

Kisame just looked at her for a few seconds before replying.

"Because, you were entertaining. These days I have so few people, let alone children who can actually injure me. Even if that's only a bruise. So good job on that." He replied

"H….How…I th…rew…..everything…."

"Everything you had?" Kisame laughed before sitting down next to her.

"Listen Pinkie, it wouldn't have mattered if you had chakra reserves bigger than mine or had the damn Kyubi sealed inside you. The outcome would have still been the same. You're smart enough to know I've been toying with you right?" Kisame told her in oddly enough a teaching manner.

Sakura could only listen as he confirmed all that she feared.

"You didn't know how to fight. You had enough strength to barely leave a bruise on me and that was your most powerful punch. You sent the only back up you had away and you tried to beat someone so far out of your league it's not even funny. You pretty much guaranteed yourself to not see tomorrow. It's like you wanted to die."

Sakura continued to look at the night sky as Kisame finished and then put his hand around her neck.

"Well I still have a Jinchuriki to find so….."

Sakura could heel her neck about to snap as he slowly applied pressure.

"See ya on the other side pink….."

Without another word Kisame's head went limp.

Sakura noticed the silence and tried to look over at him. What she heard nearly killed her from joy.

"Shintenshin no Jutsu, you shark faced blue bastard!" Ino's voice exclaimed from Kisame's body removing his hand from Sakura's neck and thrusting them up in the air in a victory stance.

"How you doing Sakura?"


"Don't act so surprised. I wasn't going to leave you."

"What….took… so…..long?"

"You two kept moving! I could have saved a few of your ribs but you apparently wanted them gone.

"Sorry….." Sakura said with a weak smile.

"Yeah well, you finally got him to stand still so I acted. Not for long though."

"He's fighting it."

"Damn it….." Sakura coughed up another massive amount of blood

"Yeah and he's winning. I'm not sure how long I'm going to control him." Ino's voice said straining "We need help."


Sakura turned her head to see a green blur appear a few feet away from her.


"Sakura, are you ok?" He asked visibly worried while also eyeing Kisame.

"Relax Eyebrows. It's Ino." Kisame replied easing Lee's tension.

"Ino?….How did you…."

"Does, everyone think I'm really that weak?!"

"Well… the Exams" Sakura started.

"That's enough out of you, Sakura!" Kisame Ino screamed indignant before getting serious.

"We need to get Sakura out of here. Straight to Tsunade."

"Agreed. Ino where's your body?" Lee asked.

Kisame pointed toward what remained of Naruto's apartment.

"In there, Shikamaru and Shino are inside as well. You need to get them away from…..This…guy."

Ino's voice began to strain even more alerting Lee and Sakura.

"You guys need to get to the hospital!"


"…." Kisame's head once again went limp.


"Afraid not."

Lee charged at the newly revived foe immediately.

"Konoha Daisenpū!"

The kicks never made contact however as Kisame launched a strong punch into Lee's stomach knocking him back into what remained of a building.

"You know….I'm surprised. Honestly I am. You Konoha brats really are ninjas." Kisame said standing back on his feet.

"Yeah. From the idiotic fighters who dress like damn sideshow circuses to the sneaky little blondes who hide in the shadows."

Lee made his way back to Sakura as Kisame eyed them down while Samehada then launched itself through the air and back into the hand of its master. It was at this moment, Kisame got a good look at Lee.

"Wait….You're dressed like that….Ah you're his other student aren't you." Kisame said looking over Lee.

"I'm am Guy sensei's student. Rock Lee, Konoha no Utsukushiki Aoi Yaju!"

Kisame just burst out laughing in response.

"That has to be a record. Two in one day."


"Oh he didn't tell you about the girl in the pink shirt?"

Anyone within fifteen feet of Lee could tell the atmosphere changed with that sentence and Sakura was within that radius.

"Lee…" She began to say before she coughed some more.

"What?...What did you just say?" Lee asked trembling.

"Well, someone is pissed. Hehehe." Kisame chuckled.

"You…..You did that to…..Tenten!"

"Someone's finally catching on." Kisame said grinning like a madman. "Poor bitch really had some bad luck."

"You…." Lee moved away from Sakura and toward Kisame.


"You're going to pay…."

"Am I now?" Kisame asked continuing to get under Lee skin.

"First gate, Open." Lee whispered as he continued to look at the ground.

The small shockwave created by the blast would have been a surprise to anyone but Kisame as he had seen that technique used earlier.

" That technique again…Excellent." Kisame smiled.

"Second Gate Open!" Lee said a bit louder this time. His eyes still glued to the ground as another shockwave emmited from his body.

"Lee…..please." Sakura wimpered for a final time to her friend before physical exhaustion took her from consciousness.

Lee however was unable to hear her however as he opened yet another gate.

"Third Gate, Open!" He shouted raising his head to stare at Kisame. His hair standing up straight and his skin turning to a bloody red color.

"What the Hell is he doing?! Ino screamed as she saw Lee powering up.

"He's unlocking the Gates." Shino replied rubbing his jaw as he swallowed a food pill. "I believe he intends to fight."

"But Eyebrows can't beat this guy!"

"I know." Shino replied simply as his eyes moved toward the unconscious Sakura. "But he can give us a window. We need to get Sakura out of there."

Kisame for his part was grinning like a kid who had just found his birthday presents.

"Now THERE's some power! C'mon kid, let's see what you got!" Kisame cried excitedly pointing Samehada at Lee.

"You're going to pay for what you did to her!" Lee screamed as he charged toward Kisame leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

Kisame did the same, Samehada in hand and lifting it above his head.

He brought it down just as Lee appeared in front of him.

A massive shockwave occurred as fist collided with sword.

"What the hell?!" Naruto said getting up instantly as soon as he remembered what happened.

"Naruto you need t-to…" Hinata tried to say as her crush

"I need to be back out there! Sakura can't handle that guy!"

"N-Naruto it…" Hinata started before being interrupted.

"How could you leave her out there?!" Naruto shouted toward Hinata.

"I di-didn't just…."

"We need to go back for her! NOW!"

"I-If you just…" Hinata tried to speak her voice growing weaker as Naruto's grew louder.

"Just what?!"

A strong hit to the back of the head cut Naruto off.

"Young man, do yourself a favor and shut up." Kaiyo replied.

"But Sakura!" Naruto started rubbing the back of his head.

"Knew you would try to keep fighting an opponent who was out of your league. She was smart to send her away." Kaiyo finished


"Naruto… Kisame could have easily killed you. He wanted you alive. If you go back. You will make her sacrifice worthless."

"But….I….I can't…." Naruto struggled as he tried to come up with a response.

"Naruto, you need to learn that you can't protect everyone." Kaiyo said as Naruto sat back down on the bed opposite of Neji's.

"You don't understand…..I already lost Sasuke… If I lose her…." Naruto didn't finish as he stared at the ground.

Kaiyo looked like she was about to respond before sensing that something was wrong. It was if the air was getting hotter.

Danzo cursed under his breath as he dodged another sword strike. After which he jumped back several feet

"You're looking tired Danzo. Running out of Chakra?"

"Shut up." Danzo replied visibly tired and annoyed.

" How many times have you evaded death? Five times maybe?" Itachi asked in a mocking tone as he looked at Danzo's arm and saw many of the eyes closed.

"I give you credit Itachi. You're as powerful as ever." Danzo said also looking over his arm. "It's a shame you turned traitor." He said calmly. On the inside however, he was starting to worry.

It was in this moment he felt just how old he had become. While he was by no means a weakling, Danzo was way past his prime in terms of both fighting style and chakra reserves.

"This is getting out of hand. He's fighting like he has nothing left to lose. If he keeps this up, I might not make it out of here….. and if he gets to the Kyubi….." Danzo shuttered at the thought of Konoha losing it's most valuable weapon.

"No. I won't let him destroy Konoha's place of power." Danzo said standing back up.

"You're still able to stand? Impressive."

In response Danzo let out a slight chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing. I just remember saying something similar to Shisui after I ripped his eye out of his cursed head." Danzo sneered.

Itachi's eyes flared up in a rage at the comment to which his Susanoo sent another slice of the Totsuka Blade toward Danzo which be barely dodged.

"You dare speak his name to me….You must a glutton for punishment!"

"You betrayed Konoha!" Danzo cried at Itachi.


All of a sudden The Susanno deactivated the Totsuka Blade and lunged for Danzo with its free hand.

Danzo was surprised by the move and was unable to get out of the way in time.

As Itachi held Danzo in the Air, his eyes began to bleed profusely alerting Danzo to his next move.


Quicker than almost anyone else in that situation could have reacted, Danzo countered. Another eye on his arm closing forever.


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