Storm Ravaged

Chapter 23

Steve grinned wickedly as he motioned to Chin to take a wide arc towards the hallway where he would be hidden in the shadows just under the staircase. They each needed to be sure no one else was in the sprawling building before they could proceed with their plan to bring in Brian McNamara.

On opposite sides of the hangar, both men paused to peek at their wireless phones and their grins were evenly matched. They were most definitely in the clear and free to take on whatever was necessary based on Kono's short text message. Questioning the arrogant lawyer concerning Christina Hahn's whereabouts was no longer a necessity. The nurse was safe, sound and likely on her way home.

"T secure."

Steve took a split second to respond in kind, knowing full well that she would also appreciate his very satisfied confirmation.

"T acquired."

Edging closer in, he checked the interior of the parked helicopter while Chin disappeared carefully down the hallway. At the end was another exit towards the outside and he was surprised to see five cars parked in the sun. Not knowing if they belonged to customers already venturing out on their own private charters for the day, Chin made a face. They could easily belong to civilians or even associates to Allen Darien who might still be in the vicinity and it upped their caution level.

He surveyed the area outside and then quietly closed the door. Another narrow staircase led up along the back wall to the same office and lounge area, so the men upstairs had a second point of egress. Moving back towards the main hangar floor, he deliberately checked the three doors to clear the rooms. The first was a simple closet and he huffed a relieved sound to find buckets, mops and general cleaning supplies. However, the other two doors were clearly restrooms and he motioned to Steve before continuing.

"Chopper's clear," Steve breathed out as he rejoined his partner under the main staircase.

"Exit. Cars out back." Holding up five fingers Chin informed him in a rushed whisper and then pointed to the obvious staircase which had Steve frowning since it would split them up. Then he gestured to the restroom. "Voices."

He listened then and heard what Chin had ... the sound of female voices in the women's restroom. One of which seemed to be an unhappy, teary child.

"Fantastic," Steve growled out softly. Their only recourse was to evacuate the woman or women with the child but they also needed to keep them quiet. All of that flew out the window when the door abruptly opened and a stunned Japanese woman in a beautiful floral dress appeared in front of them. She was carrying a colorful pocketbook and had an expensive camera strung on a wide nylon strap hanging from her neck. Before Steve could utter a word, she took one stunned look at the heavily armed men and began screaming.

"No! Don't hurt us!" In her panic, she saw nothing but big guns and frightening black clothes. She tried to close the bathroom door on them, but Chin wedged his foot into the jam. He pushed it hard and she tripped backwards into her friend and the child as he flung it open.

"Please! Don't shoot ... you can take my camera and we have money! Help!"

"Hey, hey, hey! We are police officers! Keep it down!" Steve's hands were up in the air in a vain attempt to quiet her constant screams. Her fear ignited the second young woman who was clutching a four or five-year old girl to her waist. Once the first began, she chimed in with the child joining the adults. Above them, they could hear chairs scraping across the floor and then footsteps as the men reacted.

"What's going on down there!" The male voice wasn't Brian McNamara but whomever it was meant business and they heard the tell-tale sound of a shotgun being primed to fire. The man was on the main staircase overlooking the hangar bay area but they were hidden from each other by the overhang. Before Steve showed his hand to McNamara, he wanted the tourists safely out of the building.

"Chin! Get them out of here! Back door!" Grabbing the first woman by the arm, Steve looked her in the eye and gave her a shake. "We're cops. Shut up and move!"

His serious expression and irate demand made her do just that as he propelled her down the hallway. "You, too. Keep quiet and move." The younger woman slammed her mouth shut as Steve charged into the restroom to usher them in the same direction. With no time to calm the child, he could only make sure that she and her mother hugged the wall in the corridor. "Go! Stay together and keep low!"

Chin had the threesome out the back door and running towards their car as another set of footsteps sounded on the landing to the rear, back staircase. "Steve!" He hissed with a wild gesture towards the upper floor.

He waited a fraction of a second for Chin to clear the doorway to ensure the women were safe. Between both men, Steve already had his own weapon ready as he bellowed a warning.

"Five-0! Brian McNamara, you're under arrest! Come out now with your hands on your head!"

For a moment there was nothing. Not a sound from either man and Steve crouched a bit lower with an eye towards each direction. He was positive that the man on his right would be the pilot or mechanic; hopefully, someone completely uninterested in taking on the authorities. He was more primed for the individual poised much too quietly on the left side landing.

Steve got his wish when there was movement towards the right. "I don't want no trouble!" The mechanic had grabbed the weapon that was kept high on the wall in the office in reaction to the petrified screams.

"I only thought those women were being robbed!"

"Slide the gun out and put your hands on your head. Lace your fingers!" Steve watched warily as the shotgun was tossed low through the air to then skitter noisily across the concrete floor. The shadow he saw indicated the man was telling the truth based on the faint outline of raised hands. But as the shotgun touched the ground, the wooden stock hit first followed by the barrel and it discharged in the direction of the narrow hallway.

There was a shocked yelp as the mechanic ran out of the front of the hangar. Steve never heard the man because the double-barrelled report left two large holes in the plaster wall closest to his right shoulder. He had his own issues to deal with as he dove away and came back to his feet unsteadily. His delayed reaction to the threat on his left cost him dearly and he never saw the fist that hit him solidly in the temple to split the skin near his hairline. A second rabbit-punch made his attacker's fist slick with blood and Steve's eyes closed on their own.

Not quite firmly on his feet, he suddenly wasn't even close to regaining his equilibrium as a third and then a fourth blow were delivered directly below the belt to miss his tac-vest entirely. The pain was excruciating as it settled dangerously into his groin area. A fifth found his kidneys and he went down to his knees without a sound. They were so quickly doled out, he didn't have time to react as his weapon was yanked from numb fingers.

If asked, he couldn't describe what he'd been hit with; all he registered was the speed behind the deliberate force. In the background of his headset, he sensed Chin calling his name but couldn't breathe let alone respond. The roaring in his ears continued as McNamara scooped up his weapon and manhandled him towards the staircase.

"I'm disappointed," Mac snarled out almost happily as he tried to prod Steve up the stairs. "I thought you would be more of a challenge, Commander. Williams was a bore. But at least your partner almost had an excuse. "

He meant helpless and Steve's fury helped him channel the pain. He allowed himself to stumble mid-way up the rear staircase when Mac uttered those last words.

It wasn't hard to feign a misstep as Steve sucked in a ragged, whistling breath of air. Danny had endured days with the man where he'd been happily used to balance the ex-boxer's apparent boredom. Mac was three steps below him and as he purposefully tripped, Steve pushed backwards with his hands. He kicked out with both feet to hit the lawyer directly in the chest, the force of which sent him falling backwards down the staircase. Steve's own momentum made him fall hard on his already bruised belly and he gasped at the spiking pain in his hip area. Struggling to keep moving, he flipped over to descend the few steps to where Mac lay on his back.

"Get over ... move!" He was gasping and blood was rolling down his cheek from Mac's first punch. He had to wipe it away with the back of his hand before getting his cuffs ready and then realized they'd be useless on the thick wrists. The man was floundering as he partially rolled to his side in an apparent dazed effort to do what Steve demanded.

Moving carefully forward, Steve roughly grabbed the man's left arm in order to turn him. Abandoning the cuffs, he snagged his zip-ties with his free hand and looped the first end quickly around one wrist. McNamara was only biding his time though and waiting for another opening. He wanted McGarrett closer for another exciting go-round at the man's expense. His stranded antics drew the officer in and as he bent down, McNamara improvised.

As he felt the plastic, Mac's eyes suddenly cleared and focused as he scissor-kicked once to catch Steve in the side of his right kneecap. The snap was audible at the same time McNamara's fingers whipped around to find the front of Steve's tac-vest near his throat. It was the perfect anchor for the ex-boxer to pull himself up to deliver yet another stunning kidney punch.

Anger and ingrained training completely took over Steve as pain radiated through his knee and lower back. With a guttural sound, he counter-attacked by slamming his head into McNamara's nose and forehead. The violent head-butt broke the skin on both men's faces and as another rivulet of blood dripped down, Steve allowed his damaged to knee to crumple in order to send all of his weight behind one crippling right-handed punch to McNamara's mulish jaw. He thought he heard a giggle though and watched as McNamara's eyes opened defiantly.

Their eyes met and then locked in a cold challenge but Steve had the upper-hand. Briefly, he heard Kamekona's impressed words in his head about the steely strength of the boxer ... then he couldn't quite stop. Before McNamara could react, he leveled five more brutal punches to the man's iron-clad jaw until he felt something finally give way.

"Those are from Danny. All of 'em," Steve coughed out as the back of McNamara's head ricocheted off the concrete floor at the base of the stairs. He was unconscious and rasping through broken teeth and likely a dislocated jaw. With his knuckles now bruised and split wide open, Steve tried unsuccessfully to shake his head to clear his vision as his fingers flexed.

The altercation had taken less than two or three very long minutes. It had given Chin the time he needed to get the two women and the little girl to their car where they were hiding. Nauseous and gasping for breath through a graying haze, Steve hunched forward to retrieve his weapon but he couldn't really move from where he rocked back on his knees. He only looked up as Chin re-entered the building on a run with his weapon drawn.

"What the hell? Steve?"

"Wrap him ... up. He's done." Instead Chin's eyes flew from Steve's blood streaked face to the top of the landing where the pilot stood. Also part of Darien's crew, he hadn't wanted any part of Brian McNamara that day. In the ten or fifteen minutes that he'd been confronted by the desperate man, the pilot had turned down his offer of $5,000, $8,000 and then finally the entire $10,000 in cash.

As Darien's loyal employee, the pilot's reasoning was sound and their argument had been escalating when the women screamed from below. The mechanic had been an unwitting distraction as he reacted to help the frightened tourists. Then Steve's shout of Five-0 and Brian McNamara meant both something and nothing to him. He had a firm criminal association to the Five-0 Detective's kidnapping and no desire to be arrested at the end of the day. He got his first shot off as Chin stepped over Steve where he knelt next to McNamara.

"Down!" With his back facing the stairs, one purposeful shove sent Steve sprawling under Chin's protective stance.

"Drop it now!" The bullet hit off-center to Chin's right vest pocket but he was already returning fire and only felt a solid, pointed pressure near his shoulder. The pilot jerked twice like a puppet though as Chin's shots hit him dead center of his chest. The pilot's second shot went wide after that as he reflexively thumbed the trigger and then fell. Chin staggered backwards as he watched him tumble partially down the stairs as if in slow motion before coming to a rest on his chest.

"Chin?" The pained gasp from Steve was wet and congested. When he turned to see what was wrong, he was shocked. Steve's face was almost completely covered with blood and his right leg bent at an odd angle. He'd been barely out of sight for a few minutes and he had two injured and one dead man on his hands. McNamara was already beginning to twitch though and Steve was pointing at the fingers which were folding once more into fists.

"Cuff ... him. Twice."

Chin pulled out his own zip-ties and then flipped Mac to his stomach. Using two, he bound the criminal's wrists together and then did the same to his ankles. He heard the bloody gurgle from Mac's lips as he rolled him and left him laying there but if anything, the move allowed him only to breathe easier.

Steve maneuvered himself up against the wall and then didn't know where to place his own hands. His knee was already swelling from unseen injuries but the pain radiating from his gut and lower back near his kidney's was continually taking his breath away.

"Steve?" He hadn't realized he'd closed his eyes until Chin shook his shoulder. He looked up, wiped his eyes with the side of his forearm and frowned when his lieutenant also coughed.

"You okay?" Chin nodded and then rubbed his shoulder where the material on the vest looked damaged. "I'm fine. You're a mess though, brah."

"Later." Steve was already shaking his head to refuse the next suggestion for medical attention and a hospital. With Chin's reluctant help, he got to his feet because he had no intention of staying on Maui longer than necessary.

"Call the local police for that guy; hold him for Max." His blood-stained hand waved through air and then settled on Brian McNamara. "As for him ..."

"Hey. I got it, Steve," Chin interrupted him as orders began to spew from his mouth but his body began to shake. Hunched against the wall, he was only balanced on his one good leg and vertical merely because Chin was holding him up.

"Sit back down. I got it." Easing him down and gently straightening the injured leg, Chin was insistent as he placed calls to the tower for security, the local police and for an ambulance. With a pained sigh, Steve rocked his head gently back into the wall and listened to the organized hum of his friend's voice. New orders were given and requests were made for a secure flight back to Honolulu. Additional support from HPD plus at least one other ambulance would be waiting for them on the other side.

Steve stared through heavy eyes at McNamara's prone and nearly hog-tied body. He seemed to be barely conscious, but Steve didn't trust it for a second as he listened to multiple sirens coming closer to the hangar.

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