Loose Ends

Forget Me Nots

Back at Ricky's apartment the atmosphere was a little more lighthearted as Ricky enjoyed his quality time with John. Ricky was amazed at how much energy such a little person could have. After their dinner he gave John a bath, failing miserably to keep his son from splashing too much water on the floor. Man this kid loves water he thought with a smile and then laughed as he looked at the bathroom floor and his partially soaked t-shirt. I'll clean this up later. All cleaned and ready for bed, Ricky read John a story book before putting him to sleep. Thankfully it seemed that all that splashing about had sapped the rest of John's energy and he went to sleep without a fuss.

Ricky first went into the bathroom and mopped up the water on the floor so he wouldn't slip and hurt himself when he went in to take his own shower. He went into the kitchen and began washing up the dinner dishes. With nothing else to occupy his thoughts, his mind once again zeroed in on Amy and trying to plan a romantic gesture. Okay, she likes butterflies, jazz, Chinese food, and chicken wings. She cries easily so I'll need to try to avoid making her cry. Ben already took her to a carnival. She doesn't like to be away from John for too long so it would have to take place early enough that she won't get home too late. But what is it going to be!? He finished drying and putting away the last dish and checked on John before taking a quick shower. The shower helped him relax a little but once again sleep didn't come right away. How do I tell the one person who's given me the most amazing gift ever that I appreciate everything's she's done for me and our son? Ricky looked over at John and smiled. Getting out of bed he stood over John's crib just watching his chest rise and fall, his face perfectly peaceful. Most people said John looked like Amy and he knew why. John had his mother's hair and most of her facial features. John suddenly smirked in his sleep and Ricky smiled. He gets that from me though.

Across town Amy was likewise admiring her son's facial features in a photograph she had of him next to her bed. She hadn't fallen asleep yet either, but for a different reason. She was once again reviewing the new information she'd uncovered over the past two days. She, her sister and her dad had a LONG way to go to rebuild the trust in their relationships but she was hopeful that one day her family might return to the point where they were all at least somewhat happy. Amy smiled. Her family was a little wacky what with a sarcastic father, an antisocial daughter, an overly emotional daughter, and a mother who just wanted everyone to be okay, but every family has some level of dysfunction, right? She had discovered that her two best friends were now solidly in the friends column. Yes, they also had some work to do rebuilding their trust bridges and yes, it would take some time. But she was no longer questioning if she could still trust them at all. Ben had been moved from the enemy to the ally column. While he had hurt her deeply in the past, she had hurt him too. Weighing the good versus the bad, however, told her that they had gotten too close to ever be true enemies. With his impending fatherhood Amy would graciously step aside and be there for him from the sidelines as an ally and she knew he would do the same for her. She was actually happy to know that Ricky's parents had always been her allies without her knowledge and she looked forward to getting to know them better. Maybe one day she would be able to count them as friends instead of simply as allies.

And thinking of how much Ricky's parents loved their grandson had moved her to turn on her bedside lamp and pick up her bedside photograph of her and John smiling. As Amy had told her father yesterday, she knew exactly which features John got from her and which ones he got from Ricky. In this particular picture she could see John's smile, so much like his father's and the thought of her upcoming conversation with Ricky made her slightly nervous. There's no way we're gonna get all our cards on the table in one night. She knew that without a doubt. But we can't put it off until the weekend either. Amy continued gazing at her little boy and smiled. We have to do this, no matter how many nights it takes. We have to, for John. With that resolution fixed in her mind, Amy returned the picture to her nightstand, turned off her lamp and went to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be emotional and she needed to be well rested.

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