Chapter Seven


Layn got out the Mercedes and looked around. He brushed a hand down his black button up shirt front feeling uncomfortable. He didn’t have any clothing that Nick considered ‘party’ worthy so he borrowed a dress shirt from Noah. It was an almost perfect fit so at least it didn’t look bad. Layn had never really been too conscious about his looks anyway, except when it came to him being into someone, then his looks mattered a lot more to him, but he had never really been to a lot of places where looks mattered either so he wasn’t too particular otherwise. Apparently a grounding did not extend to him being able to go out with his pack brother he had learned. Shaking his head he looked over at Reese and Noah to see what was happening next.

“Got your I.D.?” Reese asked them both. Noah nodded and Layn fished into the pocket of his jeans, which he refused to change from just to go to a bar, and took out his wallet looking at the card. When Nick had asked earlier he had showed him the homemade I.D. he had done himself. Jay had taught him many things and his forging skills, if he did say so himself, were excellent.

Reese nodded and they walked forward towards the bouncer. This was a human club located in Syracuse and one Nick recommended. No, Nick wasn’t with them tonight. Tonight he was out with Elena and Clay doing something similar with them. Layn wasn’t sure what they were doing but he was pretty sure hitting up the club was not on the Alpha’s agenda. He hoped anyway.

They had no problems at the door, though there was a moment where the man kept glancing at Noah and then at his I.D. but he said nothing and let them in. Noah did look a few years younger than eighteen, though he was catching up quickly, growing a bit taller while his face became a bit more slender. His growing confidence had been helping him as well. Layn had learned all this from listening to Nick give the other boy a confidence talk before they left. Layn got the same talk but he didn’t feel he needed it. Maybe Nick just did that for appearance’s sake, not wanting to make Noah feel different in any way. Maybe he just felt responsible for Layn which is why he felt the need to talk to him about these things.

Once inside Reese led them to the bar and ordered for himself and Noah before looking at Layn. The young werewolf glanced at the menu and ordered a rum and coke before looking around the crowded space seeing if he could spot Adam and Savannah. He hadn’t known the two for long but he had slept on their couch for two nights before he met the pack. They seemed cool at least.

When he showed up in Portland with only an address, for Winterbourne-Cortez Investigations, and a story about how he was a werewolf and needed to contact the pack, there was no way that they were just giving him the pack’s whereabouts and letting him go. Only Savannah and Adam had been in, but she had stepped aside when she learned he was a werewolf. Layn figured that she knew he would be more comfortable talking with a guy and she would have been right. He was comfortable with Elena and her being Alpha because she was a werewolf, but other females not so much. He guessed he should make an amendment to that. Almost everyone made him uncomfortable in some way, shape or form, whether it be a guy or girl, but once he got used to them he would be fine. In highly stressful situations, like meeting Adam and Savannah, he preferred to talk to the male just because he was more familiar and comfortable with male company. He had gone out with women and done much more with them before so clearly he was comfortable with them on some level. He knew he was complicated so he wasn’t going to try and figure himself out anytime soon.

Adam had taken Layn out for a bite to eat and to talk, explaining he was an Exustio half demon which meant he was super charged to burn Layn to death if he wanted. It was a warning as much as it was an exchange of information to gain his trust. Layn understood and told the man everything he was comfortable with the pack knowing. After he had convinced Adam he was who he said he was, by telling him things only a werewolf or a supernatural would know, and by starting his change a bit, back in the man’s apartment, Adam had agreed to contact the pack and promised Elena he would keep an eye on Layn until they could meet him as well.

For two days Layn had helped Adam and Savannah around the office and met Paige and Lucas as well. They didn’t escort him to the meeting, knowing it was werewolf business and could get ugly, but they gave him directions and made sure he knew how to get there. They had been incredibly nice to a stranger and he knew he owed them..

Layn looked back at the bar counter and saw Reese digging out a few twenties. Quickly Layn dug into his own pocket and slapped down a five getting a look from the older werewolf. Layn pressed, staring at Reese without looking away until the Aussie man sighed and took Layn’s money putting it in his pocket. He damn well paid his own way even if it killed him or everyone around him.

Layn noticed that Noah watched this exchange without a word and looked as if he disapproved. Maybe he did but Layn didn’t care. He knew older pack members took care of younger ones but it didn’t feel right. He had been getting looks from Noah and it had been tense between them. Layn had felt that the motorcycle adventure would have adhered Noah to him, and it did for a bit, but apparently Layn needed to do more. He was ready and willing to convince Noah he was trustworthy. Whatever it took. His own interests depended on it.

When the drinks arrived, Layn took his and then turned to scan the crowd again. Finally he spotted a tall woman with glossy black hair and beside her a guy about the same height with blonde hair and looking like the typical all American guy next door. Reese and Adam were very similar in appearance that way and almost looked like family until they spoke. Adam’s American accent and Reese’s Australian accent betrayed their non-family relationship.

Adam saw them then and waved. Reese nodded back and headed that way with both Noah and Layn following. When they got to the table Savannah kicked out a chair and Reese sat down beside her. Layn walked around the table and sat beside Adam while Noah sat in the middle. There was already two empty beer bottles on the table and both of the supernaturals were working on new ones.

“How’s it going, squirt?” Adam grinned at Layn and thumped him on the shoulder. Layn, taking a drink, choked a bit but nodded and grinned with a blush. He really liked Adam. He liked Adam a bit too much but he realized the man was off limits. It didn’t stop him from admiring him though. The fact that the man called him by kid nick names only adhered Layn to him more for some reason, where it would normally annoy him where it anyone else. Adam wasn’t a pack member and it felt as if he Adam could understand things the others might not be able to so Layn had decided to like him despite their supernatural differences.

“I’m alright,” Layn answered and exchanged small talk with him for a bit, ignoring the others until a question Savannah asked Reese distracted them and pulled them into the conversation again. Layn felt in another world that Reese and Savannah may have gotten together, though he didn’t know either of them well enough, they seemed like a good couple. Savannah and Adam were clearly soul mates though so, even if Reese even did have an interest, he would have backed off after learning that. Layn was still trying to figure Reese out actually. He seemed to avoid physical contact with women in the club and if one of them smiled at him he would look away and not return the gesture. Was he gay? Layn kind of hoped so because he was definitely very good looking. Then again he hadn’t looked at any men here or anywhere either. He was definitely an enigma Layn wanted to figure out.

Layn glanced over at Noah then to see him looking at a girl across the room. She was pretty with a petite frame and dark blonde hair. Large brown eyes looked up at a girl she was laughing with. Her laughter and her smile touched her eyes and they sparkled with life and happiness. Someone nice and perfect for Noah whose life was complicated enough.

Layn glanced at Noah again but the other boy noticed and looked down at his beer, playing with the rim of the glass bottle. Quickly Layn glanced back at the girl again to see her talking to yet another girl. The girl triangle is what Layn called it. They all danced together, went to the bathroom together and basically did everything together. It was hard to actually speak to them this way, but a guy had to deal with this if he wanted to speak to a girl. Just another trial.

“Go talk to her,” Layn said and Noah shrugged and looked uncertainty at Reese who glanced at the girl and then gave Noah an encouraging smile and a nod. Layn watched this categorizing the reactions and the relationship. Reese seemed like an older brother to Noah and Noah did everything he said it would seem. Or Noah took his cue from the older werewolf. Layn suddenly wondered if he was supposed to do the same thing.

“Maybe later,” Noah shrugged. Reese seemed to accept this and went back to conversation with Savannah about a recent council case involving some fake werewolf findings. They were going back to the house to talk to Elena and the pack about it tonight. They had called them to consult a few times but they wanted to give their findings to the pack and see what they thought.

“If you don’t go now she’ll be gone,” Layn pushed. Noah looked uncertainty at him, a flash of annoyance behind his eyes, before he glanced at Reese who sat back and said nothing, preferring to watch the exchange. Layn wasn’t certain about this but didn’t ask. Maybe he wanted Noah to make his own decisions or maybe he wanted to see how Layn and Noah reacted.

Noah shrugged now and Layn sighed. “If you don’t go, I will,” he threatened. Noah looked up with a blazing gaze then and a glare. Pushing Noah didn’t seem to be working well but he had no idea how else to get a reaction, any reaction, from the other werewolf.

Without a word Layn stood and ignored the look Reese gave him and Adam’s hand on his arm. He pushed back his chair and walked over to the group of girls clearing his throat. They all looked his way but he only had eyes for the girl that Noah was into. “Sorry to bother you. My brother, he’s a bit shy but he wanted to know if you’d like to dance,” Layn grinned. The girl looked at the table where Noah went red and Reese glanced at his drink. Savannah and Adam pretended to be in conversation with one another.

“Is he the blonde one?” the girl giggled and looked at her friends. Of course Reese or Adam would be the noticeable ones. Layn shook his head and pointed out Noah who looked up and frowned but quickly turned the expression into a smile when Reese kicked him under the table.

“No thanks, but you’re cute,” she said and suddenly she grabbed him by the shirt front and kissed him. Layn pushed her away gently, telling her he wasn’t interested. She frowned and then flipped her hair and turned walking away without a word. Now he had really messed up. Layn turned back to the table now to see a seriously annoyed and embarrassed Noah and he saw the others, especially Reese, did not look too happy either.

He walked back feeling he had definitely made the wrong decision and sat down without a word, taking a huge chug of his drink to calm his nerves. The alcohol would go through him quickly but it definitely effected his judgement and reactions. With another chug he finished the drink and then stood to go and get another. As he walked around the table Reese took his arm and pointed to their drinks, telling him silently to get them more as well. Layn nodded and the other werewolf let him go. He glanced at Adam then who nodded for a refill as well and Savannah dug out a twenty and gave it to Layn.

He headed downstairs thinking about how to make this up to Noah and not paying attention when he bumped into someone. “Sorry,” he murmured and then looked up and stopped. A tall dark haired guy with caramel coloured skin smiled down at him. Layn blushed and looked away. He wasn’t gay but he definitely wasn’t just interested in girls. He supposed he was bi but he hadn’t given it much thought. Layn was a creature of instinct. Sex with girls or sex with guys just happened suddenly and then it was over. He walked away or went home and normally didn’t run into the person again.

“Hey,” the guy said and Layn nodded. This was exactly the kind of person he would be interested in spending the night with, someone who came onto him, but right now was not the time. Instead he told the guy he wasn’t interested but before he could turn away the guy took his shoulder and showed him a piece of paper which he stuffed into Layn’s jeans pocket with a cocky grin before he took off. Maybe if he needed to blow off some steam he would give the guy a call. He’d definitely keep the number.

Layn quickly ordered more drinks and hurried back to the table, distributing them and giving Savannah back her change. Noah pushed his bottle of beer aside and grabbed the new one looking miserable. Layn felt horrible. He’d only wanted to cheer the other guy up maybe give him some confidence, but it had clearly been the wrong move. Reese sighed and glanced at Noah as well, Layn assumed, trying to think of a way to cheer him up.

“You know, she said she was gay,” Layn lied, making Noah look over with a raised eyebrow. “She kissed me to make her girlfriend jealous, plus I am not all that interested in…,” Layn said but then shut his mouth. Stupid alcohol was taking away his inhibitions. He should definitely stop and take a break.

Noah looked at Reese then who was in conversation with Adam and didn’t seem to notice Noah right then. Layn glanced at Noah again and then looked over to see Savannah watching Layn and then gesturing to another girl sitting alone at a table before his gaze focused on Noah again. Layn bit his lip and then inwardly growled at himself for doing it. He wasn’t sure that pushing Noah to go and talk to another girl was the right thing but…maybe.

“Noah, she was looking at you,” Layn said lowly to Noah, leaning towards him. Noah gave Layn an exasperated growl but took a look and then sat up straighter. She hadn’t been watching Noah but, for the right price, Layn was sure she could convince her to pay attention to Noah. “Want me to talk to her?” he asked now.

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea…,” Reese said, watching Noah now who looked nervous, especially after a few minutes ago, before his look started to be more confident.

“Ok, go talk to her,” Noah ordered. Layn bristled at the order but stood, shaking off his annoyance. He’d gone a step before Noah grabbed his arm and Layn looked down at the other boy now curiously and with all annoyance gone. “Don’t kiss her!” he growled and Layn rolled his eyes and walked around the table. Again he ignored Reese’s look. He was definitely getting a talking to later he figured.

Layn walked to the girl at the table alone and sat down with a smile. The girl looked up at him and interest sparked in her eyes. “I’m gay,” Layn said, not sure it was a lie or not yet, “but my brother is really interested in you,” he emphasized and reached his hand across the table to hold hers but secretly giving her some incentive. The girl looked surprised and then down at her hand when Layn moved his. No one at his table had noticed since she blocked their view. She looked up at Layn when she saw the crumbled fifty in her hand and then smiled willingly. He really didn’t have the money to waste like this but it was worth it.

He nodded to Noah and the girl turned and smiled at him. Noah looked surprised and then smiled back tentatively. “That’s Noah and he’s twenty,” Layn lied. Technically Noah was eighteen and you were supposed to be twenty one but whatever. No one ever cared.

“I’m Lila,” she said and Layn stood and nodded to Noah who brushed a hand through his hair as Lila stood as well and walked over. Noah stood and pulled out a chair for her, Layn’s chair, but he didn’t mind. Instead he took a chair from the table Lila just vacated and brought it to the table. Noah swallowed and began answering Lila’s questions now. What school do you go to? Where are you from? All those things that help you get to know someone on a base level but not really know them all.

Layn sent a smile to Reese who watched Noah with a grin. When he glanced sideways he saw Adam and Savannah were getting up and going to dance. With Noah occupied and Reese paying close attention to them, Layn decided to go and find the guy who he had run into earlier or maybe the pretty girl he had seen on his way back up here. He deserved a treat, right? Layn stood then and Reese glanced at him but didn’t ask. Picking up his glass he gulped the rest of his drink and headed around the table and down the stairs scanning the people and finding the guy’s dark head after a few minutes. He was speaking with someone and laughing. Layn’s gut churned then, feeling as if he was too late, but he walked forward anyway.

“Alec?” Layn asked he looked over with large deep moss green eyes that reminded Layn of a forest. His short dark hair was close cropped but glittered with some gold in it.. His skin was more cocoa in this light. “I’m Layn, want to dance?” he asked blatantly. Alec glanced at the guy he was talking to and then nodded, taking Layn’s hand and walking onto the dance floor. Layn spied Noah dancing with the girl and they seemed to be laughing and talking so he turned his attention to Alec and smiled as well, throwing his arms around the other man’s neck and dancing to the beat. Forgetting, just forgetting everything. His mission—though he had promised himself it would be a priority—Noah across the floor and Reese, who he felt bad for leaving, and just had fun.

If he was right then maybe he would be able to forget everything that was happening for a full night and he could return to the mission and all the problems tomorrow. He supposed he should have minded the fact that the pack would think he was gay, but he couldn’t care less right then. He didn’t know what he was but he knew he wasn’t truly gay. His wolf grumbled at this feeling weak as he always did when the subject came up. Not that Layn could be gay, he couldn’t care less, but more that Layn could not settle and make up his mind. Until Layn was at peace with himself the wolf would continue to feel vulnerable. .

His eyes glowed as he watched the guy dance in front of him and felt his arousal. So this month it seemed he was into guys. Last month he had gone out with a girl for a few weeks, Sabine, but that was before Jay told him about this mission and about the reason Jay found him and kept him in the first place.

Alec opened his mouth to say something but then his eyes went wide and he took a step back. Layn looked confused and was about to turn around and see what Alec was looking at. All this went through his mind in a moment before he felt something hard hit the back of his head and he stumbled. Layn cried out, not expecting this, and grabbed the back of his head but backed up and spun around, standing shakily to face his opponent. Noah stood there with clenched fists looking beyond pissed. From his hand fluttered the fifty dollar bill.

“I can explain,” Layn said but Noah growled and surged forward. Behind him the bouncers were closing in on them, but before he could think of what to do someone grabbed him behind and held onto his upper arm tightly. Layn sniffed discreetly and smelled Adam which made sense as Reese was now holding Noah’s arm and apologizing to the bouncers for his brothers who he was taking home now. The men nodded but followed them out into the parking lot, watching them until they got back to the Mercedes. They then went inside and Reese turned to both of them angrily.

“What the hell?” he growled, specifically glaring at Layn now. Noah wrenched his arm from the older wolf and lunged at Layn who felt his anger at Noah and at everything surge. He tried to pull forward and strike before Noah could, but Adam forced him back and Reese caught Noah, ordering him to back down. Noah scowled but listened, glaring at Layn now.

“I was just trying to help,” Layn said angrily through gritted teeth.

“I don’t need you to pay anyone to speak to me you asshole,” Noah cried and tried to get at Layn again but Reese held him fast.

“I’m taking you guys home, now,” Reese sighed but Adam cleared his throat and stopped Reese’s plan.

“No, Reese, let them fight it out. They obviously don’t get along so well so let them beat the crap out of one another and get it out of their system,” Adam declared. Layn looked surprised at the half demon, forgetting his anger for a moment, and then back at Reese. He saw Noah was looking surprised as well, but his anger was raging below the surface.

“Yeah, let them just go at one another. Guys do that, right?” Savannah asked, crossing her slender arms across her chest and looking at Reese. The Aussie werewolf was the same age as Savannah but Adam was a decade their elder. Technically his age should have put him in charge, but he wasn’t a werewolf. Reese was in charge of the werewolves here being the oldest of them there.

He looked uncertain about this and Layn could tell a million thoughts were going through his mind. He could almost hear the stream.. Was this responsible? Would this work? What would Nick do? What would Elena do? What should I do?

Layn looked at Noah now who looked half angry and half confused at Reese. Clearly this was unusual behaviour. Finally Reese nodded and turned Noah around, pushing him towards the alley. Adam made a noise of approval and did the same with Layn.

When they got to the alley they followed Reese to the end of it where he had let go of Noah and walked to the wall, leaning against it with crossed arms. Adam let go of Layn when they were a few feet in front of Noah and took a few steps back, covering the front of the alley while Savannah walked to the opposite wall and crossed her arms as well watching them.

“Go ahead, beat the crap out of one another,” Reese sighed and looked past Adam towards the front of the alley.


Layn turned to Noah whose confusions were fading now to be replaced by the previous anger as he gazed at Layn. Immediately Reese saw Layn’s anger rise as well. He had no idea if he was doing the right thing. Nick often said that you didn’t know if you were doing the right thing until the deed was done like cooking. You never know if it will be good until you try it. Often you don’t do the right thing and then just learn from it.

Reese sighed and watched as Layn lunged at Noah all of a sudden, but he ducked out of the way and grabbed Layn as he passed. It was similar to their first fight and Noah recognized this Reese saw. The older wolf was definitely proud that Noah was such a good fighter and he had had a hand in it. He had never felt more like an older brother than when watching Noah do well on something.

Noah found a pressure point in Layn’s neck and he went down with a growl. Noah almost landed on top of him, but Layn suddenly shot out of the way and grabbed Noah’s leg, pulling him down. They ended up on the ground a lot sooner than Reese figured they would but they were both incredibly angry and the rage would just keep building and building. Adam had been right. They needed to fight this out and they were definitely doing a good job of it.

Reese looked over to see Adam and Savannah watching the boys carefully and cataloguing their movements. The older wolf brought his attention to the boys again to see Noah throw an upper cut. Layn suddenly grabbed his arm and twisted pushing back and making Noah cry out this time. Immediately Reese’s suspicion was amped up, like hell this kid couldn’t fight, and he watched carefully as Layn jumped on top of Noah and started punching his jaw and the side of his head.

Noah looked stunned for a moment as blood gushed out of his nose and his broken lip. His eye looked like it would be dark within a few hours as well. Finally Layn let up, breathing hard as his eyes went wide looking like he had a sudden realization. Reese was definitely more suspicious now. Layn, without any fighter training, had taken Noah, who had a few years’ experience on him, down, managed to pin him and make him bleed in less than a few minutes. It was unlikely he was just naturally good, not since the last fight in which he was not at this level.

Noah took a two second break before he surged up and lunged at Layn who didn’t fight back as his head smacked into the cement and it was Noah’s turn to pin and start hitting the other boy. Layn took a few hits before he started fighting back, but Noah managed to block his punches and pin one of his arms to the side. With his remaining arm Layn took a new tactic and punched Noah’s kidney, making Noah gasp and let go. Reese was about to step in but decided against it. Stopping them would just make this whole thing useless so he left it alone and let them continue.

Layn grabbed Noah’s shirt front and pushed him to the side gaining leverage over him for a moment, getting onto his knees and starting to throw another punch, but Noah gathered himself and moved out of the way, grabbing Layn’s shirt front now and punching him in the jaw hard. Layn fell back with an oomph and just managed to catch himself, but Noah was onto him in seconds and smashing his fist into Layn’s jaw and face over and over again. Layn tried to duck and block, but Noah was faster and managed to hit him 80% of the time.

Finally Noah grabbed Layn’s head and smashed his face into the concrete, leaving long scratch marks that started bleeding immediately. Layn groaned but lay still, breathing hard until Noah stopped and got off of him, crouching beside him and breathing hard as well. Neither boy said anything as they caught their breath looking exhausted. Reese looked at his watch seeing the fight had only taken twenty minutes. Both of them needed endurance training.

“Feel better?” Adam asked and walked forward, holding out his hand to Noah. Noah nodded and accepted and Reese walked forward to help Layn up too.

“Friends?” Layn asked, looking at Noah and wiping his sleeve across his face to get rid of some of the blood. Noah nodded then and grinned slightly which made Layn laugh. Reese shook his head at this, seeing Layn’s eye, swelling shut, and Noah’s lip swelling quickly.

“Friends,” Noah confirmed. All their anger seemed to be extinguished now and they shook hands. Well, at least one good thing had come from this. Layn and Noah would finally get along. It would cause them a lot of physical pain for a bit, but hopefully it was worth it.

“Men,” Savannah sighed dramatically, causing Adam to laugh.

“How’s your side?” Reese asked, taking Noah’s shoulder and lifting up the side of his shirt and coat to see. Layn looked over to see a deep blue and black bruise had appeared on Noah’s side. Layn winced but Noah shrugged. Pain and bruises came with the territory of being a werewolf Reese knew, but the boys were in pain and had bruises because of him. He suddenly felt as if this was a bad idea.

Reese was not looking forward to getting home but he knew he needed to get it over with. He hustled them into the car and listened to them talk on the way home. Suddenly it seemed as if they had known one another forever and there never had been a problem. They spoke about things they liked and got to know one another, laughing and talking. They seemed to forget about what they had just done to one another and Reese found himself wondering why he hadn’t let them fight it out long ago. Right, because Nick and the pack would not approve. Werewolves do not fight pack members as they have enough enemies outside of the pack. Fighting within it was not allowed and strictly forbidden. Suddenly his stomach felt as if it were in a tight knot. This had not been a good idea after all.

Reese drove into Stonehaven a few minutes after midnight and watched as the boys got out and headed to the house still talking loudly. Reese hissed a warning for them to quiet down as soon as he got out and he followed them up across the yard, up the stairs, over the porch and into the house with his extra key. Inside he told the boys to wait in the study, which was dark like the rest of the house, and he toed off his shoes and pulled off his coat before heading up the stairs. He went directly to Jeremy’s room and knocked softly. He would have gone to Elena but she was not home yet from her night out with Nick and Clay.

He heard nothing and waited for a few moments before he walked in. Inside he saw Jeremy across the room in bed with his arms wrapped around a sleeping Jaime. Maybe he should wait until Nick and Elena came home but he was here so he may as well do what he came here to do. Reese walked across the floor, not trying to be quiet or make noise as he reached the man. Gently he shook Jeremy’s shoulder calling his name softly.

Jeremy murmured something softly before his eyes flew open almost instantly alert. Reese backed up with his hands raised and waited for Jeremy to understand it was him and not an enemy. Jeremy saw Reese’s worried eyes and nodded getting up, carefully disentangling himself from Jaime and not saying a word. He quickly gathered some pants from a nearby chair already folded and gestured for Reese to lead the way. The former Alpha followed but neither spoke until they were outside.

“Something happened; can you come and look at the boys?” Reese asked. Jeremy looked confused and then worried but then nodded. By the time they arrived downstairs Reese had described Layn and Noah’s injuries and informed Jeremy that they had gotten ice from the freezer before he went upstairs.

“What exactly happened?” he asked as they walked in. He went straight to Noah and asked to see his side which Reese was most concerned about. Noah lowered the frozen peas from his split lip and obliged him, lifting his shirt. Jeremy looked at it and poked around a bit apologizing for the pain but declaring that Noah would be fine. It was just surface damage and would heal itself.

Reese explained as Layn and Noah exchanged worried glances. Behind them they heard the door opening and knew it was Adam and Savannah who made had made another stop on the way and were a bit behind them. Neither of them said anything as they walked into the room and watched as Jeremy looked over the young werewolves and declared they were fine and just bruised. Layn nodded to this and put a steak on his swollen eye. Reese winced every time he saw Layn’s almost swollen shut eye. He wasn’t so much worried about the pain but the fact that he had caused it. Clear proof this was his fault and he hadn’t done his job.

“It was my idea,” Adam said softly now. Jeremy glanced at the half demon and then looked back at Reese.

“It doesn’t matter whose idea it was. It was stupid. While I understand the principal behind the idea, Reese, it was not a good idea and you should have known that,” Jeremy said. Reese opened his mouth to reply but snapped it shut when Jeremy went on without letting him speak. “All of you should go to bed and this will be dealt with in the morning,” Jeremy announced and then walked out without a word.

Reese sighed and then nodded, telling Noah and Layn to get to bed and bidding Adam and Savannah goodnight. They had stayed here before but since the pack was in residence they would be at the local Bear Valley Inn and come back in the morning. Adam looked worried but said goodnight taking Savannah with him. As the boys walked upstairs, after taking some extra strong Advil, Reese returned to the front door and relocked it; he checked the other locks and then walked upstairs to join the others. He was not looking forward to the morning but that was a while away. Until then he could think about the answers he would need tomorrow.

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