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Opposites Attract~ An Offenderman Love Story


A creature cursed to walk the Earth, unloved, until his dying breath. Offenderman has seen many loved ones come & go, yet he is desperate of a family of his own, he deserves to be happy. Kate is a human, although she is the same, despite her lovesick ex-boyfriend, Kate cannot find happiness & believes that love is just a fairytale. However, one tragic incident brings our two lone wolves together & the more time they spend away from each other, the longer they yearn for that other person to be around. Nearly having all that she could dream of, Kate's past demons return to exact revenge for being banished for so long, with this new challenge, Offenderman faces a new reality that disturbs him. If demons have taken Kate away from him, how can he get her back?

Horror / Romance
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This story was inspired by the song “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul, back in the ’80s. The lyrics really gave a familiarity with myself & the sexiest man on Earth so I decided to make a relatable fan fiction out of it, check it out!


Kate Moon is a young female adult, exploring the wide world that awaits her beyond, despite all the horrible secrets that her demons remind her of. She has just recently moved out & is now living on her own, she lives quite a fair way away from her family but has still kept in contact with them & she even scored a full time job at her favourite diner. Unfortunately her obsessed ex boyfriend (Dylon) has also discovered that she’s moved to the same town as him, putting Kate in a constant state of anxiety, especially knowing that his new BFF is a drug addict. However, one other thing she doesn’t know about this cosy little town is that the people missing are mostly women around her age, Kate doesn’t know why but she’s on edge most of the time. Not like that’s going to help her at all, because he saw her before she even knew it & now, he’s coming.

Also, I don’t comment much throughout the story but if you do see an Author’s Note (A/N:) please read it as your suggestions could help lead this story into a better direction! Also please check out all chapters non-story related for further updates on sequels or characters (this series has its own timeline so certain characters may come & go). Most of the story will be originally published here, however please follow my WattPad version as it will update chapters every two days! And to also see some WattPad exclusive featurettes, such as; cover art, character developments & sequel sneakpeeks! You can read the WattPad version here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/208099050-opposites-attract~-an-offenderman-love-story

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