Isn't life swell? When you know you are going no where any time soon. But the best thing is when you meet your idol, your hero and he turns out to be something completely different...

Romance / Drama
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Might Be the Way Everybody Likes To Say


Chap 1 – I Might Be the Way, Everybody Likes To Say

I never saw anyone like him before. He had all the talent in the world; the grace, the style, the looks. He was an amazing creature that fascinated all who watched him perform. And while it was just a fantasy, I wanted to meet him. He was untouchable. Top of the game, A-List material. He had fan girls galore and was envied by all including me.

Yet despite all of this, his attitude was the only thing that could be worked on. He didn't seem to care about anything. He just passed by on the sets, winning awards and putting on a fake smile, feeding it to the willing and desperate. I can understand it somewhat. Being rich and famous will do that to you but this guy took it to a whole different level. He looked like a ghost most of the time.

Don't get me wrong. He was a fantastic actor and could sing and dance with the best of them and boy he could be really convincing during his TV interviews. Other than that he floated around in the tabloids; always hiding away and avoiding contact with the world if he could help it.

Even so, I know I would give anything to meet him in person and learn a few tricks from him. Though, me being me and him being him, I know that it's never going to happen no matter how much I wish for it. I mean, I'm just an entry level journalist. It's not a job I enjoy but hey, it pays the bills. And people at my level rarely ever get to interview celebrities and what not. I actually get all the funny stories. You know, the ones no one else wants to do? Like small local stories about some old lady who has been making chilli for the homeless for 50 years...

Don't judge me.

Like I said, it pays the bills.

Anyways, someone like me would never meet someone like him ever. The closest I could ever come was seeing one of his concerts and maybe getting a back stage pass and being able to get into the mosh pit. Its frustrating seeing as I own all his cds, seen all his movies and downloaded all the music videos onto my iPod.

Damn. I'm a loser. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to, be sheer happenstance, bump into him and have him teach me a dance or two. Wow, I got shivers just thinking about it.

Well back to reality! I wasted enough time in front of my desktop... work is over. Time to hit the restaurant and then home!

"Hey, Naruto! Could you give me a ride home? Sasuke is out of town again," my co-worker Sakura asked me. She was a pretty thing with bubblegum pink hair, sparkling emerald eyes and the fiercest personality I've ever encountered. Besides Ino's. Uchiha Sasuke was her boyfriend who just keeps disappearing on her. Like, weeks at a time and never gives her much notice so I always make sure to take time and keep her company. Everyone needs a friend, right?

I smiled at her, "Yeah for sure! I just gotta grab my coat and we can go!"

On the ride to Sakura's house we don't talk much. Never really do but we still sit in a comfortable silence. She's the kind of girl who suffers in silence because her problems aren't yours. I admire her courage but I'm just waiting for the day when she breaks down. I know its coming I just don't know when. That asshole boyfriend of hers really stresses her out.

"So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Sakura?" I smile as I come to a stop in front of her house. She grins at me and nods with a hint of sadness behind her emerald depths.

"Sure thing and thanks again, Naruto. You're a really good friend. Night!"

Sighing, I wait until she is safe inside before I drive away towards my home. My house is on the other side of town but it's only about a 10 minute drive. My day is so predictable. Get up, get ready for work, make myself look like an idiot for the boss, type away for 5 hours, get off work, go home, go to bed, and start over. Fascinating. I need a life.

It just doesn't get any better than this...


One week later


"You can't be serious!? That just isn't fair! She hasn't been here as long as I have! I have the best numbers, higher ratings, and more experience! I earned this!"

Life sucks some days...

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but Hinata earned it. She's been working more overtime than the entire office just to pull to the front. No sick days, covering everyone's shift. She deserves it. Next sweeps I'll consider giving you the big story, ok?" Tsunade told me calmly.

This just wasn't fair at all. "I work over time! I cover people's shifts, make a fool of myself on live TV! I've been hauling ass since I got here 4 years ago!" i pointed out. I just couldn't keep the desperateness out of my voice. Hyuuga Hinata, while cute and talented, just didn't deserve this as much as I thought I did...

"I'm sorry Naruto. Maybe next time."

"Jesus!" I growl, spinning around so fast I almost myself dizzy leaving her office. I wasn't happy but I guess I'll just suck it up till next month. What harm is there in waiting another month? It's not like I'm going anywhere.

"Naruto? Are you ok?" Sakura asked from the cubicle beside mine. I glance at her with sad, azure eyes.

"No, but I'll live, yeah?" I grin thinly.

"You didn't get the cover story, did you?" she asked, coming over to sit on the desk in front of me. She knew too well. She's been here a little less than I have and has seen everything I've been through. So I look at her tiredly and then glance away.

"It's not like it matters or anything. Nothing new really. I'll just wait. Hey, are you finished with my CD?" I ask, trying to wean her from the hurtful subject. I had leant her my CD last week with my all time favourite artist, the one I was telling you about before? She just wanted to listen and see why I was obsessed.

"Yeah, but it's at my house still. If you stick around I'll get it for you," she promised.

"What did you think of him?" I asked, turning back to my monitor filled with boring filler stories that I was still working on. Stories that were supposed to be done last week. Man, I just didn't have any motivation for a 24 year old.

"He's not bad but not my favourite. Sexy voice I'll give him that but he just seems... off. You know? But you can keep him to yourself," she smiled. I could tell that it was her attempt in making me smile so I did so with flourish.

"You don't know what you're missing!" I joke.

"Oh I sure do. Anyways, back to work. See you after?" she hopped down from my desk and sat back in her own cubicle.

"Yeah," I sigh. I need something better to do. Depression didn't suit me. I pulled out my headphones and plugged them into my iPod, turning it to dance music and blaring it as loud as I dare. The 'up' beat got my head twirling and I started typing like a demon. Maybe I could get through this day with as little pain as possible.

By the time work ended I was just about ready to shoot myself. Too bad I didn't own a gun. Just after lunch I had found out that Hinata would be interviewing the one person I idolize. Not only did I not get sweeps but I also missed on the most opportune moment to finally meet face to face with my star.

Hinata knew I liked him too. Mind you, she had her eyes set on one of the guys from the Korean band, Super Junior. But she still felt bad for taking the spot light from me. I had told it was ok; just get his autograph for me.

I was driving Sakura home and while I was waiting outside her house, the strangest thing happened. I don't know what it was or why it happened. It was just one of those moments that hit you in the face and leave you thinking, 'what the fuck?!'

"Could you show me where KAS Studio is? I have an appointment there in 15 minutes."

I couldn't believe my ears. I'd know his sultry voice anywhere. I literally leapt from my truck and starred, mouth open at the sight before me.

He was dressed casually with a white long sleeve shirt underneath a black collared button up shirt and a slightly loose fitting pair of dark grey dress pants and white shoes. His short black styled hair hung easily over his pale face and his black eyes were as emotionless as ever.

"Sai?" I muttered. I was in complete disbelief. How was it that my all time goal to meet him was right in my face yet all I could do was stare and drool in amazement?

"Sorry, I don't know where that is," the man replied. He was obviously clueless as to who Sai was. I was surprised and as Sai turned away hopelessly, my body finally snapped into life.

"Hey!" I called out. I was desperate. I ran up behind him and stopped short of clobbering the poor man. I just still couldn't believe it!

"You're looking for KAS Studios? I work there, I can take you," I offer in one breath. My blue eyes were fixed on his face. I didn't blink or glance away in fear that he might actually not be there.

"You can? That would be a big help. I'm Sai," he held out his hand and that fake smile that I came to recognize all too well. I took his hand and shook it firmly, refraining from the urge to shake his arm right out of his socket.

"Uzumaki Naruto! If you're a famous actor and singer, where are all your people? Cameras, crew?" I ask him, leading him back to my truck. He followed quietly. I almost thought that the raven wasn't going to reply to me when he finally slid into the passenger's seat and glanced at me under thick lashes.

"I ran away for a while," he admitted bluntly.

"Oh..." I sat staring at him for a moment before I shifted into drive.

"NARUTO!" a familiar voice screamed. My foot didn't leave the break as I glanced back up and I realized why I was here in the first place. Sakura came running out of her house with my CD waving in hand. I grinned and looked at Sai pointedly before looking at her again. She realized who I had in my truck and ran up, slamming the CD in my face as she leaned in through the driver's window to peer at Sai.

"Wow, Sai! In person! Naruto, your dreams have come true, yeah?" she giggled. "Nice to meet you Sai, I'm Sakura. I'll let you be. See you tomorrow, Naruto!" she winked knowingly at me before sliding back out my window and prancing back up to her house.

I growled a curse about frisky women before shoving my CD into the glove compartment.

"Sorry about her," I grin, finally easing off the brake and pushing on the gas. The soft purr of my engine fills the quiet space and I try not to fidget on the ride back to work.

"Your dreams have come true? I'm guessing you're a fan," he said monotonously. He looked out the window disdainfully and I couldn't help feeling embarrassed. Sure he's had crazy stalkers and fans before but he looked as if the world just crumbled.

"Well, yeah," I admit with a sheepish grin plastered on my face, "I only own every CD, seen every movie and admired all your music videos. But hey, no worries, I won't stalk you and tie you in my closet or anything," I laugh shortly, trying to make the boy smile. It failed. He only gazed out the window at the passing buildings and people.

"So, uh, why did you run away?" Man was it awkward trying to talk to someone as glum as he was.

"I don't like being crowded."


The drive didn't seem to end quick enough. When I finally did pull up in front of KAS Studios; Konoha Air Show; I was kind of grateful. This sucks! All my life all I ever wanted was to meet the infamous Sai! I get the chance and all I got out of him was he ran away... awesome.

"So, this is KAS... Did you want me to bring you to the office or...?" I let my offer hang in the air. I wasn't too sure on what to make of him. I mean, he was the greatest actor, fantastic singer and fabulous dancer but in real life he was everything opposite of all my dreams. He wasn't nearly as cool as I thought he was.

"No, I can do it on my own. Thanks for the ride... I suppose you want something in compensation?" he asked almost fearfully. I cock an eyebrow at him and tilt my head. He had to be kidding.

"Uh... no, no not really. But uh, take care of yourself, k?" I offer a polite smile and he glances at me with a hint of curiosity in his black orbs. Those where the eyes of someone who had seen too much. I felt pity for him.

"Yeah..." he furrowed his brows but opened my door and stepped outside. I thought he was just gonna slam the door, walk away without looking back and I'd never see him again till his next performance on TV. However, he looked back at me, eyes almost pleading. It was strange really but maybe he would surprise the world, or me, by saying something unexpected?

"Thank you, Naruto. I was wondering if you would do me another favour?" he asked. His eyes were dim and his body language suggested loss. Like he didn't think I'd accept or do anything for him. I wanted to prove the star otherwise.

"Yeah sure. What's up?"

"Would you mind waiting till I get out? I know it's late but I don't exactly want to go back just yet..."

My, my, a certainly strange request. I only just met him. 10 minutes ago. I, Uzumaki Naruto, met the famous Sai and here I was, getting asked to wait for him... what has the world come to? Why would he ask? And me, a stranger of all people. He could probably ask friggin Oprah Winfrey if he could stay with her, that's just how famous he was but he was asking ME?! Hell has frozen over.

"Yeah, I'll wait for you. I'll go park my truck and meet you in the front entrance," I reply quickly. I didn't want him to take back the offer. He nodded and grinned that fake grin. He shut my door and backed up so I could pull away. I glanced at him before driving into visitors parking. It was closer to the building than Employee parking. I ran back to the building and inside, hoping he didn't ditch me. That seems like something an actor would do to avoid a stalker...

Just as I was beginning to lose hope in searching, his black hair poked out of the main office door. I sighed happily and made my way over to his peering gaze.

"Thanks," he smiled. I nod and sit in the waiting chairs as he finished his meeting with my boss, Tsunade. I couldn't make out anything they were saying. Not that I was really trying, you know? I was still kind of sitting in a daze. I still wasn't really absorbing the information. Sai. THE Sai. The top ranked 'Hottie' of Konoha. The youngest actor/singer ever to receive the most awards in one year for both acting and singing. Not to mention the awards he got for his music videos. Holy crap this guy was the celebrity of celebrities. Right up there with friggin Harrison Ford and Brad friggin Pitt!

A tap on my shoulder jolted me from my thoughts to look up at the pale boy. He motioned for me to follow and I complied. I guess he finished his meeting with the old lady while I spaced out. I led him back over to my truck and hopped inside, starting the engine and waiting. Once he was buckled in I paused.

"So, uh, where to?" I asked cautiously. Where do stars normally want to go?

"Anywhere but here," he muttered. I swallow heavily before shifting into gear and pulling onto the main road. At a loss, I just decided to do my normal rounds. Restaurant, gas station, home. So I drove into parking lot of my favourite Dim Sum diner. I've been coming here for long enough to know that Suki, the owner and head chef, would have my order ready for me.

I parked and glanced at Sai. "It will just take me a minute, did you want me to grab you anything from here?" I offered. He looked nervously at a group of punk dressed teenagers crossing the street that were heading our way. I made a face and reached behind my seat. I tossed a blue baseball cap at him and took of my baggy black jacket and handed that to him too. He needed it more that I did. He didn't thank me but I didn't need him to. I knew he appreciated it.

He followed me out in his frail disguise into the restaurant. He stuck close to me and that made me smile. To think that this would ever happen to me at all? Sai, in my clothing, beside me in my favourite diner, hanging out with me and I haven't known him more than an hour.

"Naruto! You're a bit late! Your order is ready and I even threw in some extra noodles and sticky rice for you!" Suki greeted me cheerfully. I gave the woman my best smile and thanked her. She always took care of me. Her husband makes the best ramen in town and I've been a customer here since I was a kid. I was practically family here and it's been the only family I've ever had.

"Who is your friend, Naruto?" she asked suspiciously with a mischievous grin on her young face. She wasn't much older than me and Sai was only a month or so younger than me. Making him the perfect candidate for her approving eyes.

"This is Leeteuk, a good friend. Just visiting. Don't bother him much, Suki. He's not your type!" I wink at her as i grab the bag of food from the counter.

"Wait! Here are some extra spring rolls for you as well!" she happily grabs a plate from a passing cart and dumps the contents into a container and hands it to Sai. "Enjoy!" she smiles too-sweetly at him. I find myself grinning from ear to ear as I thank her and head back out to my truck.

"Man! Good thing she gave us extras. This will feed us both! One more stop then we can head home, k?" I set the food between us and start my truck again. Sai just buckles in and looks at me from the corner of his eyes. I'm not too sure on what he wants so I stayed silent. If he wants to say something, he will say it.

At the gas station I push $40 at Yesung. He threw his skinny arms around my neck and squeezed.

"Naruto, you're seriously the greatest! How can I ever repay you?" he pulled back to look at me with tears in his brown eyes. The 18 year old boy was a good friend of mine. I helped him out of many tight spots. I'm not too sure why I took to him but I've been looking out for him since he was a kid. I guess he was just similar to me.

"Just take care of yourself for me, kay?" I ruffle his red spiky hair with affection. He grins that stupid grin and hugs me again.

"Naru, can I stay at your place again soon? I really miss you," he pleads, letting go of my neck. I poke his forehead with my index and middle fingers and smirk as he makes a face. He knows what the fingers mean.

"You always say that, Naru. But 'maybe next time' doesn't work for me anymore! I'm coming over this weekend!" he announced. I shake my head but I do nothing to argue. In truth, I miss my old friend too.

"Sure. I'll pick you up Friday night, ne?"


"See ya!" I wave and leave the store. As I slide back into the truck I notice something different. "Sai?" I look at the black haired man. He looks at me in something close to fear.

"What's wrong?" I ask, knitting my brows together.

"I didn't mean to get you involved," he whispered. He wouldn't look me in the eye and I felt my heart throb painfully inside my chest. Just what the fuck was going on? I nearly yelped when someone knocked on my window. I jumped and tried to calm my startled breathing as I unrolled it to a professional looking man in a business suit.

"Excuse me, what's your name," he asked. His one visible eye was half lidded and uncaring but his voice held an under tone of authority that I didn't want to question at that moment.

"U-Uzumaki Naruto..." I stuttered out. I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. This was quickly turning into a situation I didn't like. Staying calm would be very important at this point.

"Could you step out of the car please?" the man asked. I frowned and looked him up and down. He didn't look like a cop. Why would I listen to him?

"May I ask why?" I tried to be as polite as I could. Being mean would only cause more trouble and I had a feeling I was already deep in it.

"You are being arrested for attempted kidnapping and knowingly funding illegal drug trafficking. Step out of the car please."

"WHAT?!" I couldn't keep my cool. The first one I could kind of understand but illegal drug trafficking? That was unbelievable. "I didn't do any of those! Sai asked me to keep him company. He didn't want to go back. And I have nothing to do with drugs!" I felt my face scowl, my sharp canines biting into my lower lip. This was a royal pain in my ass.

"Please, Kakashi let him be," Sai finally spoke up. "I asked him to drive me around. You of all people should know me by now," he emotionlessly. I looked back at him and saw that he was staring out the windshield with a slight scowl on his pale face.

"That may be true though what about the drug charge? Going to clear his name of that too?" Kakashi's voice got firmer and Sai's eyes flashed up to Kakashi's cold ones.

"Hold on, are you talking about the money I gave to Yesung? That's not fair; I gave it to him for food. He has it rough at home. I've been helping him out since he was a kid!" I said in my defence. I couldn't believe they thought I was a drug trafficker. The problems that came with fame... I felt sorry for Sai.

Kakashi only glanced at me before straightening and walking over to Sai's side of the truck. He opened the passenger door and stepped aside, waiting for the man to step out. Only Sai didn't. He merely glanced at me before grabbing the door from Kakashi and swung it shut. He pushed the auto lock and grinned lightly at the slightly shocked look on Kakashi's masked face.

"Sai, please don't do this again. Just come back with us. You have an airing on KAS tomorrow. After that, we are going back to Korea. Ok?" Kakashi's voice sounded muffled through my window. I glanced at Sai and he didn't seem too pleased at Kakashi's proposal.

"Start the engine," Sai breathed.

I looked at him in disbelief. He couldn't be serious. I glanced back out the window at the silver haired man. He looked angry. Beyond angry. Downright pissed off. I looked back at Sai. If I had to make a bet on who would win at the moment I would choose Sai. He wasn't moving a millimetre for this man. I started my engine. Kakashi's eye lighted with understanding and he immediately spoke into the cuff on his jacket sleeve.

"Drive!" Sai ordered. Without putting much thought into what I was doing, I floored the gas and cursed when my truck lurched forward then slowly crawled up to the speed I wanted it to go. Damn thing. I have to get it fixed or something. I tore out onto the main road almost causing an accident on the way and I drove about 15 over the speed limit.

"Where to, boss?" I joked, gritting my teeth. I assumed I wouldn't be able to get home anymore and the Dim Sum I had sitting next to me still was cold by now.

"Just drive. Anywhere but here. Get out of town," he demanded. His jaw was just as locked as mine was, if not more. I didn't want to argue but this was all nonsensical to me. I met Sai just a little while ago and from there things just turned weird. Though maybe now wasn't the time for questions. My main focus was to get off these roads safely and as discreetly as possible so as not to kill anyone in our flight for freedom.

Two hours later found me in a town quite a ways away from my home town. Konoha was no longer visible in my rear view and my tank was low on gas. I glanced wearily over at Sai to see if he was still on edge.

Apparently he wasn't; he was passed out, leaning against the door with his head slumped forward and against the window. Even in his sleep the poor man looked older and more stressed beyond his years. Again I felt a surge of pity for him. While he may be an actor, singer and dancer he was still too young to be facing such stressful situations. Though I would still like to be informed on why he was, in his own way, kidnapping me. I thought I deserved to know.

Ruffling my blonde hair tiredly, I read the next sign coming up on the road. My high beam caught it and reflected the names back to me. Great, the town of Rain was coming up soon but if I wanted to go to Suna I'd have to turn off here right away. I glanced back at Sai who was still fast asleep. Where would he want to go?

I thought about it for a minute and decided to signal. I got into the turning lane and drove up on the overpass. I never thought I'd see the day when I returned to Suna... I guess I don't really have much of a choice...

Sai better fucking appreciate this.


"G'morning, sunshine," I rapped on the passenger side window. Sai jolted awake, eyes widened and he swung his head around fast enough to give him whiplash. He looked terrified for an instant before he looked at me. Once his onyx eyes settled on me he instantly appeared relaxed. As if the sight of me offered some sort of comfort. I guess I was the one to take him away.

"I brought you breakfast," I smiled, holding up the Dim Sum bag to the window. He frowned at it at first but then shrugged and opened the door, sliding his legs so that they hung out.

"How was your sleep?" I asked, leaning against my truck and opening the bag of Dim Sum. It was from last night yeah, and it is the type of food you have to eat fresh but I didn't feel like spending money and while I stopped for gas I figured I could just heat it back up.

Sai rubbed his eyes and glanced at me then at the food I was bringing out. I handed him the spring rolls and sticky rice along with a pair of chop sticks. He took it gratefully and broke the sticky rice enough to grab good sized clumps. I watched the steam rise from the packaging before turning to pull out the honey chicken skewers.

It really was a good idea that Suki gave me extra food. By the time Sai and I had finished eating there was virtually nothing left but the empty packages and we were still hungry. I threw the packaging away and sat back in my truck, leaving the doors open for fresh air. Leaning back, I ruffled my hair again and looked over at Sai.

"So, what do you think we should do about this? I probably have warrant out for my arrest and you're going to be forced to go back anyways... but I have one question," I waited until Sai looked back at me to continue. When his eyes met mine I scowled.

"Why in the entire world did you drag me into this?!"

Sai shrugged and looked away for a moment. He looked back at the gas station and then down at the floor. "You had a vehicle within my reach," he said quietly.

"YOU USED ME!?" I yelled. I was sitting upright and facing him now with a fierce glare set firmly in place. I knew he was but I thought that maybe I would have been a bit more than a convenience. "You know, you're an asshole. I had a good life going for me and now... ugh I can kiss my career good bye. And Yesung is gonna have it bad without me... dammit!" I hit my head against the steering wheel and stayed there with my eyes tightly closed.

"Look, I'm sorry. You can go back if you want," he muttered. I opened an eye to look at him. He was taking my ball cap off and my jacket.

"You think I'll leave you here? Are you nuts?" I grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to me before he could get out the door. He seemed shocked and rightly so but I would win this. I leaned over him and reached for the door, closing it firmly. I sat back down and he just looked at me as if I grew a third head. "I'm not leaving you till we talk this out!" I growled.

He turned away from me, looking out the window again. "I don't have anything to tell you. You're just here by convenience. You were merely my way out," he said monotonously. I bristled. How dare he?!

"If that's the case then I can bring you right back, sunshine!" I slammed my door shut, locked the doors and windows and started my truck. It didn't matter that we were an hour away from Suna. I would drive 6 hours back to Konoha! I reversed and straightened out, pulling back onto the highway and sped back towards my home.

"Hey! Stop, please!" he yelled at me. He tugged on my arm and looked at me pleadingly. "Please don't go back, not yet!"

"Why should I? You're nothing but a spoiled actor who uses people and you know what?! I bet you don't even remember my name! ASS!" I vented, keeping well over the speed limit.

"Listen to me, Naruto, I can't go back. They are going to bring me back to Korea and I can't go there..."

"Why?" I demanded.

"My adoptive parents are there!" he said it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. I didn't understand.

"Is that bad?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"Yes! You don't know them. I can't go back, Naruto please!"

"Then tell them that. You're over the legal age, you're the big famous rich kid. What's wrong?" I slowly took my foot off the gas, letting my truck settle into the normal speed limit and I tried to catch glimpses of Sai's face. His fearful face was turned away from me.

"It's something I don't share with anyone ok? I just can't go back."

"Well we can't exactly stay on the run for the rest of your life. Why don't you bring a friend with you to Korea? That way you won't be alone?" I suggested. I didn't know what it was like for him growing up but I was positive that if he had someone there then it couldn't be that bad.

"That would work if I had friends," he retorted.

"Then bring that Kakashi guy or someone you work with. It couldn't be that hard to bribe someone to be your friend."

This is when I figured something was wrong with him. For all his attitude I now started to believe that he was forced to be like this. "I've already tried." I glanced at him again and saw that through his black hair covering his face, he looked in pain. I didn't doubt it either.

"Ugh, ok how about this," I shook my head. I just don't know when to quit, do i? "When we get back, apologize to everyone and clear my name. Then when it comes time for you to go to Korea, I will go with you. Sound fair?"

Sai lifted his head to look at me. I tried to look at him for as long as I could to let him know I wasn't kidding. But driving and looking don't mix that well. Eventually, I turned off to a roadside bathroom and parked the truck. I turned to him and stared him straight in the eyes without blinking.

"You would do that?" he asked incredulously.

I shrugged. "You aren't a complete stranger you know. I know a lot about you from your music and the news and whatnot. I'm the perfect friend!" I laughed. I rested my arm on the back of the seats and reached my free hand towards him and offered a handshake. He looked down at it then at me, disbelief written on his perfect, pale features. "Don't worry, Sai. I never go back on my word. If there is something you'd like to add to the deal, go ahead!" I plastered a large grin on my face, trying to make him more comfortable around me.

"Why are you doing this after everything I've said to you?"

"Dunno. I guess I just like helping people," I shrugged.

"So as long as I keep you out of jail, you'll come with me to Korea?" he asked, clarifying.

"Yup, that's what I said."

"Then I want one more thing from you," he said firmly.

"Like what?"

"You have to pretend to be my boyfriend."

I had to pause at that.

"WHAT?!" I pulled my hand back in a flourish and stared at him incredulously. He couldn't be serious. "What the, why the fuck would you, I mean, really? Why?" I blabbered on, not entirely sure what to make of his question.

"Naruto, it's just pretend. My adoptive parents have always hated me. And to make them mad I told them I had a boyfriend a while back. Obviously it didn't work because they still want to see me but now they are expecting to meet my supposed boyfriend," he explained. "You don't even have to do anything. You don't have to hold hands or kiss or even sleep in the same room as me. Just say you're my boyfriend and it'll be ok!"

He looked depressed. Like he hated lying yet it was just something to protect himself. How could I turn away when he needed me? I may not know him, I may only have just met him and he may be an actor while I'm just a junior at KAS, but fuck! My idol needed me! The man I'd always wanted to meet. This was my once in a lifetime chance! FUCK YEAH!


He looked shocked for a moment but then something epic happened.

He smiled at me.


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Liza McAulay: I love this book I love the love between the two . I don't like that it ain't complete. Please hit me up when there are any updates of this book. Love it. Thank you

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