"You don't have to be blood related to be family."

Adventure / Horror
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A little walk did everyone good, and I planned to do that. What I didn't plan was the rain that drenched me to the bone, I had not been the least prepared for today. The unexpected rain brought more sadness and remorse, as it always had for the say rain symbolizes the tears of a god, something bad or tragic will probably happen. Some find joy in the rain, going as far to dance in it! But, seeing as the rain mixed with my tears, my day hasn't been good. First, reaching the time in his life, my father, (f/n), had passed away in Roma (Rome). He was to assassinate Rodrigo Borgia, a target known very well to the Assassins. A messenger had told me that. Next, my mother had left to retrieve his body without saying goodbye. Leaving me with my skills, and the house to look over. Third, the rain. It made the (f/c) dress stick to me, which will probably leave me with a cold in the morning. Lastly, no one in Firenze would've thought to expect. I was calmly walking back home, using trees to help hide me from the rain. My house not too far in the distance. A smile itched its way to my face, lifting my dress a few inches off the ground, I ran to the front door, nearly tripping over a box as I opened the door. A loud cry was heard from under me. I froze instantly, looking down at my feet. The box moved a little, the flaps inwards, to protect what was inside. I shot down and towered over the box, opening the flaps. Gasping loudly, my eyes met with golden ones. The blue blanket wrapped around the child's body, it's arms shooting out trying to find warmth. Deciding it was a boy, I picked him up from the uncomfortable box, making sure he wasn't being rain on. I looked around, seeing only darkness and rain, I stepped inside to the warmth of my house. The child clenched my wet dress, sobbing harshly onto my left shoulder. I patted his back, muttering a mixture of 'shh-it's okay-don't cry-I'm here'. The baby quieted down, only sniffles and little cries remained. I lit a lantern and walked upstairs into my room. Gently laying the baby on the covers, I peeled the dress off my body and put on my nightgown, watching the baby closely as I changed. Whimpers and coos escaped from him as I made my way back over. A piece of paper caught my attention. I read it aloud. "My name is Ezio Auditore, please take care of me. I wanna grow up big and strong like my new family." Tears of my own started to escape my eyes as I looked at the quiet child. Testing Ezio Auditore on my lips. His light brown eyes locked with my (e/c). Taking him into my arms, I sat on the edge of my bed, rocking him gently. "I'll take care of you Ezio. I pray that your old family will come to this house later and explain why they leave you with me." Watching as he inched closer into me and clench my gown, I sung to myself, relaxing the both of us I hoped. My eyelids slid shut as I leaned against the headboard. The rain fading away as I fell into the darkness's embrace.



My mother had not been too happy once she had gotten home weeks later. She immediately told me to get rid of Ezio, fearing he would get in the way of my Assassin work. That, I couldn't do. So, what did I do? I had packed up while she was running errands. Leaving the note his parents left and the dresses that I didn't need behind, I had gone out to the San Giovanni district. Using the money I had, I bought a house, raising Ezio there. He had grown up to be a lazy kid, but an attractive kid that women and little girls commented him on daily. I probably had spoiled him when he was younger, relying on me for the littlest things. That needed to end, so, at the age of 11. I had begun his Assassin training. First with fist fighting since I didn't want him to impale his ring finger with the hidden blades like I had. Monthly, I had changed Assassin techniques. His fist fighting went to sword fighting, which he seemed a tad bit more comfortable with, then to the hidden blades where he didn't impale himself. (Yay!) This went on for nearly a year, it stopped when I had received a letter from the Auditore Family, which surprised me greatly. They told me to bring Ezio along to dine with them. He was excited once he found out, grinning that cheeky smile of his before dashing upstairs to find something fancy to wear. They wanted me to do a mission while they talked to him. I had wrote back, saying he was far too young to know what was in store for him, but, after I had sent the letter. I realized I must've been impatient when it came to his training. But, at least now he knows how to defend himself if something happens.

"Mother?" I looked up from the hidden blade I had broke while assassinating one of my targets. Seeing Ezio in the doorway, white, long sleeved, baggy shirt, a sleeveless blazer on his person, a pair of trousers fit comfortably on his legs, to put the cherry on the top, dress shoes, perhaps the only fancy pair of shoes he could find in his closet. I smiled at his outfit, beckoning him over with a wave of my hand.

"Yes Ezio?" Once a couple inches away, he climbed into my lap. He observed my hands as I worked on fixing the blade, suspicion creeped into my mind at his silence. It was killing me inside. "Are you nervous?" He sighed softly and looked up at me.

"You said they were a rich family. Do you think we will meet to their standards?" He lowered his eyebrows slightly, a wave of sadness spread throughout my body at the look in his eyes. I kissed his forehead and slid the blade back into place.

"Have faith Ezio. I'm sure you'll be just fine. Maybe they'll have kids around your age to play around with." A wide grin spread to his face, nodding. "If you feel uncomfortable. Just come back to me, and we'll be on our way."

"Grazie Madre." He kissed my cheek, grabbing my hand and dragging me out after I put on my hidden blades. After helping me pick out a dress, we were on our way. Passing some guards along the way, they watched as we passed by. I almost said something, but Ezio had tugged on my hand, complaining I was walking too slow. I stuck my tongue out and kept walking slow. "Madre!" He pouted up at me. A giggle escaped my lips, letting him half drag me the rest of the way. Showing up at the steps to the Auditore 'Mansion'. I turned to Ezio who was now busy plucking some (f/f) flowers from a nearby tree. I pretended to not look, but when he returned, I felt the stem of (f/f) slide between my earlobe and hair. Looking down at the beaming Ezio, I thanked him and patted his neat hair. Like he always does, he had put it into a low ponytail with a red ribbon holding it. Walking inside, we were greeted with open arms. Giovanni Auditore greeted us both with a hug, a kiss to the back of my hand and a firm handshake to Ezio, who was still beaming. With his never ending smile, the house seemed to light up even more. Taking a quick glance around the house, we were both led to Giovanni's office where we both took a seat.

"Now, we are all here." Giovanni smiled down at me. "I am sure you have trained him properly."

I nodded. "Yes. He knows how to wield a sword, use his hidden blades, and properly fist fight. Altaïr has been a great influence on him." Ezio looked at me when I mentioned the great Assassin, Altaïr. Swinging his legs back and forth, he traced the design on the chair. "I had to limit the new designs on the hidden blades, fearing he will be harmed at a young age as I was." Nodding, Giovanni took a seat. "Also, he has been gifted with Eagle Sense, Mister Auditore. Up until the age of 4, his eyes had remained golden. No sooner than that, he had perfected it."

Giovanni's eyebrows raised, than he smiled, looking at Ezio. "How are you fairing, Ezio?"

"It's un po difficile, Mister Auditore. Mother said I would get used to it in time, and I have, sorta." He looked at me, eyes pleading. He's really nervous, I can tell. "But, she always told me if I wanted to, I would've just quit and continue with the skills I have learned."

"And did you?" Giovanni leaned forward, making Ezio sink further into the chair.

"N-No, sir. I made it this far, why stop now?" It was silent for a few minutes, save the occasional footsteps outside the room.

"Are you suggesting he goes on a mission?" Giovanni's eyes sharply looked into mine.

"No, (y/n). I was suggesting-" A banging on the door interrupted Giovanni's explanation.

"Father! Father! Dinner's ready!" A bubbly voice called out to Giovanni, a giggle soon turning into a laugh. Must be his daughter. Giovanni stood up.

"We'll continue this after dinner. Meet me by the Doctor's shop." After he had left the room, Ezio looked up at me. I kissed his forehead, pulling him close. Nothing was said as we walked to the dining room. Ezio had taken a hold of my sleeve, looking around the place.

"Do you think I will go on a mission?" He asked when we reached the double doors.

"Not without me." I playfully pushed him to the side. He laughed, almost tripping. I chuckled, opening the doors to reveal a banquet. I had taken the chair closer to Giovanni so Ezio could chat with his two sons and daughter. Talking to Maria and Giovanni about his Assassin training. Aside from the occasional meatball or piece of bread leaving my plate, by Ezio and his "holy" fork, the banquet was quite fun. Ezio has gotten along with his suppose 'siblings'. Only eating a bit, I pushed my plate aside, excusing myself from the table. I had walked to a private place, taking off my dress and letting my Assassin robes show. My hidden blades fixed and working, sword on my left hip tapped my knee as I walked near the Doctor's stand, waiting under the same tree Ezio picked my favorite flowers from. I touched the flower, smiling when it fluttered against my touch. A while later after I left, I got impatient waiting for Giovanni, so I bought some poison and medicine from the Doctor, and dyed my robes (f/c) at the tailor. Once I got back, I could see Ezio sitting at the spot I was standing, he was looking down, plucking (f/f) and roses off the ground and making a flower crown out of it. I couldn't see his face, his now messy hair covering it. I looked around, seeing no sign of Giovanni or Maria, I walked over to him. My hidden blades unsheathing once I heard a sniff escape him. Sitting next to Ezio, I leaned back against the tree. Once Ezio had leaned against my arm, I wrapped it around his shoulders, leaning my head against his. After watching the people pass and look at me weird, I started to pluck roses and (f/f) from the ground, with the help of my hidden blade of course. Very soon before me, Ezio had finished his flower crown. He gripped the back of my hood and pulled it down, placing the crown on top of my head. He never smiled while doing it, like he always would. "They told you-" He instantly nodded, burying his head into the crook of my neck. I felt the tears rolling down his cheeks. "Ezio-"

"They said they wanted to take me back. A-After almost 11 years." He sniffed, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "Do you think, if I go with them..." He stopped his sentence entirely, leaving me to start my own.

"You know I would always want you to be happy, il mio bambino." I set the flower crown aside. "Yes, Ezio, I'm not your blood related mother, yes, your parents abandoned you at my front doorstep, yes, your whole life was practically a lie." Sighing, I sat him in front of me, his tear striked face looking up into mine. "But, as I raised you like you was my own kin, never once did I think of you not being family. Listen." I scooted closer to him until our noses were almost touching. "The Assassins, the beings who bring freedom all over the world?" He nodded. "We were always taught that we were brothers and sisters as a family would put it. Even if we weren't blood related, looked the same, or acted the same really, we all considered each other family. Make sense?" He looked down for a moment, before nodding.

"You don't have to be blood related to be family." He whispered. I ruffled his hair and started on my flower crown again.

"Couldn't have said it better myself, bambino." After I had finished, I rested the crown on his head. "So, if you do stay with them?" He looked up, more tears streaming down his face. (God, I'm about to cry.) "Just remember, I'll always be with you, whether right next to you, or in your heart. Remember what I have taught you, and remember." I smiled. "Even if you stay with your real family. I'll always love you like you were my own." Ezio nodded, wiping his tears away. I pecked his nose.

"Va bene, Madre. I'll always remember you."


Ever since Ezio had packed his things and left to live with his old family. I had been incredibly lonely, my interests in marriage were not that great, interests in children were, but they wouldn't replace the love I had for Ezio. I know he had grown into a brave young man. A flirt with the ladies, but a great Assassin. He has assassinated The Pazzi, the grand group of Templars, setting Firenze free from their clutches. News like that always spread a smile to my face, knowing I had raised him well for my first try at being a mother. But alas, he never visited since he was gone. My mother had come by once, only to hug me and cry. She told me about the wonderful things Ezio had done, saying he was quite like father when he was alive. I had told her that he was my boy. She never doubted it either, telling me sorry multiple times for the way she had been 40 years ago. She had left after giving me another sorry and a kiss on the forehead before walking home, knowing I would never see her again. I had walked back into Ezio's old room that night, just sitting on his bed, looking around like I would do after he had faded into his dreams. Considering me in my old age as a 52 year old woman, I could still walk correctly when my Mother could not. But, the sadness in my heart made it harder to stand, knowing that Ezio had probably forgotten about me. I still wear my Assassin robes, hidden blade discarded in my room and sword under my bed. I stood up from the bed, walking out of his room and into my room with tears in my eyes. My dark room, filled with much sadness made my heart break more. I sighed, closing the door.

"Giovane uno, I know you are there." A short gasp came from the corner of my room, where a girl with black robes stepped out, her eyes glistened with confusion and hatred, something I used to see in the Templar's eyes. "And I know you are here to avenge your Mother." I remember. Her mother was one of my targets before Ezio had come into my life. Her mother, as I am now, knew death was coming, and accepted fate as it was.

"H-How-" I held my hand up, silencing her.

"Your Mother knew she was one of my targets, as I know I am one of yours. We both share the same care for our children, she cared for you, that's why she sent you to run a lot of errands. I care about my son, Ezio, who will not be coming back in a long, long time." I sighed, looking deep into her eyes. "If you wish to kill me, I will not try to run." I rested my arms at my sides. "Once the deed is done, and you are gone, please, for my last dying wish-" She stepped towards me, knife at the ready. "Ezio, he was not my son, but our relationship was that of a Mother-Son. He should be in Venezia right now. Tell him I love him, and never forgot about him." With tears in both of our eyes, the girl nodded. "You're a sweet girl, Emanuela. I wish things wouldn't have turned out like this."

"I do too." Her knife entered near my left hip, a groan escaped my lips, blood pouring out and soaking the white robes I had grown to love in all my years. The girl released a few tears, before digging it deeper, then taking the knife out. "Riposa in Pace." She cradled my head, laying me down on to the floor. My tears started to roll down my cheeks, smiling at the girl. She sighed, before a blur of silver entered the back of her head. She gasped loudly, her eyes wide and scared. Collasping right next to me, her breaths started to slow, eyes rolling into the back of her head. "A-ahh... hah..." Not moving a single bit. I was picked up, coming face to face with my bambino. Ezio.

"M-Mother...?" A tear descended down his cheek, if it wasn't for the pain in my hip, I would've taken in how much he's grown. A loose smile momentarily spread across my lips, before I blacked out. "MOTHER!" He screamed.

When I had come to, I could hear only. "Dio mio." Sniff. "Mi dispiace tanto madre." Sniff. "Ti prego perdonami..." My ears strained at the sobbing, why is such a beautiful voice crying? A harsh pain was in my side, where blood poured out. I started to cough violently, turning my head to spit out the blood that came up.

"Ezio." I muttered. The being jumped, before patting my hand.

"It's me Madre. I'm here. Open your eyes." I did, slowly but surely. I released a few tears at the sight of his tear striked face, the same one that hugged and kissed me on the cheek goodbye all those years ago. His hood was down, that same hair pulled back into a messy, low bun. His light brown eyes were a sight I thought I would never see again. He grasped my hand and brought it up to his cheek, my thumb traced the scar on his lips, before patting it.

"My bambino." I whispered, a sad smile inching its way to my face. A gasp left my lips as the pain grew worse. He clenched my hand, an arm wrapping around my back and pulling me up to lay in his lap. "I'm proud of you, Ezio. You have freed Venezia and Firenze." A tears escaped his eyes, and he nodded.

"I did..." He nodded once more, a few more tears escaped his beautiful eyes. "I did Mother, thanks to you." He kissed my forehead, I remembered the last memory I shared with him. 'Va bene, Madre. I'll always remember you'.

"Ezio. You... Forgot about me?" His eyes went wide, shaking his head frantically.

"No, no, Mother." He gulped. "I could never..." I nodded, more blood pouring out of the wound.

"Ezio." He sniffed, pulling me in closer. "Please, look in your room. The flower crown you have made for me. Get it." He nodded and laid me on the bed, running out the room. He returned moments later with the now dead and withered flower crown gripped in his hands, it's still neatly made, never once did a petal fall off. I smiled as I leaned against the headboard, he gently placed it on my head, then leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"You're still as beautiful as ever Mother. I couldn't have asked for a better one." I smiled, holding his hand tightly. Reaching down, he had another flower crown, withered, dead, like mine. He placed it on his head.

"You kept the one I made?" He smiled and nodded.

"The last, precious memory you gave to me." I took a deep breath, my breaths coming in slower. He must've noticed, because he held my hand tightly. "Madre, please don't go... We can still race, and- and push guards off the rooftops, and make flower crowns together." A chuckle escaped my lips, despite the pain that grew oh so, very worse.

"Don't deny it, Ezio. My time is now here..." He shook his head, grasping my other hand, putting them on his cheeks. I pinched them gently. "I couldn't have asked for a better way to die, Ezio. My pleads to God have come true, he has brought you to me. The last face I would ever want to see, was yours." His shoulders shook roughly, his eyes closing tightly as a waterfall of tears escaped his eyes.

"Mother." I leaned over and kissed his forehead, leaning mine against his.

"Ti vogilo bene, figlio mio. Guarderò te da sopra, vi guiderà nei vostri momenti più bui, e comfort quando si è rattristato." He cried even more, eyes trying to find comfort in mine. "Before I leave from this world, my son. Promise me you will find true love, have a family, and share the memories we both have had together." He nodded, a whimper escaping his lips.

"I-I will." Gulping, he hugged me tightly as I started to fade. "Y-you are not my real mother, (Y/N). But, you have always been in my eyes." He laid me down, I weakly looked into his eyes as he kissed my forehead again. Once he had leaned back, he whispered. "Ti amo, madre. Lasciate che la vostra anima bella, riposare in pace."

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