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The Language of Love


Rose Annie Lily Agreste-Miller and Draco Lucius Malfoy. Rose was thrown back to the past by some strange accident.After she was informed that she was a witch,she went to a school called Hogwarts and was sorted to Slytherin,in the process she met Draco Malfoy,who,according to some rumours,was a bully from an old and rich pure-blood family.Unfortunately,being the muggle-born she was,or so everyone including herself thought,had to share a dorm with him.What would happen?Read it and find out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to the photographer of this profile. All Right Reserved Disclaimer:I do not own some of the character,such as Harry Potter,Ron Wealsey,Hermione Granger,etc

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


‘Maman, pourrais-je avoir une soirée pyjama avec mes amis?’(Maman,could I have a sleepover with my friends?)’Rose Annie Lily Agreste-Miller asked.

Mrs.Miller shook her head,‘Non, nous ne pouvons pas, c’est l’examen de la semaine prochaine, tu te souviens?(No,we can’t,it’s exam next week,remember?)’

Rose pursed her lips thoughtfully and pouted,but Helena was right,exam was important,‘Très bien, alors.(All right,then.)’

’Don’t be disappointed,Rose it’s your birthday after exam,I’m sure that your friends will be happier than ever to come and have a sleepover.’Carson reassured her kindly.

’Thanks,papa.’Rose nodded eagerly.

Helena sighed and muttered,’Children.’in a very thick French accent,which made Rose to roll her eyes and Mr.Miller to laugh,‘Eh bien, je ferais mieux de retourner dans ma chambre et d’étudier.(Well,I better go back to my bedroom and study.)’

Mr. and Mrs. Miller nodded and smiled at her gratefully as Rose rose up from her seat and dumped her dishes into the sink and retreated back up to her room and started studying for her,in her option,important exam.

It was not after midnight that she accidentally fell into the dreamland after reading plenty of papers,revision it and copied it down onto her notebook while reading it aloud,just to make sure she would remember.

At 12:00,someone sneaked up to her room and dropped a strange-looking watch on the floor before stepping on it.The person quickly scrambled away as it scattered into pieces.Rose woke up with a painful pit in her stomach,she took out something from it and realised that it was a glass,she gawked at it,which was fading away slowly in her hand as she quickly sat up and took in her surroundings :a desk and a grey crouch on her left,lying underneath her was a comfy bed with two pillows and a blanket behind her.Both her mouth and jaws was opened really wide that it seemed to be almost broken.After she recovered,she started asking question in her mind,’Where am I?How did I come?’However,she just shook her head to clear her mind and pretend that all of it was just a dream which she strongly hoped it was,she fell down and closed her eyes,wanting to be woken up by her father or the sound of her mother cooking in the kitchen.

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