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Temporary Fix // N.H. (1 SEASON)


A mature man moves in new house and sees a fifteen year old girl and falls in love with her. But the girl finds out a lot of man's dark secrets that hurt her. To be together he needs to leave his past behind, however happy love doesn't last long when the first season ends in tragedy.

Drama / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

--Diamond’s POV--
I looked around while walking down the street from school. It was a tough day like always. Can’t hide from those class snakes, what can I say... And can’t hold my tongue, I always have to spit something out and then regret my words. Oh, well... I turned my phone’s volume up while listening to music through headphones. Suddenly I stopped. I looked around my neighborhood.
“Where did that fancy car come from?” I asked myself blinking from the surprise. I’ve never seen this fancy car in my neighborhood. Maybe someone moved in? Or just parked a car that’s all... Yeah, probably that. I wiggled my lips and went to my house. I unlocked the door ’cause my parents are at work. I petted my dog and took off my shoes. I went to my room and threw my backpack in the corner. I lied down on bed and closed my eyes from being exhausted.
I should probably introduce myself. I’m Diamond, 15 years old. Gonna turn 16 someday... I have big brown eyes, brown long wavy hair, I have an ass, some boobies, I have HUGE hormones, horny all the time. I have a boyfriend who’s name is Mason. He is 18. I don’t know why I’m with him actually. I don’t love him or something like that... I like him as a friend, maybe. I just got him friend zoned, oh well. He is really cool and stuff but he keeps pushing me with having sex. Okay, I want that, a lot but maybe not with him. I don’t feel turned on next to him.
Enough about me, you will get to know me more, believe me.

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