The Wolf and the Lamb

Trees, Trees Galore

You spend the days with the king idly, the passing time making you grow closer to Kageyama. He gets to know your family and your siblings, all of whom adore him and make unhelpful winks at you whenever they see the two of you around.

"Hey, Kageyama!"

"What?" He scowls.

"Turn that frown upside down! Let's play a game!" Grinning cheekily at the tall male, you stick out both arms and twirl around in the meadow, fresh blades of grass waving slowly in the warm breeze.

He frowns. "A game? Which one?"

"Hide and seek! You close your eyes and count to twenty while I hide – you have to look for me!" You squeal and run off towards the woods, your (hair length) (hair color) hair the last thing he sees before he closes his eyes, a faint smile tugging at his lips.

"One… two… three…"

Scrambling up a tree, you perch yourself on a branch and suppress a giggle at the king's mumbling.

"Eighteen… nineteen… twenty! (Last Name), I'm coming for you!" He shouts and opens his eyes, chasing after your path into the forest.

You watch him, a gleam in your eyes as you sit on your branch, legs dangling a solid fifteen feet above the ground. Delighting in your view of the frantic king's searching, you let out a small laugh and swing your feet back and forth like a pendulum.

The ebony-haired male starts, eyes alert and looking for where your giggle came from. He soon makes a beeline for your tree, looking around it before scratching his head, not failing to notice your shoes next to the tree trunk. Kageyama searches the area multiple times, your laugh ringing through the forest and his ears before he runs both hands through his hair, scrunching up his eyebrows in the process.

Finally relenting, you swing your legs up so that they rest on the tree branch and grin. "Up here, you big dolt!"

He jerks upwards, searching for you; when he finally finds you, Kageyama glowers. "How'd you get up there?"

"Why don't you try it? There's enough space for the both of us~" you beckon at him with a hand gesture and an inviting smile.

Deciding to say nothing, the former king stares at you for a moment. He slowly approaches the trunk as he raises a hand to slowly rub his chin, trying to analyze it before doing his best to scale it. You stifle your laughter as you watch him attempt and fail, multiple times, to climb said tree.

"Shut up!" you hear him growl, looking away.

"What? I'm not laughing!" you protest, but both he and you know you are. "Here, put your leg on this branch and hoist yourself up to that branch. Good, you're almost there. Reach upwards and grab onto this one sticking out here – yeah, that's good. Here. Take my hand."

He takes your outstretched hand and you pull him up a couple more inches so he can grab the top of the branch you're sitting on; pushing himself upwards, he eventually makes it to sit next to you.

Swinging your legs so that they dangle over one side of a branch only, you turn to grin at him. "That was fun, right?"

He frowns. "Did I win?"

"You mean the hide and seek?"

Kageyama nods. "Did I win, (Last Name)?"

"Yup. You found me!" You look over at him, smiling. "Look, the sun's setting."

"It's kind of hard to see it over the tree line."


"Here, eat up! There's plenty to go around!"

The fifth or so dinner since your awful confrontation with Kageyama, you pass the food around the table to him, the previous fight seemingly forgotten. He sits next to you, nodding as he accepts the plate and spoons the food into his bowl.

The room is silent, the only sound that of silverware clinking against the good china – but the silence is pleasant, not at all oppressive and angry like the one before. You inhale deeply, relishing the smell of your mother's home cooking as your siblings are reluctantly force-fed vegetables by your mother. You watch the two of them complain, then look out the door at your wolf-companion, who seems to have disappeared every time you were with Kageyama.

"Kai, Mei, time for bed!" Your mother calls, taking their plates and ushering them off towards their rooms.

Noticing a strange expression on Kageyama's face, you look at him. "What's wrong?"

He wrinkles his nose, stubbornly yet slowly forcing a piece of broccoli into his mouth. "Nothing."

You peer into his face. "Are you sure?"

He nods, glaring at the small green trees on his plate. "Yeah."

Tracing his gaze to the large pile of broccoli heaped up on one side, the only thing left on his plate, you smile. "Don't like broccoli?"

He ignores your question, spearing another piece and forcing it into his mouth.

You watch him eat the green vegetable until there's only a few left, then you call your mother over. "Mom! I think Kageyama would like some more broccoli. He's eating all of it!" You beam at him.

"No thanks," he mutters.

"What's that? You don't want it, Kageyama?" You cock your head and look at him curiously, a twinkle dancing in your eye as you feign a pout. "You don't like my mother's cooking?" Your mother turns to look at him as well, a critical look on her face.

He becomes flustered and shakes his head, saying, "No, it's not that—"

"Then what is it?" You wink at your mother, reaching across the table for the broccoli dish. "Excuse us for a moment, Kai, Mei, mother, father."

Giving you a knowing smile, your mother ushers your two siblings and your father, who protests at the loss of his dinner, out of the house. "Let's go for a walk, darling! Kai and Mei, you two come too." She winks at you before she turns away and leaves.

"See you later, guys!"

"Can I go with them?"

"No, My Royal Highness. You need to eat your broccoli," you say, spooning piece after piece of broccoli onto his plate.

"I don't want to," he murmurs, eyes downcast as he glares at his plate.

"Why not?"

"I'm not in the mood for broccoli," he responds, turning up his nose at the vegetables.

"Do you not like them?" you inquire, spearing a piece off his plate and eating it, his gaze aghast at your brazen action.

"That was my broccoli!" He protests, grabbing his fork and stabbing a piece of your broccoli in retaliation. Then, thinking better of it, he discards it back on your plate and dumps his broccoli on your dish, too.

"What was that for?!"

"You seem to like broccoli."

"And how can I get you to like broccoli?"

"I only like it when it's given to me in a certain way," he snickers, thoughts of broccoli in gold platters dancing in his mind. There's no way you would have solid gold platters, the dishes of kings!

You tap your chin for a few moments, looking thoughtful before you stab a small green tree aggressively. Chewing on it slowly, your eyes light up and you slowly, gently, spear another piece.

He watches you, eyes analyzing your motions. "What are you doing?"

"Say 'ahhhh,' Kageyama," you say, holding out the broccoli in front of his mouth. You wave it in the air before him, eyes twinkling as you hold in a laugh, shoulders barely shaking.

He scowls. "No—"

You take that moment to shove the broccoli in his mouth, making him chew and eat it entirely before you smile and nod approvingly. "Good job! It wasn't that hard, was it?"

He glares at you. "It was the challenge of the gods."

You grin at him, spearing another piece and blowing on it as if to cool it down. "Say 'ahhh' again!"

Frowning in distaste at you, he opens his mouth and you place the broccoli there. You repeat the process many times until the broccoli is gone.

"See? It wasn't that hard," you laugh. "Now do you like broccoli?"

"Was that your fork, (Last Name)?"

You nod, cocking your head to one side. "Yeah, why?"

Turning to look at you, Kageyama slowly raises a hand to his lips, then glances back at the table and lets his head fall into his hands. "Oh, dear god…"

Your eyes widen as you realize what he's thinking. "Did we just… did we just do what I think we just did?"

He nods, eyes frozen on the table. "You idiot of an advisor."

"You went along with it."

"But I obviously didn't like it."

"But you obviously did, since you were smiling the whole time."

"I was not! I was grimacing at the awful taste of broccoli the whole time."

"Admit it, you liked it," you say, crossing your arms and glaring at him. "You liked me feeding you broccoli." His cheeks flush lightly as you realize what you said, and you look away. "That sounded better in my head," you murmur. "Forget it."

"Yeah, I did like it," he murmurs, staring at the wooden table.



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