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Ore Wa Kimi No Mono

By GoodMorningFlower

Romance / Adventure

My Little Fox

Ore Wa Kimi No Mono

Chapter 1 – My Little Fox

The fox demon scurried through the undergrowth, making a dash for safety as the baying of Fox-Hounds echoed through the air. He was panting, already tired from the countless restless nights. His blonde hair whipped wildly around his face as he stumbled over fallen trees, his sky blue eyes wide and frightened. His coppery fox tail swished uneasily behind him, keeping him balanced.

"Stop, thief!" one shouted. It made the boy run faster. No, Naruto was no thief. In fact, he had never stolen anything that wasn't already thrown away. Scraps and rags resting in old garbage cans were his prey. Nothing else.

It didn't seem to stop these men though. Probably just because he was a fox. It was the only good explanation. And so Naruto ran. The forest was the only place he know and felt safe so he hoped that if he could stay ahead for long enough, they would give up and leave him alone.

But they didn't stop. They must've known he was tired and running low. So the little fox found a small cave and hid himself well in the shadows. He panted softly, forcing his heart to slow, forcing his body to relax and gain strength. The hunting group came soon after, shouting and snarling their comments. The baying of the hounds made him realize, a little too late, that they could follow his scent.

It was too late to run anywhere, so Naruto tried to hide himself as best he could in the leafy cave. Lady Luck wasn't on his side today, but since when was she ever? The hounds barked and growled, whining and pawing at the entrance to Naruto's little cave. And then laughter could be heard. "Look's like we've found us a fox!" Tears started falling down his whiskered face, soaking into his coppery tail that was wrapped around him. "Please," he whispered, his voice a sad melody, "Please, leave me alone."

Then a long curved hook appeared, attached to a long, thick, wooden pole. Naruto knew there was no escape. So when the metal hook slipped around his back and stomach, tugging on him, he didn't fight back. He let it drag him from the safety of his hole and into the dim, green light of the forest. It was nearly dark; the sun was setting now. But by the fall of full darkness, there would be no more little fox.

Now Naruto was outside, shivering in complete fear, tail wrapped securely around him, fox ears flattened against his head. "We finally caught him!" "Time to put him out of his misery!" "This ends now!"

Their jeers and chants made the little demon cry harder, shaking uncontrollably. He knew pain was coming, he understood that. There had been pain his entire life, especially there in his chest. But he just wanted so desperately to be accepted. To be tolerated at least. He didn't like to be hated and if being beaten and stoned, called names and hurt wasn't being hated, then he didn't know what was.

The first stones came, large, round, jagged and cutting. They bruised his sun kissed skin, making blood run over his furry tail. At the scent of blood, the fox covered his head with his arms, shut his wet, sky blue eyes, and wrinkled his sensitive nose. He couldn't stand the smell of blood. It made him mad. It made him do things he didn't want to do. In truth, he loved the taste. The metallic fluid scolding his tongue, burning his throat, was a rare treat.

"Is he dead?" "He stopped moving." "Can we go home? I'm tired." "No, he's still breathing!" "Let's finish him off!"

The group laughed and dropped their stones, edging closer to the immobile fox. "D-don't…please," he begged, tightening himself into a tiny ball. Naruto didn't have much self control when it came to blood. His own was fine, but if he smelt someone else's… that would be the end of him.

One fist made contact with his skin, bruising the muscle underneath. A foot connected with his back. Then someone kicked his thighs. And soon every available inch of his skin was being attacked. Naruto just covered his head and protected his face as much as he could. The stench of his blood stung his nose, making his stomach churn uncomfortably. A part of him wanted someone else to bleed so he could drink, but his more humane side tried to push any thoughts of blood away.

But Fate is a cruel task master. One of them had brought a small switch knife. Naruto could feel the blade resting against his skin then being dragged painfully down. Naruto realized it was down the inside of his left forearm. He panicked and shifted quickly, making the knife slip and cut its wielder. To Naruto, the first blood had been drawn.

His sky blue eyes slitted and darkened to a bloody red, his fangs grew, whiskers darkened. He started losing himself, his human reasoning. "Go! Run!" he heard his own voice shout to the demons. Yes, those who attacked him regularly were demons too. But they were dogs, wolves, bears even. He was the only Kitsune.

A few of the smarter demons ran, not looking back once, hounds in tow. A few of the stupider ones stayed, glowing and smirking. This group included the one who was bleeding. This did nothing for Naruto. His body started changing, his blonde hair growing, lengthening, turning a burning copper, covering his body.

Then he grew, his body was now seven feet long, his shoulders level with the tallest mans head. Naruto's muzzle pulled back, revealing sharp fangs as long as a hand. A low, thunderous growl emitted from the Kitsunes' throat. The men left transformed too, their bodies covered in a mass of grey or brown fur. Wolves are generally larger than foxes so the three wolves left towered over the small kit. This didn't stop him though. The blood thirsty coppery animal lunged, teeth gnashing at the grey wolfs' throat.

Naruto's speed surprised them and the grey wolf fell beneath the brute strength. One down, two to go. Naruto lunged at a darker grey wolf, determined to end this fight. But the brown wolf, the one who cut Naruto, intervened. The fox caught wind of the blood and turned hungrily to the brown wolf.

Naruto's mind circled primarily on the kill. Nothing would be able to stop him from ripping it to shreds, devouring the raw, stringy meat…

A heart stopping growl ripped through the clearing and Naruto's ears twitched back to locate the sound. The dark grey and brown wolves transformed instantly back to their human states under the murderous glare of the Kitsune.

Then the owner of the growl made himself known. The black wolf stood between the men and the Kitsune, glaring with blood red eyes that matched Naruto's. The growl ripped from the wolf again and the two conscious men grabbed the knocked out one and ran. Leaving fox and wolf behind in a dangerous glaring contest.

But then the fox's body rippled. The boy couldn't hold this shape any more… he was tired, exhausted, hurt, and bleeding. His body shrank, his sun kissed skin was still torn and bleeding. His cerulean eyes drooped, his blonde hair matted. Naruto sank to his knees, arms wrapped around his stomach. His coppery tail and ears down cast and matted with blood.

The midnight wolf looked down at the boy with curiosity. He had never seen a fox demon before. But now that he had, he wondered why he was being attacked by the villagers. The wolf shrank down to human state and knelt infront of the sad Kitsune in all his dark glory. His spiky, midnight black hair gently framed his soft face and dark obsidian eyes.

So sad sky blue met worried onyx. "You ok?" Naruto looked down, away from that pretty face. "Don't…please…I'm sorry," his broken whisper sounded. He held his ribs tightly, bent over his knees. "I won't hurt you."

"Please… leave me alone…"

"Let me help you," the wolf urged gently, touching the younger boys shoulder. Naruto flinched away from the touch, half expecting it to inflict more pain on his broken body.

"I'm Sasuke… what's your name, little fox?" the wolf asked, moving a little closer. Naruto could feel the wolf move closer. He could also feel the warmth radiating from his pale, milky skin. "What does it matter?" the boy murmured, still trembling. Sasuke sat on the ground and pulled the fox into his arms, holding the blonde head against his chest.

"I won't hurt you. Please trust me… I won't hurt you, little fox," his voice rumbled in his chest. Naruto sighed. He didn't wasn't to feel relaxed in a strangers arms. He wouldn't let himself be reassured by the soft voice. But at the moment, when nothing else could be taken from him, he allowed himself this small moment of safety.

"Naruto," he whispered into the chest. His keen nose picked up on Sasuke's scent; cinnamon, wolf, and a hint of expensive perfume. It smelled nice to the fox who smelled nothing but garbage, rot, and forests every day. "Uzumaki Naruto," he whispered, breathing in deeply the smell that was Sasuke. "I like your name, Naruto," Sasuke whispered into the sunshine hair.


"Naruto, come with me," he said, keeping the blonde in his lap. He felt the fox tense in his grip. "I…I can't…" he murmured. "Why not? I want you to come with me, Naruto," the wolf pleaded. Naruto shook his head and pulled from Sasuke's chest. "Why?"

"I like your scent…I like your eyes. Please, Naruto. I'll protect you," the raven-haired wolf spoke urgently. He didn't want to lose this fox. He was so pretty. So sweet smelling, tender. Naruto was cold to the touch to begin with but now was warming up fast. Sasuke knew that he was warm, in heat, as it was the wolf mating season, but he knew nothing of foxes.

Judging by the new heat though, he guessed that foxes were similar to wolves. "Sasuke, I like your scent too, but I can't go with you," Naruto spoke with fear. Sasuke smirked and pulled the blonde to him again. If this fox liked him, and he liked the fox, they should be together. Isn't that how mates were chosen?

"No one will ever hurt you again if you come with me. I promise. No one will touch my little fox. Come with me, Naru. Will you be my mates?"

"Mate? Don't … you want a girl mate? That's how you make pups," the fox blushed and ducked his head. "I don't want pups, Naruto. I want someone to make me happy," Sasuke smirked. "How do you choose a mate?" the innocence in Naruto's voice was unbelievable.

"You love them and their scent. It draws you to the, and you don't want to be with anyone else," Sasuke explained patiently, tightening his grip on the fox. "I love your scent, Naru. Do you love mine?"

Naruto couldn't hold back his curiosity any more. He pulled back and knelt before the confused wolf, taking in every contour and muscle of that pale skin. Then the blonde leaned in towards his neck and breathed in deeply, loving the heat and mixed in with the smell. Naruto let out his breath slowly through his mouth, letting it brush over that soft skin.

Sasuke visibly tensed, his back shivering, goose bumps rising on his arms. It took every ounce of his self control to not tackle the fox here and make him his now. "Yeah," Naruto whispered against Sasuke's neck, "Yeah, I love your scent too, Sasuke."

In fact the Kitsune was absolutely addicted to the wolfs' smell. It was sweet, it made him feel feverish. But Naruto pulled away and stared into those fiery onyx eyes. He sat with his arms wrapped around his middle again and looked away. He was trying to hold himself together. At any moment this beautiful wolf would be like the rest of them. Abusive, angry, hostile, murderous.

Why did he do that? Why did he let himself go like that? Now it would take him forever to that bubble of protectiveness around him again… start now! "I have to go," he whispered, trying not to look at the blood stains he left on Sasuke's shirt. "Where? You must come with me, as my mate, Naru," he said firmly, standing up with the boy.

"No, Sasuke, please… I can't. I'm a Kitsune… you deserve better…" he said slowly, trying to nurse his wounds as he walked. Sasuke growled and stopped Naruto by grabbing the ripped hem of his black t-shirt. "Naruto, you are the best thing I could ask for, don't leave me," the pleading in the wolfs' voice made him stop and turn around.

"Naruto, you and I won't be lonely anymore. Don't you want that?"

"Well, yes, but-"

"And don't you want to be happy and safe?"

"Of course, but-"

"Don't you want to be loved by someone?"


"Then come with me," the wolf sighed, slipping his arms tenderly around Naruto's waist. He held him gently, seriously aware of his still bleeding and bruised body.

"I…" he wanted to protest so badly. To protect himself from the pain he knew would come. It always comes. But that scent! It was drawing him in. The heat of Sasuke's body pressing against his was so soft, comforting. "I…" he tried again. But his wounds stung while his body hummed. 'Traitor' he thought angrily to himself.

"Ok," he muttered onto Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke's skin tingled in ecstasy. He needed Naruto. "Let's go home," Sasuke smirked, lifting the tired Kitsune into his arms. "Sleep, my little fox. I promise you are safe."


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