Storm Ravaged

Chapter 21


"There you are." Chin muttered under his breath as the blue Mercedes finally appeared in the apartment's parking lot. Almost two hours had gone by and both he and his cousin were near to giving up their posts. They were intentionally going to miss the meeting with the Governor per Steve's orders. He would attend the seven o'clock meeting alone and communicate their next steps as soon as he was able.

"Got him." He breathed the update to Kono who was still sitting in her car at the end of the block. He smiled at her muffled sarcastic response though they were both relieved that the lawyer had finally shown up.

He was inordinately pleased to watch the man park his company-leased Mercedes in what would be his assigned numbered spot. When McNamara got out, he was dressed in the same workout clothes that Steve had described and the only bag he was carrying was also gym related. It was barely six o'clock and the sun had come up brightly. It had forced Chin to retreat further back into the low shady cover along the side of the large apartment building. What he would do now was risky as other residents started to leave the building for their jobs.

Chin held a small black bag in his gloved hand as he crouched in the shadows and counted the security cameras. There were two that needed to be blinded before he could get about his business. Brian McNamara had never met Chin Ho Kelly and regardless, would never suspect a motorcyclist as a potential threat. However, Chin was visiting with distinct ulterior motives. An aerosol can was removed from the bag and Chin sprayed the camera lens of one and then the other intrusive security cameras.

Voices echoing from the sidewalk had him hiding again as he waited to time his next move. His phone vibrated when Kono's message came through and the text was short and sweet. "1-way 2 Belize via LA. Noon. 1685."

"That's a late departure." Chin muttered suspiciously under his breath. The first thing Brian McNamara had done upon arriving home was to book a flight. He grinned at Kono's devious nature as he got to work to limit McNamara's ability to be mobile. She would already be advising Steve and contacting the right authorities at the airport just in case he got that far. It would never happen though.

He took that second chance as three friendly neighbors tossed their garbage into a nearby dumpster and then parted ways for their own vehicles. Once they had disappeared and the parking lot had once again quieted, Chin's small penknife easily penetrated each tire on the fine blue Mercedes.

What Chin didn't realize was that his gut instinct was very correct. His suspicion that something might be a bit off based on the timing of the flight was valid because Brian McNamara was in the process of leaving out the back door. After making the online reservations, he hastily freshened up and changed his clothes. He had booked the very first flight that seemed reasonable based upon availability and then international distance.

However, the safe in the bedroom closet held $10,000 cash and that money was now stowed in his emptied gym bag with his passport, credentials for an alias and two new credit cards. A spare prepaid cell phone followed and Brian McNamara was briskly walking down the street to hail a taxi to the docks. He planned to take the first inter-island ferry to Maui where Allen Darien's private jet was sitting idle. It would be an excruciatingly long three and half hour block of time but offered him complete anonymity.

His best bet was that the mobster lacked the most current information and he'd be able to discuss flight plans with the pilot. He would offer him half the cash for a one way flight from Kahului Airport on Maui to Honshu, Japan. From there, he would disappear.


Even though he was finally out bed and the team had received the all-clear to bring in Brian McNamara, Danny wasn't remotely happy. He stared silently from Steve to Chin and then worriedly shook his head about their plan. It didn't matter that they had no choice because they were probably very correct in their assumption. His bandaged feet were propped on the wheelchair's footrests and a blanket covered his lower legs. His wrist was in a sling and he was obviously stressed and not feeling well.

"Maui? Are you sure?" As ill as he was, it was no lie that he wanted to go with them. Unable to walk for days yet to come and shivering from the ongoing fever brought on by the stubborn infection, Doctor Ramirez was monitoring his health as the conversation dragged on.

"We're positive," Chin said as he fixed his tac-vest with an unconscious fidget. "It's the only place he could have gone with how we have everything locked down. He's smart, laying just the right amount of false trails, and yet not really wasting much time in his plans."

Steve nodded in agreement. "He's had this planned out for some time in case things tanked."

"He's going to get away isn't he," Danny closed his eyes and sunk further into himself. Sick, tired and depressed at their news, Brian McNamara was only closer to maintaining his freedom. And now one of the TAMC nurses was missing and no one knew where she was or even if she were still alive. Chin glanced uneasily towards Steve. If anything, Danny looked even worse than he had the day before as he sat limply in the wheelchair. He was still much too thin and the ongoing pressure was wearing on him.

"Absolutely not," Steve spat out the words as he rested his fingers into the folds of his vest. They were ready to go and itchy to leave but after an interesting meeting with Pete Channing, they had needed to explain things to their friend before moving forward.

"Channing spilled everything, Danno. He gave us a list of the locations they used here and then told us about the private jet on Maui."

Steve blatantly ignored the half amused rough sound emanating from the big doctor who was standing nearby. Gave wasn't actually the appropriate word when it came to what Channing provided so willingly to the two Five-0 men. He was now heavily sedated in the ICU as he recovered from a stressful and ill-timed interrogation at their hands. With one of their favorite own missing, Doctor Ramirez and all of TAMC had turned their heads at certain tactics. The criminal hadn't been physically touched in any way, but Steve's methods were less than understanding of the man's recent surgery and touchy condition.

After meeting with Denning, the judge had come through to put the trial on hold with his demand to change venue. The press release would be officially prepared to place all onus on the high court versus either side. The fifteen minute conference call with Alistair Landon to share that news had revealed more of the lies spread by Brian McNamara. The brief conversation had naturally included his employee's pending arrest but perhaps not so oddly, Landon had understood and was standing behind Five-0 to add to the allegations.

Landon's diligent administrative assistant had found no proof of a car accident in L.A. that included McNamara. There was no reports of a hospital visit and the nursing home swore that the same man had not been to their premises in the last thirty days. With his suspicions increasing, Landon already had his team reviewing all of McNamara's work and a few startling gaps were beginning to become apparent. He was simultaneously livid at Kono's findings that placed McNamara on Samoa, and mortified by his psychotic behavior.

The team was now clear to bring the man in. However, when Chin and Kono converged on McNamara's apartment, they found him long gone. The only evidence that he had recently been there was the pile of gym clothes in the bathroom, a few damp towels, the open door to the now empty safe, and a scattered pile of clothing in the closet.

Thirty minutes later, Steve's direct line was ringing and Officer Paleo's distressed voice was explaining how Nurse Christina Hahn was missing without a trace. It was at that point that Sneakers Oneor Pete Channing became their only available resource and he was used within an inch of his life.

"Kono and HPD are checking each and every one of those locations now for Christina Hahn. I guarantee that we will find her, Danny." Chin didn't finish the thought because they didn't exactly know how they would find the pleasant nurse. Her husband had called the hospital when she didn't come home on time or respond to his phone calls. When the nursing manager explained that she'd actually been sent home hours before, her husband had driven over to the hospital only to find her car where she had parked it and her keys dropped under a tire.

David Hahn had stormed frantically into the hospital and Officer Paleo had gotten involved to inform Five-0 of the startling kidnapping and events had only gotten worse with every passing second. HPD and the team were now dealing with a kidnapping on top of everything else with the unpredictable lawyer.

"He could be traveling with her and then you have a hostage situation," Danny quietly pointed out. "Or, she could be dead already."

Both Steve and Chin agreed as Ramirez's face hardened at the various scenarios laid out for one of his best colleagues. Needing to move fairly quickly and in a much too public way, the odds were that he'd left Christina behind as a preference.

"Kono will find her," Chin repeated more for the doctor's benefit. "She or Duke will contact us as soon as they do."

"And not getting McNamara is simply not an option anyone will accept," Steve was furious as Danny wilted in front of them and he swore that Brian McNamara would not be allowed such an easy escape. Once again a much too quiet attitude had taken a hold over the more usual outgoing one.

"They moved you by boat to Maui and then used Darien's private jet to get you to Samoa. We're not sure how he's traveling, but our best odds are that McNamara is on his way there right now and very much alone. He wants that jet and it's his only viable option."

"We need to go," Chin tapped his watch. He and Steve had to get on their way as they wrapped up their conversation. They would borrow Kamekona's helicopter for the trip to Kahului Airport and intercept the jet to bring in McNamara. Shaking his head again because they were right, Danny was forced to sit by and wait.

Doctor Ramirez was standing protectively behind Danny as he caught Steve's eye before he strode away down the corridor. He could read the tone and see the promise again in Steve's carriage. Chin had also stopped in the hallway and he was a silent, solid mirror image of the taller man.

McNamara wouldn't get far. But trapped in a chair and much too ill, he felt useless to help and Steve gave him a distinctly pointed look. He then hesitated briefly and shot Danny a genuinely cocky grin. "Hey. We're both gonna book em this time, Danno."

Chin's smile transformed the serious expression for a split second before he was back in his role. Steve had drawled Danny's name on purpose and both were relieved to get at least a sketchy smile in return. As he caught up to Chin, Steve didn't care if he booked Brian McNamara or needed to call Doctor Max Bergman for a body bag. Chin felt the same because regardless of the man's final end-state, he would not get away. Nothing stood in their way.

Almost an hours drive away from the downtown district, Sergeant Duke Lukela and Kono Kalakaua were shoulder to shoulder as they carefully approached the third identified location on Pete Channing's list of possible hideouts. The first two had been disappointingly empty though they should have known that finding Christina Hahn would not be so easy. Location number one was more of a large, overgrown lot that was half blacktop and half tall weeds or scrub brush.

Kono had been in a temper as she kicked a rock across the open space. They had been to the spot before and even Duke seemed mad. "This is where you found the Camaro."

It was a statement and Kono choked out a disgusted laugh before answering him. She had realized where they were headed less than half way there. "Yeah, it is. There's nothing here, let's move on."

The second location used to be a mechanic's garage and it brought them on a straight line out even farther towards the north shore. Each location built on the next as they jack-rabbited a few miles out for each methodical move. Tertiary roads were poorly maintained and little used but there was always a planned route to a major highway within two or three miles of the address.

"Damned smart," Kono muttered to herself as they drove out to the third. The blacktop had ended for a dirt track and it took them a careful two-mile traverse to finally end at what would have been a cul-de-sac for a low two-building apartment complex. This third location was only half completed with the disintegraitng remains of berms and curbs with partial sidewalks.

It had been abandoned less than half-way through construction due to drainage issues, various community complaints and a myriad of very challenging environmental problems. The developer had eventually run out of money, time, patience and so had cut losses to abandon the problematic property.

The odor from stagnant rain water and nearby swampy lands was noxious and Kono wrinkled her nose in disgust. Other than the potential for a stunning ocean view on the westerly side and a lush, green mountain view towards the north-east, the acreage had nothing to offer.

She motioned to the four other HPD officers to split into pairs in order to surround what appeared to be the remaining main portion of the complex which was near to falling in upon itself. She and Duke went directly to what would masquerade as a front door and peered carefully inside.

"Duke!" Kono pointed and then tapped her device to advise the other teams. "We have our target. Approaching now. Stand by and be alert."

In front of them and in the middle of what would be a lobby was a lone figure fastened to a strong, metal chair. Based on the white shoes and what they could see of her clothing, they had found Christina Hahn. With her head bowed and covered in a black hood, there was no way that either Kono or Duke could tell if she was still breathing.

"Going in," Kono whispered as she and Duke skirted the edges of the large hall ensuring that no unforeseen surprises existed. "It's clear." Duke nodded in kind and then voiced the same in a deep whisper.

"Same here. Clear."

"Christina!" From a protective alcove, Kono spoke in a normal voice and was instantly relieved when the nurse's head shot up. "Five-0. HPD. Christina Hahn?"

"Yes. Please help!" The woman immediately sobbed in relief as both Kono and Duke jogged forward under the protection of four HPD officers. On her knees in front of the nurse, Kono whipped off the hood as Duke cut the tight ropes from the chair. Christina's eyes were reddened from tears and her face was blotchy from heat and stress. Her relief at seeing Kono and members of the Honolulu Police Department almost made her faint on the spot.

"It's okay," Kono rubbed her arms soothingly as Duke cut away the last of the thick restraints. She was trembling and fresh tears were running down her cheeks. "You're going to be fine, Christina."

Seconds later, the nurse was enveloped in Kono's arms and crying hysterically while Duke demanded an ambulance and another officer ran to a car for his emergency aide kit.

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