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Bittersweet is Not the Word


"John didn't deserve Cynthia and, in quite a different way, she didn't deserve him." - Former Beatles press officer Tony Barrow. ~~ Drabble imagining how hard it might've been to express how Cynthia loved John.

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Bittersweet is Not the Word

You’d allow yourself to fall into him. You didn’t want him. You loved him. His vulnerability, his strength. The way he’d stutter and the moments he’d ramble.

When he smiled at you, you couldn’t stand it. When he avoided your eyes, you forgot yourself. You wanted to chase him and avoid him and embrace him and slap him and marry him. You would. You’d lose yourself completely and pay no mind.

You’d be another moth to the flame. Pity those who fall for him and envy them even so. They have been tricked into the fondest memories they can have. Start writing here…

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