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One Foot In Another World


I struggled with maladaptive daydreaming for 5 years, and these stories are what I lived out in my head over the course of those 5 years. The main character finds herself waking up in different worlds and timelines, each time she has the opportunity to change things and make them better—or worse. Her morals are challenged, and her limits are pushed. All those years of studying these mangas and anime series will guide her through their worlds, but will it be enough? TLDR: Death Note/Amnesia Memories self insert fan fiction and you know what—who knows I might throw some Harry Potter in there if I feel like it.

Thriller / Romance
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The First Hits in the Cliff

Their argument had ended, and I continued applying lipgloss as I heard Misa call Light’s name, and I waited for him to exit the room. Light took his sweet time shutting his computer down. He sighed as Misa’s shrill cries grew louder, demanding that Light go upstairs to her immediately. She could be very convincing.

The moment Light shut the door behind him, my compact mirror shut and I walked up to L, who stood looking defeated, and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes to ease the strain on my arms from his great height. I pressed my torso against his and his warmth made me feel fuzzy inside, but it wasn’t enough to rid me of the pity I felt for this man. They degraded him today—they made him feel less than. Seeing him feeling this way hurt my heart in ways I couldn’t put into words.

“Why are you hugging me?” He asked me plainly, I felt the vibrations from him speaking against my forehead and through his chest. “Light is gone.” He added, as if I didn’t know, with a dull monotonous tone. I did not let go, nor did I answer.

‘Should I answer him?’ I asked myself in my mind. ‘No... I’ll make a point and just stay like this. Even if nothing comes of it, I care about him and this at least makes me feel better,’ I answered myself in my head.

I felt his arms slowly wrap around my waist, in a loose embrace, signaling that he understood on some level that this was not all for show. This was no longer entirely about tricking Light Yagami. I buried my face in his chest, waiting for him to pull away. Surprisingly, he did not pull away, his arms tightened around me. He rested his chin on top of my head as we stood there.

‘If I can stop this one from dying, I’ll do it. Whatever it takes.’ I promised to myself in my mind.

The scene around me was new. We had just left a meeting with the investigation task force at headquarters. I now trailed behind L, as we prepared to spend another endless series of hours sifting through data and paperwork. The task force was to all meet back at the central room in headquarters.
I had been preparing for my moment for months, nearly a year now. Light Yagami, and Misa Amane both sat in the room on the other side of the door in front of us, no other task force members would be on this side of the building either. I had to do this now, or else I’d never be able to. I continued following down the long, dark hallway behind L, who didn’t speak. Now was the time.

I grabbed the opportunity while I still had it and grabbed L Lawliet’s wrist firmly, stopping him dead in his tracks about 30 feet away from his destination. He flinched a little, clearly not expecting this, but his body language did not seem like that of a person ready to fight. I knew I had mere moments before he could attempt to shake me off.

“Listen to me very carefully” I wispered to him from behind him. I leaned forward closer to his shoulder, he made no attempts to move his wrist which I still held in one hand. “You are about to see something—something very frightening... And I need you to ignore it. Act like it isn’t there.” I whispered to him as quietly and as clearly as I could manage. There was no way in hell any living soul other than L could have heard me. I spent a second questioning if I should give details about what he will see, but advised against it after seeing him nod once.

My free hand reached into my blazer pocket, pulling out a loose scrap of paper no bigger than a gum wrapper. I took a deep breath and pressed it against his wrist and waited. I then slipped it back into my pocket and released his wrist. He continued walking as though nothing happened, and I just prayed to God that he would be able to pretend he wasn’t seeing an actual God of Death.

L Lawliet opened the door, greeted Light Yagami, and sat down at his computer to get work done, completely disregarding the 9 feet tall demon-looking figure standing less than 10 feet away from him. L’s heart raced as he read through documents, wondering how long she had been able to see this creature, and if Livht could see it too.
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